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by Mike Blessing [ / ]

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Ballot Requalification Yes, the LPNM is once again recognized as a “minor” political party in New Mexico. This after we, the National HQ and the LNC spent about Ø17,000 to pay Andy Jacobs, Paulie Cannoli and others to gather the necessary petition signatures. Andy, Paulie and crew are the unsung heroes of this effort. This is what they do for a living – go around to political parties, candidates and referendums needing ballot access signatures, and gather those signatures for pay. They charged the LPNM Ø2 per signature this time around, and gathered 8,000-plus signatures. They typically run around 70 – 80 percent where the validity of signatures gathered is concerned. Now the trick for the LPNM will be to retain this ballot access through the 2012 presidential election. I don't have any complaint against Andy and Paulie, but the Ø17,000 we paid them is Ø17,000 that the LPNM and LNC could have spent on advertising the libertarian message. Running for Office? As if it wasn't easy enough to run for office, it just got a bit easier.

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It turns out that you can file to be a write-in candidate with just a declaration of candidacy. There's no need to gather signatures on a nominating petition – just print out and sign a delcaration of candidacy from the Secretary of State's website – – and submit it to the County Clerk or Secretary of State on Tuesday, 22 June 2010. The main downside to this is that you won't be listed on the ballot, and thus will garner significantly fewer votes. Of course, it's ridiculously easy to gather the required signatures to be on the ballot for a State Representative race – there are usually only 100-200 signatures needed. If you live in Albuquerque, you can get these just by walking around your neighborhood with a clipboard and some blank nominating petition forms. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The most dangerous and successful conspiracies take place in public, in plain sight, under the clear, bright light of day -- usually with TV cameras focused on them. – L. Neil Smith, Tactical Reflections [ ]

“Occupants of public offices love power and are prone to abuse it.” – George Washington “Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.” – John F. Kennedy

New Mexico Liberty – May 2010 – Page 1

Events at a Glance
Bernalillo County – The BCLP stages one no-host dinner meeting per month, on Thursday, 6 May, 6:00 to 7:00 PM at Fiesta's Restaurant & Lounge (Carlisle & Montogomery NE). Contact Mike Blessing for details [ / 505-515-7015 ], or see the BCLP website – Precinct 553 Chair Elisheva Levin, is considering a run for State Representative, District 22. See for more information concerning The Weekly Sedition and New Mexico's Consumer Advocate. Dona Ana County – The next scheduled Central Committee meeting is August 14, 2010 time and place to be annnounced. Any county Libertarian wanting support in running for political office or having party or political issues that they wish the county party to address prior to then can call a meeting of the County Central Committee by gaining the approval of at least half of the Committee members via email or phone request. Please contact the chair or check the LPDAC website for more information – / 575-541-9079 / Congressional District 3 – Adam Kokesh, while running under the GOP banner, is a Life Member of the LP and is a hard-core advocate of libertarian principles. See for more. Congressional District 3 includes, but is not limited to, Sandoval, San Juan, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Roosevelt, Colfax, Rio Arriba and Taos Counties.

Note from the State Chair
by Jay Vandersloot [ ] 5 May 2010

THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF NEW MEXICO has just today, May 5, 2010, received notification from the NM Secretary of State that we are once again qualified as a Minor Party in the State of New Mexico. I would like to take this opportunity, to personally, and on behalf of the LPNM CenCom and the LPNM membership, thank both Bill Redpath and the LP National Committee for their efforts and help is coming up with the funds to make this happen. Without their help we would not have been able to reacquire our party status and ballot access in time for this election cycle. Again, thank you Bill and the rest of the LP National Committee for you help on this. Jay Vandersloot State Chair, LPNM +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The LPNM's Candidates
U.S. House of Representatives, District 0 Mike Blessing – Bill Koehler for Governor (independent write-in campaign) State Legislature State Representative, District 11 Eric Pino – State Representative, District 16 Mike Blessing – State Representative, District 22 Elisheva Levin – +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

If you live in a county with an inactive affiliate and want to get involved, contact the county chair. See Page 6 for a list of county chairs, campus contacts and Central Committee members. Special Events
2010 Libertarian Party National Convention The LP's National Convention will take place in St. Louis, Missouri, over Memorial Day weekend in 2010 (29 – 31 May 2010) at the Renaissance Grand Hotel [ ]. For those not able to afford high-priced lodging and amenities, long-time Libertarian and St. Louis resident Tom Knapp has put together St. Louis On The Cheap, an online guide to inexpensive lodging, dining, attractions and transportation – Central Committee Meeting – Sunday, 13 June 2010 Lunch at 12:00 PM, meeting from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. All Caucus members are welcome to attend. County Chairs and Contacts and candidates are encouraged to attend! Location – Quarters BBQ at 3700 Ellison NW in Albuquerque – see for map and directions. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "Every invasion of individual rights happens with the eager support of people acting in the sincere and thoroughly mistaken confidence that what they permit the state to do to others will never be done to them." "Political sovereignty, valuable as it is, must be regarded as a 'good of second intent' – something that, while of great worth, is derivative of, or subordinate to, a much greater good. The paramount political good, according to America's founding premise, is individual liberty protected by law." – William Norman Grigg, Pro Libertate blog “The Borders are Closing In” –

Other Groups to Network With
Rio Grande Foundation See for details Liberty on the Rocks is a no-host supper club featuring speakers of the limited-government, fiscal-responsiblity, individual-rights persuasion. See for details. In March, 2010, the Independence Grill on Montgomery Blvd NE in Albuquerque went out of business. Paul Gessing has found another location at which to host the Albuquerque meeting of Liberty on the Rocks on 20 May from 5 PM to 7 PM. That location is the Chama River Brewing Co., located at 4939 Pan American West Freeway NE in Albuquerque – see a map at

The Law by Frederic Bastiat See these pages – Also in PDF form –

New Mexico Liberty – May 2010 – Page 2

Liberty, Opportunity, Prosperity


State has made strides in transparency
By Paul J. Gessing [ ] 16 April 2010 – Over the past couple years, New Mexico state government has made grade strides toward increased transparency. Citizens can now watch or listen to floor sessions and both Houses now have floor votes online. Even better, this session, legislation setting up New Mexico's own "Sunshine Portal" became law. This portal will put convenient and freely accessible information about government finances at the citizens' fingertips. The Rio Grande Foundation applauds the bipartisan effort of the Legislature and commends organizations like Foundation for Open Government for the valuable role this organization plays in furthering the very important issue of government transparency. We, too, have enjoyed working to make government more accountable to New Mexico's taxpayers with the launch of our legislative tracking site,, and our new government-spending site that is soon to launch. But there is much still to be done in this state. The Rio Grande Foundation has created a list of eight simple steps needed to really boost government transparency in New Mexico. 1. Require NM state and local government entities, including school districts, to provide information electronically whenever requested, in response to information requests. Though we are a full decade into a new millennium and the 21st century, government entities in New Mexico usually send stacks of paper documents to the Rio Grande Foundation in response to our public information requests; that is when they actually follow the law and send us the information. Government hurts the environment and increases costs in numerous ways for its own entities when it insists on providing information on paper. Reduce the amount that government entities are allowed to charge for information provided on paper. Current law allows up to $1.00 per page for copying costs. It does not cost $1 to make a copy. Require government entities to give preference to the citizen and the taxpayer over government and bureaucrats in issues of transparency. Require the state and local school districts to post online the percentage and total amount of money appropriated that goes to administrators and bureaucrats vs. teachers and the classroom. Bureaucrats who deal with the public should be required to wear name tags. There should be signs posted at each of their windows/counters notifying the public of the right to file a complaint if they feel the bureaucrat has violated their rights, or abused power. They should provide surveys periodically for the public customers to rate them. Private companies do this willingly. Government should be required to as well, and the results should be made public. There should be a way for these complaints to be resolved by an entity that is not predominantly comprised of government officials. Require the larger local governments to launch transparency sites like the one Mayor R. J. Berry is about to launch for the city government of Albuquerque. Require calls and emails concerning government matters to be returned to customers within two business days.

Require judicial records to be posted online. There should be a layman's summary of each case and the result. What are the DUI conviction rates? What kinds of sentences do they hand down for what crimes?

As much improvement as the state has made recently in coming on board with the transparency movement that is sweeping the nation, it has a long way to go before it actually enters the 21st century and joins the rest of the country in being truly progressive on government transparency. The government was created to serve its citizens. Rather than stonewalling and making it difficult for citizens to find out what their elected officials are doing with their money, our elected leaders should enlist engaged citizens in efforts to squeeze waste, fraud, and abuse out of state and local government. Adopting some or all of the initiatives above will go a long way to increasing citizen involvement and making government more efficient. Paul Gessing is the president of New Mexico's Rio Grande Foundation. The Rio Grande Foundation is an independent, nonpartisan, tax-exempt research and educational organization dedicated to promoting prosperity for New Mexico based on principles of limited government, economic freedom and individual responsibility. This article originally appeared in The Deming Headlight.







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How We Lost Our Souls
by Butler Shaffer [ ] 14 April 2010 –

It would be easy to condemn the soldiers who engaged in this slaughter as "evil" or "depraved" or "insane" beings. Such is the manner in which we have long accustomed ourselves to blanking out any awareness of the "dark side" of our own unconscious. In such ways have we isolated ourselves from the Hitlers, Stalins, Mao Tse-Tungs, Pol Pots, and other tyrants, leaving us with the comforting feeling that we shared nothing in common with them. But history informs us – if we will only look – that, once we have identified ourselves with any purpose beyond ourselves, we can become capable of the most vicious forms of wrongdoing. How do otherwise decent men participate in a lynch-mob? The state – an institution that is defined in terms of enjoying a monopoly on the use of violence – is particularly attractive to men and women whose "dark sides" are closer to the surface than those of more tolerant and peaceful persons. When the state energizes this "dark side" – which it does particularly in wartime, the quality that led Randolph Bourne to identify war as "the health of the state" – otherwise decent men and women can turn themselves into agents of savage brutality. When their murderous acts are conducted on behalf of the state – with which most people identify themselves – their actions acquire an aura of legitimacy that would not have obtained under other circumstances; a distinction that would prevent them from becoming serial killers upon their return home. Identifying ourselves with the state, in other words, has a way of turning us into sociopaths. It is not that the state does this to us, but that our willingness to attach ourselves to external entities – and the values upon which they are grounded – separates us from our focused inner sense of being. This applies not just to the pilots of helicopter gun-ships over Baghdad, but to more visible political figures such as Madeleine Albright – who defended her Clinton-era policies that led to the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children – and Janet Reno, who defended her massacre of Branch Davidian men, women, and children at Waco. More recent application of these dynamics are found in George W. Bush’s fascination with starting preemptive wars against the rest of the world, and Barack Obama’s apparent willingness to use nuclear weapons in future pre-emptive attacks, as well as to assassinate Americans. People who are willing to embrace – or even to tolerate – such sociopathic conduct, have lost all touch with what it means to be human; have lost their souls. No federal bailouts; no increase in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, or decrease in unemployment levels, will overcome this loss. Nor can any "stimulus package" be enacted – with or without bipartisan support – to restore the personal integrity long since lost. There was a time, not so many decades ago, when brute force – particularly when engaged in by police and military agents of the state – was at least frowned upon, if not condemned, by decent men and women. The threshold level for such practices continues to get progressively lower. A major contribution to Barry Goldwater’s defeat in the 1964 presidential campaign, was the unfounded fear that he might be willing to use nuclear weapons in the war in Vietnam. Modernly, Bush’s and Obama’s willingness to initiate a nuclear war have raised no major outcries from most Americans, who seem to prefer "hope" (i.e., wishful thinking) over intelligent "understanding" as a way of making the world free, peaceful, and productive. When the 2008 GOP presidential candidate, John McCain, can garner nearly 60,000,000 votes with his sociopathic dance of "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran," should we be shocked by the butcherous conduct of some American helicopter pilots? Butler Shaffer teaches at the Southwestern University School of Law. He is the author of the newly-released In Restraint of Trade: The Business Campaign Against Competition, 1918–1938 and of Calculated Chaos: Institutional Threats to Peace and Human Survival. His latest book is Boundaries of Order.

Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached. -- Simone Weil
Anyone who has not seen the videotape of the July 12, 2007, helicopter attack by American soldiers that resulted in the deaths of unarmed Iraqi civilians and two Reuters news employees, can view it on YouTube. After months of requests, by Reuters, for this video – followed by refusals from the military – WikiLeaks received a copy from an unknown source. The revelation of this atrocity quickly raised criticisms not just of the practice, but of the mindsets of soldiers who could so eagerly and gleefully carry out this slaughter of innocents. Even the shooting of children at the scene produced no apparent sense of wrongdoing on the part of the soldiers. One of the best analyses of this evil act was offered by Karen Kwiatkowski. How does such moral depravity not just occur, but become so pervasive in our world? The occasional recordings of such behavior touch only the surface of institutionalized viciousness. Was Rodney King the first person to be brutalized by police officers? Were civilians shielded from execution-style murder prior to the My Lai massacre? Did the revelations at Abu Ghraib constitute the first acts of torture practiced by American soldiers upon captive civilians? In each of these occurrences – a precedent no doubt to be followed in the current criminal machine-gunning of Iraqis – one or more scapegoats were selected for punishment, so as to distance the brutality of their actions from the more pervasive inhumanity that inheres in the institutions for whom they acted. The central theme of my writing has been to demonstrate that allowing institutional purposes to pre-empt our own has been destructive of life, liberty, peace and, ultimately, of civilizations. We have long walked a line between our need for social organization – as a way of satisfying various mutual needs – and becoming so attracted to the systems that serve our interests that we want to make them permanent. We move imperceptibly from associations that we control in pursuit of our ends, to organizations that become ends in themselves, and that control us in order to foster their interests. When this occurs, the informal organization has metamorphosed into an institution. I have developed this process more fully in my book, Calculated Chaos. An institution is no longer a convenient tool for our mutual benefit, but an end in itself; its own raison d’être. It has taken on a life of its own, one that differs from, and usurps, our purposes. Because they can only function and survive through using people, institutions require humans to identify their sense of being with them. To this end, government schools have been established, whose primary purpose has always been to condition young minds in the necessity and desirability of the institutional scheme of things. In the words of Ivan Illich, "[s]chool is the advertising agency which makes you believe that you need the society as it is." Schools also help us learn to seek meaningful and well-paying careers within institutional hierarchies. When we identify ourselves with, and attach ourselves to these institutional entities, we absorb their values; their purposes; their modus operandi. Such practices of attachment can be analogized to a cancer that metastasizes our inner sense of being. In the process, we become dehumanized, for institutions have no souls; no emotions; no spiritual, moral, or intuitive sense. They neither cry, bleed, love, or experience elation. They are machines and, like other machines, operate solely on the basis of mechanics, linear processes, and material ends. When we become institutionalized, we become little more than robots – servo-mechanisms – functioning in response to how we have been programmed to perform. The emotional and spiritual dimensions that make us human are of no value to institutions which, in times of political wrong-doing, urge us to suppress such sentiments. Anything that is nonmaterial is immaterial to members of the institutional order. In place of deeply-held philosophic principles, institutions have policies; their sense of "meaning" consists only of perpetuating themselves by maximizing their power and material wealth. To such entities, human beings have value only as fungible resources to exploit on behalf of institutional ends.

“Like every partnership, marriage should fit the individuals it unites, rather than be a "one-size-fits all" proposition defined by those outside the relationship. Each marriage should be what the partners want it to be – no more, no less. Ideally, the terms of marriage should be defined ahead of time with procedures to modify them as necessary. “Just as anyone can engage in a business relationship, any individuals should be able to enter into a marriage. Government's role in a business partnership is to simply enforce, not dictate, its terms. Government's role in marriage should be the same.“ – Michael Badnarik, 2004 Libertarian Party presidential candidate

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Harry Brown (the Movie)
by Mike Blessing [ / ] After I saw the link to trailers for this movie on Facebook, I was intrigued because of the name – Harry Browne was the LP's presidential candidate in 1996 and 2000. What this movie appears to be is a British version of the1974 movie Death Wish, starring Charles Bronson. The official movie site – The movie's American site – The movie's Facebook page – The Wikipedia page – More here – "No law ever written has stopped any robber, rapist or killer, like cold blue steel in the hands of their last intended victim." – W. Emerson Wright It should be mentioned that the legal ownership of firearms in the United Kingdom is de facto non-existent, and has been since 1997, following the Dunblane massacre. Following the 1997 Firearms Act, crime has gotten so bad that the National Vigilante Organization has formed – see their site at

The World Should Now Be Considered in Revolution
by Robert Wenzel 6 May 2010 -- It is noteworthy that so many disparate groups currently hate government activities that the Mayor of New York City was far off on who drove an SUV into Times Square in an attempt to bomb the famed landmark He initially said : If I had to guess, twenty five cents, this would be exactly that. Homegrown maybe a mentally deranged person or someone with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. It could be anything. There is so much anger in the world, a government can really be confused as to who is after it. Consider the range of anger right now. Completely different philosophies, completely different views of the world, but the Times Square bomber, the Tea Party movement, the Ron Paul movement and the protesters in Greece have one thing in common, a rejection of control by the global plotters. Ron Paul is in most ways as far as you can get from the Times Square bomber. Paul is non-violent and wants to work through the system. The Times Square bomber planned to express his objections to the global plotters by bizarrely attempting to blow up an SUV in Times Square, but triggering all these actions is a rejection of multi-national government attempts to force their will on the people. Governments have been slowly moving towards global this and global that, well the one thing they have succeeded at is global anger. People are pissed off in Toledo, Islamabad, Athens and Des Moines. The degree of anger is different, the justification for the anger is varied, but around the globe the anger is there, all in one way or another traced back to multinational-government actions. In Greece, it's multinational-government actions via the EU and the IMF attempting to push "austerity programs" against the people. In Pakistan, it's anger against the multinational-government military actions in the area. In the United States, its anger against the global banksters that brought panic to the financial system and then raped the taxpayers and paid themselves huge bonuses. The U.S. global banksters are, of course,the puppeteers that are behind all these multinationalgovernment actions. The banksters have created a world that is in revolution. How all this plays out I have no idea. The genie will not be able to be put back in the bottle. The anger appears to be deep enough that the banksters may have to decide how evil they really are. Will they give the order to crush the revolution, and I mean crush, resulting in millions dead, or will they pull a Gorbachev and choose the noble and wise way and let the flawed bankster built system collapse? I don't think the people of the world have figured out yet that they are all protesting, in one way or another, the same one world government/banksters, but if they do, I would hate to be a bankster or a tool of the banksters. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "What is ominous is the ease with which some people go from saying that they don't like something to saying that the government should forbid it. When you go down that road, don't expect freedom to survive very long." – Thomas Sowell

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by Mike Blessing, Editor If you have news, interesting stories, op-ed pieces, a letter to the editor, or timely information that you think belongs in the newsletter, please send it along. I can be contacted at 505-918-6567, or just send it to email address When sending your submission as an MS Word (or Open Office Text) file, send it single-spaced in 9-pt Arial – like this is. Margins should be quarter-inch (0.25”) around, with no headers or footers. If you send it in a text-only format, make it clear to me if you want anything in bold type, underlined, in italics, struck-through, different colors, etc. I’m not telepathic here, so help me out. And NO Wordperfect files – I can't open those. Graphics (pictures, cartoons, etc.) – send the highest quality graphics you can – email them to me at the address above, and I’ll do what I can to get them in the next issue. In particular, what I want are pictures of YOU the LPNM members, either at LPNMsponsored events or at other peoples' events. Submission deadline for each issue – midnight, third Tuesday of the month. Articles As for writing your article, It should be concise (no longer than a full page) and topical. A bit of humor helps, especially for op-ed pieces. What I'm really looking for in the way of articles is what's going on in the LPNM – what YOU the membership are up to in spreading the message. For example, an article about the stupidity, insanity and evil of the UN might get put in, depending on available space and the quality of the article. A group of LPNM members counterprotesting the raising of a UN flag by the city council WILL get put in, and probably will get first priority. Editorial Viewpoint The basis for libertarian thought is the Zero Aggression Principle [ZAP] – A libertarian is someone who believes that no human being has the right – under any circumstances – to initiate force against another human being, nor to threaten, incite or delegate its initiation. New Mexico Liberty holds that Libertarian candidates, officeholders or appointed spokespersons at all levels of government or the Party should refrain from advocating new or more restrictive laws, new or more expensive spending programs, or new or higher taxes. To paraphrase from the medical profession, “First, do no harm.” Submissions Policy The editor reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. The editor will most often be willing to explain any such reasons. Appeals of the editor's refusal to post an advertisement, article, letter to editor, or anything else can be made to the LPNM's State Chair, Central Committee and/or Judicial Council. Copyright Copyright © 2003 – Present, Libertarian Party of New Mexico. All rights reserved. Permission is explicitly granted for subscribers to recopy New Mexico Liberty for non-commercial purposes, specifically as use as an outreach tool, provided that New Mexico Liberty is copied in its entirety. Use your imagination here. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ “Stupidity cannot be cured with money, or through education, or by legislation. Stupidity is not a sin, the victim can't help being stupid. But stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.” – Robert A. Heinlein

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To the first person to write a logical and documented essay showing one of the following to be compatible with the Declaration of Independence: Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 Federal Communications Act of 1934 National Firearms Act of 1934 Banking Act of 1935 The Internal Revenue Code Controlled Substances Act of 1970 RICO Act of 1970 Federal Elections Act of 1970 Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 Plumbing Products Efficiency Act of 1992 Anti-Money Laundering Act of 1992 USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 This challenge is also on the web at To claim your prize, contact Mike Blessing at 505-515-7015 or send an email to

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LPNM Central Committee
Chair Jay Vandersloot – 505-362-1733 / Vice Chair Elisheva Levin – 505-286-1387 / Secretary Siebert Ickler – 575-541-9079 / Treasurer Michael P. Simpson – At-Large Representative, Seat A Allen Cogbill – 505-662-7833 / At-Large Representative, Seat B Attila Csanyi – 505-286-7861 / District 1 Representative, Seat A Mike Blessing – 505-515-7015 / District 1 Representative, Seat B Bob Finch – 765-412-2374 / District 2 Representative, Seat A Gilberto Heredia – 575-439-8234 / District 2 Representative, Seat B VACANT District 3 Representative, Seat A Ron Bjornstad – 505-891-4541 / District 3 Representative, Seat B Mike Moss – 505-564-4905 / Membership Coordinator Ron Bjornstad – 505-288-4228 / Press Secretary Bill Koehler – 505-264-0835 / Media Director Bob Finch – 765-412-2374 /

County Contacts
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LPNM Vacancies
Central Committee (3) Vice Chair Treasurer District 2 Representative, Seat B County Contacts (20) Catron / Chaves / Cibola / Curry / De Baca Eddy / Grant / Guadalupe / Harding / Hidalgo McKinley / Mora / Quay / San Miguel / Santa Fe Sierra / Socorro / Torrance / Union / Valencia College Contacts (3) Eastern New Mexico University (Portales) New Mexico State University (Las Cruces) New Mexico Tech (Socorro) University of New Mexico (Various Campuses) Western New Mexico University (Silver City) Contact the state chair if you're interested in filling a slot. If you don't, who will? +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Campus Contacts
Central New Mexico Community College [CNM] Mike Blessing – 505-515-7015 / College of Santa Fe Morgan Wells –

Internet Resources
Official Website – LPNM Discussion – Open forum (unmoderated for the most part) Blog – Facebook group – social utility – Myspace group – +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "Anything repugnant to the Constitution is null and void." – Chief Justice John Marshall, Marbury v. Madison, 1 Cr. 137 (1803) “Taxes are not levied for the benefit of the taxed.” – Robert A. Heinlein

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The preceding notices alone should be enough reason to join the Libertarian Party, the only political party working to increase your freedom. COPY OR PRINT, FILL OUT, AND SEND TO: LPNM c/o Ron Bjornstad 918 IVORY RD SE RIO RANCHO NM 87124

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