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What is Coxa Plana?

not allowing time for the  Blood tests

 Legg-Calve-Perthes medial circumflex  Erythrocyte
disease; Perthes femoral artery to take sedimentation rate - Phases of Perthes Disease Complications
disease over. elevated if infection  Phase 1:  Osteoarthritis may
 Is a degenerative  For example, a child present Necrosis - Blood develop later in life,
disease of the hip joint, may be 6 years old  Treatment supply is absent to the although the
where growth/loss of chronologically but may  The aim of treatment is femoral head and the development of
bone mass leads to have grown to 4 years to protect the bone and hip joint becomes osteoarthritis may be
some degree of old in terms of bone joint from further stress inflamed, stiff, and minimized with prompt
collapse of the hip joint maturity. The child may and injury while the painful. Portions of the recognition and proper
and to deformity of the then engage in activity healing process takes bone turn into dead treatment.
ball of the femur and the appropriate for a child of place. tissue. The ball of the
surface of the hip 6 but may not yet have  rest thigh bone becomes Prognosis
socket. The disease is the bone strength of an  activity restrictions less round in  The outcome is usually
characterized by older child, leading to appearance on x-rays. good with treatment.
 medications
idiopathic avascular flattening or fracture of This phase can last Most bone will heal with
 bed rest and traction
osteonecrosis of the the hip joint. from several months up minimal lasting
 casting or bracing (to to one year.
capital femoral deformity.
Symptoms hold the femoral head in
epiphysis of the femoral  Phase 2:  Children younger than 6
the hip socket, permit
head leading to an  Knee pain (may be the Fragmentation - The have the best prognosis
limited joint movement,
interruption of the blood only symptom, initially) body cleans up the since they have time for
and allow the femur to
supply of the head of  Persistent thigh or groin dead bone cells and the dead bone to
remold itself into a
the femur close to the pain replaces them with new, revascularize and
round shape again)
hip joint.  Atrophy (wasting) of healthier bone cells. remodel. Children that
 physical therapy (to
muscles in the upper The femoral head have been diagnosed
Risk Factors keep the hip muscles
thigh begins to remodel into a with Perthes' Disease
strong and to promote
 Occurs most frequently  Slight shortening of the round shape again. The after the age of 10 are
hip movement)
in boys 3 to 12 years leg, or legs of unequal joint is still irritated and at a very high risk of
 crutches or wheelchair painful. This phase can developing
old. length
(in some cases) last from one to three osteoarthritis
 Caucasians are affected  Hip stiffness restricting
 Surgery years.
more frequently than movement in the hip
other races  surgery (to hold the  Phase 3:
 Difficulty walking,
femoral head in the hip Reossification - The Reported by:
 Males are affected 3-4 walking with a limp
socket) femoral head continues Jay Francis Corcelles
times more often than (which is often painless)
females  Inominate osteotomy; to model itself back into Melson Flores
 Limited range of motion
varus osteotomy; a round shape with new
Causes osteotomy of the bone. This phase lasts
Diagnostic Test
proximal femur, for one to three years.
 Although no-one has  X-rays acetabulum (Salter
identified the cause of  Bone scans  Phase 4: Remodeling -
innominate), or a
Perthes disease it is  Magnetic Resonance Normal bone cells
combination of these
known that there is a Imaging (MRI) replace the new bone
may be required
reduction in blood flow  Arthrograms - a cells and the
to the joint. It is thought  Other than surgery;
diagnostic imaging test remodeling continues.
that the artery of the NSAIDs such as Motrin
to study the non-bony This last phase can last
ligamentum teres help with the pain
structures of joints. a few years to complete
femoris closes too early, inflicted.
the healing process.