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When our firm was established in 1984, few envisioned that Corporate Finance
would become so important. Small and medium-sized companies in our
country were just starting out in a number of ways, and ideas like risk capital
or management based on a business plan were still a long way off.
Initially our firm was a traditional legal practice, specializing in mercantile and
company law, employment law, tax and tributary law, and civil law. From the
outset, our mission has always been one of continual development to satisfy
the needs of our clients. Our Corporate Finance division is one of the results
of this mission.
To meet client needs regarding corporate finance transactions, we operate
with a broad structure:

National coverage provided through our numerous offices, part of

a constantly growing network

An international presence achieved through our involvement in

the European network “Lawrope” allowing us (through all the associates and
contacts involved) to be fully operative in five continents

Multidisciplinary teams comprised of economists, fiscal advisors and

lawyers, and our wide-ranging experience and success enable us to advise clients
on optimum solutions in all financial transactions

Everything we do is based on one guiding principle: to provide the best possible

value for the client.

The Corporate Finance division at the AGM law firm A worldwide support network (Lawrope)
provides financial, accounting and strategic advisory that allows us to combine specialist knowledge of
services for every type of company in every type of the law in each country with local know-how and
sector. Based on our breadth of experience, we offer the contacts that only a local agent can provide
individualised and efficient solutions to problems as Multidisciplinary teams, each member
they arise. Our aim is to give the best possible answer of which is highly specialised in his or her respective
to each question raised, while always recognising area, as a result of long experience on behalf of a
that each client is unique in terms of its corporate large number of clients of all types and from a broad
finance transactions. range of sectors
We provide our clients with the resources and
knowledge that we believe are absolutely essential
to the achievement of their objectives:


Legal (C&F) and financial (M&A) advice on any type of transaction

Company restructuring

Valuations and business plans

Funding advice and searches (for all sizes of transactions)

Complementary services


The team at the AGM Law Firm advises its clients on a wide range of transactions: sales,
divestitures, joint ventures, inclusion of financial partners, and alliances among companies of all
types (whether quoted on the stock exchange or not). It is with this aim that we offer:

Analysis and valuation

Development of a sales process
Selection of and contact with target companies
Presence throughout the negotiating process
Advice on optimising the structure of the transaction


We advise companies in financial difficulty, helping them to evaluate their situation,

implement measures to correct matters, and ensure the continuing viability of the company. The
most common undertakings are:

Obtaining and structuring of corporate finance

Design and organisation of financial restructuring
Creation and revision of financial models
Management of serious bankruptcies
Purchase or sale of businesses in critical condition


Do you really know what your company is worth? And what it could be worth? Getting answers
to these questions is useful not only when a purchase, sale or merger is under consideration but also
in setting strategy and in the day-to-day operations of a company. What can we offer our clients?


Independent valuation of a company or shareholdings

Fiscal valuations
Development or revision of business plans


Financial analysis
Advice on transactions
Investment decisions
Strategic plans


To be successful, many transactions require complementary services. Given their complexity and the
effect they have on the future of the company, these services usually involve a number of collateral legal
services such as taxation, mercantile contracts, and creation / modification of the company’s legal
structure. Because the AGM Law Firm is multidisciplinary, our professionals deliver the range of
complementary services that our clients require. This ensures better use of information and therefore
optimum results. We deliver complementary services to satisfy requirements for:

Advice on the due diligence process

Concentration of shareholdings
Statutory reform
Revision of contracts
Contracts for top management
Protocol of succession in family-run companies

Our complementary services ensure that every aspect of a transaction is fully covered in a judicial
sense. Two pitfalls (which often lead to failure of transactions) may thus be avoided: legal insecurity
and / or deficient legal instruments.

Corporate finance transactions are usually complex, and success in their specialist subjects – can find
with implications for company strategy over the the best solutions for the many issues that often
medium and long term. This is why it is vital for you arise.
to rely on a team of specialists with long experience
and a base of knowledge in all the dimensions of In addition, we hold regular meetings of the team
corporate finance. involved in a case. We thus provide in-depth follow
up in consultation with the client, ensuring a
As a multidisciplinary firm we provide professional considered and timely response to any problem as
help in each of the areas involved in corporate it occurs.
finance transactions. Our team is comprised of
professionals who – with many years of practice