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Bank of America Corp.

The million-dollar-question is whether BAC has emerged out of the woods? Its impressive 5.42% gains
overnight have pushed the stock back near the $13.00 area. Just earlier this month the stock was
hammered heavily and reached $10.91. Afterwards though, BAC staged its first leg up and currently it is
in progress for aiming a return towards $13.00-$14.00 trading area.

The jump on Thursday smashed BAC’s way past the EMA-50 curve at $12.08, and set it up near the next
EMA resistance (100-day) at $12.79. Once past the second barrier, EMA-200 awaits at $13.77, ready to
block first attempt upwards. MACD indicator also showed a picking up of bullish pressure, and this has
provided some good support for the stock to proceed even higher. P a g e |1





Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
-5.00% 09 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10



YTD 12-Mos





Definitely not a showing off an amazing performance so far this year, BAC instead heavily hammered
repeatedly since December last year. Having only 5 up months since, the stock only recently resurrected
from the abyss and so far leads the Dow 30 league table with 15.53% returns this December. Overall,
YTD result is still underwater with a 16% decline in value. P a g e |2
The strategy



9.15 10.91 11.50 11.88 12.10 12.65 13.02 14.33 15.38 16.44 17.75

Although not a dream performer, BAC is probably on the verge of climbing back to the mid-$14.00 area,
or even higher. Do keep in mind however, that the recent rally cannot be assumed as a reversal of
fortune yet. So far, it should be considered as a corrective bounce. Whether this will develop into a
trend reversal remains to be seen. It is crucial that BAC maintains its position above $11.50. Below this
level, the health of the recovery will be questioned. For now, the stock is seen heading at $13.02 first,
$14.33 next and $15.38 afterwards.

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