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To conclude that Western civilisation is purely Judeo-Christian is an over simplification. It is

also a politically deceptive statement to make.

Western civilisation is first and foremost a product of the evolving secular (non-religious)
philosophies from Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Anglo Saxon civilisations. It is true
however, that all the various faiths and religions of the world, including Eslam (Islam) and
Judeo-Christianity, have throughout history influenced moral codes of practice within
secular cultures and political states, especially where they predominate, not without their
share of conflicts and unfortunate incidences.

In explaining the Torah, there are many false claims made by the producers of “Dajjal”
that leads one to the conclusion that it is a deliberate provocation and attack on
Christianity (especially as practised by people of non-Jewish origin). Any truly spiritual
believer, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist, will know that ultimately to know
and have a relationship with God (Allah) is a personal and mystical experience. Ask the
Sufists who are mystical practioners of the Eslam (Islam) faith and they will tell you.

As defined in the film “Dajjal”, to impose an individualʼs will on the majority of people is
dictatorship . The individual dictator imposing his will, even waging wars and killing people
who do not accept his ideas, may insist that his will is the will of God (Allah) and therefore
not dictatorship, who will dare to argue with him.

Violence is being perpetrated all around the world in the name of Islam just as much as
politicians use the name of Christianity to justify the atrocities they inflict through wars etc..
But to conclude that Judeo-Christians are the embodiment of Dajjal (Anti-Christ), using
pseudo-academic/spiritual over-analysis just like the religious clerics mentioned in the
documentary, along with questionable historical facts, is not a responsible position to take
if one is trying to reduce antagonism and the level of violence in the world today. Modern
Science and Technology is not purely a Western or Judeo-Christian phenomenon. Any
active scientist or technologist, whether Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish or Christian
is a joint-contributor to technological development. It is a secular global event not a Judeo
Chritian event. It is up to individuals and organisations to use the inherent power in
modern technology for the good of humanity and not to abuse it for their own selfish ends.

In His Grace,
‘Sina Haa!rup