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In Karachi (Pakistan), Abu Bakr Islamic University follows the same curriculum as
Islamic University at Madinah and is home to many contemporary scholars.
ñife at the university:

*~ All courses are in Arabic, no other language is allowed in the classrooms. It is this
quality which sets it apart from many of the other universities in the country.

*~ Free food and lodging.

*~ There is a large hostel within the university where students can opt to live.

*~ There is a doctor from Saudi Arabia who spends two hours a day providing medical
assistance to the students of the University. An ambulance is also available in case of

*~ They teach the aqeedah of the Salaf us Salih.

*~ Students are permitted to give exams of "Wafaq ul Madaris Al Salafiyyah Pakistan"

alongside their studies at the university.

~* They have a two-year long Arabic program based on the curriculum at Madinah
University. The university staff speak only in Arabic in order to accustom the student
to the language.

~* Annual vacations start on the 1st of July and students are usually expected to
report back on the 5th of Sep. Additionally, the month of Ramadan is also given
off.However, study circles on Hadith, Arabic and Fiqh etc. are held for those who
choose to stay in the University during this time.

About the University:

*~ The University was established in 1398 A.H. by the late Shaykh Muhammad
Zafarullah. The foundation stone was laid by the Imam and Khatib of Haram,
Muhammad bin Abdullah As Subail. Dr. Rashid Randhawa is the current principal of the

*~ Abu Bakr Islamic University is the only Institution in Pakistan which is a member of
RABITAT Uñ AñAM Añ ISñAMI (World Organisation of Islamic Institutes).

*~ They have many qualified teachers such as Shaykh Abu Noman Basheer and Shaykh
Bashaar from Somalia, Shaykh Abu Umer Yousuf from Afghanistan. Shaykh Bilal Phillips
recommends it as a good school. Abu Salman Eberle from the US also taught there.
Hundreds of well-known scholars from all over the world have visited the University.

*~ Abu Bakr Islamic University does not associate itself with any group or party.

*~ Students have attended the university from over 43 countries. Currently students
from 20 countries are enrolled.

*~ Jamia Ummar Bin Khattab and Haramain Complex for Hifzul Quran are also working
under Abu Bakr Islamic University.

*~ Jamia Aisha Siddiqa for women is also active in the teaching of the Quran and
Sunnah under Abu Bakr University. However, the medium of instruction there is Urdu.

*~ Many other mosques, madaris and other new projects are under Abu Bakr Islamic

*~ The library has a substantial collection of books. Ninety percent of the books are in
Arabic. The other books are primarily in Urdu and English. Masha· Allah the library is
an ocean of knowledge. Daily Newspapers and magazines of all kind are also

Markaz ñughatul Arabiyya
2 years

* This is an Arabic language course and the aim is to be able to converse fluently,
understand most of Quranic Arabic and get a gist of the A·yahs Insha Allah.

Mahad Al Sanawiyya
4 years

* This course is organized for secondary level Islamic studies. This is the main faculty
of University. A student having secondary school certificate can get admitted to this
course but he should be have a sufficient enough knowledge of the Arabic language so
as to read and understand Arabic text. (After this course you can apply to
International Islamic Universities especially Saudi universities).

Kulliyatul Hadith
3 years

* This is a graduate level Islamic studies course. A student who has completed this
course/has passed the Fazil e-Arabic examination of this level from any Islamic
institution is eligible for admission in this course:
Al Shahada al Alamiyya, MA Arabic, MA in Islamic Studies, MA in Islamiyat, etc.

~* Mash Allah all the teachers are highly qualified from Jamia Islamia, Madinah,
Ummul Qura and Malik Saud universities. For a good student getting into Madinah
University is not a problem or any other famous university in Saudia Arabia (i.e.
Ummul Qura, Malik Saud) and other Countries after completing the MAHAD Al
SANAWIYYA from Abu Bakr Islamic University.

Some general activities at Abu Bakr Islamic University :

*~ Abu Bakr Islamic University holds its annual function after the examinations
(usually the end of May.)

*~Abu Bakr Islamic University publishes a monthly magazine named Mujallah Jamia
Abu Bakr Islamia in Urdu/Arabic.

*~ The students here have the choice to go for ¶Tableegh· every Thursday. So there is
an opportunity to learn Daa·wah and Tableegh according to the Quran and Sunnah.

*~ The University holds a weekly program on Wednesdays entitled "Añ NAADI Añ ADABI"
where students give speeches in a language of their choice. This is to improve the
narrative skills and articulacy of the students. There is a usually a chief guest at this
program among Ulemaa.

*~ Admissions start on the 15th July and go on till 1st August. Candidates will be
judged on the basis of their performance in an interview (Diligent and sincere
students will be given preference).


~* Abu Bakr Islamic University does not have website yet, however, their telephone
and fax numbers are:
Tel: +92-213-498-0877, +92-213-480-0471 (Office Timings: 9am to 1pm)
Fax: +92-213-498-0533

Application process:

~* To apply to the University, you need more or less the same documentation as Saudi
Arabian Universities. Due to the government·s strict policies you need to submit the
1. A photocopy of the passport

2. N.O.C from Ministry of Education

3. Attestation of the Documents from the Foreign Ministry

4. Six 4x6 colour photographs

5. A photocopy of all educational certificates till date. Certificates of

Islamic courses are preferred.

6. Residential and permanent address

7. An application to the University showing your Interest in Islamic Studies

and permission from parents.

8. Medical Certificate

* You can post the copy of all the required documents to the following address:

Abu Bakr Islamic University,

P.O. Box 11106, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block-5,
Karachi 75500,Pakistan

Disclaimer: This post is not from the administration of "Abu Bakr Islamic University". If
any of the information is incorrect then I apologize.

Jazakumullah Khairan

Abu Ahmed Faraz-ul-Haque

(Student at the Abu Bakr Islamic University)
Some More Info About the Jami'a

There are no certain Age Requirements ..... they have nice big HOSTEñ .... in Each room
there are 6 or 7 Students MAX. and they give you nice place for living ..... and if someone
want to live outside so he can live ..... in near there are so many Small Apartments in
Reasonable price ....... Just 4 or 5 Thousands Per month ... . A Flat with 3
Rooms,Kitchen,ñongue....etc..2 washrooms ..... Rest living conditions in Jamia are well also
the Cooking level is fine ..... but there are so many restaurants so if anyone has problem with
dinner so he can eat from out side also it is allowed to cook ur dish in JAMIA Here we have got
some good Scholors MASHAññAH ..... Alhamdulillah all the Teachers Are on the way of SAñAF
...... and well Qualified ..... Almost all of them are Graduated from Jamia Islamia Madinah
University ..... Abu Suleman Eberly AMERICAN was teacher here but he left .... also 2
SOMAñIAN Shuyuukh ..1 left now . and we have some AFGHANI Shuyookh ul Hadith as well it is
so simple to apply here ..... just send a letter to them and show ur intrest ...... then they will
give you form few Requirements ..... then after they recieve the - the principle accept that
then they will ask you about PAssport copy,NOC,Medical,School or UNI or any Educational
Degree...etc...then they will apply for VISA for the Student. Probably VISA will come in 1
month or more sometimes Well as u have got the basic info about Jamia Abu Bakr ...... what
else do u want to know.... ? about the Admission info or whatso ever just let me know Well
The course here is just the same as Madinah University from 1 to all ..... So thats why it is a
Branch of Madinah University ..... people get Admission easily after 6 years in MADINAH
UNIVERSITY if the Student has ability to work hard Rest the Basic Arabic Course is in 2 years
.... in these 2 years you will learn Arabic very much Inshallah.... U can Understand Quran
more than-... And the MAFHOOM of the ayats ..... u will definately understand .... The
teachers Are MAshallah highly Qualified from MAdinah University ....... so if U have time to
Study So I will prefer you to come here ..... and don't worry many Students are here from all
over the world.. We have got 20 nationalities yet... and over all 43 Different countries
students had studied here Mashallah ... But now Due to Strick Policy of PAK Goverment
students are not coming as much as they were used to but anyway the Study level is just the
same Alhamdulillah So Inshallah You'll take time for Allah Allah will make ur way Easy just
need to ENTER .... the Rest leave it to Alllah ... As Prophet SAW said Who ever choose the
way of learning DEEN Allah will make easy for him/her way to JANNAH

Dear Brother ,, Mahad Us Sanawiyya is the Intermediate level course .

it contains the study of different ulooms like :

Hadith , Fiqh ,Aqeedah, Usuulul fiqh , Grammer, Tafseer, Usuulul Hadith ,Adab Wa Balagha.

The requirement of this course is that you should know and talk in Arabic fluently , because
the basics are taught in Markaz Ul ñugha Al Arabiyya so this level requires being perfect in
Arabic at least.

and about what you state that you want to learn Aqeedah , so Abu bakr Islamic University is
quiet good and famous in teaching Aqeedah

in 1st year of Mahad you will study Kitabul Tauheed by shiekh Fowzaan
in 2nd year of Mahad you fill study first half of the Best Sharh of Kitabul Tauheed of Imam
Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab named "Fathul Majeed"

in 3rd year you study the 2nd half of Fathul Majeed

in 4th year you will study "Al Aqeedah Al tahawiyyah" by ibn taymiyah with sharh of shiekh
Khaleel Harras.

But in general this Mahad ñevel does not make student expert in any 1 ilm , but you'll get the
basic and intermediate level information about the Ulooms I quoted above, Or in other words
this level is must for one who want's to be a Student of ilm .

After this Mahad level ..Jamia Abu Bakr has Faculty of Hadith(now in 3 years) , however they
keep teaching Aqeedah even in faculty of Hadith like "Taiseerul Azeez al Hameed sharh
Kitabul Tauheed" by Shiekh Suleman bin Abdullah,and "Sharh Aqeedah Tahawiyah" by ibn abil
izz but the main focus is on Hadeeth and its Ulooms.

and here I have a good news that the new admissions for year 2009/2010 will begin from 9th
shawwal , 29th sep 2009 , so kindly spread this news and don't miss this chance if you can !!

Hope Answered your question

Disclaimer : I stated in the above post that shiekh Ibn Baz came here for visit , it was a miss
understanding from me so the fact is that shiekh Ibn baz recommends it a good University as
it is written in the university's cataloge.

But many of other Arab Mashaykh's came here like Shiekh Abdul Razzaq Al badr, Shiekh Anees
Tahir Al Indonesi , Shiekh Abdul Rehman Shamsaan,(All are senior scholors of Madinah
University) and many others...