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Welcome to New Earth!

Late‚ Additions to the New Earth Records Family:

Here is a list of recent releases just added to the New Earth catalog. Enjoy these new sounds!
exploring the mystery of sound & silence
Dear Friends, Atmospheres | DEUTE R Tao: The Three Treasures | OSHO TALKS
This year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of New
Celebration of Light | DEUTE R Tara Devi | DECHEN SHAK-DAGSAY
Earth Records. The seeds of our company were planted
in September 1989 at the Osho Commune International Chakra Clearing and Healing Sounds The Terry Oldfield Classic Collection
(now Osho Meditation Resort), in Pune India. It all TE RRY OLDFI E LD AN D SORAYA SARASWATI TE RRY OLDFIELD
began with the Osho Kundalini Meditation and the Osho
Dynamic Meditation. At that time there were no CDs of Dancing Through the Chakras Two Worlds One
Osho meditations or Osho music available, there was TE RRY OLDFI E LD AN D SORAYA SARASWATI LISA LYNNE AND ARYEH FRANKFURTE R
no Internet, no email, and no such thing as an MP3. Osho gave his blessings to our
project idea and chose the name 'Tao Music,' which later became New Earth Records. Eternity | DEUTE R Prayer to the Mystery: The Gathering
We feel very honored for having him as our spiritual founder. LITTLE WOLF
Healing the Inner Child | ANANDO
From that point forward everything fell into place. Musicians joined from many dif- Way of the Mystic | TULKU
Land of the Buddhas | CH I NMAYA DU NSTE R
ferent countries; the company moved from Munich to Boulder and finally to Santa Fe
Whale Meditation | KAMAL
and we accumulated too many stories to tell. Of course this very catalog will give you Notes From a Planet | DEUTE R
an overview of our impressive roster of creative and talented artists. In particular, we Yoga Nidra
would like to mention Deuter, who in the seventies created the music for the Osho Sitar Secrets | AL GROME R KHAN TE RRY OLDFIELD AND SORAYA SARASWATI
meditations and later in the nineties joined New Earth Records. He is now considered
one of the most visionary New Age artists of all time. Sleep Deep | ANANDO Zen Mama | KAMAL

Before meditation went mainstream, one of our first slogans was Music for People on Spirit Lounge | VARIOUS ARTISTS
the Path. Our vision during the years has always been to provide high-quality music
that leads people into meditation and silence, to celebrate life as a divine gift, and to
enjoy and carry healing vibrations to people and this planet.
~ C ON T E N T S ~
It is our sincere understanding that through certain vibrations, sound energy healing Featured Releases 3-4 Lisa Lynne 33-34
can occur. With this in mind we are always looking for cutting edge, high-quality pro-
ductions and artists who share this vision. In India, the existing philosophy is that the DVD & Family 5-6 Tulku / Little Wolf 35-36
whole universe is composed of the sound ‘OM.’

We thank our listeners, who made all this possible and who continue to support this Guided Meditation 7-10 Chinmaya Dunster 37-38
ongoing manifestation. Without the support and feedback of our audience, who uses
our musical catalog for the healing arts, meditation, Reiki, Yoga classes and celebra- Yoga 11-14 Al Gromer Khan 39-40
tion, we could have never grown to become what we are today.
Reiki 15-18 Terry Oldfield 41-45
Peace and light,
Deuter 19-23 Lounge 46

Holiday Music 24 James Asher 47-48

Bhikkhu and Waduda
Spa & Relaxation 25-28 India 49-54
To stay connected with us, we invite you to become a friend of New Earth Records
Kamal 29 Osho 55-61
at, on facebook at,
and please check out our free internet radio,! Dechen Shak-Dagsay 31-32 Order Form & Order Info. 62
Featured Releases Chakra Clearing
Notes from a Planet and Healing Sounds
NE 2907 CD $16.98 NE 3001 CD $16.98

This unique album features pure Chakra Clearing and Healing

sounds of nature recorded and Sounds takes one on a journey of
arranged by Deuter. The sounds healing accompanied by the sooth-
of birds, waters, winds are often ing voice of Soraya Saraswati and
no longer perceived consciously; the music of Terry Oldfield. Chakra
we have become so accustomed Clearing is a guided meditation
to them, they have faded into that uses healing color and breath
oblivion, or they are covered up by to clear away old patterns and to
man-made noises. By attending to inhale positive strengths to each
nature sounds, we lift them back of the seven major energy centers,
up into our awareness and allow thus restoring a feeling of healing
them to have their harmonizing and self-empowerment.
effects on our organism. And since
nature’s music has no beginning
or end, it easily creates a sense
of timelessness. More guided meditations starting on page 7.

Sleep Deep
Spirit Lounge ANANDO
NE 2912 CD $16.98
NE 2809 CD $16.98 Sleep Deep is a guided meditation
This collection blends meditative that will allow you to discover a
chanting with elements of groove way to put your stress, tensions,
and up-tempo beats. Drawing on and worries away. This album is
voices from around the world, specially designed to give you
Spirit Lounge is a unique musical a deep, natural, and refreshing
journey through time and space, sleep; for achieving core relax-
sure to entrance and seduce ation; and will leave you feeling
its listener. rejuvenated in the morning!

Prem Joshua, Chinmaya Dunster &

Niladri Kumar, Terry Oldfield
& Soraya Saraswati, Tulku, Miten
& Deva Premal, Snatam Kaur,
Manish Vyas, and Aethera.

Additional guided meditations by Anando on page 9.

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DVD & family
Birth without Violence
PAL (NE 3302) or NTSC (NE 3301) DVD $24.98

Apart from a short introduction there is no commen-

tary or voice-over in these three films. Talking is the
expression of your mind thinking. Thinking is nothing
but an illusion, which you continuously project on
what is. I recommend to stop thinking while you watch
these three movies, stop talking, quiet your mind,
and be pure attention. – FREDERICK LEBOYER, M.D.

These three films by pioneering physician, poet, and

philosopher Frederick Leboyer are timeless and per-
haps more valuable today for the childbearing public,
health professional, anyone interested in this topic,
than when they were first released.
These films take you into the heart of the mystery of
graduated from the University of
what it means to be born, and how fully conscious and
Paris School of Medicine, where
exquisitely sensitive babies are from the start. Leboyer
he served as Chef de Clinique.
pays homage to both ancient feminine wisdom and
Known for his bestselling book,
the crucial law of the mother-infant relationship in
Birth Without Violence, he lives
shaping our life and culture.
in Switzerland.

Zen Mama
NE 3100 CD $16.98

Kamal's Zen Mama features a collection of composi-

tions that are specially created for expectant mothers
and children. One of the tracks is the “Baby Puja”
which is an ancient chant performed by the Gyuto
monks for the welfare of children, fertility and espe-
cially pregnancy and birth and has never been record-
ed and published before. This album also includes
the sounds of humpback whales woven together with
violin and viola creating an ambiance of peacefulness
and beauty. To complete this unique album, there is
More Kamal albums on page 29.
an interpretation of Charles Gounod’s “Ave Maria.”

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Awakening of the Heart


NE 2803 CD $16.98

The heart is where we hold our hurts and wounds.

Generally, we spend an enormous amount of time
protecting ourselves from such painful memories.
Yet, in the depths of our hearts, there is a deep
understanding that at times we actually need these
painful experiences in order to mature and reach our
full potential. This meditation supports you as you
soften and become vulnerable to what you hold in
your own heart. Closed doors can open again, and
healing can happen.

NE 2804 CD $16.98

Listening to this CD you will learn how to forgive

others and yourself for things that are still weighing
upon your heart, and help you to open up and create
a deep feeling of compassion for yourself and others.
Created so that you can use it again and again, this is
an ideal meditation for dealing with times of signifi-
cant change or transition, as well as for discovering
new methods to healing sickness.

Healing the Body

NE 2815 CD $16.98

The stresses of daily life take an enormous toll on our

bodies and over time we fill and strain ourselves with
fear, pain and regret. As this happens, we become
overwhelmed with tension, thus losing touch with our
body and it’s incredible, innate healing powers.
When we are out of touch with our bodies everything
is affected – our health, relationships, creativity, and
ability to be at peace. This meditation is designed
to help you rediscover the miracle of your body and
Meditation is not really mind-effort. Real meditation is not effort at all. uncover the immense potential for healing that you
Real meditation is just allowing the mind to have its own way, and not carry within yourself.
interfering in any way whatsoever – just remaining watchful, witnessing.
It silences, by and by, it becomes still. One day it is gone. You are left alone. guided meditations
-Osho Online Ordering 8
Healing the Heart Soraya Saraswati is a spiritual teacher who has developed a unique
style of teaching through her extensive study of the ancient yogic
NE 2910 CD $16.98 traditions and her own personal journey. She studies, practices
and teaches yoga and meditation, nutrition, naturopathy, reiki and
Healing the Heart is a guided meditation
spiritual healing. She puts all these skills together and offers a bal-
that gives you the opportunity to make a
anced holistic approach to health, healing and the quest to attain
connection to your heart, to feel the space
moksha – liberation from all that keeps us bound to pain on any
that is calm and peaceful, and to see how
level of our being. Music is the universal language of the soul and
powerful and healing that energy is. This
she encourages others to set their inhibitions aside and sing with
album will allow you to feel your heart as
an open heart.
free, light, and flowing again.

Yoga Nidra
NE 3007 CD $16.98
NE 2911 CD $16.98 This is a guided meditation to accompany
Healing the Inner Child is a guided restorative yoga practice. Yoga Nidra
inspires the release of physical stress,
meditation to unite you to the place in
anxiety and mental tension: an essential
your subconscious where the child you
companion for achieving core relaxation
once were still lives, where the beliefs
and subtle transformation!
and hurt that child picked up still linger,
affecting your life even today. This album
gives you the opportunity to start chang-
ing those beliefs, so you can start trusting
yourself more.

Additional guided meditation by Anando on page 4. Dancing Through

the Chakras
Anando is one of the ASHA Foundation (UK) list of 240 ‘influen- TE RRY OLFI E LD AN D SORAYA SARASWATI
tial, inspiring women from all walks of life and from around the NE 3026 CD $16.98
world who are outstanding in their fields.’ She was a success-
This is a moving meditation, arranged to
ful lawyer (Australia & USA) and businesswoman who headed to
inspire you to connect with the subtle
India in the mid-seventies for a two-week visit to the infamous ash- energies associated with each chakra. Let
ram of Osho. She stayed for thirty years, becoming part of Osho’s your inhibitions fall away as you discover
personal household. the resonance of your body and allow your
She now travels the world, teaching meditation and other tech- innate potential and creativity to flow into
expression through free dance. This album
niques for transforming your life. Her book YES is available through
is an excellent tool to connect with your
her Web site:
body and free your energy!

guided meditations guided meditations

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Yoga & Pilates by the Sea
NE 2715 CD $16.98

This CD is compiled by certified yoga and pilates

teacher Rhonda Comparin. It is an invigorating
mind-body dance, helping listeners to become fully
alive in the present moment through mind, body and
spirit unification. A transcendental journey in the an-
cient mystery of spirit and physicality, this CD is ideal
as a foundation for classes and self-motivated people
everywhere. Featuring Cybertribe, Deuter & Kamal

Prana Yoga
NE 2510 CD $16.98

Specially selected music from Chinmaya Dunster,

Deuter, Kamal, RASA and Terry Oldfield supports
the traditions of yoga that focus primarily on the
meditative aspects of yoga. It facilitates the focus of
self-exploration and awareness towards relaxation,
breathing, body movement, and the settled mind. The
body is invited to open with meditative awareness.

Trance Yoga
NE 2516 CD $16.98

This is a high-energy movement CD that

facilitates the liberation of the creative life force
that resides in all of us. Music from Tulku, RASA,
Ganga Giri, Tya, Cybertribe, Kamal, Bhakta and
James Asher aid the exploration of rhythm and
Meaning “union with the divine,” movement in the practice of yoga. Good for
yoga is a philosophy and discipline up-tempo yoga classes and everyday jamming.
applied to the development of
mind, body, and spirit. yoga Online Ordering 12
Yoga Ragas Meditative Yoga
NE 2502 CD $16.98
NE 2504 CD $16.98

Authentic ragas! Manose and his fellow musicians Music from Prem Joshua, Chinmaya Dunster,
weave contemplative sitar, percussion, and flute into Ustad Usman Khan, Al Gromer Khan and
slow, trance-like compositions, creating a powerful RASA aids in the deliberate suspension
moving meditation. The transformative harmony of of the stream of consciousness that often
Yoga Ragas takes devotion and the essence of inner clutters the mind during meditation and
bliss to a higher level. Ideal music for yoga, Tai Chi, yoga. Obtain a state of meditative bliss
meditation, moving mantra, relaxation, and times and relaxation as the body comes into a
when you need to connect with your spirit. natural state of serenity.

For sale in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico only.

Yoga Lounge
NE 2512 CD $16.98

A sitar lover’s gem, combining strong melodies Yoga Harmony

with punchy beats. This is East Indian music at its TE RRY OLDFIELD
expressive best, coaxing sultry, seductive moods NE 2403 CD $16.98
from an array of memorable tunes. Perfect for Terry Oldfield graces us with this superb
moving the body or for a warm night when CD specially designed for a full yoga class.
there’s something exotic in the air. Soft mantras and deep flute mixed with
Live and passionate! An instant trans-meditative state, light nature sounds make Yoga Harmony
this wave of tranquility is a rhythm for all moods. perfect for an invigorating yoga setting as
well as an engaging CD you will want to
listen to over and over again.

Yoga on Sacred Ground

NE 2109 CD $16.98

Dunster’s plaintive violin, guitar, and flute bring to

life music that ranges from relaxing to invigorating
as each successive track corresponds to a different
chakra. Excellent not only for yoga practice, this is
music anyone can enjoy.

If you’ve not yet experienced [Dunster’s]

musical genius, Yoga on Sacred Ground is a
great place to start. — NEW AGE VOICE

yoga yoga
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Reiki Healing Hands

NE 9507 CD $16.98

Reiki Healing Hands provides music created to

support meditation and a spiritual environment.
A delicate bell sounds every three minutes to
remind practitioners to change hand positions.
A bestselling album used by healers of all kinds.
Also ideal for trance and meditation.

... a great end-of-the-day trip to a land of

soft light and gentle winds. —WIND AND WIRE

Reiki Essence
NE 2418 CD $16.98

Anuvida and Nik Tyndall, musicians with a

unique feeling for mood and sensuality, have
produced another musical masterpiece for use
accompanying Reiki, meditation, massage
therapies, or other relaxing moments. Reiki
Essence is the third collaboration between
Anuvida and Nik Tyndall. This is music for the
relaxation of your mind and body.

Reiki Wellness
NE 2406 CD $16.98

Music to support the practice of Reiki brings

together the healing sounds of these three award-
winning artists. This superb collection of music
ranges gently through layered melodies, nature
sounds and textural vibrations to create a sonic
environment perfect for massage, bodywork and
Reiki is a Japanese form of healing meditation.
that is believed to have begun in Tibet
...opens a space that transmits
several thousand years ago and was the heart and soul of Reiki...
rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the — GHATA ENGELS, REIKI MASTER IN THE USUI TRADITION
mid to late 1800s.
reiki Online Ordering 16
Reiki Healing Waves NE 2703 CD $16.98
PARI JAT A global mixture of instruments,
NE 2816 CD $16.98
including the Chinese erhu,
An ideal album for anyone seeking a space filled Japanese shakuhachi flute, East
with peace, serenity and healing! Reiki Healing Waves Indian tamboura and Tibetan
will take you on a meditative journey of sound that bowls takes the listener on a
will soothe, calm and relax you. mystical voyage.

With Koyasan, Deuter continues to

share his gifted musical genius.
His unique blend of shakuhachi,
koto, flutes, and keyboards floats
Reiki Harmony you gently to the inner core of your
TE RRY OLDFI E LD being. This CD is an enhancing
NE 2604 CD $16.98 benefit for healing and meditation.
On Reiki Harmony, Terry Oldfield combines calming
nature sounds, subtle vocals and ambient synths
with traditional Indian instrumentation. This
soothing music gently washes over the listener, Reiki Hands of Light
encouraging the deep relaxation and tranquility DEUTE R
necessary for a truly healing experience. Terry’s goal NE 9806 CD $16.98
in creating this CD is to offer a soundtrack perfectly
This bestselling CD, loved by therapists and
suited to the practice of reiki, massage, and other
See more Terry Oldfield titles healers around the world, is excellent music for
healing arts.
starting on page 41. any kind of deep work: Reiki, meditation,
massage, or relaxation. Long sonorous tones
and an underlying rhythmic pulse create a
gently supportive, ambient soundscape.
An essential addition to any healing collection.
Reiki Whale Song
Finalist: Best Meditation/Healing
NE 2102 CD $16.98 exquisite creation of sounds to promote
Healing songs from the gentle giants of the deep
deep states of relaxation. —NEW AGE RETAILER
echo throughout this unique collaboration of whale
and man. Kamal blends authentic recordings of
humpback whales with flute and soft synthesizer
to create an atmosphere supportive of the healing The healing aspect of the music works for me through
energies of Reiki. the understanding that everything has a vibration, everything
See more Kamal titles on page 29. is vibrating. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency
Winner: Best Meditation/Healing
and all the vibrations influence each other. Through harmonious
Reiki Whale Song is a dreamy, softly ambient sounds and music the vibration of the listener can
masterpiece perfect for Reiki treatments, then be altered in a healing way. -C.G. DEUTER
massage, meditation... —NEW AGE RETAILER
reiki reiki by Deuter
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Eternity Born in postwar Germany, Deuter taught himself the gui-
tar, the flute, harmonica and just about every instrument
DE UTE R he could get his hands on, though it wasn’t until after a
NE 2901 CD $16.98
near-fatal car crash in his early twenties that he decided to
Eternity features Deuter’s most renowned pursue a career in music. His first release in 1970, simply
compositions, offering a musical experience entitled D, was to become a modernist classic. D marked
far beyond sound and melody. This collection the beginning of Deuter’s spiritual and musical journey,
embodies the healing and timeless quality of ostensibly paving the way for a new genre of music known
his exceptional repertoire. In Eternity, Deu- as “New Age,” which combined acoustic and electronic
ter’s subtle mastery of instruments ranging elements with ethnic instrumentation and nature sounds,
from the Chinese erhu and Tibetan bowls to such as whale and bird songs, the open sea, wind in the
flutes, percussion and piano reveals more trees, et cetera.
than ever his unique gift of musical alchemy.
Over the years, Deuter has continued to learn and master
a vast array of instruments, including various drums, the
shakuhachi flute, the koto, sitar, Tibetan singing bowls,
santoor, bhuzuki, piano, and keyboard. He’s recorded and
Atmospheres released over 60 albums and has sold too many to count.
All the while, Deuter has never ceased to explore new fre-
NE 2906 CD $16.98 quencies and resonances. “One thing that is important for
me is that I love dancing on the edge of the unknown—to
Mystical and inviting, Atmospheres gently play around and open doors I haven’t walked through be-
envelops and embraces you in a blanket of fore,” says Deuter. It is this very outlook that has kept him
musical color. From the peaceful, guiding notes at the forefront of musical evolution for over 35 years.
of the piano to the sonorous strings of the cello
to the interwoven sounds of nature, Deuter has Deuter lives and works in the mountains outside of

once again created a stirringly beautiful album Santa Fe, New Mexico, creating the contemplative, healing
that is sure to entrance and calm the soul. music he’s become known for today. His most recent

albums include a compilation called Eternity; Notes from
a Planet, an album of nature sounds he recorded himself;
Spiritual Healing Atmospheres; Celebration of Light, a winter and holiday
DE UTE R As far as the ear can listen... album; and Spiritual Healing.
NE 2806 CD $16.98

A culmination of Deuter’s many years of recording,

this album distills the centered essence of Deuter’s
hallmark style anew. Tranquility is renewed and time
slows as these inspired melodies transport the
listener to angelic realms.

With reiki and Santa Fe vistas dripping from the tracks,

this tranquil take on adult chill goes the distance for
anyone looking for massage or introspective music
for those special and quiet times when only the right
sounds will do. – MIDWEST RECORD

19 Toll-free ordering 888.245.4482 Online Ordering 20

Ea‚ of the Full Moon Wind & Mountain
NE 2515 CD $16.98 NE 2101 CD $16.98

This CD was composed with the idea of reflecting the A favorite of healers and body workers, the music
moods of the night, its silence and its soft songs, when the of Wind & Mountain is specifically designed to help
human mind has gone to sleep to dream different dreams. you let go of unconscious tension and lead you into
Elegant, open, and peaceful, East of the Full Moon evokes a space of inner stillness. Peaceful, slow frequencies
images of the night sky, the moon appearing behind and revitalizing high notes are orchestrated into a
clouds, the world losing its stark colors, and the trees sweeping musical experience.
becoming just shadows against the moon. exquisite creation of sounds to promote
deep states of relaxation. —THE NEW TIMES
Buddha Nature
NE 2104 CD $16.98
Sun Spirit
Deuter’s enchanting flute and soft rhythms blend DEUTE R
layered melodies with water sounds, inviting us to NE 2003 CD $16.98
a world where our own Buddha nature is revealed.
Internationally acclaimed musician and composer
Ideal for meditation, massage, and bodywork.
Deuter has become known as a pioneer by creating
Winner: Best Meditation/Healing music that is both meditative and inspiring.
This up-beat album celebrates the essence of the
sun with captivating melodies brought to life
Tibet: Nada Himalaya 2 with spirited flute, synthesizer, and drum. Listen
to Sun Spirit and be illuminated.
NE 2412 CD $16.98 Winner: Best Meditation/Healing —AFIM INDIE AWARD

The sublime harmonic vibrations of the Tibetan bowls Sun Spirit is a musical celebration of life and the
and Deuter’s ability to access the purity of their sustained little things that make it memorable. — MUSIC DESIGN
ringing tones resonates deep within the heart, transporting
the listener to a world of serenity and peace. Journey to the
depths of your inner being with this totally refreshing CD,
ideal for calming the nerves and healing the agitated spirit. Garden of the Gods
NE 9911 CD $16.98
Earth Blue The unparalleled celestial soundscapes that Deuter
NE 2716 CD $16.98
is best known for have attained an even more
expansive quality with the addition of the heavenly
Deuter’s soulful flute and enchanting, layered melodies vocal stylings of Annette Cantor. The sonic textures
invite you into a wonderful world of inner silence and of voice and keyboard create a profoundly relaxing
vital meditation. Earth Blue is the result of a partnership musical sanctuary.
with automaker Volkswagen. It is part of an exclusive col-
laboration that makes Deuter’s music available through Delicious. Garden of the Gods is a spiritual and
the Autostadt Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. emotional experience, NOT musical ‘wallpaper.’
The unique relaxing qualities of Deuter’s music envelop
the listener with comfort and luxury.
Deuter Deuter
21 Toll-free ordering 888.245.4482 Online Ordering 22
Sea & Silence
Holiday Music
NE 2301 CD $16.98

Listening to Deuter’s Sea & Silence is like taking

a walk along an empty shore. The timeless rhythm
of gentle ocean waves meld with fluid, ethereal
keyboards and soulful flute to create a magical
soundscape ideal for massage and deep relaxation.
Sail to distant shores and venture to the depths with
the latest from a master composer with over three
decades of healing music to his credit.

For Deuter, silence has its own chords and through this
CD, Sea & Silence, the stillness of the present moment
has never sounded clearer or more harmonious.

Nada Himalaya
NE 9706 CD $16.98

Deuter’s masterful meditation music echoes the

pristine essence of a Himalayan retreat by integrat-
ing Tibetan bells and bowls, chimes, and the natural
sounds of a mountain stream. Expanding reverbera-
tions and overtones meld in perfect harmony. Celebration of Light
Winner: Best Meditation/Healing NE 2905 CD $16.98
I intentionally selected holiday music I found to be both very
Honorable Mention: New Age heartfelt and simple, which has been sung throughout the
centuries. On this album there are songs from the 13th, 14th,
15th, and the 16th centuries. We have one piece of Johann
Sebastian Bach, one part of the Vivaldi four seasons,
one dance song from Praetorius, an original composi-
Like the Wind in the Trees tion, as well as additional unknown composers. This is my
offering to the holiday season. – C.G. DEUTER
NE 7001 CD $16.98 Wonderfully chosen material... the playing is kept simple but
elegant and this could easily be the kind of under the radar
A collection of the best of Deuter’s healing and
set that makes Deuter welcomed by the masses. A long over
meditation music. Deuter’s soaring flute and delicate
due kick in the pants for new age / Christmas recordings, this
keyboards echo throughout these tracks, each
completely charming and disarming album doesn’t have to
reflecting the skill of a master composer and musician.
be played at the holidays only. The sonics alone are worth the
Deuter’s compositions are divinely inspired... price of admission and the rest of the presentation will simply
—VISION MAGAZINE bowl you over. A four star set throughout. —MUSIC DESIGN

23 Toll-free ordering 888.245.4482 Online Ordering 24
Spa Lounge

spa & relaxation

NE 2310 CD $16.98

Uplifting and rejuvenating, this

CD is ideal for enhancing healing
ambiance. Music from four accom-
plished musicians – Deuter, Kamal,
Anugama and Parijat – grace this
extraordinary collection. Close
your eyes, relax and enter the
Spa Lounge.

Great for spa reception and pre or

post treatment areas, or for any
setting where a calming yet
uplifting milieu is desired.

Essential Touch
NE 2302 CD $16.98

Create a personal retreat every

time you play this serene CD.
Features music from New Earth’s
roster of musicians, compiled
specifically for relaxation and the
Healing Arts. Essential Touch
... in a relaxed mind you have creates a positive oasis for
more energy, more creativity, unwinding and reviving.

more inventiveness. And when Featuring Deuter, Anugama,

you are relaxed you help James Asher, Al Gromer Khan

and Terry Oldfield.
others to relax.

spa & relaxation Online Ordering 26
Inner Balance Essence of Well-being
NE 2309 CD $24.98
Inner Balance is a compilation of yoga and wellness
tracks specifically chosen to enliven the spirit and Wherever you go, you can take the spa
settle the mind. This CD features tracks by Deuter, experience with you in this essential
Terry Oldfield, RASA, Chinmaya Dunster, Lisa Lynne, collection of relaxation music. Treat
Kamal, James Asher, and Parijat. Suitable for yoga yourself to three CDs of music from top
class as well as everyday casual listening. artists – at a special price. Included in this
set are the following:

Monsoon Point | Al Gromer Khan

Al Gromer Khan’s atmospheric soundscapes
Buddha Garden are as stunning as they are unique. A classic
jewel of the ambient genre.
NE 2308 CD $16.98
Reiki Touch of Love | Anuvida & Nik Tyndall
Music for meditation and celebration alike, Buddha Anuvida & Tyndall’s “kiboe” harp, ethereal
Garden features guitar, keyboards, and percussion. keyboards and sonic meanderings create an
Uplifting melodies and easy grooves create a open space to relax into.
light-hearted setting of rejuvenation and leisure. This
music creates an enriching and affirming ambiance.
Shamanic Healing | Kamal Thousands of candles can be lit
Wave-like melodies take the listener into
The music I play is for going in, for meditation, for other-worldly realms. Native and Eastern from a single candle, and the life
celebration. It is music for the moment. The most instruments blend gracefully with of the candle will not be short-
beautiful feedback is the silence and the space, which keyboards to create intimate spaces
gets created through music. This is for me a gift. It is alive with possibility.
ened. Happiness never decreases
music out of silence for silence. — PARIJAT by being shared. -Buddha

Radiant Awakening
SM 7006 CD $16.98
Quiet Earth
With its roots in the subtle rhythmic structures NE 2802 CD $16.98
of traditional Indian devotional music, this CD
A harmonious tonality imbues Quiet Earth
inspiringly blends instruments from the East and
with a calm sense of peace. Based on a
West into ever-expanding, trance-flavored melodies
thoroughly natural foundation, this album
created to awaken the heart.
weaves a surreal tapestry out of the more
... a phenomenal and visionary album of relaxed energies of the Earth.
heart-opening beauty... — LIZ DOAN, MUSIC DESIGN

spa & relaxation spa & relaxation

27 Toll-free ordering 888.245.4482 Online Ordering 28
Whale Meditation
NE 2811 CD $16.98

Enchanting melodies united with the mysterious and

heart-warming songs of the humpback whale invoke
a tranquil sense of serenity, sending you on a medita-
tive journey to the soul of the Earth. Whale Meditation
is an excellent album to help still the mind and open
the heart, making it the perfect accompaniment for
personal meditation, relaxation and the healing arts.

My‚ery Road
NE 2001 CD $16.98

Mystery Road celebrates the colors of life,

like a rainbow of sound. Kamal cuts across all
continents for his inspiration on this album:
pulsing synth sounds, percussion, flute, and layered
vocals draw inspiration from native rhythms and the
modern culture of the information age.

Reiki Whale Dreaming

NE 2511 CD $16.98

A beautiful CD combining the haunting calls of

humpback whales with soothing ambient sounds,
bringing the listener into a state of healing tranquility.
Silence must happen while you are
A must for healers, energy workers and anyone
traveling an inner journey and exploring the
absolutely alive, vital, bubbling with
mysteries of the heart. — MASCETTI, AUTHOR, THE BUDDHA BOX life and energy. Then the silence
is meaningful.
Renowned musician and producer Kamal is a thoroughly established new age
artist with a distinct style and sound who has more than a quarter of a million – Osho
CD sales to his credit. He frequently uses the natural sounds of the Earth
as primary sounds and themes in his compositions and arrangements.

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Dechen Shak-Dagsay Compassion
NE 2709 CD $16.98

Seldom do I hear singing and music so suffused

with gentle beauty and calmness as I did on
Compassion. Tibetan vocalist Dechen Shak-Dagsay’s
songs and mantras, impeccably accompanied by
flute, piano, Tibetan bowls, tamboura and subtle
synthesizer textures, wrap around you like a soft
“All major religious blanket, comforting and imbuing you with a sense
of inner peace and serenity. These songs are a
traditions carry spiritual oasis for our troubled souls in these
perilous times, and only the most hardened of
basically the same hearts will remain unaffected by this recording.


For sale in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico only.

love, compassion
and forgiveness...” Dewa Che
Tara Devi
NE 2903 CD $16.98
NE 2513 CD $16.98

Tara means The Liberator and Devi means Goddess. the Dalai Lama Dewa Che is the debut album of Tibetan singer
Tara Devi is considered one of the most powerful and pro- Dechen Shak-Dagsay, eldest daughter of the
tective female Goddesses in Buddhism. This meditation Venerable Dagsay Tulku, a Tibetan Lama. Mantras
is a complete Sadhana for Tara and is practiced in order are a method of finding inner peace and decreasing
to call upon her, to request her protection and to enable the tensions of modern life. With her enchantingly
us to generate her qualities in our minds. Let us all be in- beautiful voice, Dechen brings the spirit of Tibetan
spired by the beautiful blessings of Tara and let her take Buddhism to the Western World.
us on the inner journey towards ultimate happiness. For sale in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico only.
For sale in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico only.

Dechen Shak-Dagsay is a Tibetan who has

Shi De lived with her family in Switzerland since childhood.
DECH EN SHAK-DAGSAY Dechen is the eldest daughter of a Tibetan Lama, the Venerable
NE 2601 CD $16.98
Dagsay Tulku. With her beautiful voice and traditional training,
Dechen’s second album of Tibetan mantras Dechen’s music brings the spirit of Tibetan Buddhism to the
encourages and facilitates peace, healing, western world. Dechen tours all over the world with many
relaxation, and meditation. Shi De is Tibetan acclaimed musicians sharing the Tibetan culture with others.
for peace that brings happiness. She has been invited to perform for his Holiness, the Dalai Lama
on numerous occasions as the “Voice of Tibet.”
For sale in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico only.

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Lisa Lynne Hopes & Dreams
Two Worlds One NE 2303 CD $16.98

LISA LYNNE Hopes & Dreams is an exquisite musical odyssey.

AN D ARYE H FRANKFU RTE R Lisa’s Celtic harp is in its finest form on this heart-
NE 2908 CD $16.98 warming collection of all new, original music. Lisa
Lynne is the musician-in-residence at City of Hope
Internationally recognized
National Medical Center, where she created this music
recording artists Lisa Lynne and
during her interactions with people on their healing
Aryeh Frankfurter, perform tradition-
and spiritual journeys. Celtic harp, enhanced with
al melodies and original composi-
world flutes and an assortment of rich acoustic
tions rooted in world folk traditions.
instruments, creates nourishment for the soul.
This instrumental album features
the Celtic folk harp and Swedish
nyckelharpa, supported by a rich
assortment of acoustic instruments
Maiden’s Prayer
to create a graceful and heartfelt LISA LYNNE
NE 2107 CD $16.98
collection of timeless music.
Lisa Lynne’s debut album with New Earth
Records is a graceful and powerful recording of
authentic beauty. Together with an ensemble of
world-class Renaissance and Persian musicians,
she brings her Celtic harp and exquisite musical
artistry to these enchanting arrangements of
Love & Peace centuries-old tunes. An album of ageless music
performed with contemporary flair.
NE 2602 CD $16.98 Finalist: Best Acoustic Instrumental
Love & Peace is the third release by Lisa Lynne
with New Earth Records. On this album Lisa
collaborates with flutist George Tortorelli.
The Celtic harp and bamboo flute are two of
the world’s most ancient and heartwarming
instruments. Since 1997, Lisa Lynne and
George Tortorelli have been charming Gypsy Soul
audiences with their magical and endearing ASH IK
sound. Their melodic and pastoral music NE 9604 CD $16.98
enchants listeners from every walk of life, and The uplifting melodies on this CD combine the old,
is a marvelous addition to any special event. dancing souls of Ireland, Russia, Hungary, and rural
America with a compelling, original beat.

Ashik knows how to create these stirring emotions...

“Lisa Lynne’s Celtic harp music is a soothing addition and the vehicle is the violin: passionate, artistic,
to our programs for both patients and staff...” masterful, and creative! —ERIKA BORSOS
—Neal E. Statkin, MD, director of supportive care & palliative medicine, City of Hope

33 Toll-free ordering 888.245.4482 Online Ordering 34

Tulku Little Wolf
Way of the Mystic Prayer to the My‚ery:
NE 2902 CD $16.98
the Gathering
Tulku has always been about the NE 3102 CD $16.98
act of Transcendence, the alchemy
Prayer to the Mystery:
of technology and the universe of
the Gathering is a continuation of
ethnic and ancient tribal wisdom
the first album, encompassing a
set to modern music. This album is
all set in motion by the evocative blend of traditional spirit and con-
passion of performers of different temporary style. Connected to the
world traditions from places such native spirit and the cycles of life, the
as Africa, South America and India. music will come full circle. Old voices
It is our desire that this will trans- will be found and new ones discov-
late into an understanding of how ered, traditional songs become new
much we are joined by the trans- again and new songs emerge.
formative power of music. However
subtle, time dances slowly, but in COMING SUMMER 2010!
the peace of silence and the act of
love we stand close to the fire.
Prayer to the My‚ery
Featuring Jai Uttal, Samia Ahmad,
Mazatl Galindo, Consuelo Luz, and NE 2807 CD $16.98
Pops Mohamed.
The ancient rhythms present in Prayer to the Mystery

Doors to Paradise will sweep you across time, painting a landscape

once dominated by the indigenous people of North
America. The unparalleled combination of traditional
NE 2711 CD $16.98
Native American flutes, drums and beats with state-
Doors to Paradise presents new voices and of-the-art electronics makes this album truly unique.
rhythms from South America, Africa, Bangladesh, Features Grammy-winning artists Johnny Mike,
Morocco, Brazil and Europe, creating a unique Verdell Primeaux, Joanne Shenandoah, and more.
endeavor of shared visions that interweave musical
traditions and instruments from around the world.
Featuring Jai Uttal, Pops Mohamed, Claude Challe Longtime musician and Grammy Award-winning producer, Jim Wilson
and amber-voiced Consuelo Luz. (Tulku and Little Wolf ), is committed to the anthropological preservation
and development of his own and other Native American cultures. His
Cultured groove, one that will take you to passion for the rich history of the First People and other tribes is evident in
paradise. Be transformed as you are taken on a his vibrant compositions that incorporate traditional Native American
journey to a beautiful mysterious place. Let go,
instruments and drums. Yet it’s his coupling of such traditional sounds with
surrender and dance; this CD will free your soul!
electronic beats that truly sets him apart as leader in Folk, World Beat,
New Age and Electronic genres.

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Chinmaya Dunster Sacred Temples of India
Land of the Buddhas NE 2203 CD $16.98

CH I NMAYA DU NSTE R Inspired by India’s holy shrines and sacred lands,

NE 2917 CD $16.98 Sacred Temples of India points the listener to the
honored space within. The harmonic synergy of sarod
New Earth has collected my most treasured pieces for
and flute dance through beautiful acoustic melodies
Land of the Buddhas. From the upbeat and groovy to
that evoke fragrant images of India’s treasures.
the moody and meditative; the touching and heartfelt
to the soaring and inspiring; and from the Western
to Hindustani classical, these tracks will take you
through a range of instruments and will allow you to Celtic Ragas
travel through my cherished memories of India. CH I NMAYA DU NSTE R & VIDROHA JAMIE

Celtic Ragas is a musical love affair between Celtic

Buddha Moon and Indian instrumentation. The strings of Dunster’s

sarod and Jamie’s guitar eloquently merge into rich,
CH I NMAYA DU NSTE R flowing melodies making the similarities between the
NE 2702 CD $16.98
musical traditions of these two cultures apparent.
Aiming to evoke feelings of empathy with the
I love the unique blend of Irish and Indian
Buddha’s enlightenment, Chinmaya and friends
style music of Celtic Ragas. —PAUL MCCARTNEY
play ragas in the Indian classical tradition.
Natural acoustic instruments express the inner
silence of an Awakened One and invite you into
the depths of music and silence.
Karma Cirles
NE 2313 CD $16.98

Feng Shui: The Eightfold Path Expert East/West fusion musician Chinmaya Dunster
CH I NMAYA DU NSTE R returns with beautiful musical and spiritual soundscapes.
NE 2002 CD $16.98 Following in the spirit of the internationally acclaimed
CD Celtic Ragas, Celtic meets East Indian sound.
This music blends sacred sounds from the
Buddhist lands with acoustic instruments
from around the world.

I am particularly gratified to see Fragrance of the East

Feng Shui brought to its proper CH I NMAYA DU NSTE R
spiritual level on this CD. Well done! NE 2405 CD $16.98
Chinmaya Dunster and the Celtic Ragas Band united
to perform this live concert at the Bharatiya Vidapeeth
Institute of Environmental Education and Research
This is hypnotic music to unwind to, to use as background for
(BVIEER) in Pune, India. BVIEER is an institute that
massage, and careful listeing reveals a trance-like depth. Timeless.
emphasizes environmental awareness and conservation.
Included with this CD is an mpeg video of the concert.

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Al Gromer Khan Tantra Drums
NE 9803 CD $16.98

Tantra Drums contains elements of dance, electronic

Sitar Secrets space, world ambient and traditional Indian music
woven seamlessly together. The theme is Tantra, a
practice of the ancient Shakti cult, which contains
NE 2918 CD $16.98
many secret exercises and rituals with erotic content.
Sitar Secrets is yet another mesmerizing
album from ambient sound architect,
Al Gromer Khan. At once entrancing and
meditative yet seductive and passionate;
the intense rhythms and sounds of
Kamasutra Experience
Sitar Secrets will completely envelop AL GROME R KHAN
NE 9904 CD $16.98
and enthrall you!
Al Gromer Khan blends his mastery of the
sitar and other Indian instruments with
hypnotic ambient sounds, luring his
listeners on an inner journey into infinite

Monsoon Point landscapes of consciousness.

NE 2714 CD $16.98

The combined effect of ancient dhrupad singing with

Al Gromer Khan’s ambient soundscapes is as stunning
NE 2007 CD $16.98
as it is unique. A jewel of the ambient genre.
Here Khan draws inspiration from the wide open skies
The album possesses a timeless quality, and
of Persia and the freewheeling dances of the Sufis.
will probably sound as good as it does today
The empty spaces in this music are as essential as the
10 years from now.
melodies themselves. Enjoy this music at moderate to
low volume, where a different sound vibration spectrum
becomes audible, allowing for a trance-inducing
experience and access to our inner worlds.

Space Hotel
NE 9601 CD $16.98 Al Gromer Khan is an internationally acclaimed sitar instrumentalist and
composer who has pioneered in the fields of ambient and world music for
Based on the mesmerizing trance-inducing dances
over twenty years. As a young man his travels took him to India, where he was
of the Sufis, these minimalist soundscapes are
honored by the great Imrat Khan, who took Al on as his student of sitar, and
intended to seduce the listener’s attention rather
eventually gave him the most venerated title a musician can have in India,
than overpower it.
Khan. Today he lives and works in Munich, and has chosen an understated
Winner: Best Space / Ambient / Electronic lifestyle that goes with his style of music: Quiet yet persistent, leaving
pauses that serve as resting spaces between the notes and which in turn
serve as triggers for the listener’s imagination.

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Terry Old�eld
Mandala: Circle of Chant
NE 2805 CD $16.98

Interwoven with the magic of Terry

Oldfield’s Indian Bansuri and silver flutes
and Soraya’s enchanting voice, this album
has been created with the intent of sending
positive vibrations that can unite people
from all races, cultures and religions.
A devotional mixture of Indian-style Kirtan
music joined with moving beats, equally
great for meditation or for celebrating life.

2005 Narcissus Award,

Album of the Year, Winner

De Profundis:
Out of the Depths II
NE 2501 CD $16.98

In this follow-up to the much acclaimed Out of the

Depths, Terry Oldfield combines his beautiful music
with the majesty of whale song and the haunting
voice of Dani Vickery. The sound is deep, mysterious,
and alluring, reaching wave-like climaxes and then
returning to the beautiful and familiar depths
of Terry’s music.

A Time For Peace

NE 2305 CD $16.98

Set against gentle nature ambience

(bubbling water, birdsong, crickets), Oldfield
constructs a tapestry of airy winds, cello,
harp, guitar and synthesized atmosphere
that fills the listener with quietude
and aids in the release of tension –
truly an embrace of the healing
power of music. Online Ordering 42

Terry Old�eld Classic Collection Tears for Tibet
NE 3018 CD $12.99

Across the white slopes of the Himalayas drifts the

Out of the Depths sweet sound of children singing. The passionate
TE RRY OLDFI E LD call of the flute beckons us into the “land of snows”
NE 3002 CD $12.99 that has been a refuge of the spirit for many centu-
The haunting song of the whales invites us to ries. Allow this music to awaken the compassionate
explore the very depths of our being. Terry Oldfield’s heart in sympathy with the people of Tibet, who have
flute playing so profoundly connects with the music been so sadly exiled from their native land. Tears for
of the whales, one is drawn into deep communion Tibet evokes and honors this land and its people with
with nature through this album. Out of the Depths its beautiful and traditional Tibetan melodies.
will powerfully enhance healing, meditation or
simple relaxation!
Celtic Spirit
NE 3003 CD $12.99

In the Presence of Light Celtic Spirit awakens in one a deep sense of longing
as the melodies unfold from Terry’s flutes and Irish
TE RRY OLDFI E LD whistles, inspiring an unforgettable journey into an
NE 3006 CD $12.99
ancient Celtic world of beauty and magic. This album
Here is music that transcends time and space, is an essential addition to any music collection!
allowing the true oneness of being to be felt.
Magical woven melodies lead one to a place of
inner calm, where the restless mind is stilled.
With innovative play between piano, percussion Zen
and flutes, each track on this album is designed TE RRY OLDFIELD
to bring us closer to our center. NE 3008 CD $12.99

Melodic flutes accompany soulful rhythms,

inspiring a journey into the deeper self. Zen is
the awareness of this eternal moment. Like the
wind, this music carries one beyond words along
pathways through time and space. Zen is a unique
Celtic Blessing and ideal album to accompany yoga, relaxation,
TE RRY OLDFI E LD healing or simply chilling out!
NE 3005 CD $12.99

The angelic vocals of Imogen Moore bring to life

the ancient language of the Celts, accompanied by Terry Oldfield is a world-renowned artist whose profoundly inspiring music
the gentle calling of Terry’s flutes. This symphony has touched the hearts of many. Terry’s unique ability to bring the spirit of
of Celtic melodies creates a delicate atmosphere nature into his compositions enhances the soulful and meditative
of enchanting peace. Celtic Blessing is a magical journeys his music explores. A two-time Emmy nominee, he has composed
album that will enhance any music collection! music for film and television, as well as multi-cultural music to accompany
yoga, meditation and the healing arts. He currently lives in Australia with
his wife and partner in music, Soraya Saraswati (see page 10).

43 Toll-free ordering 888.245.4482 Online Ordering 44

Across the Universe
TE RRY OLDFI E LD Tribal Sutras
NE 3009 CD $12.99
Across the Universe blends uplifting flutes with NE 2103 CD $16.98
ethereal vocals, creating a timeless musical The music of Tya reflects the world-view of the earth
soundscape that beckons its listener to melt as a living body. Tribal Sutras is evocative and uplift-
away from day to day life. The lyrics are odes to ing, a mosaic of global influence. Bulgarian voices ig-
the night sky, and the vastness of our earth and nite native chants while strains of African and Indian
the universe beyond. This album is a treasure and melody echo the origins of all music and vibrations of
a magical accompaniment for any of the healing arts, the Earth itself.
relaxation and meditation!

Sacred Touch: Unconditional Love

Music for Massage NE 2705 CD $16.98
TE RRY OLDFI E LD With its sensual rhythms an entrancing
NE 3004 CD $12.99
vocals, Unconditional Love reaches out to
From the whales of the ocean to the birds the listener and takes them on a spiritual journey
of the rainforest, Terry Oldfield takes us on a of love, trust, and understanding. A true gem that
healing journey through nature. This album speaks to the poetry of the heart.
was especially recorded to create a supportive
A daring and successful collaboration. Bravo!
musical background for the Healing Arts. Sacred
Touch: Music for Massage will uplift and enhance
any atmosphere for healing and relaxation!

New Earth Records eco audit

Gla‚onbury Tor Since November 2006, all of our printed materials have been printed with soy
or vegetable inks on 100% recycled papers that are processed chlorine-free.
NE 3013 CD $12.99
We are committed to doing what we can to make the Earth a little healthier
and happier through eco-friendly business practices both in regards to our
Powerful vibrant rhythms combined with soulful products and our daily lives. Here is the results of our efforts to date (9/09):
Gregorian chanting and soaring flutes lead the
listener into a place of renewal and vibrant joy.
This music is an ancient language of heartwarming greenhouse
trees water energy solid waste gases
devotion that reconnects the soul with a deep
passion for awakening. Glastonbury Tor is an
invaluable source and tool for connection 165 92,601 131 10,034 20,349
and inspiration! fully grown gallons million Btu pounds pounds

Terry Old�eld Classic Collection Calculations based on research by Environmental Defense and other members of the Paper Task Force.

45 Toll-free ordering 888.245.4482 Online Ordering 46

James Asher
Feet in the Soil
NE 9512 CD $16.98

Drawing on inspiration from

African drumming and Aboriginal
chants, Asher has created a
dynamic hybrid of danceable
energies centered in the Earth.
Feet in the Soil’s rhythms are bold
and evocative, an exotic blend of
traditional and world music influ-
ences. Guaranteed to get you up
out of your seat!

New Earth Records’

Bestselling Album of All Time!

Shaman Drums
NE 7003 CD $16.98

Asher’s unique blend of Aboriginal and African

themes with cutting edge percussion have won
him loyal fans around the world. This stellar
collection of Asher’s most requested tracks features
a track with Indian master drummer Sivamani.

People really enjoy drumming because, in an

James Asher has had a long and varied career in the music business— age when you’ve got far too much information
his first single was produced by Pete Townsend in 1979, and he went on to
return the favor by playing drums on Pete’s Empty Glass album. After writing
coming at you, there is nothing more genuine
and recording 23 albums of library music, as well as gaining a clutch of to get back to than the beat – expressing
production credits, he has gone on to explore the wider horizons of world something on a drum.
music, releasing a series of very well received albums.
– James Asher
47 Toll-free ordering 888.245.4482
padma previ
india Divine Visions
NE 2710 CD $16.98

With Divine Visions, Padma Previ perfectly

harmonizes the sultry rhythms of the Near East
with traditional devotional Indian mantras.
This soulful fusion provides the listener with an
experience steeped in the spiritual practices of
an ancient culture while simultaneously laying
new foundations for contemporary world music.
Truly a sensual exploration of culture and sound
not to be missed.

For sale in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico only.

Goddess Chants
NE 2707 CD $16.98

Padma Previ’s unique fusion of

progressive beats and traditional
Indian chants evokes the lustrous
spirit of the East. Once immersed
in the sound of her sonorous voice
and music you are transported into
a state of union with the divine. An
essential addition to any eastern
music or chanting collection.

For sale in the U.S., Canada,

and Mexico only.

Ancient Sanskrit mantras and Beautiful Indian mantras, arranged masterfully for western ears without
lyrics fulfilled my dream of trying losing any of its exotic magic. Accompanied by the very pleasurable voice
to renew my inner spirituality of Padma Previ, that saturates your soul... — HANS-CHRISTOPH NEUERT

which lies hidden in all of us.

- padma previ Online Ordering 50
Rasa India / Namaste
Saffron Blue Shambhala
NE 2708 CD $16.98 NE 2801 CD $16.98

Saffron Blue evokes a sense of passion, with A place of peace, tranquility and happiness –
stunning performances by four guest vocalists that the mythical kingdom of Shambhala is hid-
perfectly juxtapose Kim Water’s exquisite voice and den in the depths of the Himalayas and our
Hans Christian’s virtuosic arrangements. A rich sonic hearts. It is said that only those who have at-
journey that transports the listener to the mystical tained enlightenment ever reach Shambhala,
realm of India with trance-inducing rhythms and a though many have searched for it following
deeply spiritual sound. whispers of the “pure land” across Tibet.

Catch a glimpse of Shambhala with this

unique compilation as it carries you away
Shelter to that legendary land of serenity and bliss
with its enchanting melodies and meditative
NE 2401 CD $16.98 compositions.

Combining superb musicianship with passionate

vocals, RASA creates a sound that is timeless and My‚ic India
transformative, devotional and creative, evocative
and soothing–a mystical prayer that taps into an
NE 9913 CD $16.98
ancient well of spiritual wisdom, touching upon the
soul’s need for transcendence. With accompaniment A beautiful compilation of Indian and Indian inspired
from cello, sarangi, nyckelharpa, and sitar. music, Mystic India is an excellent introduction
to the intoxicating sounds of Indian music and
instruments. This carefully compiled album features
music from Hariprasad Chaurasia, Ustad Usman
Temple of Love Khan, Al Gromer Khan, James Asher, Deuter, Prem
Joshua and Namaste.
NE 2506 CD $16.98

RASA’s Temple of Love blends Hans Christian’s

excellent meditative and ethereal instrumentation
Magical Healing Mantras
with the achingly beautiful vocals of Kim Waters.
NE 9916 CD $16.98
Ideal music to facilitate relaxation, meditation,
and yoga. Namaste is a group of 25 musicians from around the
world that came together to create a collection of
mantras dedicated to the vision of Indian spiritual
teacher Osho, who taught philosophy in his home-
land before coming to the west to give instruction in
Devotional music has never sounded as serene meditation and other transformational practices. The
and sensual as it does in the world of RASA. result is Magical Healing Mantras, a soothing and
—JOHN DILIBERTO, ECHOES nourishing album of Indian devotional chants.

51 Toll-free ordering 888.245.4482 Online Ordering 52

{Prem Joshua
Asia Café
NE 2833 CD $16.98

An exotic mix of world music, blending styles ranging

from Arabic folk, ancient Indian raga, African music,
and desert grooves. This album features soprano sax,
bamboo flute, darbouka, tabla, sitar, santoor, and
PREM JOSHUA traditional Indian vocals.


Desert Visions
NE 9509 CD $16.98

Prem Joshua meets with musicians from India and Europe

– a celebration of sounds and rhythms from East and
West creating an exciting blend of world music. This
unique blend of instrumentation flies effortlessly through
many styles ranging from Arabic folk, ancient Indian raga,
over desert grooves and through African music.

Secret of the Wind

NE 9607 CD $16.98

Secret of the Wind is an uplifting musical magic carpet ride

effortlessly crossing the borders between East and West –
yet keeping touch with the earth though strong, ethnic
rhythms. For this album, Prem Joshua recorded with over
20 international musicians in India catching the wild flavor
of this musical gathering.

NE 9408 CD $16.98

Multi-instrumentalist Prem Joshua joins 14 musicians

from India, Japan and Europe. His soprano sax and
soaring flute lines are paired with keyboards, ethnic
sounds, and the haunting rhythms of the deserts,
bazaars, and gardens of the East. Online Ordering 54

Osho Active Meditations
Stressful living and unexpressed emotions can affect our ability to live joyfully and
relate to others. Osho Active Meditations™ are scientifically designed to effectively
release blocks and tensions, allowing us to become more peaceful and relaxed.
Osho Kundalini
NE 9003 CD $17.98

A popular evening meditation practice.

Includes loosening the body, dancing,
witnessing and resting stages.

Includes instructional mpeg video.

Osho Nadabrahma
NE 9202 CD $17.98

A meditation based on ancient Tibetan

techniques offers humming and
witnessing stages, followed by flowing
circular hand movements and a period
of stillness.

Includes instructional mpeg video.

Osho Dynamic
MUSIC BY DE UTE R I would like to say to you: Science is the ultimate value.
NE 9002 CD $17.98 And there are only two kinds of sciences: one, objective sci-
ence, that decides about the outside world; and two, subjec-
An energizing morning tive science, which up to now has been called religion. But it
meditation that opens breathing, is better not to call it religion. It is better to call it the science
body, and inner energies, followed of the inner, and to divide science into a science of the outer,
by witnessing and dancing. and a science of the inner – objective science and subjective
Includes instructional mpeg video. science. But make it one solid whole, and science remains the
ultimate value – nothing is higher than that. – OSHO

55 Toll-free ordering 888.245.4482 Online Ordering 56

Osho Chakra Sounds Meditation™
Osho Nataraj Meditation ™
MUSIC BY DE UTE R NE 9307 CD $17.98
NE 9203 CD $17.98
By vocalizing in attunement with the seven
A liberating dance meditation with relaxation chakras, followed by a witnessing stage, the practice
and celebration stages for freeing the spirit. leads to balance and harmonization of the seats of
Includes instructional mpeg video. inner strength.

Includes instructional mpeg video.

Osho Mandala Meditation™ Osho Whirling Meditation™

NE 9801 CD $17.98 NE 9917 CD $17.98

With the body as its own mandala, this practice Drawing upon an ancient Sufi technique, this active
brings one to the center by creating a circle of energy. meditation practice uses whirling and witnessing.
Included are a breathing stage, a centering circle stage, While the whole body is moving, the center
a third eye circle stage, and a witnessing stage. remains silent and still.

Includes instructional mpeg video. Includes instructional mpeg video.

Osho Chakra
Osho No Dimensions Meditation™ Breathing Meditation™
NE 9410 CD $17.98 NE 9201 CD $17.98
A patterned centering dance grows in intensity and This meditation opens and empowers the self by leading
is followed by whirling and rest. This practice is based one in a breathing practice through the seven chakras,
on Gurdjieffian movements and the whirling movements followed by a witnessing stage.
of the dervishes.
Includes instructional mpeg video.
Includes instructional mpeg video.
For Download Only

Osho Gourishankar Meditation™

NE 9902 CD $17.98

This four-part meditation includes a breathing technique,

witnessing, a letting-go stage, and a final resting stage,
leading one toward a state of openness and peace.

Includes instructional mpeg video. Osho Devavani Meditation™ Osho Golden Light Meditation™
Osho Active Meditations
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Music from the World of Osho Osho Talks
Ten Thousand Buddhas Tao: The Three Treasures
VARIOUS ARTISTS NE 6003 MP3 / 2 CDs $19.98
NE 2606 CD $16.98
In his series of talks, TAO: The Three Treasures, Osho
Spacious vibrant music for meditation and deep embraces Lao Tzu’s insights and combines them with
relaxation. Instrumental compositions open the heart his own experience and understanding leading us
and reflect the atmosphere of meditation and celebration into the world of Lao Tzu while bringing Lao Tzu and
in which they were played. Live recordings from the Osho his experience of truth into our time. Paradoxical as
Meditation Resort. always, Osho does take questions and gives answers
that continually point back to Lao Tzu’s revered open-
ing statement, “Truth cannot be said, truth cannot be
In Wonder uttered,” creating for the listener a direct experience
VARIOUS ARTISTS and understanding.
NE 9209 CD $16.98

This album combines mystical love songs and

instrumental Zen haikus. Recorded in India in the Ah This
presence of Osho, 28 musicians from 11 countries
contributed to this heart-opening, meditative music. NE 6002 MP3 / CD $19.98

In these talks, Osho introduces his audience to Zen,

with its emphasis on being alert and attentive to the
Garden of the Beloved simplest acts of ordinary life as a way to experience
VARIOUS ARTISTS meditation. Zen stories serve as a starting point for
NE 2610 CD $16.98 several talks in the series, illuminating the nature of
that rare human capacity to transcend the limits of
Gifted musicians from around the world have integrated the rational mind.
musical traditions with the fresh breeze of Osho’s vision.
Pioneers in the New Age Music field joined with classically
trained artists, rock and jazz instrumentalists, and musi-
cians from diverse folk traditions to create a remarkable
synthesis that stands in a category of its own.

Osho Zen Tarot The Heart Sutra

NE 2005 CD $16.98 NE 6001 MP3 / CD $19.98

This compilation brings together music composed In these talks, Osho introduces his audience to
and performed in the presence of Osho. The perfect Gautama the Buddha and his great contribution
accompaniment to the popular and proverbial Osho Zen to the development of human consciousness and
Tarot: The Transcendental Game of Zen (St. Martin’s Press the science of meditation. Each talk examines an
USA), this meditative music creates an ideal setting for excerpt from the classic Buddhist text known as
tarot reading, quiet conversation, light activity, the “Heart Sutra.”
or moments of inner reflection.

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Path of Awakening
NE 3104 CD $16.98

Path of Awakening embodies the scope of

New Earth Records presence over the last score
and celebrates our 20th anniversary. This album
spans the healing and timeless quality of the
various New Earth musicians and their styles. This
is a hand-picked collection that also captures the
different genres of the label by taking the listener
on an adventure into realm of the one-global-heart.
Let this music carry the healing vibrations for
people on the path and celebrate life as a divine
gift! Happy Anniversary New Earth Records!

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