Chris Needham What outcome information is required?

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Navigation buttons on the home page as well as all the separate pages. Print out of receipts and estimates. Graphs showing the sales over the last 6 months. Monthly and bonus pay. Averages, minimum, maximum and the standard deviation for the sales for each branch Customers details o Customer Name o Date of the estimate. o Window measurements. o Glass type. o Number of hinges and sizes. Protected sheets. Salesman ranks. Total sales for each branch. Bonuses for both branches. Bonuses for the whole firm together. Tax and National Insurance to be paid. Amount of pension to be paid. Total tax, national insurance and pension to be paid. Print outs of all the separate information. Information for each employee. o Staff number. o Surname, forename and date of birth. o Their job and their base of work (York/Leeds o Annual Salary. o If they’re paid a bonus. Sales of the month for each member of staff. Pay Slips. Summary table to show sales for the past 6 months. Bar chart to show the sales for each member of sales staff over the past 6 months.

How is the information currently obtained? • Currently the Secretary writes everything down. o Staff information  Date of birth  Surname and forename  Job and base of work  Annual Salary

Chris Needham o Quotes  Customer name  Date of evaluation  Window size  Window type  Amount of hinges and sizes  The secretary then types these details into the estimate form to send to the customer giving the details and price of each window, the total price and credit price that the customer pays over 36 months o Plastic for the frame costs £20 per metre. The secretary adds 25% of the materials for the cost of installation. She also calculates the price to sell each window for to make a 25% profit on the cost of materials and installation. o The secretary calculates the total cost for all the windows Where will the income data come from? • • • • • The secretary will calculate and process a lot of the information Salesmen will bring back a lot of the customer information The customers will give information in the form of their name, date of birth etc Salesmen submit their total sales for the month Material costs o Windows  Type  Size  Amount o Hinges  Size  Amount o Plastic frames


What numerical processing is required? • • • • • • • • Salesmen rank based on sales per month Bonuses Monthly analysis of sales per branch and overall Total bonus paid and total monthly pay Averages, minimum, maximum and standard deviation for the sales for each branch The tax and National Insurance to be paid The pension cost to be taken Total tax, national insurance and pension

Chris Needham • • • • • Correlation between the month and total sales for each base Total price of each sale Total material prices 25% of material cost added to the cost of installation Price customer pays per month over 36 months


What user aids can be provided? • • • • • • • • Navigation buttons on the main page and each section Correlation graphs to compare sales Bar chart to show the total sales for each base and overall Protection of the worksheet to stop any accident deletion of cells Validation Changeable bonus payments Print outs Summary tables

How should the output be presented? • • • • • • • Graphs to easily compare salesmen, monthly sales and branch sales Print outs Estimate printouts for the customers Receipts for installation and materials Pay slips including tax, national insurance, bonus and pensions Quotes Summary Page o Tax o Nation Insurance o Pension rates o Material costs Averages, minimum, maximum and standard deviation for the sales for each branch

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