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BILOXI POLICE DEPARTMENT Offense / Incident Report GENERAL OFFENSE INFORMATION Report Type: cunuaive Resort ‘Agency BILOXI POLICE Location 7350 SEACH aL Case # 17025711 AiLOXI MSSISSIPP ags3t Fit Description __DISORDERLY CONDUCT; INTERFERENCE WITH! BUSINESS, GUSTONERS, NITES, ETO. Incident Status CLEARED BY ARREST From DateTime “0/42017 2481 ToDateTime — s0rte2097 24:81 RoportDate 10/2017 2481 Reporting Officer FRIEND, THOMAS. Initial Rep. Date t0rsr2097 2451 GENERAL ADDITONAL DATA [ taber Dae ‘Byetem — Required From USE OF FORCE DONE No N Inert Gera OFFENSE(S) ‘Offense DSORDERLY CONOUGT: INTERFERENCE WITH BUSINESS, CUSTONERS, NVITEES, ETC (SD) state 9785 Atlompt Stas COMPLETED Offense Status ACTIVE Location ARENASTADIUMUFARGROUNDSICOLISEUM Compute N ‘Aleoneh 1 Brug N Wespens Ceminal ‘ety Blas Typ0 tes a Motivation SUBJECTS) weme__HOmnSer WERED IE ideas a Phone Race etinle 6 vot ot Welght 200 ye cyan BO saute ouest JR su, ARRESTEE Arrostio 1700425 Chaon # 17005428 Type tes Entared By FRIEND, THOMAS - Officer FRIEND, THOMAS Supervisor KINCAD, KAREN F Friday, 03-20 2017 1438 Case No: 17-0287" Incident # 17-025711 (Synopsis) ‘A known person disturbed a business by yelling out obscene language. Fay, Oct 20 2017 4450 DOSSETT, DEBRAA Page 2 of ARRESTEE DETAL Nome Adress Phone Race W Height sor Eyes BRO Fal Resident Place of Birth ‘Arret DateTime \WFRED HORNSBY I SSN Sox Mi Welght 200 RN iD Inet BATON ROUGE, LA, ‘tananorr 2482 sragsrit BILOXI POLICE DEPARTMENT Arrest Report ‘Arras #17-005428, ™ BL Age 40 © Doa. Hair sip BRO. Hold Reason WARRANTLESSION VIEW ‘Arrest Location 7380 BEACH BL BILOXI NS 30821 Arrest Agency BLOX POLICE Release To Arrest Type oNvEW RosistArest Arrested Before N Arrest Disp oRBoND ‘Arrest Officer THOVAS FRIEND Supervisor DAViO. ABaOTT Miranda Offcor Arest Condition Armed With UNARMED ARREST CHARGES Violation DISORDERLY CONBUCT, OISOBEY LAWFUL ORDER (SD) Statute 9725-7 Judgement Judge TISDALE Court MUNICIPAL DispDate 10!142037 Court Date 1110872017 900 Blond Amt $259.00 Warrant Citation # cident #17.025711 Disposition OR SOND Bond Type EMPLOYER DETAILS ‘Occupation Addeoss Employer SELFEMPLOYED foroz017 14:36 DOSSETT, DESPAA tot