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1. Christmas Past
WHERE: Petit Champlain district HIGHLIGHTS: Ten-metre spruce tree with Victorian decorations. Special exhibit on Christmas songs through the centuries, at the Musée de la civilization. Walking tours hosted by a character playing Charles Dickens. Christmas concerts in historic Église Notre Dame des Victoires SPECIAL HIGHLIGHT: Église Notre Dame des Victoires. This church fronts onto Place Royale and is built on top of the ruins of the first fortified residence in New France, erected by Samuel de Champlain in 1608. Champlain called the fort the “Habitation de Quebec, and its residents ” “les habitants. Champlain’s ” original Habitation housed 28 men for their first winter in Quebec in 1608-09. Only eight men survived. Christmas concerts and Christmas masses here are very special.

2. Christmas Present
WHERE: Vieux Port district HIGHLIGHTS: Christmas tree with lights powered by batteries recharged by Université Laval students riding stationary bikes. Christmas-tree labyrinth for children. Snow slide for children. Christmas market inside of Marché du Vieux Port, the local farmers’ market. Performances by local choirs. SPECIAL HIGHLIGHT: At night, grain silos in the Vieux Port are lit up with images of the Northern Lights. These silos were used as projection screens for artist Robert Lepage’s acclaimed slide show in the summer of 2008 for Quebec City 400th birthday celebrations.

3. Christmas Future
WHERE: St. Roch district HIGHLIGHTS: High-tech aluminum tree powered by LED lights. Light shows outside Église St. Roch, on St. Joseph Street. Multicultural exhibit inside of Bibliothèque Gabrielle-Roy, featuring di erent nativity scenes from around the world. SPECIAL HIGHLIGHT: St. Joseph Street. This was the main shopping street in Quebec City from 1860 until 1960, until construction of the Place Laurier shopping mall in suburban Ste. Foy in 1961. To compete with Place Laurier, St. Joseph merchants had a dome built over their street. It was an eyesore and a commercial flop. The dome was removed in the 1990s. Since then, St. Joseph has enjoyed a renaissance. Not to be missed is Laliberté. The store, at 595 St. Joseph St., is a Quebec City icon. Check out the fur coats and lingerie in the storefront window displays.

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