The Rig War Campaign

By Adam Isherwood Warpshack Entertainment

No part of this publication may be reproduced.Introduction Welcome to the second online campaign of Shattered Verse. . Design and Patents Act. stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form. So as we begin another chapter of worldwide narrative wargaming exploits. Even though it will only be the Shattered Verse games that will be written up in detail for the continuation of the narrative in IntreWeb magazines. games. without prior consent of the copyright owner. or otherwise seek to be malicious toward other books. This rulebook does not intentionally defraud. or by any means electronic. HAVE FUN!!! Adam Isherwood Creator of Shattered Verse Credits Written By: Artwork: Adam Isherwood Matt Favale Adam Isherwood Special Thanks: Shattered Verse Forum Youtube Wargaming Community Ian Miles Leigh Phillips Shawn Upshaw Tyler Mears Clay Bahl Copyright © 2010 Adam Isherwood The right of Adam Isherwood as an author of this work has been asserted by him in accordance with the Copyright.. This second campaign is an evolution from the previous format of the Capria campaign. First off I wish to thank everyone who participated and made the previous campaign: The Liberation of Capria a terrific success. Parts of this rulebook may reflect other worlds and imaginings. 1988 All rights reserved. The biggest change being you can use any rule-set you wish to play your games. recording or otherwise. the games using non Shattered Verse rule-sets can still decide the campaigns outcome none the less.. mechanical. authors and persons. photocopying. though similarities are accidental and not intended. i ask only one thing.

.The Ongoing War: The Shattering A Verse in turmoil With the departure and disappearance of Neo Xandra. FRINGE don’t want Xandra to return. without faith there is no future. there is no peace. the Neo Verse was left leaderless and without direction. The three political groups turned against each over and became the Shard Factions: HAVEN. if know they can get away with it without losing favour. through their own disbelief. the more powerful they become and the one step closer they come to being the single universal power and restoring the Neo Verse. Xandra lost her power. the Neo Verse split into three political groups – each one having their own opinion and solution on the future of The Neo Verse. it was not long before the arguments became aggressive. Without her iron grip over her subjects. they argued and squabbled over the governing of the abandoned Empire. SANCTUM and FRINGE. In SANCTUM – faith is absolute. a god and through the Verse’s inability to find its own peace. Their followers aim to convert the entire Verse to their vision. Only through the devotion of the entire Verse will bring back Xandra who will then guide the Neo Verse once again. As the years rolled by. They stand for independence and freedom and renounce Xandra the Tyrant. SANCTUM worship Xandra. They have formed a Utopian federation. than violent and so begun the shattering. FRINGE has come to the realisation that Xandra is never coming back and are trying to go back to the ways things where before her conquest. a power crazed individual who wanted nothing more than to subject all life to her will. thus keeping the HAVEN machine turning. there are no individuals. They believe Xandra is a celestial being. even warfare if they have to. through political means. The more people and worlds under their influence. they instead want to piece back the damage she had caused. bring freedom back to all worlds and shatter the Neo Verse once and for good. HAVEN are trying to maintain the Neo Verse as intact in its original form as much as possible. As the arguments grew in temperament. In HAVEN society. Each faction strives to claims as many worlds as possible. each do their allotted task to the best of their abilities. They deem Xandra nothing more than a dictator. The Shard Factions HAVEN believes in continuing Xandra’s great work and has picked up where her army had left off.

270 days a year. It has no qualms in sending hundreds into danger and certain death if it deems the price to valuable for the FAL to resist. Society: Highly in order ++ Known History ++ Was originally one of the most hostile warzones of the early years of the Shattering but a ceasefire was made by the enslaved Androids who fought for the Shard Factions upon Kryton soil. The Mainframe is a cold and calculated creature. Climate Classification: Severely arid. Nanocite and Antomaton support – they were granted their freedom and grudgingly the Shard Factions handed them custody of the warzone that claimed so many of their comrade Androids. Upon Kryton the Free Androids League was founded. Tired of waging wars.Kryton Planetary Overview Planetary Survey System: Shrike Gravity: 91. Terra Forming: None. Technological Goods Water Supply: None – Synthetic is created for non android populace. Dessert Total Land Mass: 74% Planetary Governor: FAL Mainframe Urbanisation: Heavily industrialised with android dwellings located throughout. the Mainframe went from commander to king of a empire – establishing itself as the central administration program of Kryton and all of the FAL of the Neo Verse. dying and being slaves – they took demanded sentiency. . Principle Exports: Oil. After the ceasefire and the founding of the FAL. It thinks purely in numbers and soulless logic. ++ The Mainframe ++ The Mainframe was originally a SANCTUM logistics program. The Mainframe is more than just a machine. it is the Immortal Emperor. planets natural state. After bitter campaigning with Cyclon. Food Supply: None – Androids don’t eat – food is imported for non androids. charged with commanding the Android armies of the Kryton War.G Satellites: 1 Moon of Population: 8 Billion: 90% Android Rotation Speed: 20 hours days. 6 days a week.

346B “The Hive” Located in the dead centre in the Artuo Ocean. our faction’s new found power can turn the tide of the Shattering! . she is the only link the Hive has with the Mainframe who in turn nurtures the Hive into the industrial cogs of the Kryton Machine. they get a substantial discount on the purchase of the oil. Onboard the central control centre of each Rig is a Custodian Frequency – which unlocks one of the seven gates guarding the Queen B – only with control of each of the Custodian Frequencies can control be gained of the Queen B. but due to the FAL’s affiliation with FRINGE. The Objective: Claiming the Central Node Tower: “Queen B” The seven Rigs of The Hive are connected to a central control tower known as Queen B. gain the Custodian Frequencies to gain control of the Queen B – with her under our control we can sever the connection with the Mainframe and bring the facility of the Hive fully under our factions control. At the moment the oil produced by the Hive is sold throughout the Neo Verse. possibly the whole Neo Verse! The trillions of gallons of oil that the Rigs produce a day could mobilise entire fleets throughout an entire campaign. to all Shard Factions. As well as acting as oil retrieval rigs. So your mission: Control the Rigs. let alone win the Shattering.The Rig-War The Target: Sector 2. With this precious commodity. each of the seven rigs acts as a guardian for the Queen B. This is a distinct advantage that FRINGE cannot continue to obtain for much longer if HAVEN and SANCTUM wish to survive. The Hive is the single most productive Rig cluster of all the rig clusters of Kryton.

the rest are a small percentage of other people of other races – most leave the hard oil toil to the androids and see to other tasks such as maintenance and the seeing that the leisure centres on the Custodians are always running to keep the androids happy during their time off. These forests are completely synthetic but look 100% real and range from pine and bamboo forests to tropical jungles of alien beauty – sadly androids don’t understand nature fully and these forests layout is usually a strange mix of all forests types at once! The people of the Custodians rarely venture beyond. However – these defence forces are meant for local law enforcement and defending the Custodians from skirmish attacks – they are no match for what HAVEN and SANCTUM have in store for them. Each Custodian stands 100 feet from the surface of the ocean and is the size of a capital city as you know it. But located sparsely throughout are forests – built as retreats for the non androids when things get on top of them. the Custodians and the FAL have sent out a plea of assistance to all FRINGE allies of neighbouring systems as well as making contracts with AliAstra Systemwide for their much prized mercenaries. each of the rigs are completely self contained civilisations and the leisure centres pride themselves in able to fulfil every desire a soul could wish for. Regiments from across the Neo Verse flock to the Hive – to conquer or to defend – what will your regiment choose? . The terrain of the Rigs are mostly industrial – even the homesteads and leisure centres are built around the industrial works. As well as containing many vices – the Custodians each also hold their own self defence force – many veteran detachments from regiments – serving their last years of service until retirement. These lives are mostly android who toil without tire for the good of the FAL. Thousands of lives work day and night to harness and purify the oil from the black seas of the Artuo.The Battlefield: The Hive’s Rigs The Rigs or “Custodians” of the Hive are vast towering structures – each one like a steel giant standing guard in the black Artuo Ocean over their Queen. With the armies of HAVEN and SANCTUM approaching.

echoes in eternity!” . slowly pushing their holy filth piece by piece from Kryton – you are not going to let my life pursuit go in vain! Each of you owe me victory gentlemen and by your life you will not deny me of it!” Commandant Khuan Hai Faction: SANCTUM (Shadowflames) Race: Inu Sieshen “We have won great honour on the fields of Capria. What we do in life. Through blood.Personalities of the Rig War Lt. Victory is already in our grasp brothers – all we must do is tighten our fists and keep it in our grasp!” Captain Ishyrwude Faction: HAVEN (2nd Glavorton Guards) Race: Felleasian “Capria will not happen again! We conquered the Neo Verse once for Neo Xandra and we will do it again for HAVEN – we draw the line here – no more defeats. Commander Matiel Constantine Faction: FRINGE (301st Krytonian Rig Raiders) Race: Human/ Android “I have been fighting SANCTUM all my goddamn life. spirit and determination we will take The Hive and fuel the gears of war for HAVEN for centuries to come. honour to lead our holy warriors to Kryton.

even though the fine details of your game will not be mentioned in the IntreWeb  Play a game of Shattered Verse or other Sci-fi Wargame and make a Battle Report of the game (This can either be a video or written report with pictures)  Go onto the forum and enter the Online Campaign Section. Only the narrative from Ground War.proboards. Basically if you use a non Shattered Verse rule system. Youtube is a good place to upload the video and just add the link to your video in your battle post on the forum. it is your turn to make the narrative! The outcome of the Rig War is down to you the players.  Done! What Rules to Use? As a first for Shattered Verse campaigns. and then enter the Kryton Rig War Campaign section.  Create a new thread and post your battle report. It can also be a video battle report. the Rig War will allow use any modern or Sci-fi wargame rule-set you wish. however the results of a battle using non Shattered Verse rules will stand. Important: Your report if written must include pictures of the game Rig War Campaign Information Forum Register Start Date: Now!!! :P Start Date: December 1st 2010 End Date: December 31st 2010 Results Announced on forum: Late January 2011 . Fleet War and Covert War games will be written into the IntreWeb Magazine. just follow these easy steps:  Visit the Shattered Verse Forum and create an account. as evidence of you games. http://shatteredverse. your game can still determine the final result of the entire campaign. this can be a written report with pictures on your personal blog (remember to add the link) or written directly onto the forum. you must make a Battle Report. To join in the campaign is free and dead simple.Playing the Campaign Now that you know about what there is to know about Kryton. A healthy compromise me thinks :P Making a Battle Report To stop “fake” games and cheating which would spoil the campaign. your games will determine who claims The Hive and the knock on affect it will have on the rest of the Verse.

Now the faction you choose will not restrict you when creating an army in any way.. Recommended Companies The following companies are recommended for 15mm play: as long as it fits with the unit its intended to represent (so yeah. the best stories always have both! You could even chart your battles and let your games mould a story for you. from glorious victories to tragic defeats.rebelminis. no hamsters counting as tanks please!). Even though the game is intended for 15mm scale miniatures.groundzerogames. the game handles just as well in 28mm.Creating your Shattered Verse Army Miniatures Shattered Verse allows you to use whatever miniatures take your m/ http://www.tripod. My advice is to choose the faction you sympathise with. could become a famous enough general that you might end up in future volumes. This not only adds another layer to your hobby but gives other players enjoyment and makes your army one to be remembered. com Shattered Verse has a rich and strong narrative throughout its setting which totally embraces strong narrative http://eurekamin. as well as being a part of your opponents Shattered Verse story. You never know. . Give your armies http://combatwombatminiatures. all Shard Factions share the same the army lists. This will give you a strong motivation to build your force and crush your rivals – in the game of course! Army Background aka “Fluff” To add an extra layer creativity and enjoyment to your army creation. com/ Choosing Your Shard Faction The first step in creating your Shattered Verse army is choosing your Shard Faction. many wargamers like to add a back-story narrative or “fluff” to their armies.criticalmassgames. the one who’s cause you believe / http://www.