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VOL I, No. 3

The “Owe No” national debt campaign created a fake candidate to address one issue: the evergrowing national debt. PG. 2

It’s the second act of Governor Jerry Brown in the Governor’s office. What can Californians expect from his transition and third term? PG. 4

Looking at the top three contenders: Govs. Sarah Palin (AK), Mitt Romney (MA), and Mike Huckabee (AR) and their battles to become the 45th President of the United States. PG. 3

The potential 2012 Presidential Candidate sat down with the Daily Dues to talk about his books, holidays and the 2012 election. PG. 6

See how San Joaquin Valley Congressmen voted on the Rangel Censure PG. 10
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Deficit Hawks create fake Pres. candidate for political point
His name is Hugh Jidette, and he’s running for president. There’s just one problem: he’s Jidette doesn’t exist, he’s a political point for a deficit reduction organization.

as POLITICO, MSNBC and the Huffington Post. Their biggest move was to promote an eyecatching 50-something man who looked Presidential. The name, Hugh Jidette, has it’s own implications to the organization (it’s pronounced Huge Debt). The main point that Owe No is pushing is increasing spending and lowering taxes will put government on the breadline due to increasing debts. While the point is fiscally sound, the organization doesn’t provide an alternative (such as cutting spending or increasing taxes). The Jidette campaign also features a Twitter account with ridiculous tweets about federal spending. The user name is @HughJidette.


The Peter G. Petersen Foundation created the candidate as a part of a new nationwide campaign to fight increased borrowing and raising the national debt. Their primary way of displaying it is with their new, yet fake, candidate for president. The campaign, called Owe No, evolved in late November following the 2010 Midterms when they sought out big media buys at political websites such

Fake Candidate, Real Issue
Tweet From the Campaign: “I firmly believe we should not leave our debt to our children. We should leave it to our great-great-great grandchildren!” --@HughJidette

His name is Hugh Jidette and he’s running for President. Just one problem: He’s Fake.


FIELD NOTES: The 2012 Republican Presidential Field
With 2 years before the fire starts burning, the GOP field is perpetually being coy about prospective runs for the Presidency. With Sarah Palin sending mixed signals and Mitt Romney playing a lower-end strategy, it’s all about posturing for the big run against Obama. sends greater signals. Her blunder on the Bush Doctrine was huge in 2008, but an interview two years later could put it past her. In a newer headline maker, Palin slammed John F. Kennedy for running away from his Catholicism in a 1960 speech about a personal separation of church and state Sarah Palin: Palin has become the as President of the United media headliner for the GOP in States (a fear that plagued many 2010. With the endorsement Americans in 1960, and plagued game locked down, her nod for voters in 2008 in regards to Mitt candidates meant success in Romney). the GOP House races. Despite HEADLINE: SarahPAC is facing this, Palin does have her serious scrutiny after one of its unfavorables. Looking at contributions to Joshua Livestro, prospective polling, Palin will Dutch Conservative journo, is have to work on her favorability raising eyebrows about Palin’s in states that are important for plans to run in 2012. The the GOP nomination but less contributions center around important in the General Livestro’s advising on the Election. European Debt Crisis. The Dutch UPSIDE: Big name, big race and journalist hid his work with Palin only a Mama Bear can take hold under a shell company in the of the country. With 2010 US, begging the question: why momentum on her side, Palin hide? SarahPAC hasn’t made a huge splash across the answered calls regarding country. Even bigger is her new Livestro’s work as all eyes are book tour which softens up on Palin’s Iowa book tour. More Going Rogue as she does some at Mother Jones pre-campaign campaigning. Palin’s new show Sarah Palin’s SOCIAL MEDIA COUNT: Alaska brings to light a 1970s 309,513 Twitter Followers, 2,461,149 reminiscence of Jimmy Carter’s Fans on Facebook Killer Rabbit Attack. Mitt Romney: As the most DOWNSIDE: Palin is still making presidential looking person in blunders across the country like the GOP field, Mitt Romney has not taking up an interview with to bring a stellar effort between Katie Couric. Unlike the 2010 and 2012. While Palin may Presidnet’s avoidance of FOX be the media darling (or News, Palin’s effort to avoid a punching bag) Mitt Romney had major broadcast news network an electric reception at the Bakersfield Business Conference in October that outdid Sarah Palin and can connect with voters. In his preptime, Mitt’s going to have to strategize on how to beat out Palin on issues and on personality (the latter may not be very difficult). He spent a lot of money getting his name out in the open in 2008 and now he should be able to capitalize on that. UPSIDE:  Romney could pick up numerous McCain delegates from the West (especially California, where the Tea Party is not as strong as other states) and moving in on the Northeast. DOWNSIDE: Romney is going to have to answer to RomneyCare in many states he took in 2008 and in states he wants to win in 2012. Likewise, Romney will have to avoid or pivot from a potential gaffe on Mormonism in order to keep his message on the issues. SOCIAL MEDIA COUNT: 21,088 Twitter Followers, 707, 716 Fans on Facebook Mike Huckabee: The man who made headlines for grabbing Iowa in 2008 is still very much in the ring of three. His best goal is to get independents away from Mitt Romney, a feat not easily done. Huckabee’s appeal is to the vast

The foot in the door for the 2012 campaign is a nice long coast-to-coast book tour aimed at bring the topic of conversation around the soon-to-be Presidential candidates. Sarah Palin has just started her “America by Heart” tour with stops in Iowa and other big primary states. Romney ended his “No Apology” tour before the November 2 election and Mike Huckabee is underway with his “Can’t Wait Till Christmas”/”A Simple Christmas” tour in the East and West Coasts.

conservative Tea Party base that is backing Sarah Palin. Mitt Romney will take a chunk of the Republican establishment and many independent voters. Mike Huckabee will need to syphon off Tea Party and establishment voters (nearly the impossible) to come into a good second place. UPSIDE: He has some name identification and has a base of supporters in the south and midwest.

SOCIAL MEDIA COUNT: 107,920 Twitter Followers, 508, 566 Facebook Fans POLLING: The most effective polling for pre-2012 voting comes from Quinnipac University. In it, voters give Romney the White House over Obama, but GOP voters will give Palin the nomination. Ridiculous? We thought so.

Republicans the House and a slim minority in the Senate. Many news organizations using the polling data make the claim that Palin has a lock on the nomination. Not so. In the GOP sectioned polling, 19% of Republican respondents said that they would pick Sarah Palin in a 2012 Primary held today. However, Romney scored 18% and Huckabee 17%. Naturally, all is not cut out for Sarah Palin’s Republican nomination victory. In fact, she should be very fearful of these numbers as Romney and Huckabee are defeating or holding the President (respectively) and she’s losing to the President by an 8-point margin.

When placed head-to-head against Obama, Mitt Romney DOWNSIDE: His name is edged out the 44th President Huckabee (It’s never gotten very 45-44, Mike Huckabee would tie far) and he’s got to pull of the Obama and Palin would lose impossible with voter types 40-48. The main maneuver (uniting Tea Partiers and giving Romney the win is establishment Republicans) in independents, who haven’t had order to be in the running for a a favorability of Palin since nomination grab. 2008. Romney would take the independent swing of voters, the same voters who gave

Jerry Brown may have rejected a transition office, but transition is more important than anything for the next Governor of California


Governor-Elect Jerry Brown. That’s the reality for the Republicans who dealt with the hitch in the nationwide tidal wave of conservative values. The November General Election was a clear demonstration of California exceptionalism in politics (though it is worth noting that Californians really don’t like their own politicians anyway). FRUGALITY: GENUINE OR SMOKESCREEN? With Jerry Brown taking Sacramento back, 28 years since he left as Governor, California has to expect a plan for the next four to eight years. For Brown, his transition will be done in a calm, cool and collected approach. That said, Brown doesn’t have a traditional transition team. In his campaign office in Oakland, Brown is working with former campaign volunteers to get through appointments and an agenda that he probably will have to kiss off. Brown’s reasoning for not taking a K Street office for the transition: saving money.

ditching the transition office, the limo, the Governor’s Mansion, the suits (OK, so maybe not the suits) Brown demonstrates his ability to be conservative on the budget. But in the end, these moves could easily be a facade for Brown’s inoffice plans when dealing with the State Budget. THE AGENDA Top priority in the transition is the budget deficit. With Arnold on his way out and an estimated $25 billion deficit on the way, Brown is going to have to work out spending cuts or voter-approved tax hikes. Luckily, for Brown, the leadership in the Assembly and the Senate are willing to work with him. Unlike Arnold, Speaker of the Assembly John Perez has pushed for budget negotiations with the currently powerless Gov-Elect.

If Brown wants to have a successful transition, he’ll want to have full disclosure on his methods for tackling the deficit (once he’s decided on them). Out of the gate, a plan on the budget will give Californians some confidence in their new This is where Brown begins his journey to sway Chief Executive. I’d bet that he’s going to fiscal conservatives towards him in four years. By damage many non-constitutional bureaucracies

During his 1974 Campaign to become governor, the second in his family, Jerry Brown succeeded former actor and conservative Ronald Reagan as Governor of California. before he touches organizations like the Prison System, who helped him valiantly triumph over Whitman.

Now, in 2010, Jerry Brown returns to the Governor’s Office to replace another former actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger to become the 39th Governor of California

In a separate, yet somewhat related topic, Brown may have to address illegal immigration within his first two years in office. After the Supreme Court In relation to the budget, ruled that illegal immigrants Brown’s team will have to could get in-state tuition to address widespread state universities, Democrats unemployment (especially in the might raise a pathway to Central Valley) and how best to citizenship plan. Likewise, attract private industries to Republicans will stick to border California. enforcement with the California National Guard. SIDENOTE: I’d like to think that Jerry would continue the Meg Whitman could have been “There’s always room at the top” called dedicted to one issue ads with him skiing). throughout the campaign. That issue was education. Brown One thing that Republicans was able to grab the youth vote don’t have to worry about, for in this election because many of now, is judicial appointments. the youth in the public university Brown will be lucky to get system were fed up with the Deukmejian’s two appointments CSU/UC’s ongoing tuition hikes. to the High Court in the next four years. If Brown wants the youth, education will have to be a priority sometime in this term.

IN RE: LT. GOV-ELECT Let’s put it this way, the Lt. Governor doesn’t do much in the public eye. He is very much the Vice President of State Politics. He stays in Washington, does some light campaigning, but doesn’t get notoriety outside of the SacBee and his hometown newspaper. So, what will Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom do as the two of the highest executives in the state? Your guess is as good as mine. It would be nice to see the Lt. Gov get outside of the Capitol Building and address the electorate on real issues. Between now and January, Californians will hopefully have a better picture of what to expect from Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom as a team.

The Former Gov. of Arkansas talked to the Daily Dues about his books (A Simple Christmas and Can’t Wait Till Christmas) along with some political talk and a potential 2012 bid for the White House.


Possibly testing out the waters for a 2012 Presidential run, former Governor of Arkansas and 2008 Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee is on a nationwide book tour to promote his two Christmas-themed books A Simple Christmas and Can’t Wait Till Christmas. Huckabee’s tour, which is being run at the same time as Former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin’s America by Heart Book Tour, has provided Huckabee the opportunity to speak at the Nixon and Reagan Presidential Libraries while promoting his two bestselling books. Along with these two books, Gov. Huckabee hosts the Huckabee Report, a radio show, and ‘Huckabee’ on Fox News Channel.

Alex: What inspired you to write A Simple Christmas? Huckabee: My publisher called and asked me to do a book on Christmas. I wrote it and found it to be very therapeutic. I’ve written eight other books and this, by far, is my favorite. When I met people promoting this book, we  didn’t talk about the stories in my book; most of the time it was their personal stories of Christmas. Alex: As many people who have read A Simple Christmas can attest, Can’t Wait Till Christmas is a shortened, yet powerful extension of your full length book. Why did you decide to write the Children’s Book?

Huckabee made a stop in Fresno, where the Alex Continued on Next Page Tavlian got a chance to talk to him about a range of topics:

Huckabee: When A Simple Christmas came out last year, the response was very strong. I wanted to give parents a way to provide a real story that has a message, not a screaming message, but a message that goes beyond the give gifts and get gifts idea. The lesson that children, when reading this book, is that patience is a virtue and that Christmas is about relationships and trust.

social media in your work on TV, writing and politicking?

Huckabee: Social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, are a big part of what I do. It allows me to communicate with people who are interested in what I have to say; easily the greatest way to communicate. I started using social networking in my 2008 Presidential Alex: Do you believe that Christmas today has campaign; that campaign was almost entirely become devalued as a religious holiday and is internet-based. becoming a Hallmark holiday? Alex: I received ten questions from readers Huckabee: That’s exactly what’s happened. asking the same thing and it’s the elephant in People are afraid to even say “Merry Christmas” the room: this book tour, and your lecture at now they say “Happy Holidays,” “Season’s the Nixon Library, has everyone convinced Greetings” or something like that. that this is a barometer for a 2012 Presidential bid. With two years to go, what does 2012 Alex: While Thanksgiving has just passed, have in store for you? what are you thankful for this year? Huckabee: I don’t know yet if I’ll be making a run Huckabee: I’m thankful for a healthy family, for for the White House in two years. I am not ruling employment in multiple areas (TV, radio and [a Presidential bid] out at this time. The book tour writing). Along with that, I’m thankful for being also isn’t the singular gauge that will make my born and being American. decision. I’m trying to see people’s response to me; whether they want me to run or if they want Alex: You’ve gone from Pastor to Politician to me to stay on TV and radio. Media Commentator and Writer, what have you learned along the way? Alex: Brice Austin from Fresno asks: While health care costs skyrocket and the Federal Huckabee: I’ve learned that everyone has value solution doesn’t seem to address the problem, and no one is boring. From the mailman to the what is your solution to Health Care and how TSA agent at the scanners, every person has does it differ from the President? value. Alex: Here at the Daily Dues, we’re huge fans of Twitter and Facebook. What impact has Huckabee: Reform, primarily, is not in health care; it’s about health. To reform our health care system, we have to engage in preventative health care rather than curative care.


Valley Congressmen vote on Rangel censure
As Charles Rangel joins a list of Congressmen censured by the House of Representatives, where did the Valley’s delegation vote?

While Rep. Charles Rangel was censured last week, many people want to know who voted for, and against, Rangel’s Congressional censure. Here in the Central Valley, Congressmen Dennis Cardoza (D, CA-18), George Radanovich (R, CA-19), Jim Costa (D, CA-20), Devin Nunes (R, CA-21) and Kevin McCarthy (R, CA-22) all voted for the Rangel censure.

There has been little indication of how Congressman-Elect Jeff Denham would have voted had the censure vote come in the next Congress. Another piece of interesting information: only 10 California Democrats voted against the censure. Of them was Rep. Maxine Waters (also under investigation by House Ethics Committee for ethics violations).

These five Congressmen Vote Source: The Los Angeles contributed to the 333 members Times. of Congress who voted to censure the Harlem Democrat.

From the Valley to Harlem
There was a consensus among Valley Congressmen in the Rangel censure. From Dennis Cardoza (CA-18) to prospective House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22), all of the Congressmen voted for the Rangel Censure, the first censure of the 21st Century.

Charles Rangel censured in December.

It’s What We’re Made Of.

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