YOUR CARD YOUR CHOICE REWRDS: Cash back & points A card designed to help students, not take advantage

of their situations. build good credit. The CHASE college credit card is a unique product for a very unique consumer. The college years are a very demanding time for students both academically and financially. The Chase College Credit Card is a financial tool designed tooffer some guided financial assistance while building good credit during the college experience.

No Cosigner required No annual fee y Free, customizable text and e-mail alerts keep you on track y 1% cash back on all purchases y 5% Cashback Bonus in the premium categoryof your choice: Such as travel, department stores, gas, groceries, restaurants and more. The premium category can be changed up to 4 times a year. y 20% bonus on the cash back you earn each month you pay your bill on time y $0 Fraud Liability if your card is lost or stolen Earn points (on top of cash back) y Earn Thank you points everyday on the money you spend which can be redeemed for items offered in our online rewards catalog. y Earn up to 2000ThankYou Points twice a year for having a good GPA.

E.) Target Market: Full Time-Part Time College Students Demographic Profile Gender: Male and female Race: All Ethnicity: All Income: Monthly income greater than $300.00 Lifestyle Profile College students are the most unique market segment of all potential credit card consumers. Lifestyle is the utmost important factor considered when creating and marketing this product. The movies might demonstrate that college students are having the time of their lives, but for most students in college the fun is over before they get their degrees.

while at the same time extremely individual. What complicates these financial problems are class workloads.Values . students find themselves in precarious fiscal situations.) Religious worship 10.) Outings with friends/ Partying 5.) Exercise working out competitive/recreational sports 7.College students face several unique financial problems. To understand the opinions of college students one must keep an open mind and take into account the circumstances of their lifestyle.) School attending classes HW / Studying 3. and the distance from their homes and support network. Twitter 4. With the cost of a college educationincreasing.) Working 6. It is people heavily influenced by pop culture and the opinions of their peers. The following are characteristics of student opinions: y y y y y y y y y Open minded Idealistic Innovative Change the world type attitudes Positive thinkers Democratic (majority) Aggressive Early adopting Technology driven Social Cultural Profile: College students in America do not belong to any one given social class.) Socializing in person Facebook.) Relaxing 9. Activities 1.) Eating. their families do but as individuals they make up their own social class. drinking. the desire of many students to become more financially and personally independent from their parents. knowledge and experience necessary to function as consumer Financial. sleeping 2.) Dating/ sex 8. We are inheriting our customers during the final stages of consumer socialization the process which consumers quire the skills. attitudes.) Volunteer work Opinions The college student is quite possibly the most opinionated person one can come across.

y Chase Reps will facilitate as many students to apply each day as possible. y In that case both parties get $50 y Past success: Chase Bank offered a similar reward during a marketing campaign for Chase personal checking account. y High involvement. y Marketing/sales teams will set up table stations for marketing & selling the Chase college credit card. y Communicating the marketing message is priority 1 and on site sign ups are secondary. We will aim to hire as many students as possible to gain that . y Each station consists of a tent & physical table as well as advertisements all around the station. We will use our differentiated reward options with a very unique marketing approach to grasp customers. y Communicating the marketing message is priority 1 and on site sign ups are secondary. which rewards customers $100. and Referral Rewarding as ways to differentiate while mass marketing through print media outlets.high reward relationship.00 for each new customer that signs up under you. y The marketing-sales rep will be trained in grass routes/guerrilla marketing techniques necessary for on site communicating. y Many times a 50-50 approach is taken by consumers where the referral giver offers the referral receiver $50 to open up the credit card. Our marketing campaign is designed to match the uniqueness of our target market. Referral Rewards (Program): y To gain a competitive advantage we created a referral rewards program. Grassroots Marketing Tabling Approach y Nation wide y 10 teams tour full year.y (from her slide) Marketing campaign The Chase College Credit Card is customized to the needs and wants of our consumer. The marketing reps on our sales teams will be young 26 and under. y $100 is a great offer in this economy. College students. Face Book: y Our marketing campaign will be effective because of our ability to reach college students through various mediums. We will use marketing tools such as Tabling.

The investment of our grassroots marketing tour will gain invaluable exposure. .selling approach. We have combined the best card attributes and high customer rewards with a dynamic marketing approach.

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