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Deceive speaking.

thank you all for being gullible, and feeding me with your har
d earned money for all these years. sure was nice of u. As a fun of the day to m
ake things more interested, i sent this cute little email to support, all i wrot
e in it is true btw.
"Hello, this is Deceive writing to you, im sure you know me as a servers celebri
ty. Why wouldnt you know me, i mean i single handedly made players quit this cra
ppy low-res game since 2007, the amount of dollars i took from unsuspecting fool
s reaches quadruple digits. Also, your pathetic gullible support crew has given
me control of over 20 accounts, that i made them believe was mine, but in realit
y it was as easy as hacking login / pass, and the registered email. Now, altho i
havent played this game in a while, i some times on rare ocasions sitll log in
and back out on my ranger, witch u baned right now. u remember that ranger clive
rd? the one i hacked from a pathetic mexican and you just believed that it was j
ust a prank, and u gave me full control of that account? yeah, that one. Its ok,
its cool. You remember Fenrirr3? that lvl 65 berserker that i hacked all those
years ago as my first victim? that account also had a nice bonus, a little lvl 6
5 rogue with a name of Deceive. witch i then turned into my main avatar of Decei
ve. Well, if i remember they both belonged to some german dude. And again, simpl
e keylogger to take control of the email, and u just game me the pass, the login
, and everything else to my control. I bow my hat low to the stupidity of your s
taff, witch made things so much easyer. Now, all i wanted to say. You were my sl
uts for over 3 years. And u shall not be able to stop me. For every account of m
ine that u ban. Ill apear wiith 5 more. Deceive, will shall always be lurking in
the shadows. Every time more and more agressive and cunning. I was about to sim
ply quit again, like i did alot of times, just return rarely for pvp. But now u
made your move, u awakened a dragon, a sleeping giant, a plague that was about t
o die out has been reincarnated into a greater shape of evil. Put signs in ur pr
ecious towns, hide yo kids, hide yo wifes. Deceive is coming for your money"
So lets see what happens, you precious GM's who you tought were protecting you f
rom me, were entrusting me with your precious little accounts for years lol, the
yr even more gullible then a common player.
Also some people wondered, how i turned my shadow runner from male to female?
Answer is simple, i convinced a GM i had a sex change glitch. I mean.... even a
5 year old wouldnt fall for it, come on gravity. lol
Anyway, for being such a nice crowd, ill award 1 of you with a free account that
i recently hacked, its a lvl 67 mystic with the name of iKillYou:

login: Cr4nKsh1T
pass: ymxncbv1029384756
security code: 1989
First come first serve! This account has a +30 lvl 65 wand and +10/+15 jewel set
. Enjoy
GM's stupidity in action:
Subject: baned
Thank you for your request for support.
We apologize for the delay in our response.
Please try to log in again. You should be able to access your game account now.
If you have any more difficulties, please contact us again.
Thank you and please feel free to contact us with any future issues or concerns.

Customer Service Representative
WarpPortal Support Team
Please do not reply to this email. Using the reply function will result in the W
arpPortal support team not receiving your reply. In order to respond, please log
in to the WarpPortal Support Site and reply to this ticket.
10/11/2010 1:57 PM -
Subject: baned
plis, why u no reply to me? my char cliverd still banned i canot use, i did noth
10/9/2010 9:13 AM -
Subject: baned
hello, my friend told me to contact you about personal matter of my account that
was banned, my friend explaind everything to you i think, my account informatio
full name: diego gomez
account login: diegocaza79
account password: ARNOLDAS1337
account: security code 1989
date of birth: 05/10/1983
email used:
this is how GM's were fooled to just give me all the info to accounts that i hac
ked hah