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It gives me great privilege and honour to offer thanks to all those who helped me in my project. I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to my project guideMr. Pallav
Dubey for acting as a mentor and as a catalyst during entire

duration of my project. I also thank him for providing continuous cooperation support and expert guidance throughout my project, whenever needed. I also thank all the Department Managers for showing keen interest in the study and for giving their valuable suggestions from time to time, as and when required and also for rendering all possible help during the time when the study was conducted. I express my cordial thanks and acknowledgements to allfront hand employees for taking out time from their busy schedule and providing me with relevant information, which contributed significantly in my project analysis and increased my knowledge in a totally new sphere. It was great interacting with the customers of various frequencies and learning from their experiences.
PREFACE In spite of the theoretical knowledge gained through classroom study, a person is incomplete if not subject to practical exposure of real corporate world and may have to face hurdles, which will be difficult to overcome without any first hand experience of business. In this context two months summer training has been design to make the person aware of happening of the real business world .The report, entitled “HR Initiatives ” has been done by me at Big Bazaar in Shahdara, New Delhi. INDIAN RETAIL INDUSTRY India is the 4th largest economy in the world in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) terms after USA, China and Japan. In 2003, India became the second fastest growing economy in the world with a growth rate of 8.2%.The economy is expected to grow at 7-8% per annum for the next 5 years. However the average income of an Indian evaluated on the basis of GDP per capita is $620 (Rs27900). On this measure India

In terms of the structure. One of the key growth factors has been the shift to service sector which accounts for 50% of the total GDP. the services sector is likely to play an even more important role in the Indian economy.figures a lowly 127 in a committee of 177 nations in the Human Development Report (HDR) 2005 produced by United Nations Development Program (UNDP). . On the other extreme. both Indian and international. but only 4% being larger than 500 sq ft in size. With close to 12 million retail outlets India has one of the highest retail densities in the world. Retailing in India is one of the significant contributors to the India economy and accounts for 35% of the GDP. owner-managed shops. the industry is fragmented and predominantly consists of independent. telecommunication. healthcare and retailing. India has one of the highest savings rate in the world with Rs 29 of every Rs 100 of its national income being saved. India has a large number of retail enterprises. Led by services such as IT. These extremities leaves a lot of opportunity for marketers.