Learn to stitch the indian sari blouse used for sari costume. The method to stitch a blouse is very easy.

The pattern is useful in stitching a cut blouse. Lets use a readymade measurement to stitch the blouse (refer above diagram). I have used measurements in centimeter, You can do it with inch measurement. * chest = 91 cm * full length = 38 cm * Across back = 35 cm * sleeve length = 25 cm FRONT PART * A - B = full length = 38 cm * A-C = arm hole = (chest/4)-4 = (91-4)/4 = 18.7 cm * C-D = chest loose = (chest/4)+2.5 = (91/4)+2.5 = 25.2 cm * A-I = front part = chest/3 = 91/3 = 30.3cm

5 = 9 cm * A-H = Front Neck = chest/8 = 11. Before going to stitch the real material . I have used chart paper to draw the stitching pattern. It is nessesary to draw stitching patterns for both front and back side .5 cm * A-F = Neck Breadth = (chest/12)+1. we'll draw the stitching pattern. take a sample blouse you already have and take the measurements using inch tape.7 cm PATTI PART (K-B part in the above diagram) * A-C = full length = 11 cm * A-B = patti width SLEEVE PART * A-B = sleeve length = (chest/4)+2.3 cm * K-B = patti part = full length-front part=7.5 * E-D = (chest/4-4) Now let's see how to stitch the sari blouse.* A-E = shoulder = AB/2 = 35/2 = 17. BACK PART PATTERN . If u want to stitch a blouse of your size.5 * A-C = sleeve width = (chest/4)+2.

Next step is to cut along the blue line like . A normal women can draw a line at distance of 12" else 13". You can see a straight line drawn at a distance of 12 inch from the shoulder. Next measure 1/2 inch from the horizontal line and mark it. Now as shown in the above diagram draw a neat curve along the points . The distance can vary from 12 to 13 inch based on the breast size . I've drawn the curve in blue colour.The curve on the right is the arm hole while the other curve is neck. Likewise measure 1/2 inch above the horizontal line on both the extremes. FRONT PART PATTERN First draw a pattern same as the back side then from the top measure 12 inch and draw a straight line.

Those are the places where you have to sew darts. Make sure the neck part is placed on the folded side. Then mark the edges with marking chalk. Front part is cut into 2 parts. Below is the material i have used.the one below. In the above image i've drawn the darts . Fold the cloth to the exact breadth size of the pattern once as shown in the figure . . In the first part we have to sew darts then attach the patti part(2nd part) to the front piece. Next carefully cut the edges without disturbing them.Now let's see how to sew darts using the cloth. Then take the material to stitch blouse. The image below shows the front and the back part pattern together.

After unfolding you can see both sides of the blouse. .

Then the main three darts have to be stitched carefully in the front part. The patti part should have the remaining length so that it equals the back part. Darts at the back part and front part are stitched. See to that . After stitching the three main dots . Next to the front part . The dart stitched at the bottom should be bigger that the 2 darts at the left and right sides. Now the patti part is stitched to the main part. Look at the stitching pattern diagram above for the three maindarts. the patti part has to be stitched.Then 2 small darts have to stitched at the back part straight to the shoulders. the front part has to be stitched to the patti part.

After the sleeve part is stitched. Next sleeve part is cut and attached to the arm. Just fold the cloth once and place the model sleeve on it. There are 2 options to stitch sleeve. then draw the shape and cut it. the neck crosspeice has to be stitched and then hooks have to be stitched. Finally . Then make sure you fold around the bottom line. Next the front parts have to be joined to the back part. To cut the sleeve use ur model blouse for size. you can join the sides then stitch the sleeve else you can stitch the sleeve and then join the sides. It depends on your comfort level. Just do that by stitching the shoulders correctly.both back and front parts are of same length.

Cuttori blouses are used normally to mingle two colours in the front part. Try and send your feedback. Now i will teach the pattern for the cuttori blouse. Now draw the pattern for a normal blouse. The small cut is for neck and the long cut is forarmhole. HOW TO SEW CUTTORI BLOUSE A cuttori blouse is slightly different from the normal saree blouse.we finish the complete blouse like this. First step is to learn the normal blouse if else you'll find it difficult so take a look at the sari blouse post. . Only one step modification is made in the cuttori blouse compared to the normal blouse.

Next cut along the blue curve. i've used the blue pen to draw the curve. In the above image you can see the red line at a distance of 12 inch. This the procedure of the normal blouse. . Next for the cuttori blouse you have to draw one more curve and cut it like the image below. Thats the only difference in cuttori blouse. Next mark 1/2 inch above on both ends of red line and below center of red line. Next draw a curve over the red line. This is their difference. You can see the red curve i've drawn.From the shoulder measure 12 inch and draw a straight line . From the neck take a curve to the blue line curve.

some practice will help you to stitch anything well. Stitching a chudithar top is easy . Best of luck. HOW TO CUT AND SEW CHURIDAR Now let us see how to stitch a churidar like the above. You can see a triangle shape thats the place where you have to sew dart. . Accurate measurements . You can use a contrast colour or the same colour. After sewing the dart stitch them together so that agains comes back to the shape of normal blouse. Have a perfect pattern which helps you to cut the cloth correctly. Then attach the patti part and finish the whole blouse.Next cut along the red curve and only one main dart is sewed in that part.

If your gonna stitch in your measurement .5 = (92/4)-2.5 cm * 6-7 = chest loose = (chest/4)+2. After . I've given the readymade measurement for the above . fold it breadthwise first .5 = 20.6 cm * 3-8 = shoulder = shoulder/2=38/2 = 19 cm Now using the below pics you can have an idea how to stitch a churidar top. First take the cloth. next fold it lengthwise .5 = 25. Using the stitching pattern i've drawn the pattern on a chart.The above is the stitching pattern for the churidar .5 cm * u can keep the same length for back neck else back neck = chest/12 = 7.5 cm * 1-10 = narrow waist = 39 cm * 2-11 = bottom = (chest/4)+10=33 cm * 1-3 = neck breadth = chest/12 = 7.5 cm * shoulder = 38 cm * chest = 92 cm * Waist = 72 cm * Hip = 100 cm * sleve legth = 25 cm measurements according to the diagram * 1-2 = full length + 3 cm = 108 cm * 1-6 = arm hole = (chest/4)-2. take your churidar and measure it with a inch tape and draw the stitching pattern.6 cm * 1-5 = front neck = chest/8 = 11. READYMADE MEASUREMENT * full length = 105 cm * Narrow waist = 39 cm * Bust level = 25.

that you can place thestitching pattern and mark the edges using marking chalk. Be carefull that you dont disturb the cloth. Next join the front pieces and back pieces by stitching them throughout the edges. After cutting the lining material . Next you will have seperate front and back piece. . The material i've used has a lining material too so first im gonna cut the lining material then the outer material. Next stitch the neck part using crosspiece or lining using extra cloth. next im gonna cut the outer material. Next stitch the shoulders of both piece together. Then cut the outer material. Beginers never cut both materials together.

.Next cut the sleeve part. Stitch the sleeves to the armhole. the churidar is ready. here i have used 3/4th sleeve and have taken only the outer part so that it will be transparent. Fold and stitch the openings below hip. Next join the left and right sides of churidar. After the sleeves are attached the final outcome .

full length = 55 cm a-b = full length = chest . • • • • • • • • chest = 60 cm.5 = 55cm a-c = narrow waist = (chest/2)-4 = 25 cm a-d = armhole = (chest/4)-2.5 = 6. This is the stitching pattern for the baby chemise.5 = 17. Let's see how to stitch it.5 = 12.5 cm . waist = 55 cm.5 cm b-f = hem bottom = (chest/2)+10 = 40 cm a-i = shoulder = ab/2 = 12. narrow waist = 25 cm. The readymade measurements for the baby chemise follows.STITCH BABY CHEMISE This is baby chemise.5 cm d-e = chest loose = (chest/4) + 2.5 cm a-j = neck breadth = (chest/12) + 1.

Now join the shoulders.5 cm • b-d = skirt length + 1. Place it on the cloth to be stitched. Cut the cloth carefully. Next join two sides and the final thing is to fold and stitch the bottoms and sleeve.5 + 26.5 cm Using the above readymade measurement we can stitch a flard skirt. You will get two seperate portions . . • Next draw the stitching pattern using themeasurements given above or your own. You can use your measurement using inch tape. First fold the cloth breadthwise then lengthwise .5 = 26.5 = 39 cm • b-f = waist / 4 = 12. Next stitch the neck part usingcrosspiece .5 cm • a-d & d-e = 12. Now lets see how to stitch a real time skirt. he stitching pattern for the flard skirt is drawn . If you want . First fold the cloth breadthwise next lengthwise like the one shown below. Im gonna give you the readymade measurement. front part and back part. you can attach sleeves.With the help of the above pattern draw the stitching pattern. next place the stitching pattern on the cloth. waist = 50 cm • skirt length = 25 cm • a-b = waist/4 = 12. mark the edges using marking chalk. Mark the edges using a marking chalk. Take the cloth to be stitched. Then cut them carefully without disturbing them.

Now let us see the stitching pattern for a chudithar pant(salwar). MEASUREMENT • full length = 100 cm • hip = 100 cm • bottom = 38 cm • a-b = full length = full length . First fold the cloth breadthwise next lengthwise as shown below. I have given the readymade measurement.6 cm • e-h = (width of cloth/2)-2 = (90/2)-2 = 43 cm • h-i = (hip/3)+5 = 20 cm • a-f & c-d = (hip/4)-8 = (100/4)-8 = 33 cm Using the above measurement draw the stitching pattern.4 = 96 cm • a -c = (hip/4)-5 = 20 cm • b-g = hip/6 = 100/6 = 16. Stitching a pant is easy. . Next take the cloth to be stitched.bottom piece = 100 .STITCH SALWAR This is a chudithar pant or salwar that we are gonna learn to stitch. You can try with your ownmeasurement using a sample pant and a inch tape.

Keep some gatherings so that the c-h part is equal to c-d part .First you have to cut the c-b part . verify the the stitching pattern diagram above. Keep some gatherings along the waist as shown in the figure. . Then carefully cut the cloth without disturbing it. Next fold and stitch the bottom part and then you can join the edges along the side till the end . Next keep the stitching pattern and mark the edges of the stitching pattern using marking chalk. verify the stitching pattern diagram above. Do this to both the leg pieces as shown in the figure.Stitch and join the two legs .

Stitchthem properly so that both diameter becomes equal. Now attach the c-b part to the a-c part .verify the stitching pattern above. which is usefull to tie the pant. the complete salwar is ready. After you stitch them .Next cut the a-c part . . In the a-c part stitch a small loop for the thread to pass inside the pant .

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