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Sekolah Kebangsaaan RKT Lasah, 31120 Sg. Siput (U), Perak. Puan Jama’yah Bt. Md. Hanafiah


Kumpulan Penyelidik: Tajuk Kajian:
pupils from Year 5 Wira.


“Word Wall”- An approach to enrich vocabulary of

4.Refleksi P&P yang lalu:
I have been teaching Level 2 pupils for only three years. I am still finding the best way to teach my pupils how to write. I prefer them to write independently rather than giving them structured sentences to be memorized. But the problem is whenever I gave them writing exercises, I started to be a walking dictionary in the classroom, translating words and choosing the best word to fit in their sentences. It was really frustrating when sometimes, a word has been defined and learnt from previous lesson is yet again asked for its meaning. I wonder if it’s my fault in defining those words to the pupils. May be I haven’t found the best way to let them understand the words with all their hearts. I admit there are several pitfalls while I am defining words to pupils. Learning is remembering. Experts these days concur that learners actually need as many as 5 to 16 ‘meetings’ with a new language item in a variety of context before it can be truly learned and activated for genuine use. As a teacher, sometimes I do not revisiting a word once it is defined. Making assumption that pupils have learned a word after only one encounter is a big mistake. Secondly, may be teachers do not providing enough examples for pupils to be able to produce the word or, the other way around, teachers were giving too much information (multiple meanings) at once. As my pupils are non-native speaker with low frequency of using English in their communication, this might confused them and kept them from learning more salient meaning.

Some teachers force their pupils to keep their dictionary handy during English language subject. Personally I do not encourage pupils to define words using bilingual (English-B. Melayu) dictionary as it may not have the correct meaning for the context. On the other hand, the dictionary with English definition may not be suitable for my pupils as the definitions contain more unknown words to them.

5.Isu keprihatinan/ fokus kajian:
There are so many areas need to be focused in order to enable pupils using English language confidently. I have done a pre-test with the targeted group which followed UPSR format. The result shows in the pie chart below.







Majority of the pupils get C’s. This is because, paper II usually pulls the pupils’ grade down. It required them to construct sentences, give reasons and do note expansion. They are unable to state their opinion in words. It shows that they are uncomfortable with the language. A set of questionnaire has been given to pupils to detect the usage of English Language among pupils outside English class. 92% admit that they have never use English in daily communication. Lack in using the words will not help them on memorizing a word that has been learnt. I have also conducted a random interview with them to identify pupils’ weaknesses in constructing sentences. Majority of them claim that

they have the idea to write, but could not recall certain word in English. They were lacked of vocabulary to use in composition. The main thing is, they haven’t mastery the skills in this language yet. They are not ready to use English language confidently. After discussing this issue among English Language teachers in my school, I’ve decided to focus on strengthening my pupils’ knowledge in word level. I believe by having strong foundation with English words will lead them to better usage of this language. The process of learning a new word for pupils can be a long one. Between encountering a word for the first time and being able to use the word in speaking, reading and writing, pupils must acquire many different kind of knowledge about the word. Teachers play a vital role when exposing new words to pupils. The more words one’s learnt and understand, the more they can produce in their listening, speaking, reading and writing. I would take the initiative to do the word attack with 5 Wira. Perhaps that quantity of words learnt is not important. I really hope that every word introduce will be fully utilized by the pupils in their language skills.

6.Objektif Kajian:

Objektif Umum:
English Language paper.

To increase the passing percentage in

b.Objektif Khusus:
i. Pupils should be able to understand, memorize and utilize for each new vocabulary learnt. ii. iii. To help pupils constructing good sentences by applying the correct vocabulary. To promote independence outcome of pupils as they work with words in reading and writing English Language.


To develop a growing core of words that become part of reading and writing vocabulary.


Kumpulan Sasaran:
13 boys and 12 girls.

25 pupils from Year 5 Wira, all Malays with

8.Tindakan yang dicadangkan:
In this research, I would like to increase pupils’ vocabulary using “Word Wall.” It is a strategy presented by Patricia Cunningham in her book Phonic They Use: Words for Reading and Writing .It is an approach of teaching high-frequency or sight words. A Word Wall is a systematically organized collection of words displayed in large letters on a wall in the classroom. It is a tool designed to promote group learning. It is appropriate for kindergarten, and can be easily adapted and used for children in primary level. Although it sounds common and simple but, I’ll try my best to vary the activity so that pupils are exposed to the words regularly and the Word Wall is not just being graffiti in class but become interactive. Perhaps, the activity might arouse their interest to better understanding of English Language.

9.Jadual Pelaksanaan Kajian:
Bil. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Aktiviti Identifying problem and collecting data Preparing Proposal Planning an action Implementing the action- Activity 1 Discussing the problems arise in the action. Implementing the action- Activity 2 Discussing the problems arise in the action. Implementing the action- Activity 3 Discussing the problems arise in the action. Implementing the action- Activity 4 Discussing the problems arise in the action. Post-test Writing the report. Presentation (School level) Submission of reports Tarikh Jan – Feb 2007 21 Mac 2007 24 Mac 2007 26 Mac- 5 April 2007 6 April 2007 9 April – 19 April 2007 20 April 2007 23 April – 3 May 2007 4 May 2007 7 May – 17 May 2007 18 May 2007 24 May 2007 4 June 2007 13 June 2007 30 June 2007

10. Kos Kajian:
No. Item 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. A4 paper Cartridge Photostated item Multi coloured paper Multicoloured Artline Grand Total Quantity x price per unit 3 X RM 8.00 1 X RM 65.00 2 X RM 12.50 6 X RM 2.50 Total cost RM 24.00 RM 65.00 RM 50.00 RM 26.00 RM 15.00 RM180.00



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