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Subject: CAD/CAM Semester 8th (Mechanical)

Two Marks Questions

1. Define cad/cam?
2. How the product cycle and cad/cam related with each other?
3. Give the application of cad/cam in manufacturing?
4. How automation is related to cad/cam?
5. Define various cad/cam tools?
6. Is there any use of cad/cam in industry? If yes how?
7. Is cad/cam replacing human beings with computers in industry?
8. Can Hand drafting be completely removed by or using cad softwares?
9. Give the basic design process used in cad?
10. How cad/cam is based on ICG?
11. What do u mean by geometric modelling?
12. What is Automated drafting?
13. How we can prepare Manufacturing Data Base?
14. What are the various components of the Design Work Station?
15. Name various input/output devices used in computer graphics?
16. What are Digitizers?
17. How Drum plotters differ from Flat bed plotters?
18. What do u mean by geometric transformation?
19. Explain scaling with suitable example?
20. Explain rotation with suitable example?
21. Give differences b/w wire-frame and solid modelling?
22. Define Numerical Control?
23. What do u mean by ‘Program of Instruction’?
24. What is part programming?
25. Give the equation of Bezier curve?
26. What is fixed zero and floating zero?
27. Give the equation of B-spline curve?
28. Why Contouring is supposed to be suitable for curved paths?
29. What is Manual Part programming?
30. Give the general configuration of CNC system?
31. Give the general configuration of Hybrid system?
32. Give the general configuration of Straight CNC system?
33. Give the Advantages of CNC over NC?

34. What is Adaptive control?

35. Define GT?

36. Define Part Family with suitable example?

37. What is part classification and coding means?

38. What is MICLASS system?

39. How Optiz and CODE system differ from each other?

40. How we can have GT in machine cell?

41. Give the benefits of GT?

42. Define CAPP?

43. What is Retrival type process planning?

44. What is Generative process planning?

45. Give the benefits of CAPP?

46. Define FMS? and Give its advantages?

47. Define CIMS?

48. How cad/cam is related to CIMS?

49. Explain the role of CAD in FMS?

50. Define DNC?

51. Define combined DNC/CNC system?

Five marks questions

1. Explain the typical product cycle with diagram?

2. Explain basic hardware component of a general purpose digital computers?
3. How data representation takes place in digital computers?
4. Explain various computers programming language?
5. Explain various Graphic I/O devices?
6. Explain the design process with suitable diagram?
7. Give the application of computers in deigning?
8. What type of analysis should Engineer perform in any design project?
9. Explain the way of creating data base for manufacturing?
10. What is Design Work station and explain its components?
11. How image generation is done in computer Graphics?
12. Explain Stroke Writing with diagram?
13. Explain Raster Scan with diagram?
14. Explain various types of plotters?
15. Explain the function of Graphic Package?
16. Explain Rotation and Scaling Transformation by suitable examples?
17. Explain NC with its components?
18. What is the procedure to use ‘NC’ in manufacturing?
19. Explain three types of Motion Control System?
20. What is the role of Computers in computers assisted part-programming?
21. What is the role of Programmer in computers assisted part-programming?
22. Give the differences b/w Bezier and B-spline curve?
23. Explain the problems with conventional NC machines?
24. What is CNC? Explain its functions?
25. What is DNC? Explain its components?
26. What is Adaptive control machining system? Explain its types?
27. How GT related to part family?
28. Give and explain various parts classification and coding systems?
29. Explain the benefits of GT?
30. Explain CAPP? And its types?
31. Explain FMS with its components?
32. Give an Introduction to CIMS?

Ten marks questions

1. Give application of CAD techniques to Finite Element Mesh Generation?
2. Explain NC machine tools ,basic components and features of NC machines?
3. Define the following:
a) GT b) CAPP c) FMS d)CIMS e)cad/cam
4. Explain the concept of hidden- line removal and shading?
5. Explain GT in machine cell and give the advantages of GT?
6. Give the various applications of computers in design?
7. Explain the software configuration of a graphic system?
8. Explain the following:
a) Geometric Modelling b) Wire frame model c) Solid model
9. Define the following:
a) Tool presetting equipment
b) Flexible tooling
c) Tool Length
d) Tool path graphics
10. Explain the following:
a) NC
b) CNC
c) Adaptive control
d) Combined system
11. Give the benefits and types of CAPP system?
12. Explain the application of geometric transformations with suitable examples?
13. Explain the structure of any software used in CAD?
14. Explain the technique of applying CAD technique to Finite Element Mesh
15. How we can apply various programming method for a specific job?
16. Explain FMS and CIMS with reference to its component, advantages and
17. Explain Image Generation method in computer graphics?
18. Give a comparison b/w directed-beam refresh, Direct-view storage and Raster Scan
image generation methods?
19. Explain various operators’ input/output devices used in computers
20. Explain the function and components of central processing unit.
21. Explain different rules that should be considered in designing graphic software
22. What should be the software configuration of a graphic system?
23. Explain the function of a graphic package.
24. How much coordinate systems are important in CNC machines? Explain
25. Explain various NC motion control systems and which is most suited for curved
26. What do you mean by NC programming with interactive graphics?
27. Compare CNC, DNC and Adaptive control system.
28. What is diagnostics? Why it is done and what are the various methods involved in it?
29. Explain DNC along with its components.
30. Explain the following:
a. Opitz system
b. MICLASS system
c. Code system.