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Creating Cost Savings Through

Flexible Workplace Management

Market volatility, heightened utilization of a company’s second
security concerns and global largest expense – occupancy.
competition point to an over- • Software business rules con-
whelming need for improved trol conference room bookings so
business resiliency and profitabil- that workers always know the
ity. These market forces demand true availability of a room and
increasingly flexible workplace management doesn’t build new
management practices. But tradi- ones based on hearsay.
tional office infrastruc-
ture stands in the way,
acting as an inflexible,
expensive, and immov-
able barrier to the needs
of today’s workforce: AgilQuest Corporation serves a marquee customer
• Studies show that base of Fortune 500 companies and governments.
Its products are regarded as market leaders and
on any given day, 50%
provide solutions for office hoteling, resource sched-
to 70% of all office space uling, conference room management, business con-
is unoccupied during tinuity and churn management. The company pro-
normal business hours at vides mission critical applications which measure
a cost of approximately real estate utilization in real-time and allow workers
$10,000 annually per to reserve everything from conference rooms to
workspace. cubicles, from catering to computers, Whenever,
• Poorly managed Wherever They Need to WorkTM. To receive the white
conference rooms create paper, “Cost Savings Through Flexible Workplace
the misconception of Management”, please visit
constant use. Richmond, VA • 804-745-0467
• Security and risk
managers demand “de-
concentration” of the workforce • Should an office or building
across multiple facilities. suddenly become unavailable for
• Even “Non-mobile” workers any reason, be it terrorist attack,
move frequently to collaborate natural disaster or heating and air
with teammates, resulting in conditioning problems, web-based
increased facility management systems can immediately relocate
costs. employees into available office
Workplace management best space and automatically reconnect
practices now treat office infra- their voice communications.
• With churn (employee move)
rates approaching 100%, software
“Flexible workplace allowing “self moves” saves tele-
phone extension move costs that
management requires can deliver millions of dollars to
the bottom line.
a comprehensive system Flexible workplace manage-
ment requires a comprehensive
to manage real system to manage real estate
estate assets...” assets, providing the right type of
workplace resource to any
employee at any given time, in
structure as a flexible, variable any given place. Enterprise wide,
cost asset, and provision it with web-based office resource sched-
software tools in response to uling and management software
need. is a key component to achieving
• Reserved workspaces replace workplace resiliency and prof-
assigned desks to increase the itability.