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What is 2G spectrum scam?
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Updated: December 11, 2010 07:54 IST
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Click to Expand & Play New Delhi: From the time allegations of misappropriation during the bidding for allocation of 2G spectrum surfaced, till Telecom Minister A Raja's ouster, high drama charged both politics in Delhi and Tamil Nadu. So what exactly is the Spectrum Scam that led to all this?

WHAT IS SPECTRUM SCAM? 2G licenses issued to private telecom players at throwaway prices in 2008 CAG: Spectrum scam has cost the government R 1.76 lakh crore CAG: Rules and procedures flouted while issuing licenses

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WHAT ARE THE CHARGES ON FORMER TELECOM MINISTER A RAJA? CHEAP TELECOM LICENSES Entry fee for spectrum licenses in 2008 pegged at 2001 prices Mobile subscriber base had shot up to 350 million in 2008 from 4 million in 2001 NO PROCEDURES FOLLOWED Rules changed after the game had begun Cut-off date for applications advanced by a week Licenses issued on a first-come-first-served basis No proper auction process followed, no bids invited Raja ignored advice of TRAI, Law Ministry, Finance Ministry TRAI had recommended auctioning of spectrum at market rates



Pranab: Trinamool will go with govt decision . A Raja. says Government The phone calls that led to Raja resigning Govt says JPC demand in 2G scam 'meaningless' 2G scam: DMK may not get back Telecom portfolio: Sources The man who's investigating 2G lapses Ratan Tata’s letter sparks political war Retired Supreme Court judge to probe spectrum .com/…/what-is-2g-spectrum-scam… 2/4 ..... 2010 08:34 IST Tags: 2G spectrum scam. asks Supreme . sold 45% stake to Etisalat for R 4200 crore Unitech Wireless got license for R 1661 crore. Swan Telecom got licenses without any prior telecom experience Swan Telecom given license even though it did not meet eligibility criteria Swan got license for R 1537 crore. Raids on Raja fail to calm Opposition rant Are the CBI raids on A Raja an eyewash? Is this man A Raja's frontman? Raja will be thrown out if charges proved: Ka . CORPORATES ENCASH PREMIUM What is 2G spectrum scam? Unitech. Spectrum scam Also See Comments: Read|Post 2G scam: CAG report tabled in Lok Sabha 2G scam: Opposition chants 'we want JPC'. Government completely transparent: Telecom Mi ... follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook Story first published: November 15.772 crore for 2G licences For NDTV Updates. No.11/12/2010 FAVOURITISM... A dv erti sem en t A dv erti sem en t ndtv.. sold 60% stake for R 6200 crore All nine companies paid DoT only R 10.. 2G scam: What about NDA regime.

11/12/2010 What is 2G spectrum scam? Featured Services Buy/Rent/Sell Property Property Travel Lady GagaBest Deals on Dow nload Music Rolex Jobs Auto job keywords enter location Photos Rajinikanth turns 61 Karisma. airport 2G inquiry should extend to 2001: Ratan Tata Krishna on Meera Shankar being patted down: 'It is unacceptable' ndtv.246 Follow @ndtv on Twitter Most Popular Most Read Most Commented Pune man killed for demanding sexual favours. say cops Trio steal car to show off at wedding Heavy snow shuts Eiffel Tower.com/…/what-is-2g-spectrum-scam… 3/4 . Sanjay heading for divorce Proud Parents Kajol. Ajay's Day Out More » Follow Us NDTV on Facebook Like 196.

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