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Finance Accounting & Accounts Admin./Financial Information
Project Management
Reporting Receivable Planning & Technology
Business Support

Administration Income Tax Projects

Contract Review & Sign-off

Cheques Sign-off

Pay Run Approval Meetings Income Tax Preparation: As Assigned

Legal: Liaison w/FTW Legal & Local Legal Counsel Expenses - Annual Filing

Liaison with Home Office and Other Affiliates Policy & Process Development - Monthly Payments

Review and Approve, CMA, CPPI and POK deals Quarterly Income Tax

Review and Approve all Reporting to Home Office Schedules

Review and Approve Budget Submission Provincial & Sales Tax Audits

Approval of Direct Reports' Expense Reports

Inventory Adjustments Approvals

Credit Limits Approval

Inventory and A/R Write-offs Approval

Commission Plans Review and Approval

GOA Delegation

Liaison with KPMG and PWC

Oversee Policy Compliance


Payroll Visa Corporate Card ExpenseLink (Concur) Taxes Accounting Inventory

Consignment Accounts
Administration Set-up & Administration Set-up & System Administration Ad Hoc Queries Journal Entries Set-up
Employee Queries Sales Tax and Item Master Set-up &
Relating to Pay Statemt. Visa Expense Reporting Train New Users GST Filing AAI Maintenance Maintenance
Communicate any changes to Royalty/Dividend: Inter-Company Bank G/L
Journal Entries Problem Resolution users - Reconciliation Eval Pool Monitoring
APL Payment
- Y/E NR4 Prep. 3-Way Matching
Third Party Payments Reporting - CRA Filing/Paymt Post Sales to G/L (Inventory)
Consolidation of Balance Sheet Inventory Journal
Government Reporting G/L Interface Income Tax Filing Reconciliations Entries
Cost Centre Account Approval of Invent.
T4; T4A; T2200 Problem Resolution Set-up Adjustments
Vacation and Sick Time
Reconciliation Audits User Define Codes User Define Codes

Interface with ADP Compliance G/L Analysis COGS

In-Transit Reconcil. &
G/L Reconciliations Change Management Integrity Reports Journal Entries
Verify Validity of All
Commission - Monthly
Inventory Purchases
Surgical & Service
Calculation & Payment Review & Post Work
Orders & Inventory

- No Access in Finance
- Inefficient Process
- Return Access to Finance

Fixed Assets Financial Reporting Budget Administration Business Partners Audits Corporate Policy

General Ledger Load Grants of Authority

Monitoring Inventory to JDE Administration Ad Hoc Reporting Inventory Returns Development
- Human Resources
Capital Acquisition Admin Support for - General
Request (CAR) COGS FTW Transmission Finance & IT Manager Expense Reports Training
- IT
Reconciliation and ESSBase Reports Expense Template Travel Arrangements -
Reporting and Distribution Development for Finance & IT Finance Pension Plan Compliance
Gen. Liability Insur. - Scientific Affairs
Review of Obsolescence Sales Flash Common Costs Certficiate from FTW - Health Registrat. KPMG Financial Revisions
Organize Dept. - Quality Assurance
Journal Entries Ad Hoc Queries COGS Meetings/Minutes - Service KPMG Pension
Monthly Financial Stmts and Expense Planning for Intranet Publishing for - Materials Mgmt. Internal Corporate
Depreciation Calculations Schedules to FTW Business Partners Finance/Policy Sites
Board of Directors: - Logistics
- Operations Compliance
Budget Development: Sales Reconciliation - Customer
- Demo and Transmission Inventory -Minutes/Resolutions Service Fort Worth Audit
- Machinery&Equipment Schedule Due Dates/ - Contract Admin.
Furniture & Fixtures
Equipment Responsibilities Depreciation Corporate Data Sheet - Events Planning Cycle Counts
-Loaner Pool Narrative for Business Corporate Provincial - Common Cost
Partners and COGS Samples Annual Returns
- Leaseholds MOH Reporting and Floral Arrangements, ie Ad Hoc Audits EHT,
-CMA Monitoring Payroll bereavement,sickness WCB, etc.
Vacation Schedule for
STATS Canada Survey Demo/CMA Fixed Assets Finance SOX Audits

Inventory Transmission Training & Development Distribution of Mail

- COGS Presentation Binders Records Retention
- All Sales Reserves Departmental
Business Partners Calculations Announcements

Schedule Preparation

Presentation Files

Accounts Payable

Review & Follow-up on

A/P Invoices Confirming Inter-company Statements
Investigate and Request Stop
Payment with Bank Legal Invoices to FTW Legal for Approval
Check invoices, cheque reqs, for:
Respond to Internal and External Queries
- GOA; Account Alloc.; Taxes &
Purchase Orders Inter-Company Netting (Nestle)

Approval of Cheque Runs Set-up & Maintain E-Merge Software EFT

Print and Mail Cheques and EFT
Notifications Investigate Uncashed Cheques
Verification of Approvals within GOA for
3-Way Matching (Inventory) inventory purchases:
inventory purchases
Type US Cheques
Process US$ Wire Payments on
TD On-line Review Payments
Reconcile & Maintain:
Filing - Prepayment Account

Unmatched Inventory Receipts - Sporting Events

Accrual - Seasons Tickets

Collections Business
Reconciliations Reporting Credit Contracts Budget
Customer Accounts Partnership

Customer Contact G/L Reconcilitation Between Month End A/R Liaise w/FTW &
(phone, fax, e-mail) to A/P & A/R Reconciliation
Month End Reports: Credit Applications Local Legal Counsel A/R Balances Refractive
collect outstanding - Run ATB Stmts Review & Amend
balances Investigate Discrepancies - Disc Stmt/Write Off contracts (Refract., Balance Sheet
Between A/R & G/L Stmt Order Release Commercial) Support Information
Liaise w/Third Party Customer Account Month End Report: DSO (Days Sales
Collection Agencies Reconciliations on DSO & A/R Balance Credit Reviews Co-Op Scandowns: Outstanding)
Review & Approve Deduction & Pay-
Investigate and Resolution Reserve Report Over ment Management
of Customer Issues 90 Days Comments Credit Determination Bad Debt Reserve
Reforecast Bad Debt Payment Terms Per
Cheque Requests and A/R Balances Customer
Buying Group
Initiate Credits/Debits Statement/Rebate

Customer Queries

Cash Applications Treasury

EFT Transfer US Funds to Cdn Account

Credit Card Payments Bank Modification Forms to FTW

Incoming Lockbox Receipts Bank Liaison

Adjustments to Cust.Accts Cash Flow Forecasting

Bank Info. Balances Daily

PMSI (Purchase Money Security Interests)

Lock Box Cheques:

- Photocopied
- Couriered to TD Bank

Upside Contract
Business Support Administration Reporting Vendor Contracts
Management System

Monitoring of Sales and - Contract Local Reporting FTW Reporting Type Confidentiality Set-up &Maintenance
Expenses Admin & CMS Agreements Vendor Sls Contracts
Proper Signatures for Commentary on Sales, PRP Reconciliations Liaise w/FTW Legal Follow-up on CMS
ESSBase Support quotes (IRIS) & RFP Daily Sales Reports Martketing & Dir.Selling, and Reports on contract queries Ticklers w/ACI staff
Expenses for P&L
Financial Analysis & System Maintenance, ie Follow-up w/ ACI Forward Signed
Support to Sales & LAN, IRIS PMPRB Reporting (Gov't) Volume Compliance staff re contract Contracts to CMS
Marketing teams Account status
Testing SALSA audit Prep. & Submission of
software SMT Balanced Scorecard Monthly Forecasts Capitative Accounts
Co-Op and Scandown Reporting SALSA errors to Sls Narr.Co-ordination, Contract
Process Management IT PRP Monthly Reconcil. Prep & Submission Reconciliation:
and reconciliation Item Master data entry & Reporting Cycle/Service Reforecast Templates - CPPI
branch plant set-ups Count Results Creation - PRP
- Cap.
Corporate Policy Enforce- Reporting Support for: - Rebates
ment & Education Sales; Materials & CA
Monthly Sales
Finance Balanced

Budget Commissions IOL Audits

Consolidated Reports Commission Plan

Development & Completion Development Consignment Audits
Setting Con. Levels using
Annual Budget Coordination Commission Payment Review MOH Data
Contents: Templates, Reconciling Errors (billing write
Sales File Development preparation & completion offs)
Budget Presentation File
Preparation Tracing Results and Reporting

User Training & Support

CMA Forecasting
P/C Revenue Flow


Custom Pak & Post

RFP's Non Custom Pak CPPI Contracts Other (Applies to All Types)

Send to FTW Legal for Custom Pak/Pok Consignment Sales Reconciliations and Miscellaneous Set-ups Rebates
Review Development Report Preparation
Review Bid Present Consignment Quote, Financial Enforcement of Customer Service & Circulate Approvals for
Opportunities on Web Costing & Pricing Contract to Account Analysis Manual Invoices Pricing Guidelines Sales Support Payout
Tender Preparation Track Signed Contracts Send to FTW for Contract review, ie Data Entry: Groups; Calculate Rebate
and Submission Samples/Prototype in Data Base Legal Review Credit Preparation expiration date PRP; Non-PRP,etc. Amount
Run Consignment Non Pak Quote Rep. Support: PAK; Contract Level Clean Adj. Entries to DR or
AWD List Quotes Reports Preparation Physical Inventory POK; PRP; CPPI Up (Global Model) CR Rebate Accounts
Contact Sls to review Award Listing & PRP Financial Review & Monthly Reserve
document & request Build Initiation Set-up Analysis , App. of (Accruals)
IRIS Submission for Expired Contract Quotes and Paks Run JDE reports and
quote JDE Set-up Maintenance CA's
Coordination of
Pak: Equipment Billing
- Mass Replace
- Process Changes Equipment Credits
Contract Set-up & sent
to Customer

Why do we answer stock level & production Not receiving new product info/$/strategy on a
questions pak? Should be Materials! timely basis for real analysis quote preparation