Christmas Message for Kid·s Church

´The Frightened Shepherdsµ
Scripture: And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:13-14 Materials: Baby doll, puppets (Teacher ± MP, and girl - GP), Large cut out star (blue), child¶s picture Scripture Reading for Teacher: Luke 2:1-19 Decorations: String Christmas lights around the room and dim the overhead lights for a nice effect. Place some artificial trees around the room. Dress like a shepherd as you tell the story.

Skit: GP: Please, may I have the part of the shepherd? MP: Let me think about it. I have already asked Jerrod, Chris, and Matthew to be shepherds. GP: They got to do it last year. I never get to be a shepherd. MP: We will see. Remember the last shepherd who got sick during the shepherd¶s song? I heard you missed school three days last week.

GP: But I am all well now ± don¶t you see? MP: What makes the shepherd part so important to you? We do have a need for a Wiseman. GP: I want to guard the sheep. MP: So you like sheep? GP: Not really, they are stupid, but I like to make them baa. Baa, baa, baa! MP: Maybe you should considering being a sheep then. GP: I want to be a shepherd, because you get to use a staff on them and hook them if they do not listen to you. MP: Why would you want to do that? GP: I want to hook James; he did it to me last year when I was a sheep. MP: So that is what this is all about. You want to get even with James. Will that give you peace doing that? GP: Well«« MP: I did not think so. What about you and James both being sheep this year and see who can out-baaa the other. GP: No way«.he can¶t out-baaa me! I¶ll tell you that right now. Baaaa, baaaaa! MP: Hmmm! I think you two will make great sheep. How about it? GP: Great«..just great! Baaaaa, baaaa, baaaaa (Exit)

Lesson The Shepherds It was a very dark night in the fields as the shepherds were watching the sheep. They were guarding them from any harm that might come to them. It was a lonely job, and one that most people did not want to do. This was not considered to be a very good job because the people thought that

shepherds were bad people. They did not keep all the rules established by the officials in cleanliness. There were so many rules that were difficult to keep up with them all. It would rob a person of all their peace trying to keep up with all the rules. Night after night they guarded these sheep. This was the only job they could do because the people in the city did not want them around. They did not trust the shepherds nor think very highly of them. They kept mostly to themselves. They were considered lowly and not very respectable. One night as they were walking back and forth checking on all the sheep they heard some singing. ³Where on earth was it coming from? There were no radios out there. And they were too from town to hear the music there.´ Looking left to right and all around they looked up and gasped in fear and awe. Up high in the sky was a whole choir singing. They looked like angels all dressed in white. One angel stood out among the rest and seemed to be a little closer. The shepherds fell to the ground in fear of such a sight and covered their heads. ³This must be the end of the world. We must be in big trouble for angels to come us,´ they thought. ³What have we done wrong? ³ But though their amazement the one angel spoke and said, ³Don¶t be frightened; we have some good news for you.´ ³Good news, this does not sound good at all. Why no one wants anything to do with us ± we are not good enough.´ But the angel continued, ³This very day a special baby had been born. He is Christ the Lord.´ ³Yikes! You mean the Christ that everyone has been talking about for years. He is born«..HERE? But wait..What is that the angle is saying now?´ ³You will find the baby dressed in clothes a lying in a manger of hay.´ Suddenly it seemed like there were hundreds of angels singing so loudly that it filled the sky and night air. The sheep even seemed to be in awe and wonder. The angels sang, ³Gloria to God in the highest in on earth peace to all men.´ Then the angles disappeared as if they had never been there. ³This must have been a dream´ the shepherds thought. ³Why, where did they go?´ The shepherds stared a one another in awe mingled with fear and excitement.

³What are we waiting for? Let¶ go!´ They took off leaving the bewildered sheep all alone, and hurried to find the new baby the Christ Child They begin praising God in their joy of such news and told everyone the message about the Christ child being born. ³The Christ child is born..angels told us so!´ Boys and girl, God wants us to tell others about the good news of his salvation. He wants us to share what Jesus had done for us in our hearts. We can invite our friends to church, and live like Jesus would want us to at school, in our hones, and around other family members. If Jesus lives in our hearts we have something to be joyful about. Share that joy with others. Memory Verse: «.. Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:13-14 Teacher: Let¶s all say the memory verse together. Write one word each of the verse on a single star. Mix the stars all up and have the kids put in correct order. Alternative: Distribute the stars (having one word of the verse on each star) and when you say ³GO´: have the kids stand in the correct order. Say the verse all together aloud. Repeat this exercise until you have done this several times. Craft time: Provide each child a piece of blue construction paper cut in the shape of a large star. Cut out a small place to place a picture of themselves and glue to the back. Write on the star, ³(Their name) will be a light for Jesus´ Snack: Star cookies. Allow the children to icing their own cookie. Serve with lime pop topped with a spoonful of sherbet ice-cream. Extra Drama: Allow the kids to act out the story of the shepherds, angels and sheep as you read the story for a second time. © December, 2010. All rights reserved. Rev. Jeanne McIntosh.

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