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M amaphiles #4 : Raising Hell is the

latest issue by zinester parents who
collaborate on the Mamaphiles
Project. This 118 page bound zine includes
From the oldest living generation
To the youngest
It is taught.
seasoned contributors from past Mamaphiles Passed down.
issues and those new to the project (Check Like a hereditary disease.
out Mamaphiles: #1 ‘Birth,’ #2 ‘Cutting MEDIA MATTERS
the Cord,’ and #3 ‘Coming Home’). Mind-killing
The writers (and artists) interpreted Heart-infecting pathogen December 2010 VOL. 8 NO. 7
what Raising Hell meant to them in regards Which in turn
to parenting. Many topics were explored Infects sentences, whole conversations
including: collective living, protesting with So much in dominates voice & emotion.
children, abuse, detention at an Israeli airport
in Tel Aviv, and poetry, just to name a few.
If your not Christian, “I AM BEING RAPED AGAIN”
You are the enemy.
Raising Hell inspires you, If your not Black,
uplifts you, drops you. ow can I be a rape ‘survivor’ if I back and then spread her labia.”
Your the enemy. have to continue to go through the If the strip search wasn’t humiliating
Parts are heartbreaking
and sad, but all of it The door stays closed motions over and over? I am being enough, adding the labia lift has caused
is thought-provoking. If you have the wrong colour. Raped Again!! How many times should I more emotional stress for many inmates—
If you’re a zinester Anyone who doesn’t have to go through this? I haven’t survived especially those with past sexual abuse and
parent and interested in Look like you shouldn’t be trusted. shit! I am still suffering! If I refuse to do this trauma. Twelve inmates wrote letters to
contributing to future Especially if they procedure, I will be written up... This refusal press explaining the labia lift in an effort to
Mamaphiles, check out Have blue eyes & and fair skin.
would cost me the apartment program and put pressure on the Colorado Department
http://www.mamaphiles. my 8-year-old son would not be able to stay of Corrections (DOC) to stop this type
The other name for “opponent” the night with me ever again.” of search. The inmates are aware of the
com and http://www. Is White in most my family. necessity of strip searches in prison, however
To order your copy of Mamaphiles —letter from inmate in DWCF
Yesterday’s victims “DOC” ON PAGE SIX
#4: Raising Hell, visit http://www. or snail mail at: Confluence Are todays carriers In January of 2010, the
Media Collective P.O. Box 186 Grand Of race hate. Denver Women’s Correctional
Junction, CO 81502. ($5-7 sliding scale, Their doctrine, ethnic self-defence. Facility (DWCF) implemented
wholesale and consignment available).• Like a hereditary disease a new search procedure called
Passed down
the ‘labia lift.’ The following
is a description given by
It is taught an inmate that entails what
To the youngest the strip search includes:
From the oldest living generation.• “To strip naked, show the
inside of your mouth, shake out
CA L L T O AC T I O N your hair, lift your breasts, feet
and fat rolls, turn away from
The Red Pill is looking for volunteers: graphic designers,
the officer, grab and spread
writers, poets, cartoonists, artists, and photographers are
your butt cheeks, bend over and
needed. Get your work published now. Help distribute
cough hard enough to flex, then
The Red Pill in your community, church, and school:
relax the muscles inside your
contact us at You can also do
vagina has been the “norm” and
your part to keep us in print by donating time, paper,
expected strip search... Female
film, copies, and of course money (it doesn’t print itself).
inmates are now to spread the
labia, lift the hood and expose
the clitoris. This step has been
labeled the “labia lift.” The
inmate may be asked to do this
while bending over after she has
Cardboard Cut-out Commandos
coughed, or to turn around and
The Red Pill is collectively produced by Confluence Media
lift one leg onto a chair to be
Commandeer Corrupt
Collective, with the aim of publishing stories and ideas
able to “widen” herself more,
that the mainstream media won’t cover. It is distributed
or to sit (on a toilet or a chair
Corporation’s Compound free, collects no advertising, and is completely staffed by
NAKED) and spread herself or
9.25.10 • 631 S. 9th Street
volunteers. All materials are copyleft, no rights are reserved.
to stand up and move her feet
apart, leaning her shoulders

#5 “Keeping
Disorderly House” balloons—illegal; a pick-up football
game in the park—quite possibly illegal. A merica no longer cares about the Bill
of Rights—the first ten Amendments
to the Constitution. The majority of
the American public no longer cares about
average citizen than the right of the people
to be secure in their person, houses, papers
and effects against unreasonable searches
and seizures. Joe Six-pack, Joe the Plumber,
“It shall be unlawful for any person to
knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly keep
#2 “Camping Without a Permit”
their rights in the same way or the same order
that they have in the past. The order of the
amendments is part of the problem. These
Joe Blow and all the other average Joes
believe if someone has nothing to hide they
shouldn’t mind police rifling through their
any disorderly house, which term is defined amendments have remained static for over 200 belongings. They believe this as it pertains
as any structure and/or adjoining property “No person shall camp, park a motor years. This is no longer the American way, not to others, the homeless, the poor, foreigners,
or both which is used, owned, kept or vehicle, trailer or camper on riverfront in this 21st century. Tradition is dead, stability Muslims, radicals, etc. They (the Joes) believe
controlled by such person within this City lands or trails, with the intention or for the is stagnation and stagnation, in a consumer this amendment, as well as the fifth, protects
upon or within which any drinking of alcohol purpose of camping, unless such is by the driven nation, is death. Popular as it may be, terrorists and child molesters. They believe
by a person under the age of 21, quarrelling, authority of a camping permit issued by the the first amendment is no longer number one. this because for most of them the chance of
fighting or riotous or disorderly conduct is Department of Parks and Recreation of the Despite fears on the left of a monopoly this right being violated are slim. Now, let
permitted, allowed, occasioned, encouraged City of Grand Junction. Possession of a valid of corporate control of the mass media and the police start searching them, randomly
or suffered.” camping permit shall authorize the use of fears on the right that liberal Democrats will stopping their cars, indiscriminately tapping
the riverfront lands attempt to muzzle Rush, Hanity, O’Riley and their phones, and the fourth amendment would
This law is overly and trails subject all the other far right yap dogs of the airways. become a much more popular amendment.
vague, and is to the terms Despite this partisan posturing, despite the More people have voted for an American
used to target and conditions plethora of bloggers, tweeters and texters, Idol than have voted for Presedent of these
young people imposed thereon gridlocked on the information highway. United States . Because of this, I propose
especially college by the Director The American public has become instead of a Bill of Rights we institute “
students. One or his designee. ambiguent on the first amendment. With America ’s Top 40 Amendments©” This would
cranky neighbor and anyone can thirty percent resentful of the amendments work similar to the way the rankings in college
end up being charged with this one. Doesn’t seem that unreasonable, until prohibition of the establishment of football are designed. Certain amendments
you realize that the Parks and Recreation religion, and thirty percent resentful of would not be allowed to fall below the top
Department does not issue permits for the amendment’s protection of the right 20 (the 13th for instance), in the same way
#4 “Drinking of Alcoholic Beverages
in Public Ways” 12.16.100
camping on the riverfront. This is a
double bind. How can you be charged
with camping without a permit when
to free exercise thereof, the remaining 40
percent are apathetically agnostic in regards
to establishment or free exercise. Among
Notre Dame retains its ranking despite poor
performance. This proposal would encourage
participation in the democratic process. People
camping permits do not exist? This one these are the uninterested and the under could root for their favorite right, vote online
“It shall be unlawful for any person to obviously targets people without houses informed who do not read books, newspapers for the sexiest freedom, bet on the next week’s
possess or drink any malt, vinous, or that are forced to live anywhere they can. or periodicals that do not parrot their top three amendments, even buy t-shirts
spirituous liquors in the City, in or on preconceived opinions. The first amendment jackets and caps “Go-VI Amendment- Speedy
any public street, road, highway, park has definitely dropped a few places in the polls. Trials Rock!” Like the college bowl system,
or public way which is either publicly or
privately owned and used by the public...” #1 “Public meetings and parades”
The right to bear arms is moving
up the charts with a bullet.
The third amendment
this plan might require some adjustments.
If this plan becomes
popular, and I believe it will
Another vague law, this one is used to is the Bill of Rights’ (more people watch sports
target houseless people. The kicker is “It shall be unlawful to hold any outdoor red headed step child. on ESPN than watch
that mere possession of alcohol in public meeting on public property to which the Most people couldn’t Congress on CNN),
is illegal. How does a person without general public is invited or permitted to tell you what it this blending of civics
a car get a twelve pack home from the attend, addressed by one or more speakers, or says and for good and popular culture
liquor store, without breaking the law? conduct a processional parade, unless a permit reason. It has never could be expanded.
for such event has been issued by the City.” become necessary I’m thinking of a
to enforce, and if the reality TV show from
#3 “Throwing Stones,
Missiles” 9.04.060
Other If the right to peacefully assemble is
guaranteed by the first amendment of the
Constitution, why do people need to ask
troops are ever quartered
in private homes, whether
in time of peace or war, this
competitors try to get

voted off the island. Just some

permission to assemble? Luckily, the City amendment will become moot. The Republic random thought from an American Idle.•
It shall be unlawful for any person to of Grand Junction doesn’t enforce this code. will have fallen and judicial writs are no
throw any stone or other missile upon Numerous local groups from the anti-war match for modern military fire power, thus
or at any building, whether occupied group A Voice of Reason to Housing First! the acendity of the second amendment. From Sean McNeil’s latest
or unoccupied, or at any motor vehicle, No More Deaths! have often and willfully It is a sad fact that the fourth amendment,
awning or other public or private property violated this law and the police have never collection of stories “Change is
like the football program at Syracuse, has
in a manner to injure such property, made it an issue. The danger exists though fallen out of the top ten entirely. The right to Gonna Come” available from
or upon or at any person whomsoever. that this law can be used in the future to watch NFL home games on TV, even if the Confluence Media Collective.
suppress the people’s first amendment rights.• game is not a sell out, or the liberty to make
Snowball fights—Illegal; Water a right turn on red, are more important to the
and various blogs), has a petition
adding the labia lift as a standard part of the
search, without suspicions of smuggling
anything, has caused PTSD symptoms in
many women who are sexual abuse survivors.
requesting this procedure no longer be used
and on August 23th, the ACLU wrote a
letter to Ari Zavaras, executive director of
the DOC, asking the DOC to halt these types
was posted outside the grocery

store and just about every other business

hired because he has poor and weak lungs.
This is an attempt to describe the
ideology of the rural area of Nucla, Naturita
and Paradox. I mentioned the Uranium
Because the strip search is required for of searches. There has yet to be a response
all visitations (including attorneys), many from Zavaras regarding their request. in Nucla, Colorado last time I visited. Compensation fund to my dad, and he
women have refused visitation in an effort These are a few of the things expressed that he is too strong to ask for
to avoid being searched. It’s a hard decision For more information, to that I know about uranium mining. help. He’s ashamed to ask for help from
to make because they want to stay in contact read ACLU’s letter, or to sign the Capitalism. Profits, big profits. anyone, even if they wronged him in the past.
with their families, and having family petition, visit the links below. Higher quality of life. “My dad has work.” My point is that they know. The locals
support while in prison lessens the rate Economic booms. Jobs. Higher population. know the dangers. Anyone over the age of forty
of recidivism, but many can’t go through Less poverty. A stronger community. in Nucla/Naturita/Paradox knows or knows
this search without having flashbacks Zavaras_ACLU_8-23-10.pdf Toxicity. Lung cancer. Damaged of someone who died due to their occupation
of their sexual attacks and attackers. aquifers. Rivers running red or yellow, not in uranium. But they also know the extreme
In addition to the scant media attention blue, green and brown. Lower quality of life. poverty the rural area experiences everyday.
this issue has gotten (see Boulder Weekly view/colorado_prisoners_forced_ “My dad has cancer.” Economic busts. Loss They know that there are members of their
July 15, 2010, Denver News May 24, 2010 to_spread_labia_for_cavity_search of local farms. Loss of life. Loss of earth. community who do not know how they are
The former list I learned from my going to feed their children tomorrow night.
hometown of Nucla, Colorado, the latter They know that the small community they love
TROOPERS FACE CHARGES FOR SHOOTING from my college education and involvement
in radical movements. To stand at a town-
and will never leave could become the next
Uravan —nonexistent. And this scares them.
UNARMED MAN IN HIS HOME hall-style hearing and speak out against the They “hate Telluride.” They fear

destruction of our mother is not an easy task intellectualism, and groups like the Sheep
wo Colorado State Troops have breaking into a person’s home and shooting for a former local. They say insanity is trying Mountain Alliance. They fear any threat
been indited by a Grand Jury for the them. Lawyer’s most serious charge in 2nd the same thing over and over while expecting to their way of life, to their well being.
July 20th shooting of Jason Kemp Degree Assault, not 1st Degree Burglary or different results. But the community which Any attack on the mill is viewed as an
in his own home, as officers were forcing 2nd Degree Murder or even manslaughter. produced me and my former ideologies attack on the community’s quality of
entry into his house. The two troopers Let’s hope they get the max and a is participating in just that. Mine, mill, life—as an attack on their very existence.
Gene Lawyer and Kirk Firko have been message of accountability is sent to law then move on, jobless and desperate. Some view the Colorado Environmental
charged with less than would be normal for enforcement throughout the Valley.• About four years ago, I interviewed Coalition and the Sheep Mountain Alliance
the museum curator in Naturita, Colorado. as a threat. Some even view the locals (land

EVENT Calendar
I was doing a media project for school on owners and organic farmers) in Paradox
the coming uranium boom, and had an ‘in’ Valley organizing against the mill as a threat.
being from Nucla. The woman, middle aged, They view anyone who is thinking twice
sweet, and sympathetic to my concerns, was about a uranium mill in Paradox Valley
well aware of the toxic nature of uranium as backward thinking and threatening.
Housing First! No More Deaths! meets to devise attention! mining. She told me she has lost family
members from exposure to radon. She told
“Almost everyone here was here when
uranium mining was happening, and when
creative grassroots solutions to homelessness, and
prevent homeless related deaths. The Red Pill has been in print now for almost eight me that Uravan was home to her at one the industry went away, the jobs went
Whitman Park, Grand Junction years. But more and more it has become a hard to time. She told me that the river would run away. The response from citizens has been
come up with enough supplies, submissions, and different colors, red, orange and yellow, and favorable. People definitely know what’s
EVERY SUNDAY • 12pm volunteers to keep the Red Pill in print. the kids, in the now ghost town, would swim proposed. It’s the subject everywhere you
Get Involved with The Red Pill in it without a thought of danger or toxicity. go on the streets around here,” former
For more info: 245-3720 We need your help. Lets make The Red Pill the During this same project, I also mayor Roxy Allex was quoted as saying.
alternative paper this town needs. So how do we stand against something
EVERY SATURDAY • 5:00PM interviewed the owner of a few small
contact us:
Solidarity Not Charity meets at Whitman Park to serve uranium mines in the area. He was in his that almost everyone in the community at
Really Free Food. Without new and/or renewed efforts The Red Pill will fifties, graying, and spoke with confidence. hand supports one hundred and fifty percent?
For more info: 245-3720 cease to exist. He claimed that people just didn’t know the How do we show that we do not wish to hurt
dangers back then, during the last boom. people, we wish people would stop hurting
ALL WINTER • 12am-6am He named a few of his friends that he lost to our earth? We need to act on this issue. We
Help save lives with the Housing First! No More uranium mining, friends that my dad (who need to show the locals how the uranium
Deaths’ Night Patrols. industry creates a lower quality of life, not
Volunteers Needed
accompanied me on the interview) also knew.
But he was confident that the environmental a higher quality. The industry causes an
regulations and other regulations were more impoverished existence during the busts, and
RED PILL LOCATIONS than safe now-a-days. And boy, did it cost him the lives of so many lost loved ones. We need
a lot of money to comply with new standards. to find sustainable solutions to rural poverty,
You can pick up your copy of The Red Pill at the following locations: Planet 9, Planet Earth, The Hot
My father worked in uranium mines avoiding “boom & bust” industries. We need to
Tomato, Kleen Sting, Roasted, Contemporary Glass Works, Orr’s Trading Post, Coffee Muggers, Triple support existing sustainable industries in the
before he had kids. I attempt to talk to him
Play Records, Dream Child Entertainment. about it but he says only minimally what he region like organic farming. But most of all,
Download the Red Pill at: did. When applying for a job when I was we must put our earth first and stop this mill.•
Become our friend on @ in middle school, my dad was almost not

Leaking barrels of chemicals, stores across Wyoming, under

open bags of clearly marked toxic the name Homax. Homer’s
chemicals eroding in the elements, Wyoming holdings have had
vats of chemicals without lids, numerous environmental and
clearly discolored soil, and half hazardous waste violations.
a pallet of unidentified chemical The activists who took
severely weathered. Sodium Nitrite, these photos have tried to pass
Isopropyl Alcohol, amongst other them on to many in the local
un-or-undertested chemicals related media and have reported the
to the natural gas industry sit and rot violations to the appropriate state
at a long abandoned property just and local agencies. Nothing.
south of the tracks on 9th Street near They have given them to the
downtown Grand Junction, and also Red Pill as a last resort to get the
very close to the Colorado River. information out.
Dates on some containers have a
shipping date of 2006.
Who’s responsible? The
property is owned by Homer Brothers
LLC, a front company that took over
the property from ConocoPhillips in
December of 2007. Homer Brothers
is owned by Darin Homer, owner of a
chain of ConocoPhillips convenience