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Category: AU Mirror Universe Rating: R Pairing: Storm/McGuire Summary: Storm and McGuire have a meeting. Warnings: Language Betas: Disclaimer: Not making any money this is just me having fun and playing in the Mirror Universe. AN: With graciousness, I was able to ‘borrow’ one Sgt E. ‘Mac’ McGuire. Sgt McGuire is Copyright © 2001-2010 Stigmartyr762, All rights reserved. My works are registered by My Free
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It’s a rare moment when the whole team is assembled in the armory. Everyone is laughing, joking, and engaged in banter of some sort with the occasional jibe and barb pointed in my direction as I work on a plasma rifle. And since I’m the only NCO in a group of Officers everyone likes to try and push my buttons. They know I won’t respond to their verbal jibes so they all get a big laugh out of it. Standing in the doorway to her office leaning against the door frame Lt Commander Storm watches her team relax as she enjoys her coffee. I can’t help smiling as I feel a certain sense of accomplishment as I look at the members of my team only to feel that smile slip from my face as my eyes fall upon Sgt McGuire. I watch him work on his weapon, his back to me, ignoring the verbal barbs directed at him by the other members of the team. I can’t deny his skill and ability and in the short time he’s been aboard Enterprise he’s amassed more kills than the entire team combined. His attitude though is infuriating. The way he looks down on everyone, myself included. And to add to my irritation he hasn't carried or used any of the blades I made for him. I don’t know if they don’t meet his standards or what, but it really annoys the hell outta me that he hasn't even thanked me for my

efforts. ‘I’m going to slowly kill the asshole who thought it’d be funny to spread glue on the hand grips of my rifle.’ Sgt McGuire fumes silently as he cleans the sticky resin covering his weapon making sure that it’s still operational. ‘The list of assholes who would do something this stupid is short so it seems they didn’t learn their lesson the last time. Guess I need to remind them why it’s not a good idea to screw with my gear. Of course that means Admiral Snippybritch’s going to have a hissy fit when I start the terror campaign up again. At least this didn’t happen during combat operations.’ Watching him work even bugs me. It’s like he has no room for anything even remotely fun and Goddess only knows what construes for fun in his book or if he’s even capable of relaxing. Taking a final drink from her coffee mug. Briana sets her mug down and starts across the room intent on having it out with her unruly Sergeant once and for all. The playful banter of her team falls almost silent as they watch their commanding officer stride purposefully towards her surly NCO. ‘Judging from how quiet its become and the sounds of dainty footfalls approaching me, I sense Lt Commander Storm is about to chew me out for something again.’ It’s a good thing my back is to her. It would only anger her further to see me smile at her approach. Upon finishing up his diagnostic check of his weapon Mac closes it up ensuring the exterior is spotless before securing it back on the weapons rack next to his work bench. ‘At least it wasn’t my personal weapon that was pranked.’ Turning around to face Storm, “How can I be of service Ma’am?” ‘I hate him when he does that!’ Briana suppresses her urge to growl at him even when he’s not in trouble. “I couldn’t help but notice that everyone on the team is wearing one of the daggers I made except for you. You continue to carry that huge ugly bowie knife I specifically ordered you not to carry anymore. Not to mention, it’s not regulation. You care to explain to me why that is?” “First off Ma’am! I’m not going to stop carrying my huge ugly bowie knife because it offends your sense of aesthetics. Slapping my hand hard against the bowie knife for emphasis I turn to face Lt Commander Storm full on. “It’s an integral part of

my kit and I’m not getting rid of it.” A growl rumbles up from my deep within. ‘My sense of aesthetics?’ “You arrogant ass!” ‘Dammit! This is not how I wanted this to start. Now he’s full on combative and it’s taking all of my will to calm down and not tear his head off, and considering his speed and at this distance it’d more than likely be me who has her head torn off.’ The team sits in tense silence as they watch wondering if Briana and McGuire will come to blows as they stand facing each other. Lt Imara looks sideways at Lt Norman Bright elbowing him to get his attention whispering in a hushed tone. “We need to take Mac out before he has a chance to harm Bri.” Lt. Norman Bright looks at Lt Imara from out of the corner of his eye shaking his head slightly whispering. “No...he’s to close to Bri. We might hit her by accident.” Mac turns his attention from Briana to his teammates staring at them daring them to try something stupid. ‘Please give me an excuse. PLEASE!’ Recognising that look in Mac’s eyes, I turn to face the team and wave my hands slightly, “Everyone calm down, lets not jump the gun here. We’re having a conversation, that’s all nothing more.” Turning back, I ask, “Sergeant, just a conversation, correct?” ‘Norman, Imara, relax. I’m fine,’ I send to my friends. As Mac turns his head back towards Briana his eyes are the last to leave the group sitting at the break table before finally focusing his attention fully back to Briana relaxing his stance slightly, “Yes, we’re having a conversation.” “Good, nice to know. So it’s integral to your kit, even though, it’s not standard issue. Like the rest of your kit. Right?” Softening my voice, and trying to smile, not smirk at him. Relaxing a little further sensing her tone, I still keep my hand on the pommel of my bowie knife instead of my M-33. “The standard issue daggers can’t and don’t stand up to the punishment I put most of my gear through and as for the rest of

my kit. Even though my weapons look standard issue each one has been modified. Case in point my phase rifle.” Mac walks over to his locker keying in the security code opening it up and pulling the weapon out for Briana’s inspection. “As you can see I’ve made few changes, the most obvious is the removal of the front vertical grip and replacing it with a grenade launcher. Other changes include improved holographic targeting sights as well as increased power output when I pull the trigger. My M-33 has been modified as well. I know everyone is now carrying the new Phase pistol so sue me for balking at carrying it. Besides my plasma pistol has the power output of a plasma rifle. Want to try them out?” Relaxing my stance, listening to him, nodding at the appropriate places. “You’re willing to let me test fire it?” I know the team can hear the surprise in my voice. “I can sign off on them, and then they would be considered standard issue for you as a member of my team. You’d finally be following one of my orders, ‘for once.’” ‘I still don’t know why he isn’t carrying one of the daggers I made for my team? Probably not up to his high standards. I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to modify my weapons. Must. not. shove. him. out. of. airlock.’ “If I may be so bold, what brought this on, Ma’am? Your normally not a stickler about my gear. You always see what I’m loading into to my kit for whatever mission we’re undertaking, so what’s going on?” ‘Somethings bugging you. What’s going on?’ Rolling my shoulders, and holding back the urge to exhale loudly, I look directly into his eyes, “No. I’m not, Sergeant. However, it would appear that I’m not doing my job correctly. Allowing certain individuals free reign.” I look back over at the team, who has gone silent. “Therefore, if you want to continue to carry your kit of multiple weapons that you’ve modified, I will sign off on them, after testing them. For the good of the Empire, I need to ensure that your weapons fire correctly. For the safety of your life, Sergeant. I need to ensure they do it every single time. Are we clear about that? Because I will NOT be standing in front of the Major again, for your lack of ability to follow my orders. Understand?” My claws silently slide out. ‘I’m so glad I can keep a straight face in front of Storm. She’s just to cute when

she starts getting mad like this.’ Nodding in agreement with what Briana is saying. Alright, I can agree with what you’re saying and as a master armorer I can appreciate your wanting to make sure the equipment being used is safe. You can personally inspect my kit and weapons and I’ll even provide you with full technical specs of what I’ve done to each one.” Smirking at his smugness, and trying not to faint as he’s agreeing with me. “Are you saying, you’re a Master Armorer, or that I am? Because you would be right with the latter. I do have the training, and I have submitted my own weapons designs to Research & Development, Sergeant. You’ll what? Let me read your full specs? Are you feeling alright?” ‘Malcolm would faint if he heard this, he might just be, if he’s watching the feeds. I didn’t turn them off, just in case I needed a little collateral leverage.’ “I’m a master armorer with a class A rating and I own several weapon pattens as well as submitted several designs to R&D for approval in my last unit.” ‘She must want to throttle me something fierce right about now judging from the way her tail is swishing from side to side.’ ‘Must not shove his head into a bulk-head. Oh if only he would work with me. We could be so dangerous together. But no...he’s a maverick or some such nonsense. I can feel Norman’s annoyance listening to him too. ~Norman, we must behave, and not pounce on him at the same time. However...~’ Stifling the urge to giggle and school my non-verbals, “Really? Class A, nice. Are those designs also classified, along with your last duty unit? Any clue on biological weaponry, and if so, why haven’t I heard about them? Oh right, I’m the one that came up with that design. You might want to remember Sergeant. I’m the one in charge here. Your weapons are fine, mine keep this ship safe. Remember that the next time you’re on the bridge. My cannons!” ‘Damn him! He can make me so mad, I sound like...oooh! I just wanna...oooh!’ Growls low in throat. “Some of them are classified but the majority of them are designed for the individual soldier and the squad. The biggest weapon I’ve design is a one-man portable shoulder fired plasma cannon, few explosive devices, and improvements to the load bearing harness and weapon slings. Little things that make life easier

for a ground pounder like me to survive on the battle field.” ‘What is her problem? She looks like she ready to scream and Bright boy looks like he’s about to shit himself?’ Mac secures his weapons back into his locker closing it and making sure it’s locked. ‘Of course they are...just like everything about you, you damn annoying son of a... Everything that has to do with you, is classified. I’m sick and tired of trying to find out about you. Psi Corp has given me a headache, and you’re giving me a much bigger one.’ “You know what? I think it’s time for a coffee break. No. Seriously. I need some coffee. You know Sergeant, if my armory isn’t safe enough for your weapons. Then by all means feel free to secure them where you think it is safe. And D’Augustino, get the Sergeant the portable remote controlled single-man cannon.” ‘I so want to disable the safety on it, but I won’t. I told the Captain, okay I won’t kill him. Can I torture him, seriously, Captain. Let me. Please?’ “Permission to speak freely Ma’am?” And again, I am so tempted to pounce, “Go right ahead, Sergeant. Here or in my office?” “I don’t have anything to hide, but I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t something you want to ask but can’t or won’t because I irritate the shit out of you just by crossing your field of vision. Caramel?” Mac fishes a caramel out of his pocket offering one to Briana as he unwraps one with his free hand. Laughing, “You don’t have anything to hide? Right! Your entire past is classified, Sergeant. That’s it! MY office now. And someone bring me a big ass mug of coffee, I NEED IT!” I snatch the caramel he offers to me. “Thank you, my office. Now, I won’t repeat myself again, Sergeant McGuire!” I wait for him to lead the way. Better to keep him in my sight. ‘I still can’t poke into his hardassed head. He’s a headache in more ways than one.’ “Yes Ma’am.” Mac walks over to the coffee pot to fix a mug for Briana and himself before entering her office to finally find out what’s bugging her.

I walk in and sit at my desk, accepting the mug of coffee that McGuire has placed in front of me. “Shut the door Sergeant.” ‘He’s not stupid enough to poison me in my own office, but...’ I inhale the scent, and only the aroma of coffee comes back to me. I open the drawer and pull out my stash of cream and sugar, adding it before taking a sip. And then I look at him, “So want to tell me the real reason why you’re not carrying one of the daggers I made specifically for my team?” The second Mac shuts the door to Lt Commander Storm’s office. Imara, Norman, Evermore, D’Augustino, Garatis, and Kosowski scramble as quietly as they can in their anxiousness to try and listen in on the conversation hoping to hear their boss tear apart the biggest pain in the ass they’ve ever experienced. “Why am I not carrying one of the daggers you made for the team? First off I’ve never received any of the daggers you’ve made for the team. Now I don’t know if it’s because I’m always on your shit list for one thing or another or I don’t follow along with your merry little band of sycophants who enjoy tonguing your ass regularly, hoping to win your favor I don’t know, but I do know this. I have never received a dagger other than the one I took off Davis after I finished with him. As it stands every mission I’ve gone on usually winds up with me completing the mission after all of the candy asses have turned tail and run. And I have the evidence to prove their cowardice. ” “It seems that when your around they’re all Gung ho balls to the wall doing their best to look good in front of you but when you’re not there. I’m the one with his ass in the wind completing the mission as they’re fleeing for the shuttle trying to make sure I don’t make it back. Which I always do. I can tell you one thing though, next mission we go out on and they try to pull that shit on me again and I’m going to make sure none of them make it back. I’m sick of those worthless fucks treating me as disposable!” I stand up faster than he’s quite possibly ever seen me move. I slam my hands down on the desk. And while they are in place, I use them to spring up onto my desk, in a crouching position. Growling low, “They do NOT tongue my ass! I haven’t seen any of them acting like candy asses on the After Action Reviews

I have watched. And you are NOT Disposable!” ‘Dammit. I need to calm down.’ “And I will DISCIPLINE MY TEAM! NOT YOU SERGEANT!” ‘I know they heard that, I heard them all scrambling for the door to eavesdrop.’ ‘Shit! I forgot she could move that quickly. If she carried through...hell she caught me flat footed. That could have been my ass if she wanted it badly enough.’ Taking a deep breath as I stand up I open a pouch on my belt pulling out a data slug holding it up for her to see before setting it before Briana on her desk. “This is an audio and visual copy of all the missions I’ve been on with the team to date. The only mission not on that slug is the mission where you rescued me from the slavers.” I sit back down quietly watching Briana still perched upon the desk glaring and growling at me. I look down at the data disc, and then I look back at Sergeant McGuire, “So what? You didn’t believe what I said then? About you not being expendable? Why then did I come after you? Hm?” ‘Why is he recording the team? Why is he really here? Psi Corp is concerned, even Admiral Black has warned me. That one, bothers me. Admiral Ass is only worried if he’s afraid it will look/ turn bad for him. And what I know. It could be very bad for him.’ “I know I’m expendable. I’ve been told that my entire life. Twelve of my brothers and sisters learned the hard way we’re expendable...hell over three hundred members of the 313th Red Caps learned that they were expendable when we were sent to Attutaki. I have spent my entire life proving I’m the original bad penny.” ‘Three...two..., hold on, Bri listen.’ “No matter how hard people, aliens, whatever try to kill me I keep coming back. As to why you came back for me when I was held captive by the slaver? I have no idea but I am thankful you did come for me. However long it takes for this ship to get back to Earth is how long you have to put up with me.” ‘I am fighting the urge to throttle him.’ “However long it takes to get back to Earth. Hmm?” I reach up and rub my chin, mirroring what he does-that annoying gesture. “Is that it? You think that’s all I want? To put up with you? What about

the fact, you were assigned to me? You think I’m going to let you transfer now?” I growl low, tapping my claws against my boots. “I have no idea what you want. I follow your orders only to find out after I’ve completed my assigned task that you’re mad at me for not following the exact letter of the order. I’ve already sent a request to transfer to another ship and been denied. And seeing your assigned to Psi-Corp I have no doubt you’ve reported my presence to them or vice versa so I’m stuck in this snake pit for the duration. I’ll keep following your orders even though I continue to get it wrong, even though I complete the mission as ordered.” I let out a long heavy sigh which obvious rankles her something fierce seeing how her tail has fluffed out to three times its diameter. ‘Pouncing in 3,..2,..1,..let the mauling commence.’ Meanwhile in Captain Forrest’s ready room. Major Reed watches the screen not believing what his ears perceive. “What a crock of shit! I hope Briana tears his throat out!” Captain Forrest regards Major Reed with amusement. “Oh? Want to put something shiny on that?” ‘She won’t kill him. As infuriating as he is to her, she needs him and she knows it. Though she’s seriously tempted to beat the shit out of him at the moment and I can’t says that I blame her.’ Looking at Captain Forrest in surprise. “A wager? Your on sir! I’ll wager three pieces of Latinum that Briana kills his arrogant ass ridding us of this nuisance once and for all!” “Three pieces of Latinum? You holding out on me Major?” Forrest chuckles at Major Reed bravado. “Your on Major!” ‘And you’ve already lost you overconfident fool.’ ‘I look at him and I can’t resist...anymore. Orders be damned!’ I pounce on Sergeant McGuire, knocking him to the floor, and baring my fangs, allowing a mild feral mode to engage. I can feel my pupils changing as well. ‘Mean kitty, and you asked for it. YES!’ I look him in the eyes, “You were denied, because

you failed to follow the order to the letter, asking me first.” I start hitting him punctuating my next words, “You. Were. Denied. Because as annoying as you are, you are one of the best. And dammit. I need you...I mean I need that! As for Psi Corp, your hardassed head gives them and me a headache!” Punches harder, “I can’t hear you! I might be happy about that! Seeing as how I obviously annoy YOU! As to completing a mission, fine! Yes, you do that! But have you ever thought what you are doing?” I hit him again, ‘This is feeling good, but ouch, it hurts too. Damn hardassed body!’ “You act without thinking of the big picture! Sometimes Hardass subtlety works better than a...” And then my tail whacks his head, “frontal attack!” ‘OKAY! This is certainly a surprise she’s not pulling her punches. Briana unleashes a brutal barrage of punches as she yelling at me...Wait a minute did she say she needs me? I can’t tell between her yelling, me laughing, and her blows landing with increasing force. I have to say I haven’t been this excited in a long while.’ “That’s it! Let all those bad feeling out! Tell me? Are you as excited as I am right now? Thank you, Ma’am, may I have another.” ‘Oh yeah I’m going to be walking funny after that punch to my kidney.’ In the Captain’s ready room Major Reed is jumping up and down like an over caffeinated monkey yelling encouragements as Briana lands every blow while Captain Forrest howls with laughter at the scene unfolding on his monitor. ‘He’s laughing while I’m beating him. And what was that? Excited...damn...I am. Excited to be finally beating him...annoying, hardassed, oh those eyes. Stay focused, and stay angry Bri. And my team is right outside. What are they doing?’ GROWLS! “You want the bad feelings out! OKAY! I can do that!” And I slice his weapons belt off of him, and then I slice a rip into his shirt. “So tell me, are you excited now, Sergeant? Want some more?” “WHOA! Hey okay, peace!? Claws are getting a little close to out of hand alright? I don’t mind you punching but evisceration will ruin weekend plans.” Mac holds his hands up in surrender as Briana’s claws get a little to close for comfort. ‘I can’t remember if I replaced the spare uniform in my locker after the last mission and I really don’t want to walk back to my boat bare assed either. I’d need the jaws of

life to pry Patrice off of me or Briana off of Patrice’s corpse.’ “Fine!” Pulls claws back in, and resumes punching at Sgt McGuire. “Better? I think so. And you have plans? What to beat up more of my team? NO MORE! You’re done with that!” “Not at the moment but you never know, something may pop up.” Mac sits up wrapping his arms around Briana’s mid section while trapping her legs and tail with his legs as she concentrates on driving her elbows down into his trapezius muscles. “Alright I give you my word I’ll stop beating the team up or terrorizing them.” ‘OW! Dammit she’s got bony elbows!’ Growling and purring, “Not at the moment? Huh? OW!” Trying to wiggle my tail free. “Let my tail go! I’m tired of you swinging me into the walls with it. Oh hell!” I hit, punctuating each word, “I’m. Tired. Of. YOU. Swinging. Me. Into. WALLS! Just once...resist that URGE!” Loosening his legs just enough for Briana’s tail to slip free Mac tries to look up at her only to catch an elbow square in the temple setting off fireworks in his field of vision as his bell is rung really hard. Mac loses his grip of Briana falling back onto the floor disoriented unable to focus much less defend himself from her continued assault. I feel him releasing my tail, to late after I elbow his temple, and then I feel him go slack, not stopping my blows. “If you’re playing possum again? I’ll drag your ass to Phlox myself. If you’re really hurt...well Damn! I’ll drag your ass to your ship, and sit by you.” ‘Dammit. I didn’t really want to hurt him. I wanted to beat him...show him who the boss is, but...oh damn.’ Major Reed Leaps clean up out of his seat cheering as Briana’s elbow lands squarely against Sgt McGuire head rendering him nearly unconscious. “That’s my girl! Now slit his throat and be done with him!” Captain Forrest leans forward concern falling across his face watching, waiting to see what Briana does next.

‘Ow!...that hurt...head...ringing...little man...with... the hammer....needs to lay off.’ “I can’t read your hardassed head. One finger if you want Phlox. Two fingers if you want me to take you to your ship.” ‘Team is going to love this...me helping him out of the Security office. I reach up to the comm box on my desk, “Okay boys and girls. You have jobs to do, and you best get to them. NOW!” ‘Norman, Imara, I’m fine. We’re fine. No one is dead. Really. Go.’ Mac forcing himself to roll over, crawls away from Briana forcing himself up onto his elbows shaking the cobwebs loose waiting for his vision to come back into focus before pushing himself up onto his knees then using the wall to stand the rest of the way up steadying himself. “I haven’t been slapped around that hard in a long time.” I find myself chuckling, hoping she doesn’t take offense and lay into me for a second round. I can feel her hands on my arm steadying me. I let him move, moving off of him. I stand up keeping my hands on him, waiting to see if he allows my help or not. I fumble for the Ki’Taran shield in my uniform and engage it, it’ll disengage the recording devices in my office. “Now we’re secure and private. You will be within your rights, to kill me now. Or request that I be spaced. I am your Commanding officer, but I am also a sub...” Before she can complete her sentence I catch her arm pulling her into my arms where I kiss her fully on the lips cupping her behind in my hands, lifting Briana off of the floor setting her on the edge of her desk. ‘May not be the brightest idea but what a way to go.’ “I’ll ask for no such thing, Briana.” I act without thinking, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him closer. ‘Oh did I turn off the Major’s private feed? oh well...’ Disengaging from our kiss I can see she has a hungry look in her eyes and before I can even smile, Briana slaps me hard across the face ringing my bell once again. Stumbling back from the force of her blow she grasps the front of my already ruined shirt stopping me from pulling away from her only to receive both of her

boots planted squarely on my chest shoving hard back across the room literally sending me flying backwards colliding hard against the wall. Upon impact she hops off of her desk shouting out triumphantly pumping her fist. “YES!!” I can hear my team mumbling outside and hear their thoughts, Evermore being the loudest with his thoughts, ‘Guess the boss got him good!’ If he only knew. Meanwhile on the Bridge. Commander Archer, T’Pol, and Hoshi all look towards Captain Forrest’s ready room door wondering what is going on in there upon hearing what sounds like screams of frustration and uproarious laughter not knowing who’s doing what in there. “NO! Damn you and your Ki’Taran shields woman! You better have killed him or so help me I’ll...” Wiping tears from his eyes from laughing so hard at Major Reeds reaction to the security feed going dead. “You’ll what Major? Your not going to do a damn thing except what ever happens. And don’t think for one minute this gets you out of our little bet either. One way or another somebody’s paying up.” With a stern eye Captain Forrest smiles wickedly at Reed freezing his tirade dead in its tracks. I look over at Sgt McGuire and smirk, “So I think we’re done? Yes?” And I turn, walking out of my office. Everyone is still there, and I smirk at them. Turning once again, and straightening my uniform before leaving the Armory. ‘Let them think what they will...’ Picking himself up off of the floor Sgt McGuire is clutching his ruined belt along with the waist of his trousers as he walks out of Lt Commander Briana’s office not surprised to see the team standing around looking questioningly at Briana as she exits the Armory. Lt Imara’s stunned gasp redirects everyones attention towards me and their jaws all drop. ‘I must look real bad to elicit such a reaction from this bunch?’ Lt Bright cautiously approaches me. “Are you alright? You need any help?” ‘I can’t say that I care for the guy but damn the boss lady did a real number on his

sorry ass. Got no one to blame but himself though...rub the kitty the wrong way...’ I smile at Norman’s fake concern at my condition. “I’d appreciate it if you had a cigarette I could bum off you but I know you don’t smoke. Thanks anyways I’ll be alright. Besides not like I didn’t have this coming to me anyways, know what I mean? Rub a cat the wrong way.” I exit the armory chuckling and smiling at folks standing wide eyed in shock as I pass them in the corridor. ‘The rumor mill is going to go ape shit over this.’ ‘Dammit! I’m...I’m...oh Fuck!’ A few crewmembers are walking towards me, and I growl at them. They turn and run the other way. Just as I see Commander Tucker, ‘Wonderful. Now I’m in for it.’ “Commander.” “Bri...are you alright?” “NO! Why? Don’t I look alright?” “What..or who?” he asks as he smirks at me. “MCGUIRE!” “Okay, coffee on me, this way Lieutenant Commander, that’s an order.” And he guides me towards the Mess Hall.

*** 24 hours later

As I towel off from the shower I admire Briana’s handy work in the mirror. “You a good lookin sumbitch you know that?” I can’t remember her hitting me in the face but she apparently did seeing as how I have a beauty of an ugly shiner that says otherwise. It’s a lovely multi color shade of black, deep red, purple and just a slight tinge of green that runs right up into the hairline. Phlox is going shit himself when he sees me. Hell, I can just imagine the rumors flying around the ship now that a whole twenty four hours has pasted. Guess I’ll stop by the Chow Hall

before my shift to help fan the flames along a little further. ‘Oh the things I do for amusement, I really should see a shrink about these destructive urges of mine.’ As I’m waiting for the turbolift I see Dr. Phlox exiting from Medical. From this distance I can clearly see his eyes go wide as saucers the moment he sees me, dropping his padd as I wave at him stepping into the turbolift. Inside the lift I smile at T’Pol who regards me with those cold calculating eyes of her. She doesn’t say a thing to me which is probably for the best besides she’s still a little twitchy around me after the fishing trip incident. This day is going to be a real challenge. I can feel eyes upon me at every turn, hushed whispers follow behind me as I walk and once I walk into the Chow Hall you can literally hear a Klingon fart in the next quadrant over for a few seconds as I pick a tray and some utensils waiting for a bowl of Chef’s oatmeal which I have to admit is pretty good. But just to keep up the pretense I hate his food, I give him shit about it and he of course starts giving me flak right back telling me how he’d cook the winner a veritable feast as a way of thank you for giving me the beating I so richly deserve. I smile giving him the finger as I take my tray looking for an empty table to eat hopefully in peace. All the while eyes follow my every movement in the Chow Hall. Four of those eyes belong to Briana and Tucker sitting in the far corner of the room. Briana regarding me with cool disdain and Tucker well being Tucker. I can only imagine what the bridge is going to be like.

Charles leans over, whispering in my ear, “Damn, Bri. You did that to him?” I pick up my coffee mug, taking a sip before replying, “Yes. He asked for it.” He looks at me, “Asked for it, huh? What’d he do, for that treatment?” “He didn’t get shoved out an airlock. That was foreplay.” Charles chuckles, “Bri...you and Reed. I don’t want to know. And no, no shoving that ass out of an airlock. I heard, well you know, he’s got protection. And I don’t even think you could get around that.”

“I know...for now, he’s safe. Well...you know.” I giggle as Charles bursts out in laughter.

Heading up to the bridge for my shift I’m met by Commander Archer and Porthos out for their morning walk. “Sergeant!” Archer nods smiling with that snide smirk of his. ‘I could probably come up with a pretty good excuse to kill you right now but I’d no doubt piss off Briana seeing how she’d probably enjoy it more if she did it.’ “Morning Commander.” Walking towards the turbolift at the end of the corridor scratching Porthos behind the ear. Commander Archer takes a deep breath preparing to make his sales pitch. “You know Sergeant, you’d be well within your right to seek revenge for what happened to you. I could even arrange it for you to take over her position awarding you rank and privileges as well.” ‘In my right? You’ve got some nerve.’ “Sir, I know you’ve been around the system a few times and I’m not going to try and speculate on what you may have heard, but I assure you they’re just rumors and nothing more sir.” Commander Archer coolly regards Sergeant McGuire slightly disappointed at what he’s hearing. ‘With your help willingly or without it. I will find a way to get rid of that Bitch!’ Clapping his hand upon McGuire’s shoulder smiling. “Well if you change your mind...” Clicking his tongue for Porthos to follow him Archer leaves Mac standing at the turbolift alone with a bad feeling itching at the back of his mind. ‘Yeah...he’s going to be trouble.’ Upon entering the Bridge Mac is greeted by a grab bag of reactions to his presence. Hoshi’s eyes go so wide her false eye lashes nearly fly off her face. Mayweather is stone faced but his eyes say enough. Ensign Patrice just about kills herself tripping over herself. Major Reed predictably glares daggers at me as he fishes something out of his hip pocket handing it to a triumphantly smiling Captain Forrest who is

holding his hand out after snapping his fingers at him. ‘Guess Reed lost a bet with the Captain.’ I’m about to take my post when Captain Forrest calls out my name. “Sergeant McGuire!? A moment if you will...In my ready room. Now!” “Yes sir!” Snapping to attention before following the Captain to his Ready Room. ‘Yes sir! The excitement never ends aboard the I.S.S. Enterprise...’ *** I have to do it, typing in on the computer, addressed to Sgt McGuire, due to your new-found abilities to follow my orders, you are to walk Porthos for the rest of the week. Arguments will not be tolerated. I hit send, hoping he gets as much amusement from the message as I do. TBC