The tourism sector is crucial towards economic growth and maintaining fiscal stability, particularly for developing countries

which lacks maturity in the manufacturing and industrial sector. This is especially true for Malaysia, by possessing a diverse ecosystem and unique multicultural elements; tourism contributes a large portion to the nation's coffers. Thus, it is paramount that our tourism sector continues to develop and even surpass regional tourist attractions to ensure financial security. Amid the current global economic recession, the tourism industry in a dire state of despair as the population is less willing to spend on leisure activities. Hence, our tourism sector must be revolutionized and undergo radical changes to stand out in Asia and attract even more tourists, both local and abroad. Fundamentally, the quality of our public amenities and infrastructure must be upgraded. It is essential to strictly maintain a high standard of conditions at these infrastructures, through stringent and regular scrutiny by local and municipal law enforcers which I propose, to report directly to a central tourism committee overseeing all major tourist attractions. The lack of hygienic and dilapidated conditions at various tourist destinations is a huge liability on our tourism sector, resulting in many complaints by foreign tourists. A comprehensive public transportation system is vital for tourists travelling between accommodation and destination. Minimizing idle time wasted during transit is essential to make their stay pleasurable. Thus, our public transport system must be completely revamped to ensure optimal efficiency. Routes with high frequency must be plied with sufficient amount of public buses. Presently, our public buses are dirty, constantly behind schedule and unsafe because of inept drivers driving dangerously. Besides that, our taxi drivers which overcharges tourists and refuses to use meters also receives a high number of complaints. These issues must be addressed immediately to prevent any further bad publicity. To cope with the sudden influx of foreign tourists, particularly Middle Eastern and Asian, more hotels and forms of accommodation must be built. Especially near tourist destinations and major cities. Hotels of various forms, ranging from budget to luxurious are required to cater to the needs of a variety of tourists. Furthermore, we must be more aggressive in promoting our tourist destinations, especially in the international markets. We could engage in partnerships with various airports to air promotional videos about our country, in return, we will promote their home countries locally, resulting in a win-win situation. Besides that, we should set up more billboards about tourist destinations along our highways and major cities.

Hopefully. . we are a long path away from achieving that prestigious status.As a conclusion. However. with the correct measures implemented. our cultural and ecological diversity combined with unique attractions has the potential to be the world's premier tourist destination. we can succeed in due time.

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