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AIESEC Qatar weekly newsletter AIESEC Qatar weekly

Weekly newsletter launch 12 December 2010
Hey AIESECers in Qatar,

So this is our first edition for our weekly newsletter, that will be launched every week
bringing you latest updates about AIESEC in Qatar, AIESEC in the Gulf, AIESEC in MENA,
and AIESEC international...

Here is where you can know what other teams are doing, latest announcements, new ad-
ditions, available opportunities and GREAT news!!!

So if you have news you want to share, someone you want acknowledge or even a story
you want to share, PLEASE email the MCVP Communications at

Happy Hour
Have a question about your involvement in
AIESEC? Have a feedback for the organization?
Want to contribute? Want to be contributed?
The leaders want your voice! Find out when we are
free, scheduleto meet up with us, and let's
have our Happy Hour!

Bookmark our Happy Hour calendar at http://
src=aiesec.net_sa14e1l8e1big88k33vpm1tec4% Happy Hour mascot

Or subscribe to the TM wiki at


Note: Our team is having problems naming our new Happy Hour mascot, and we really need
your help...So if you have any suggestions or any cool names in mind, can you please share
them on the AIESEC Qatar fan page wall, just write a wall post with your input and we will de-
cide by next week...Thanks!
MC Update

New addition to the MC team

Amine Gahmari has joined the MC team, to
be part of a four-member team, including the
MCP, MCVP TM and MCVP Comm/Finance.
Amine will be handling exchange since its his
area of expertise from his work in AIESEC Tuni-
*MC stands for Member Committee
Fancy working with AIESEC mem-
Outstanding Member bers in another country during the
upcoming holiday? Join the CEED
AIESEC Qatar is recognizing outstanding members every month, to appreciate
(Cultural Envoy for Exchange De-
member(s) who has displayed high level of Global Competency Model. velopment) Program!

Proactive Learning Member of the Find out how you can go to another
Month - Bansia Ragab (Pensee) country in
Since the start of her AIESEC life opern=next&contentid=10154695,
just a month ago, Pensee has Or contact!
shown great deal of proactivity
and initiative, and has surprised
us, whether it was her active in- How does this sound? Spend 4 - 7
volvement in the Get In Shape Get days in another country, meet with
100 - 300 members and corporate
In Character project, during the representatives from some other
Youth to Economy Forum, or in countries, interact, learn, and have
her interest in handling Finance. fun together! Go for AIESEC
Hadi calls her shotgun for of his conferences! 470 AIESEC confer-
successor! ences are run every year, which ones
will you be going?
Pensee in action in Youth to
Economy Forum last month
To know all conferences happening,
go to -> Classified ->
“Pensee! do think about it!” click 'subscribe' at 'Conferences and
Events'. Or contact
External Relations ER accomplishment
The External Relations team has The ER team was able to sign an agree-
proven itself to be capable of doing ment with Al-Fursan Training Center, MCP & MC applica-
wonders, especially after signing to deliver free training in all aspects of tions are opening
SIX partnerships for the Youth to organizational management and per-
Economy Forum, but they did not
stop here...
sonal development, free access to all the NEXT Wednes-
center events, Coaching and training for

Here are the partnerships in

the leaders. day! Are you UP
progress: With this partnership AIESECers in
Qatar are expected to have high quality
o ONEWORLD 2011, cultural trainings that will con-
contact us

exchange program. tribute massively in

o ICTqatar, on conferences & If you have any
their development and
projects. questions regarding the
even directly to their newsletter or its content
o Standard Chartered Bank, on performance; espe- please don’t hesitate to
HIV/ADIS project. cially, the members contact us on
o Hamad Hospital, of sponsorship who are involved with or
& support for health related through our MCVP
ongoing projects. So
projects. Communications on
stay tuned to more up-
o GROW, a research company to hadi.abdelhadi@aiesec.
dates about the partner-
support us in Youth to economy net
ships and upcoming
forum, post report finalization. training sessions. Just start the subject of
the email with