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Number of Ohio Abortion Drug Complications by Abortionist

Information compiled by Operation Rescue based on State Medical Board of Ohio Report of RU-486 Event, 2019-2020


Harley Blank Founder’s Women’s 5 0 Surrendered medical license in lieu of
Health Center revocation for drug violations in
(Pill abortions only) November 2018.
David Burkons Northeast Ohio 5 8 License suspended for 6 months in 2017
Women’s Center, for illegally prescribing pain-killers and
Capital Care Network leaving blank, signed prescription pads
Toledo for staff use.
Marianne DiNapoli Cincinnati Planned 0 1 Lists main practice location as being in
Parenthood New York, NY. Frequent writer on
abortion matters.
Priya Gursahaney Cincinnati Planned 1 3 Failed to sign one report submitted to ODH
Parenthood for severe bleeding. Abortion trainer at
University of Cincinnati.
Natalie Hinchcliffe Preterm 1 0 Writes to destigmatize abortion and
Joyce Horn Women’s Med Dayton 1 0

Michelle Isley East Columbus Planned 7 0 Abortion pill complications on file from
Parenthood 2016-2018.
Roslyn Kade Women’s Med Dayton 1 7 No treatment information listed on any
of her reports.
Sapna Kalsy Cincinnati Planned 14 6 Treated serious bleeding from abortion
Parenthood with iron supplement.
Timothy Kress Bedford Heights Planned 3 0 History of addiction and a criminal drug
Parenthood conviction. Signed 58 abortion
complication forms from 2014-2018.
Monique Katsuki Preterm 4 0 Failed to provide any treatment notes
on complication forms.
Sharon Liner Cincinnati Planned 12 6 Treated woman with abortion pill
Parenthood complications of hemorrhage,
endometriosis, pain with antibiotics.

Abigail Lowther Founder’s Women’s 1 0 Currently at the Bedford Heights

Health Center Planned Parenthood.
(Pill abortions only)
Colin McCluney East Columbus Planned 1 0 Radical leftist. Attended 2011 “Occupy
Parenthood Wall Street” protest.
Lucy Ann Nunnally Your Choice Healthcare 7 1 Referred incomplete abortion
(Pill abortions only), complication to NEOWC for D&C
Northeast Ohio
Women’s Center,
Capital Care Network
Meredith Pensask Cincinnati Planned 0 8 Signed off on 37% of PP’s abortion pill
Parenthood complication forms in 2019.

Mitchell Reider Preterm 9 14 Reider trains new abortionists at
Preterm through the Ryan Residency
No treatment information listed on any
of his 2019 reports.
Katherine Rivlin East Columbus Planned 2 0 Graduate of Fellowship in Family
Parenthood Planning (Bixby Center population
control program)
Catherine Romanos East Columbus Planned 7 14 Signed 2/3rds of all complication reports
Parenthood, at this East Columbus Planned
Women’s Med Dayton Parenthood.
Karl Schaeffer Founder’s Women’s 4 12 One woman who was still pregnant after
Health Center taking abortion drugs left the facility
(Pill abortions only) without making arrangements for
another abortion.

Anne-Marie Sinay East Columbus Planned 2 0 Conducted 3 abortions on one woman

Parenthood for continued incomplete abortion of
same pregnancy in February 2018.
Christine Slotta Northeast Ohio 0 1 Burkons signed incomplete abortion
Women’s Center complication report instead of Slotta.

Jennifer M. Watson Northeast Ohio 2 0 Watson is listed in the patient transfer

Women’s Center agreement between the hospital and
NEOWC abortion clinic.
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