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FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION FOI/PA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET Civil Action No.: 19-ev-1278 / 19-cv-1626 FOIA: 1432673-000 / 1433273-000 PDF Title: 19-cv-1278 Release 4 Bates 1440-1661 Total Withheld Pages = 53 Bates Page Reason for Withholding Reference ee ee ee eae ate, sealed by order of court, etc.) FBI(19cv1278) 1480. Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1481. Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1482 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1483 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1484 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1485 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1486 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1487 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1488 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1489 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1490 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1491 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1492 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1493 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1494 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1495, Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1496 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1497 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1498 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1499 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1500 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1501 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1502 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1503 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1504 Referral/Consult _XKKAMKRMEEAEXEERKEEREX X Deleted Page(s) X X No Duplication Fee X X For thie Page x YO IAA Bates Page Reference Reason for Withholding (i.e., exemptions with coded rationale, duplicate, sealed by order of court, etc.) FBI(19cv1278) 1505 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1506 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1507 Referral/Consult, FBI(19cv1278) 1508 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1509 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1511 Referral/Consult, FBI(19ev1278) 1512 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1513 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1514 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1528 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1529 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1530 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1531 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1532 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1548 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1549 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1550 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1551 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1552 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1553 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1554 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1555 Referral/Consult FBI(19cv1278) 1556 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1557 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1558 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1559 Referral/Consult FBI(19ev1278) 1646 1b3; b6; b7C; b7E FBI(19ev1278) 1647 1b3; b6: b7C; b7E XXMMNXKMKRRKRKRKKREREK, X Deleted Page(s) x X No Duplication Fee x X For this Page x MXKEMNKKRXRKKMRKERKEREX, BIE | PDse2a Rey. 85.80} | Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Stephen Miller on 10/31/2017 7 of 14 Pope top of page one, however, was Miller's. Miller could not specifically recall the details of the editing process, but believed when he met with Trump for breakfast, Trump had already made the edits to the lette:| BS Ber Dos/ore BS Per DOg/ore At some point on Sunday, Miller spoke to Priebus on the phone and alluded to the fact that Trump had been thinking about the “Comey situation” anc there would be an important discussion on Monday. ‘BS Fer poz/orE Miller felt it was okay to give Priebus a heads up something was coming so he was not blindsided. The situation with Comey was kept close hold bS Per DOJ/orP trump was editing the letter Miller did not discuss the letter ox the decision to fire comey BS Ber DoI/OrP Po FBI(19cv1278)-1045 -1 of 1- DOD Key SRI) FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION pasotems 09/05/2018 bé (0) On 07/13/2018 Special Agents Jena ee with Assistant Special Counsel aaron #elinaky participated in an attorney bo proffer with Counsel for and or ltne notes are attached as a IA. tneigsionon 07/13/2019 q Washington, District Of Columbia, United States (In Person) be ‘ sceanined 08/27/2018 re xe anit Z: Be ts bE Ts aoe ons tr commas Conon OFC Ls pope Obe Es edo eur apy and con aot toh dsed ese vo agen pee “we FBIC18ev1278)-1440 DOD Key SRI) oT of 8 FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION pasotews 10/21/2018 (0) On 08/02/2018 Special agent tntelligence Analyst bs FBI Linguist] Assistant Special Counsel bre Baron Gelinsky and Senior Assistant Special Counsel Jeannie Rhee a interviewed PTR AVEN (AVEN) at the_Special Counsel's De Office in Washington, DC. AVEN’S Geunsel, Ayan vJunck, and were present. ASC Zelinksy admonished AVEN that the interview was voluntary, the proffer agreement was based on truthfulness, AVEN could speak to his attorneys at anytime, and lying to a Federal Agent is a crime. After being advised of the identities of the interviewing officials and after reviewing the proffer agreement, in the presence of his attorneys, AVEN executed the proffer agreement, whereupon he provided the following information: BS per Dos/orz b3 BID BIE ‘BS por 03/orz b6 prc »7D IF 5 per Dos/orz bs pre BID BIE tmovigstonon 09/02/2019 4 Washington, District Of Columbia, United States (In Person) b6 £ dares 08/08/2018 ve Dacca 2 Be & we hs docment cons nether recommendations na eoneisions OF he FB WISibe propery oF he FBU nd is loaned te your agency: and scant ae nt tobe disinbted aside vour agency FBI(19cv1278)-1441 FOs024 ey. 05.0810, Comimaionortoaeor (U} Interview of Petr Aven on 08/02/2018 2of a Page BS por “DS per bS per ‘BS per (> AVEN met with OFFICTAL 1 three to four times last year ‘BS per BE per BS per BS per BE pos/ors be we BID BIE vos/ors be Bic BID SIF Do3/orP bs pie bID IF pog/ors pog/ors be wre BID BIE pog/ors bs bre 7D bTF bos/ors bé 7c 7D BTF 03/orP a6 pre »7D BIE FBI(19ev1278)-1442 BIE PDs Res, BSED} Comimationorrbamor (U} Interview of Petr Aven on 98/02/2018 page 3 Of & BS per DOJ/OIP b6 Ie 7D BIE DS per Doa/oTP ‘BE per DOJ/OTE Be BIC PID DIF 1 ps pez 003/o1P bé pic 7D BIE @) (0) AVEN and OFFICIAL 1 usually meet_once per quarter.[ BS Per bov/ors 26 bre ID 2B7F bS per DOI/OIP 6 7c 7D BIE BE per 2o3/0rz bs pre »7D bIF bS per D0J/OrE bs bé pic 7D SIF FBI(19cv1278)-1443 Comimtoverramor (U} interview of Petr Aven on 08/02/2018 aot a Page ‘BS per DOI/OrF be bre BID BIE BE per Dos/Orz be pre bm TE "BE per 003/OTE née Bre BID BIE “5 per DOI/OTE bé p7c 57D STF ‘BS per DOI/OTE 3 Be pic BID BIE ‘BS per Dos/orz Bs pT BID BIE ‘BS per Do3/orz b6 bic 7D BIE FBI(19cv1278)-1444 BIE PDs Res, BSED} Comimaionorrbaeor (UF interview of Petr Aven on 08/02/2018 5 of a Page ‘BS per Doz/orz 3 ae bre BID BIE vs 9 “] bre sD BF bS per pos/orP ‘BS per 0g/or? be Ic by BIE ‘BS per Dos/orz bs BIC BID bIF ‘BE per 0J/or? b6 7c 7D BIE (0) During the 4th quarter ef 2016, AVEN was aware of the media discussions of Russian interference in the U.S. Election, bS per D0J/or? a BS per DOg/OIP b6 Ic BID BIE BTF FBI(19Cv1278)-1445 BIE FOs024 ey. 05.0810, Tnterview of Petr Aven on 08/02/2018 pgge 6 of & Comioraion of 0-902 oF [UH (0) OPPICIAL 1 never mentioned specifics and never mentioned interference in the U.3. Election. "5S per Dos/or¥ bé Bre BID DIF BS per Dos/orz ve RIC BID BIE JOPFICIAL 1 was skeptical AVEN coule succeed. 5 per D03/oIP (0) AVEN took steps to make this happen by talking to BURT boa expressing his desire to build relationships with the Administration. bs [in Luxembourg, Li's board bre 7D BIE Daring = break, AVEN spoke with BURT BS per D0s/orz ba bs bie ID IF FBI(19cv1278)-1446 CSW BIE PDse2a Rey. 85.80} ComimationorFamor (UF Interview of Petr Aven on 08/02/2018 Tota Pope bS per 003/01P 3 bé bre 7D bIF ‘BS per bo3/0T3 3 b6 bre BID BIE BS per D03/OTP 3 Bé BIC BID BIE (©) Th December 201 avEN attended the Oligarch meeting with OFFICINE 1. BS per D03/0rE b6 [re necerng secure iy the FrenTin ano the bic bD bIF attendee list 1s 50 people . BS per Dos/orz 1 1 ee PF sake ne Inckions, AVEN said he 7D had no communications with the TRUMP Campaign. TF FBI(190v1278)-1447 Comimaionorrbamor (U} Interview of Petr Aven on 08/02/2018 »7E rage 8 0f 8 bS per DOI/OIP bé Ie BID BIE ‘BS per DOI/OTE a6 pie BID BIE ‘BS per DOJ/OTz be Bre 7D BIE represented the Kremlin in setting up the back-channel. 01 [eae i aoa aici 2 did not care too much fe alse told OFFICIAL at The SERST HIN ABOUT SeTEIng Up a Pack=channel and if AVEN os 2 i 5 per DOI/OIP bs we BID bP FBI(19cv1278)-1448 DOD Key SRI) bre 1 of 1- UNCLASSIFIED A#Pese— FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducorenty 10/01/2018 (umeeveron €/2/2018, the Special Counsel's Office interviewed Petr AVEN. ba During the interivew, AVEN referred to the 7D identities of which he had provided to his attorneys. on 8/3/2018, AVEN's bE attorney Ryan Junck provided in which he confirmed the TE as provided to him by AVEN. A copy of UNCLASSIFIEDA Reve f Columbia, United States (, Other tovestigaionon 08/03/2018 Pe pacaoned 10/01/2018 Be re This docament cosas nether eecommendsions nat conelsion of the FE Itste proper’ af the HB an is loaned te your agency tan ie contents mt FBI(19¢vi278)-1449 toe distited ouside vou agency BE DOD Key SRI) oT of ee FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION pasotems 10/10/2018 was colecviewed Tein § Boxes iP, 655 3rd Ave, New York, New 6, Amy este, and allozneys, Suy Pel BL Special Agent (SA) 2 Assislanl Specia> Counse Andsew be sent _we-e Assistant United stat ley (AUSAP bre Ten —————— cas Jana ausal and SA com [he TALesna= Revenue Sezv-ce. ADLes be-ng advised of Une “denlaty o= The cAlezviewing agent and the natuze oF the interview, Cohen provided the fortem=ng =: ‘BS Per D03/orz ‘BE Per DOJ/or? Per Dou/orF BS Ber Do0s/orz pog/ors vos/ors ‘BB Per Dos/orz ‘BS Per os/orz linestigaionon 10/08/2019 q New York, New York, United States (In Person) b6 ‘ sedanet 10/10/2018 ve Dacca p Pe * BIE os doctmen conn nether recommendations na eonesions BF he FB ste propery oF he FBT dis loaned te your agency and Ws canes ar nt tobe disinbted aside vour agency FBL(190v1278)-1450 FOs024 ey. 05.0810, a (U) Taterview of Wichael p. cohen Comino ftD-y0 oF (10-08, 2016) on 10/08/2018 page ‘BE Ber BE Ber BS Per BE Ber BS Ber BS Per BS Per BE Per BS Ber BIE pog/ors bE pre pos/ors voz/ors bos/ors pos/ors Pé Bic vos/ors bos/ors pos/ors bos/ors FBI(19cv1278)-1451 rot02 dex 581) v1 of 18- a | FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION pasotems 11/14/2018 on Wednesday, 17 October 2018, Robert SORESHAN was Interviewed In a conference room at Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher’s Washington, DC office, 1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20036. From the Special Counsel's Office were Senior Assistant special Counsel Jeannie Shee, Senior Assistant Special Counsel L. Bish Atkinson, POI Special Agent [Jana rat supervisory Intelligence Analyst GIESGR, Duna and Crutcher’ s were associate attorney. From USS wee card a bé BIC From and an noted on her business ‘BE per Dos/Orz be prc ‘BS per DOJ/Orz bé BIC linestgaionon 10/17/2019 yq Washington, District Of Columbia, United States (In Person) “ Date drat 10/22/2018 be me Date deatted toe Fos doormen conan nether recommendations na eovesions BF he FB ste propery oF he FBT dis loaned te your agency: and Ws canter ae nt tobe disinbted aside vour agency FBI(19cv1278)-1452 FOs024 ey. 05.0810, Co Comino of 0-902 oF [UL Ce Interview ef Beh Foreaman on 10/17/2018 Pope BE 2 of 18 BS per og/or? bs bic BS per DOI/OTE bs Ie ‘BS per DOd/Or? 6 bic ‘BS per Dos/orz bS pex Bog/orP FBI(19cv1278)-1453 BE PDs Res, BSED} Comimaionortoaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/17/2018 2 of 18 Page ‘BE per 0I/oTE bS per DOS/OrP bs bre ‘BE per DOI/OTz BS per Dos/orz Be pic ROSCONGRESS and Anton KOBYAKOY lll pS per Dos/OrP FBI(190v1278)-1454 BIE FOs024 ey. 05.0810, Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/17/2018 4 of 18 Page bS per D03/oTE ‘BE per Dos/Orz be Ic DS per DO3/OIP FORESMAN was going to pass along to the campaign an invitabion from KORYAKOV to bhen-candidate Donald TRUMP to speak at the SEIEE ‘BS per Dov/orz FBI(19cv1278)-1455 PDse2a Rey. 85.80} Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/27/2018 pgge § Of 18 BS per Dos/orz Pe Bie b5 per DOJ/OT? BS per Dos/orz be 7c 1 BS per D03/0IF bS per 0J/or? FBI(19cv1278)-1456 ona 05.10 Co bre Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/17/2018 6 of 18 Page ‘BE per 0J/or? pS per DOJ/OLP 6 Bre ‘BS per DOs/OrF be prc ‘BS per Doz/orz FBI 9cv1278)-1457 BIE PDs Res, BSED} | Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/17/2018 7 of 18 Page BS per DOI/Orz ‘BE per DoI/OTE BS per Dos/orz 6 BIC FBI(19cv1278)-1458 Co bTe Ps es 95.810 Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/17/2018 0 of 18 Pope bS per DOI/OTP When TRUME’S foreign policy team_was announced in March 2016, FORESMAN did not_recognize any of the names 5 per DOJ/OTE bé BIC ‘BS per os/orz he was trying to get a meeting with the candidate. bS per D03/01E 6 Bre FBI(19cv1278)-1459 BE PDse2a Rey. 85.80} Co Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/17/2018 9 of 18 Pope DS per DOI/OIP he was trying to get an in-person meeting, FORESMAN said That he wanted to tell TRUMP not Lo go to SPIBE, >— BS per Dos/o1P BS per DoJ/orP ‘BS per DOI/OTE Pé Bre es per nos ore BS per 0g/or? FBI(19cv1278)-1460 CT bTe Ps es 95.810 Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/17/2018 19 of 19 Page BS per D0g/orP bs pre ‘BS por O3/orz bS per Dog/orz ‘BE per 0I/oTE BS per DOJ/OTE ‘BE per D03/orz 5 per DOs/Orz FBI(19cv1278)-1461 CT) pre PDs Res, BSED} a Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/17/2018 11 of 19 Page ‘BS per DOI/OrF 6 SO pre BS per Doy/ore be Ic ‘BE per 03/orz SS SE pee 000/ors — bre — —————————_ a a Cy pre | BE per DOI/oIP FBI(19cv1278)-1462 | bre ona 05.10 Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/17/2018 12 of 19 Page 1 BS per D03/O1E Ie BE per Dos/Orz C1 6 pIe BS per 03/orz be pre ‘BS per OI/orE 6 bye DS per DoI/OIP 7c 2S per DoJ/OrP be Bre FBI(19cv1278)-1463 BE PDs Res, BSED} coummoarowew (0) Treeview of bob Foresman gn 10/27/2016 pugs 13 of 18 BE Fer 0s/ore SF be re 35 per 003/0r% | be Bre I OE per b0s/ott bs bre DF er pog/or# — bs Bre ‘BE per Dog/ore bs — bre BS per D03/orP FBI(190v1278)-1464 FOs024 ey. 05.0810, | Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/17/2018 14 of 19 Page — BE ‘BS per Dos/orz bé BIC Co a pr er ‘BS per Dov/orz 6 BIC ‘BS per Dos/orz Ibs per Dos/orz ‘BS per Dos/orz FBI(19cv1278)-1465 PDse2a Rey. 85.80} i, Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/17/2018 15 of 19 Pope BS per 0s/orz Pod ‘BE per Dos/orz In Moscow, FORESMAN met with GORKOV and TSEKHOMSKY. bS per DOI/OTP =P A>A—_—_MM@|_ bS per D0z/orE BS per D03/orz GORKOV and TSEKHOMSKY told FORESMAN that their upcoming trip to the United States had been authorized or sanctioned by PUTIN, and that they were briefing PUTIN upon their return. DS per DoJ/orP FBI(19cv1278)-1466 BIE FOs024 ey. 05.0810, Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/27/2018 page 16 of 18 bS per Dog/orP SORKOV and TSEKHOMSKY's upcoming trip to the United States: BS per DOI/Orz was an effort to aialogus abouk the improvement of US-Russia econom fe ties. — SSS BS per DOI/OIP BS _per 03/0IE Be Ic FORESMAN’s First Meeting with Michael PLYNN bS per Dos/orz BS per Dos/orz be Bre FBI(19cv1278)-1467 BE PDse2a Rey. 85.80} | Comimaionorroaeor (U} Interview of Boh Foresman on 10/17/2018 17 of 19 Pope BS per Dog/orP bS per Do3/orz TSRESHEN had not wet RISGTAK, and Said that while KISLYAK is an important person, he does not have a direct line to PUTIN. ‘BS per Dos/Orz ‘BS per Dov/orz FORESMAN’ s Second Meeting with Michael FLYNN, RMF-SCO-00000067, and RMF~ Sco-D000015 nite tn Moscow, bS per Dou/ors FoRssMaN Feached Sue Cc 1] pre said that USHAKOV would be the official channel for the incoming US national security adviser. bS per DoJ/orP This information fron] as_what FORESMAN had that was important to back to FLYBN,| be 7c eventually ne got a one-on-one meeting. FBI(19cv1278)-1468 BIE FOs024 ey. 05.0810, | CominsaionortD-im2or (UI Interview of Bob Foresman on 10/17/2018 page 18 of 16 ‘BS per Dos/OrE DS per DOI/oIP ss per vosyort Be bS per D09/orP CO] bE BIC FBI(19cv1278)-1469 -Lot ae DOD Key SRI) FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION pasotems 06/20/2017 (0) On or about 06/09/2017 Special agent and_Special bs agent [interviewed Denis KLimentow (Klimentov), bos bre in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection secondary inspection area located in Terminal 1 of the John P. Kennedy International Aiport. CBP officer was in the vicinity, but did not participate in the interview. (0) Upon introdueing himsert, ea [1 ]asked tiimentov if he vould be be willing to meat with the agents at some other time during his stay pre in the U.S. because the secondary inspection area was not the best place to have 2 conversation. sa] suggested he could buy kLimentoy dinner and_he and the agents could talk at that time. kLimentoy stated SA did not have to buy him dinner, but said meeting would net be a problem, Klimentov said he was leaving on Monday and he would be staying in Katonah, New York. He was in the J. S. to visit and planned te spend most of his time Co (U)_Klimentov then asked if this meeting was something he had to do. sa, said it was. Klimentoy said he had nothing to hide. SA Told Klimentov he wanted to talk about the New Economic School ("NES") and Carter Page (Page}. Sa| showed Klimentov a copy of a CNN news article titled "Russia Tried to Use Trump Advisers to Infiltate Campaign” in which Klimentov was quoted. be bre (U) Klimentov said he was staying with| bs During the interview, bie SA asked if Klimentov had someone waiting te pick him up, and stated the agents did not want to keep anyone waiting. Klimentov said he was renting a vehicle. (0) After being advised of the nature of the interview and the identity of the interviewing agents Klimentov provided the following information: (U) KLlimentov was not employed by NES during the time in which the school would have been conducting a search for candidates to speak at linestigaionon 06/08/2017 _ New York, New York, United States (In Person) me pacarned 96/09/2017 ba bé t bre This document contains nether recommendations por eoveksions oF th FE. isthe rope of he FB amd iene your agcey: an Ws cones ate ma STE tobe disinbted aside vour agency FBI(190v1278)-1470 ba FOs024 ey. 05.0810, BIE Co Interview of Denis Kiimentov on 06/09/2017 2of4 Comino of 0-902 oF [UL Pope its 201€ commencement ceremony, but Klimentov was in the process of negotiating with NES for his position of employment. Klimentov began working for NES in the fall of 2016. As an employee of NES, Klimentoy works most. closely with the NES rector, Shlomo Weber. Formerly, Klimentov was employed at the Eurasia Foundation in Rashington, D.C. (U) Based on what he knew about the selection process for the 2017 commencement speaker, the decision to invite Page in 2016 was likely made by a committee of five to six people including Weber, a provost, and an individual from the finance department. NES did not have to seek approval from its board of directors to invite Page, nor did it have to obtain approval from the Russian government. Klimentov believed Page may have been considered as a candidate based on input from Weber and/or from a U.S. based member of an NES alumni club. 40) Weber invited Klimentov to attend the July 2016 NES commencement ceremony. Though Klimentov was nok an official employee, Weber wanted Klimentoy te attend the event. Referring to Page, Weber told Klimentov that NES had an interesting character coming in. Klimentov attended the ceremony and even arrived early on the day of event. (U) Klimentoy stated when Russians learned of Page's involvement in the Trump Campaign in March 2016, the excitement was palpable. During Page's trip to Russia, Russians asked Page many questions. They wanted to know about U.S. sanctions against Russia and wanted his predictions regarding U.S.-Russia relations. Page made it clear he was in Russia as a private citizen and not part of the Trump Campaign. Late in the summer of 2016, Page informed NES that he was taking a leave of absence from his involvement in the Trump Campaign. And, when Page returned to Russia in December 2016, Page made his status with respect to the Trump Campaign clear. Klimentoy stated Page deserves credit for doing so. (U) NES did not set up any meetings between Page and Russian government officials. Klimentov did not know of any extensive meetings between Russian government officials and Page in July 2016, Klimentoy noted some NES alumni ere Rvssian government officials and Page could have had contact with them at the commencement ceremony. Klimentov added, outside of business hours, no one at NES would have known about Page's activities. However, Klimentov did not think Page would have had time to meet with anyone. Klimentov believed Page was in Russia for two and a half days during his July 2016 trip. Page spent one day at NES before the commencement ceremony meeting with people at the school and was present the next day for the ceremony itself. The commencement ceremony Was a busy all-day event and it was unlikely any FBI(19cv1278)-1471 PDse2a Rey. 85.80} BIE Comimaonorroaemor (U} Interview of Denis K1imentov on 06/09/2017 aof4 Pope meaningful conversations occurred, Klimentov did not know if Page met with any Russian government officials in December 2016. (U) In regards to meetings with specific individuals, Klimentov did not know of any meeting between Page and Arkady Dvorkevich (Pvorkovich) and did net think they met. On occasion, Klimentov sees Dvorkovich at events. Recently, the two had contact at an economic forum in St. Petersburg, Russia. (U) Klimentov said there was no meeting between Alexei Kudrin (Kudrin) and Page. Klimentov described Kudrin's status as @ government official as a "grey area." Purthermore, Klimentov had no knowledge of a meeting between Igor Sechin (Sechin) and Page. If a meeting between Sechin and Page had occurred, Klimentov believed Page would have told everyone. However, Klimentov stated information about a Sechin-Page meeting in the summer cf 2016 was floated by the media. {U) According to Klimentov, Page requested to meet with the NES Board of Directors, however, the meeting did not happen. Klimentov described NES as Dvorkovich's special project. Klimentov said NES exists te bring western-style thinking to Moscow. He also thought Dvorkovich was western-leaning and progressive. (AGENT NOTE: Dvorkovich is identified as a member of the NES Board of Directors on its website. {U) Page's December 2016 trip to Russia was not driven by NES. Page wanted NES to host the event, but the school did not have adequate space to do so. Once news of the event spread, phones at NES were ringing off the hook. Rossiya-Segodny held the event at their offices. Page contacted Ressiya-Segodny on his own and Rossiya-Segodny jumped on the idea as a result of the huge interest surrounding Page. During the December 2016 trip, Page wanted te hold a press conference and requested Shlome Weber to introduce him. Weber did so. {U) Page does not have an ongoing relationship with NES, but he tried to create one. For example, Page wanted to teach at NES and he was writing a paper to promote the school. Additionally, Page discussed creating a think tank with NES. Page said he would try to bring funds to NES and told NES he talked with some people in Washington, D.C. There was no discussion that the Russian government would provide funding to Page for the think tank. On one occasion, Klimentov met with Page in New york to discuss Page's ability to bring funding to NES. (0) NES does not receive funding from the Russian government and the school is in financial need. The U.S. sanctions against Russia are having an impact on the school's ability to raise funds. Nonetheless, FBI(19cv1278)-1472 FOs024 ey. 05.0810, BE Comimaionorrbamor (U} Taterview of Denis Kiimentov on 06/09/2017 page 4 Of A Klimentov believes things are changing. Klimentov wants NES to approach western donors such as the Bill &% Melinda Gates Foundation. (0) Page and Shlomo Weber met _in July and December of 2016. 6 BIC {U) Personally, Klimentov's last contact with Page was a couple weeks prior to the date of the present interview. Page sends Klimentov updates on his coverage in the news media. For example, Page sent Klimentoy @ link to a CNBC interview/article featuring himself. Klimentey believes Page has been caught up in a bad situation or nightmarish scenario. He does net think Page did anything wrong. Furthermore, Klimentov does not think Page was a conduit between the Russian government. and the Trump Campaign. Klimentov said Trump barely knew Page. Klimentov added he did not think Page looked like a politician. 40) Klimentev indicated he would be willing to meet with the agents on one of his future trips to the U.S. Klimentov visits the U.S. every few months He provided his U.S. telephone number 6 as Follows pic FBI(19cv1278)-1473 BIE DOD Key SRI) oT of ee UNCLASSIFIED//Fese FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducorenty 12/05/2018 DMITRE_KLINSNTOVIRLIMBNTOY), dato of birth (93) Be River being advised of the identity OF the Tnterviewing Agents and the nature of the interview, KLIMENTOY provided the following informatior KLIMENTOY is in the public relations and consulting business. We has extensive contacts with officials and others in Russia. KLIMENTOV knows about CARTER PAGE (PAGE) from the media and "experience." KLIMENTOY has hot met PAGE. When asked to explain what he meant by "experience, KLIMENTOV advised that his brother DENIS {DENIS KLIMENTOY) was interviewed by the PBI two times regarding PAGE. The KLIMENTOV brothers arranged media coverage for PAGE in Moscow, Russia during PAGE'S visit a few years ago. KLIMENTOV said they would have done this for a visitor from the Clinton campaign also. PAGE traveled to Mescow in or around June or duly 2016. PAGE went to Russia and spoke at commencement for the RESH school (an economic school in Russia). The Dean of RESH is Shlomo Weber. PAGE's invitation to the commencement happened because| is supposedly be close to PAGE and tried to push PAGE to be introduced to Russian pie officials. KLIMENTOY stated that he and DENIS KLIMENTOY thought it would be @ good idea to set up mectings with a potential future foreign policy advisor to TRUMP and the Russian Foreign Ministry. KLIMENTOV recalls contacting MARIA ZAKHAROVA, via Facebook, who is a public relations representative and head of the Information Department in Russia's Poreign Ministry. 2AKKAROVA previously worked as a Press Secretary at the Russian Mission in New York. KLIMENTOV also contacted DMITRY PESKOV about PAGE traveling to Moscow to see if PESKOV wanted to introduce PAGE to any Russian Officials. There was no interest in meeting with PAGE. Many people did not know who PAGE was, and others believed he was not of importance. KLIMBNTOV recalled there was email communication with PESKOY stating PAGE was not high-level enough to meet. KLIMENTOY is close with PESKOV and has contact with him approximately three or four times per month. UNCLASSIFIED//Peue- linestgaionon 11/27/2018 q Katonah, New York, United States (In Person} “ Date drat 11/27/2018 bs BE os doormen conan nether recommendations na onesions BF he FB ste propery oF he FBT nd is loaned te your agency: and Ws canes ae nt tobe disinbted aside vour agency FBI(19¢v1278)-1474 | BIE PO H24 Res, SEN UNCLASSIFIED /ARovo— | or (U//POHEH Interview of Dmitri Klimentoy on 11/27/2018 2 of 2 Page DENIS KLIMENTOV told KLIMENTOV that while PAGE was in Russia, he tried to keep his connections to the Trump campaign quiet and that the trip was in @ personal capacity. KLIMENTOY was skeptical of PAGE and did not believe that PAGE was really that important. No meetings between PAGE and any Russian Officials occurred. DENIS KLIMENTOV told KLIMENTOV that PAGE may have shook hands in passing with First Vice Premier ARKADY DVORKOVICH. KLIMENTOV was net sure if this was on PAGE's July trip or his December trip to Mescow. KLIMENTOV did not know if PAGE met BVORKOVICH again. KLIMENTOY was not involved in helping DENIS KLIMENTOV set up media for PAGE'S December trip, but KLIMENTOV provided his media contacts te DENTS KLIMENTOV. KLIMENTOV did not believe PAGE met with IGOR SECHIN. KLIMENTOY did not think the meeting would have occurred because SECHIN is the number two person in Russia. KLIMENTOV has never heard of ox met seacey vansenko,[-] > Bre KLIMENTOY was shown a copy of an 07/06/2016 email exchanged between KLIMENTOV, DENIS KLIMENTOY and PESKOV. KLIMENTOY recalled the email. DENIS KLIMENTOY sent it to PESKOY and KLIMEWTOV got the response. There was a followup email to this one and it advised no one knew of PAGE. KLIMENTOY went te his computer and printed out a copy. He provided it to the interviewing Agents. UNCLASSIFIED//Be8e- FBI(19cv1278)-1475 pecwassiriep By: wstcz[— +d oN 12-10-2019 2 Gena Beaows | D=302 (Rey S81) ~ Lot 2- Specie eeere | BE Looe ore Speaett/ 2iorers_ BIE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducorcnty 01/18/2018 DOCUMENT RESTRICTED TO CASE PARTICIPANTS This document contains information that is restricted to case participants. on 6/25/2017, sn [interviewed andre) Krickovic at san Francisco International Airport, SAL identified himself and explained bé the nature of the interview as pertaining to Krickovic’s interactions with bre carter Page at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. Krickovic said that he could not talk long since he would soon beard a flight to 6 Krickovie planned to write for his work at the pre Higher School of Economics (HSE) as well. Keicxovic tela sa[ 7] that he was expecting to have talked with the PEL be sooner. Krickovic Said that one of his colleagues was interviewed by BI pre personnel in 2017. Krickovic explaine that he first met Page while Krickovie was an intern at US Bossy Moscad. Krickowie said that Page worked for Merrill Lynca at the time. Krickovie and Page had a mutual acquaintance who was a US. befenae Attache at the US Embassy in Moscow, bs Be Krickovic said that Shlomo weber was looking for a high-profile speaker for the 2016 Commencement speech for the HSE to give the school more exposure. Weber vas aware that Page was working for the Trump campaign at the time and Shlomo thought this would attract more attention to the HSE. Krickovic described Page[ he was not able to provide be coherent presentation during an event at HSE. Page had a presentation on prc Iraq and energy policy which was poorly received by HSE faculty. Krickovic Said that Page embarrasses Krickovic by discussing themes which were iwestgionon 03/25/2017 4 San Francisco, California, united states (In Person) eg oxedranes 08/22/2017 bs ie dana Be & bre “This donne consis oie ecoomendations nor coveusions oF he FL is tbe prope of Ue PI gai loaned your ase ad Hs eae FE MOL to be disnbrted ose your agency FBI(19cv1278)-1476 BIE PO H24 Res, SEN Sesrety /Horeni_ Coninionot#D-w or (U//PRBH Interview of Andre} Krickovic on 08/15/2017 pgs 2 of 2 consiseres propaganda and not based on fact. Krickovic said, "I don't think much is there," when referring to Page's trip to Moscow to visit HSE. Page told Krickovic that television show Vice News wanted to do an interview with Page in May or dune 2017 be Bre Krickovic has a Russian cell phone number land a Whatsape be account which uses this same number. Krickovie often stays with bie Krickovic stated that is available to meet with PBI agents for a more dete@iled interview upon his return to the US in December 2017 or April 2018 when Krickovic will likely attend a political science conference, on or about April 14, 2016. grenety /noremt FBI(190v1278)-1477 cec.asstriec ay: nstcs [—p7A OW 12-10-2015 ‘BIE, PES. Semseage Beoawn | 6 EOS STA pe 1 of 2- Brera -rorerr— FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION DOD Key SRI) Ducorenty 10/20/2017 DOCUMENT RESTRICTED TO CASE PARTICIPANTS This document contains information that is restricted to case participants. Ee ENPOREReNT SeNsrteve— This information is the property of the FBI and may be distributed to state, tribal, or local government law enforcement officials with a need-to-know, Further distribution without FBI authorization is prohibited. Precautions should be taken to ensure this information is stored and/or destroyed in a manner that precludes unauthorized access. (OFPBeBer On October 19, 2017, SSA contacted K.T, McFarland by b3 telephone and left messages at her home and on her cell be pI phone [1] _ werariand returned 8538's cali from her cell hone, saying she was on the street in Manhattan, on her way to meet_a who was a former PBI employes recommended by (Omesve 558, told McFarland that ba bE bre (WAmeHeT McFarland explained that bs pe bre 5A told McFarland that as Iwvestgsionon 10/19/2017 q Washington, District Of Columbia, United States (Phone) bra pace] esas a0rner2007 be ® pre ‘edna nn it mera meta GFDL We pop Blaney Ka EM BIA BIE PO H24 Res, SEN Seercl/Arorenn (UPPFOCOT KT. McFarland telephone on 10/19/2017 page 2 of 2 Comiontionof 902 of Conversation PS ts (o/rroveT McFarland said she would be back in contact with $9A| ba bé bre Bparsti/uerome FBI(190v1278)-1478 Hisar (Ree SBI) Rote FEDERAT. BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION pasofems 06/0 Sam Patten was interviewed telephonicalt @ Offlee of Special (9C9} in Washington, 2. werview were - Present at ecial Erosecutor Patten was After rity of the interviewing Agent and the nature of he follow information: beyinping the interview, SP Weissmann at this telephonic iously signed proffer agreemen al agreemant still appli y understood and concurred. requirements under the proffer Patten stated th Whe may he 4 Washington, District Of Columbia, United States (Phone) pacenned 98/22 oe document conn neterresemmonsnnios sor costes oF the H lo castes site vr agency ¢. she ppeny oF he TES a aad yu agen” aud cores ae me bé bre be BTA bre bé BIA bre Be BIA Bre STE FBI(19v1278)-1510 DOD Key SRI) oT of ae UNCLASSIFIED/#Pe0C~ FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION pasotews 10/31/2018 Willian Samuel Patten, [7] was interviewed at the BS Office of the Special Counsel in Washington, D.C, The interviewers were bre ¥BI Special agent [__ Jang assistant Special Counsels (ASC) Andrey Weissmann and Jeannie S. Rhee, present representing Patten was attorney Stuart Sears. After being advised of the identities of the interviewers and the nature of the interview, Patten provided the following informatio Patten posted 9 statement about his guilty plea on his restricted FaceBook page. Patton believes that| Be bre Patten reviewed a to ws [(egarcing travel infomation: on Patten does not know why oa Yanukowych referred to Paul vanafore and his consultants BIE Patten cans te the Unrsine to aasist With the Shap elections, Patten worked for in the interests of the Opposition Bloc. after Patton eavered his euilty plea, Co Jorote Battin saying that all of Patten's work was Tar the Opposition Bloc, Patten had not met Manatort before this travel to Kyiv Patten had worked for Yushchenke’s party in Ukraine's 707 Parliamentary elections. UNCLASSIFIED/#Fese— linestgaionon 09/06/2019 yq Washington, District Of Columbia, United States (In Person) C J] soressan bm rs bic b7E Tos document conan nether recommendations na eonesions BF he FBI ste propery oF he FBT dis loaned te your agency: tad Ws canter ae nt toh dstbted ouside sour ager. FBI(190v1278)-1515 FOs024 ey. 05.0810, UNCLASSIFIED /#FeNe- BIA STE (U/#POGer Interview of William Samuel Comiouionerto.or P&tten 09.06, 2018 on 09/06/2018 page 2 Of 3 Patten reviewed al te Patten. While in Kyiv, Patten| Gates and Manafort. They ran be BTA parallel campaigns bul_chere was very Little coordination. Patten sent his materials through Patten does bre not know if the materials were shown to Manafort or Rick Gates. Patten prepared his materials based upon publicly available information. Manafort was the big idea guy while Gates was the operations guy. Manafort stayed at the hotel most of the time and did not often come to the office, Patten reviewed a b6 that Jrorwarsed to Patten, Patten understood thee bra bre TE was Peer Porcshento, the President oF the Ukraine; who Tad cone Gur of the elections weaker than expected. Patten reviewed a between Patten andf———] regarding "my edits.” Was editing Patten's Ten oligarch. Patten would descrine an cligarch as someone with economic and political power. P———] bs on bre Patten reviewed a tnat_had_veen forwarded to Patten by| for be Davia Monafort. PormeY PaFEy Of Regions WOTEGTA FeIP FRAF They WETS being BTA politically persecuzes. []pranabiy sent it to Patten for ideas on hw to get coverage of c= TemeD L____________] might nave been for a proposed press tour to get media coverage. Patten reviewed a between Patten and UNCLASSTFTED//Peue— FBI(19cv1278)-1516 PDse2a Rey. 85.80} UNCLASSIFIED / /Pese— BIA STE [U/PPORG) Interview of William Samuel Comiouionerto.or P&tten 09.06, 2018 on 09/06/2018 page 3 Of 3 bé bIe Patten did not report Tis work oF contact under FARA. Patten reviewed a in response to a news article that Patten had seat him be BIA bre Patten reviewed a 01/05/2017 e-mail chain between Patten andl and other people at the BGR Group. Patten wrote the newsletter and BGR sent it out. Patten included the PARA disclaimer language because he assumed that BGR distributed the newsletter to U.S. Government officials. UNCLASSIFIED //Beue- FBI(19cv1278)-1517 DOD Key SRI) hot ie UNCLASSIFIED /7Peuo_ FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION pasotems 06/22/2018 went to the residence inte his home and On er around $/31/2018 at 6:30 PM, sal of WILLIAM SAMUEL PATTEN. PATTEN welcomed SA handed 3A, his ifhone. The ifhone was unlocked caf Jased nis pos-issued phone to photograph] mages ot jane atvaches here inva 1h. UNCLASSIFIED/7reve— patcduned 96/21/2018 ie Cod Fos doormen conan nether recommendations na covesions BF he FB ste propery oF he FBT dis loaned te your agency and Ws canes ar nt be BIA Bie 3 Be pre BE tobe disinbted aside vour agency FBI(19ev1278)-1518 | DOD Key SRI) hot ie UNCLASSIFIED//Be0C" FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION pasotems 09/26/2018 on 9/19/2018 at 12:15 PM, WILLIAM SAMUEL PATTEN's counsel, Stuart Sears sent_ssal a PDP containing screenshots of what appears to be bé the PDF BTA was land PATTEN pre The POP ef these Screenshots is attached here as a 1A, UNCLASSIFIED/#Pevo— lnestigaionon 09/19/2019 q Washington, District Of Columbia, United States (mail) bs « eedanct 09/26/2018 Pe Dacca z Be | bre ° bre "ys cet cova tr ammenda m coestons oF: FL ste open abe Hd sae ou a an cE tobe disinbted aside vour agency FAI(19ev1278)-1519 DOD Key SRI) oT of 8 UNCLASSIFIED //Fove- FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducorenty 07/19/2017 (0) Anatoli Sanochornov, date of birth (p06) [_______] teephone Wey York 10989 by Special Agents AEEE being advised of the identity of te Thterviecing agents and The nature of the interview, Samcchornoy provided the following informatio (9) Samachornov told the interviewing agents he had some scotch before they arrived at his house. [Agent note: The agents observed a half-full glass of scotch on the table beside Samochornov. | (9) Samoshorney planned to retain legal counsel and wanted an opportunity to talk with the Special Counsel. Prior te the interviewing agents! arrival, Samochornov_made an appointment to meet with an attorney, address telephone number on duly 13, 2017, at 9:30am. The meeting was to be an initial consultation. Samochernov had not yet retained Samochornov was not sure if he should speak with an attorney before talking with the interviewing agents. Samochornev did not think he had any liability with respect to the meeting between Natalia Yeselnitskaya and Donald Trump Jr. Samechornov said he would be open with the interviewing agents and indicated he would stop the interview if he was uncomfortable. Samochornov had_nothing to hide, but he did not want to cause any problems for himself or| The interviewing agents informed Samochornov that he did not have to speak with them and that he could seek legal representation prior to moving forward with the interview. (9) [Agent note: the initial minutes She _was_an_e1 jas present for request. of the interview, but left upon loyee Gala she Sid Got aves Security Cloarance, Given thedelevsat hows Stories af the day, L——Jesvises her supervisor that[_] had been involved in the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Natalia Veselnitskaya. Later, L_—] returned to the interview and requested the agents show their credentials. Prior to beginning the interview the agents identified themselves verbally and UNCLASSIFIED/ /Pe¥e- luvestigaionon 07/12/2017 ae New York, United States (In Person) a Fos doormen conan nether recommendations na covesions BF he FB ste propery oF he FBT dis loaned te your agency: and Ws canter ar nt tobe disinbted aside vour agency bé BIC be pIe 6 BIC bs be Bre BIE FBI(19¢v1278)-1520 PO H24 Res, SEN BIA BIE UNCLASSIFIED / FEN. | ComioiqnerFoamor [U) Interview of Anatoli Samochornov on 07/12/2017 page 2 of & provided their business cards to Samechornov, but did not display their credentials.] (9) Samechornov informed the interviewing agents he was involved in be civil litigation with Natalia Veselnitskaya that was linked in seme aspect bie to William Browder. sa infermed Samochorney that the interviewing agents were not concerned about Samochornov's involvement in the civil Litigation. Samochornoy stated Browder was known to go after people who opposed him and Samochornov was worried about Browder's clout. Samochornov believed Browder was feeding information te Senator Chuck Grassley. Browder identified Samochornov as a lobbyist for HRAGIF, but Samochornov said he was not a lobbyist (9) Samochornoy believed Browder was the underlying issue with respect to the civil litigation Samochornov was hired to provide translation finterpretation services for. Browder played dirty and Samochornoy recommended the interviewing agents look inte him. Samochernov teld the agents about Browder's role in influencing the United States Atterney's Office te initiate the civil litigation Veselnitskaya later became involved in. Samochornov also described Browder's role in implementing the Magnitsky Act. Samochornov believed Browder improperly influenced these events and questioned how he got away with it. (0) [agent note: Over the course of the interview, it became apparent the civil litigation Samochornov referred to at the beginning, and would continue to reference throughout, was United states of America v. Prevezon Holdings Ltd, et al. (hereinafter the “civil litigation").) (0) Samochornov performed translation/interpretation services as an independent contractor. Formerly he worked with[ Jin a bé partnership at Samochornov had not worked for bre the Russian government or any Russian political part Russian clients. He lost business as a translator/interpreter as @ result of the United States' sanctions on Russia. Prior to the sanctions being implemented, Samochornov had a lot of work with banks and government entities. Samochornov had no (U} Samochornov described Veselnitskaya as a "chance client." He wes introduced to her by telephone number email address bs pre Bt The time of Sanochornov's introduction to Veselnitskaya in October 2018, Samachornov had known] Samochornev was hired by Veselnitskaya to help with depositions 1a the above-referenced civil litigation. Samochornev said Veselnitskaya also used other UNCLASSIFTED//Beue- FBI(19cv1278)-1521 — = BIA 2.3023 (Rev. 05-08-10) ° E UNCLASSIFIED / FEN. ComioiqnotFoamor (U) Interview of Anatoli Samochornov on 07/12/2017 page 3 of & translators/interpreters. samochornov did not know how 1ong [——] naa vs known Yeseinitskaya. bre (9) Samechornovy worked with Veselnitskaya in the United States in Oeteber and November 2015 and continued to work with Veselnitskaya intermittently through February 2016. This work occurred threngh the law firm of Baker & Hostetler. He worked with Veselnitskaya "a fair amount" in blocks of days over the above-mentioned period of time. More precise information about the dates he worked for Veselnitskaya would be documented _in Samochornov's invoices. Samochornoy identified| be and as attorneys linked to Baker § Hostetler. Baker @ bre Hostetler prepared the paperwork, to include a nondisclosure agreement, defining the relationship between samochornov and veselnitskaya. (9) Between February 2016 and January 2017 there was a lull in activity related to the civil litigation. Samochornoy began working with Veselnitskaya again in 2017 as the case entered settlement negotiations. (U) Initially, Samochornov's commnications with Veselnitskaya occurred through Baker & Hostetler. He did not have direct communications with her until later in their relationship. hen Samechornev began to have direct communications with Veselnitskaya, it was mostly through email. Samechornav's most recent contact with Yeselnitskaya was on duly 5, 2017, via email. In June 2017, he sent her articles, also by email. After the civil litigation was settled on May 18, 2017, Samechornoy and Veselnitskaya discussed getting together in Moscow, but the trip did not ecour. [Agent note: according to a press release from the United states Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, the civil litigation was settled on May 12, 2017.] (0) Samochornev provided the interviewing agents with two telephone numbers and two email addresses for Veselnitskaya as follows: . (Yeselnitskaya's Russian telephone number.) 6 . Tyeselnitskaya's United States-based telephone number. bre Gamschornoy Cid not know if this was a permanent number.) . ° (0) Samochernoy was paid by Baker £ Hostetler. On one occasion in January 2017, Veselnitskaya directly paid Samochornov Samechornov later deposited the money into his personal bank account, The be pie payment. was for his help with finding a new law firm te become involved in the civil litigation. This firm, called Quinn Emanuel by Samochornev, alse received invoices from Samochornov. UNCLASSIFIED//Beue- FBI(19cv1278)-1522 —, = PO H24 Res, SEN BIA BIE UNCLASSIFIED //POSe- Co CominionetFosmor (U} Interview of Anatoli Samochornov on 07/12/2017 page 4 of & (0) The meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Veselnitskaya took place at two or three in the afternoon. Prior to arriving at Trump Tower, Samechornoy was with Veselnitskaya at @ meeting at a courthouse. Samechornoy was not informed he would be attending a meeting with Donald ‘Trump Jr. or anyone associated with the Trump Campaign until the day of the meeting. Samochornov did not know how Veselnitskaya set up the meeting. He believed she treated it as an important engagement. (9) Before arriving at Trump Tower, Veselnitskaya, Samochornov, and Irakli Kaveladze had lunch at Nelle located near the intersection of Madison Avenue and East 62nd Street in Manhattan. The topic of the Forthcoming meeting was not discussed during lunch, but there was an understanding as to what Veselnitskaya would talk about given her involvement in the civil litigation and ner advocacy against the Magnitsky Act. (0) When they arrived at Trump Tower, the group (now including Rinat Akhmetshin} was met by Rob Goldstone. Samochorney described Goldstone as a short guy who dressed and acted like a cast member from the Sopranos television show. Goldstone escorted the group through security and brought them to the correct floor. while inside Trump Tower, Samochornov saw Ivanka Trump, but did not see Donald Trump. [Agent note: During the interview, Samochornov referred to Goldstone as both Goldstone and Goldstein. ] (0) The meeting attendees were as follows: Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, Natalia Veselnitskaya, Anatoli Samechornov, Rinat Akhmetshin, and Irakli Kaveladze. Samochornov could not be certain that Goldstone attended the meting. Once the meeting began, it lasted for approximately 20 minutes. The topic of discussion was the Magnitsky Act and related issues. Akhmetshin did most of the talking during the meeting. Veselnitskaya spoke for approximately three to four minutes. Kushner left the meeting five to seven minutes after it began. Manafort used his telephone under the table throughout the meeting. Samochornov did not take notes during the meeting because it was not his practice to do so while interpreting. (01 Sanschoznov knew Akhnetzhin to be involved in public relations and Lobbying Work. Akhnetshin veg brought_in to the eivil litigation by Baker ¢ Hostetler and its attorney[_] to do public relations work and »s Tesearch for the case. (U} Samochornov could net speak for other occasions, but said there was ho discussion about the 2016 United States presidential election or collusion between the Russian government and the Trump Campaign at the UNCLASSIFIED//Peue- FBI(19cv1278)-1523 (oT UNCLASSIFIED //PO8e- 2.3023 (Rev. 05-08-10) ComioiqnorFoamor (U) Interview of Anatoli Samochornov on 07/12/2017 page 5 of & meeting. There was no smoking gun according to Samochornoy. There was not a discussion about "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. Samochornov did not think Hillary Clinton was mentioned by name at the meeting. Samochornov had not heard Veselnitskaya say anything about having "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. Veselnitskaya did not offer any materials during the meeting and no papers were exchanged. Additionally, there was no follow-up to the meeting that Samechornoy knows about. (0) However, during the meeting Veselnitskaya told Donald Trump Jr. and the other meeting attendees that the Ziff brothers were silent partners with William Browder and that the Ziff brothers donated illicit funds to democratic campaigns. Samochornov did not know if the donation(s) were made directly to the Clinton Campaign, the Democratic National Committee, or @ political action committee. once raised, the topic of the denation(s} was dismissed by Manafort. Veselnitskaya learned of the denation(s} through extensive research she had done in connection with her legal representation of individuals involved in the civil litigation. The information about the Ziff brothers was not developed just for the meeting with Donald Trump Jr. Samochornov told the interviewing agents that veselnitskaya would seek any avenues to advance her cause (9) According to Samechornov, Veselnitskaya had misplaced hopes thet the meeting attendees would be more receptive to her information. By informing Donald Trump Je. of the Ziff brothers' donation{s), Samochornov believed veselnitskaya was attempting te provide information that would be a benefit to beth parties and assist with her advocacy against the Magnitsky Act. Samochornov said Veselnitskaya thought the information about the donation(s) could act as a “carrot.” (U0) Samochornov was not particularly fond of Denald Tromp Jr., but stated Donald Trump Jr.'s account of the meeting with Veselnitskaya, as portrayed in recent media reports, was accurate. Samechornov concurred with Donald Trump Jr.'s accounts of the meeting. He added, "they" were telling the truth. Samochornov told the interviewing agents that he would have contacted the FBI if he thought the meeting was nefarious. {0} Samochornov was not with Veselnitskaya the days before or after the meeting. Veselnitskaya arrived in the United States on June 7th ox 8th. Either before, but likely after the meeting with Donald Trump Jz., Veselnitskaya attended a HRAGIE-related movie screening in Washington, D. c. (9) Samechornov described Veselnitskaya as a good client. she paid on time and was sympathetic to Samochornov's other commitments. She was, outgoing and the twe had a friendly relationship. Veselnitskaya had 3 BIA BIE 6 BIC UNCLASSIFIED //Beue- FBI(190v1278)-1524 ba PO-nD4 Res, W880) BA BIE UNCLASSIFIED / /PO8e CominiqnofFoamor (U) Interview of Anatoli Samochornov on 07/12/2017 page 6 of & Pé Bre (0) Samechornoy did not think Veselnitskaya was an employee of the Russian government. She was formerly a prosecutor in Moscow and that was where her connections were. Additionally, Veselnitskaya may have had connections to the Russian government through the Prosecutor General of Russia. She also had connections to the Russian government through Denis katsyv and his father Petr Katsyv. Samochornoy believed Petr Katsyy was formerly the Transportation Minister of the Moscow Region (0) Samochornoy said he did not _know exactly who Veselnitskaya was and did not know However, bé Samochornov said the following factors pre @ “Samochornoy did not discern @ Veselnitskaya was talkative and unguarced with what she said. © veselnitskaya appeared to be a working lawyer who lost cases and who Pea ceplsnl peck cme ane caer sor dio not appear to be © “Veseinitskaya was involved in litigation in Russia that countered the interests of © veselnitskaya Invited Samochornov to Moscow in June or July of 2016. in order Co travel to Russia Samochornov, still a Russian citizen, was required to wait two months to get his Russian passport renewed. Samochornov ThSaghT, a and he cited this fact as one b6 bre reason for maintaining his Russian citizenship. Samochornov visited Russia and returned to| His most recent trip to Russia was in Samochornov accompanied representatives from a law firm associated with the civil litigation to Veselnitskaya's office in suburban Moscow. while there, Samochornov provided translation/interpretation services. when Samochornov arrived in Moscow he did not receive any extra scrutiny by the Russian border guards. Samachornov did not make any trips to Russia between UNCLASSIFIED//BevO FBI(19cv1278)-1525 pana ey. 1.810) brn BIE UNCLASSIFIED //PO8E Coninuaign offD-sag¢ (Uh Interview af Anatoli Samochornov on 97/12/2017 page 7 of 8 b3 (0) At the end of the interview, SA asked Samechernov if he bé noticed anything odd with the Russian linguists working at the United pre Nations or United states Department of State. Initially, Samochornov replied that he had not, but then mentioned a few individuals. Samochornov recalled that he had suspicions about, {ph} ana He was also uncertain about [discussed above] because Sanacharnov said The United Nations. Samochornoy had not seen anything specificall noteworthy with respect to| Sanochornev alse named Tph]_and [ph], but did not elaborate other than to note Tagent note (9) Samechornov did not think a lack of work for translators /interpreters made them vulnerable, but said perhaps it was different for those with business in Russia. (U) Referring to Russians, Samochornew said those in power speak English well, Samochornov did not support Vladimir eutin agg di eae 6 could te oppose him. Samochornev said that he may have met = ¥ pre (9) Samechornoy told the interviewing agents he was besieged by the press. He did not provide the press with comments only to state he had nondisclesure agreements with his clients. Samechernoy wanted to know what he should tell the press. The agents concurred with his decision to reference his nondisclosure agreements. UNCLASSIFIED//Beue- FBI(19cv1278)-1526 3 PO H24 Res, SEN BIA BIE UNCLASSIFIED //Feue- CominaiqnetFoamor (U) Interview of Anatoli Samochornov on 07/12/2017 page 8 of & UNCLASSIFIED//Beue- FBI(19cv1278)-1527 oectassiriep sy: wsiez [— an 22-10-2019 Tier ae SES. Gemenai, Remon DS DOD Key SRI) Lore PRESS SIS wre bie Bo BT SECRET] /oReonNOFORE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducofenes 09/06/2017 (0) on 07/28/2017 SA and SB 6 interviewed Professor Shlomo Weber (Weber) at Madeline's Cafe in Dallas, pre Texas. The interview was established through a series of phone calls and email communication with assistance from After being advised of the isentity of the interviewing Agents and the nature of the interview, Weber provided the following information: (0) General Information (U0) Reber _had been back in the United states for two weeks. He had some after which he would return to Russia. bs Ncber was @ BYOFOsEOF af Southern Methodist University (S!) and es maintains an apartment near there at Dallas, Ti. (0) Neber's Russian phone number is] Weber is winning to communicated using WhatsApp when he is in Russia if he thinks of anything the FBI should know. (0) When questioned about Russian Influence on the Elections, Weber said it would not surprise him that Russians interfered with elections but does not know anything. oy be 7c (0) New Economic Scheol (0) Weber is the Rector of New Economic School (NES) in Moscow, Russia. Weber had been in that position since 2015. A Rector is linestigsionon 01/28/2017 yy Dallas, Texas, United states (In Person) . od BIC “This donne consis oie ecoomendations nor conclusions of he FL is tbe prope of Ue PE gad loan wo youe ase ad seo FE MOL vo be dibined onside your gene FBI(19ev1278)-1533 BEOREI] /OnconANOFORN- PO H24 Res, SEN Co) ComioeniqnerFoamor [U) Interview of Shlomo Weber on 07/28/2017 page 2 of & similar to the American presidents or Suropean chancellors of their respective schools. The Rector reports to the NES Board. The Board has ten members, including businessmen and government officials. (U) Weber described that (NPT) is currently the be Jahove Weber, but the position is mainly ceremonial was a pre but is not involved in its day-to-day activities. In one year, Weber plans to take over as President. (U) Weber previously taught a class at NES and took over the position after the qNeT) left was a friend of the 6 previous a left the pre school in 2013 because he Felt insecure about Ais position and he currently lives in After a few years of turmoil from losing the school asked Weber to take the position of Rector. Weber felt that they chose him because there are not many economists in Russia. Russians historically studied mathematics. Weber had only a Few peers who studied economics and spoke Russian. (U) Weber opined that because NES is a private school, it is a miracle the scheel exists through the turbulence of the 25 years after the fall of the Soviet Union. The school has relied on individual investor money to stay afloat, and indivicual investors come wita “undertones.” Weber also mentioned that when NES is in need of moneys they go to the central Bank for assistance. (U) As Rector, Weber has no official contact with members of che Duma or Moscow City Government (MVD). Weber recalled approaching the MYD for support on some research but the project did not go anywhere. (U) In his rele as Rector, Weber has had some interaction with public officials, like the Deputy Prime Minister (DEM) Arkady Dvorkovich (Dvorkovich), who is the Russian Federation Minister of Bconomic Development and head of the NES Board. Dverkovich was a graduate of NES. In his role, Dvorkevich has a lot of power over NES. (U) Weber described the impact of U.S. sanctions against Russia on NES stating that the overall economic situation in Russia affects the school, however, it has little to do with sanctions. Specifically, the Russian Federation has foreign agency laws which prevents NES from taking money from foreign investors, including from the United States. So NBS has difficulty receiving money from the West becavse of Russian law, not U.S. Sanctions. (0) Arkady Dvorkovich [BRenE/ oneonononst FBI(196v1278)-1534 ‘Bhorel/ /oneortrerene 2.3023 (Rev. 05-08-10) Comineiqnot Foam of (U) Interview of Shlomo Weber on 07/28/2017 page 3 of & (U) Weber and Dverkovich do not meet as frequently as Weber would like because Dvorkovich is so busy and holds an extensive portfolio. Dvorkovich is also the Chairman of the Board of Russian Railways Which according to Weber is the largest employing force in country. (0) Dvorkovich is the NES Chairman of the Board, and was aware of Page's visit. Students were disappointed in Fage’s speech. At the time, nobody believed Trump would become President. Weber might have mentioned Page's attendance to other members of the beard, but nobody else had te approve it. No Russian law prohibits a US Campaign Official from coming te Russia. Weber figured that notifying the DEM was good enough. {U) Weber does not_have a phone number For Pvorkevich, but provided prc (0) carter Page (0) Carter Page was one of three speakers at the duly 2016 Nes Commencement Ceremony. However, Page did net give the commencement address. Weber further stated that he would never have let Page give the commencement address when they previously had much more prestigious speakers, like President Obama in 2009. The 2016 commencement speaker was[____]the nationaa aceaeny BS, of Economics, which weber referred to as RANEPA. (U) Weber became aware of Page in 2016 through and be associate, Andre} Krickovic (Krickovic). Weber never knew Page pre before mentioned him, After Weber was first introduced to Page, Weber invited him to come to NES as a "general thing" later Weber offered to have Page speak at the commencement. As Rector, Weber strives to bring multiple points of view te academic discussion, and he felt that bringing Page to NES would accomplish that. (U) Weber also recalled that in the summer of 2016 there was incredible interest in Moscow related to the Donald J. Trump Presidential Campaign. Weber saw bringing a member of the Campaign to his school as a great public relations stunt. (U) At some point between the Weber's introduction to Page and July, Weber made the decision to ask Page to speak at the commencement. Weber said, “It was my decision.” (U) Nobody from the Russian Federation came to Weber about Page. Nobody directed Weber to invite Page to give the speech at Bbeeaii//oncowmionean FBI(190v1278)-1535 SBORI I / error erse Comineniquot Foam of (U) Interview of Shlomo Weber on 07/28/2017 page 4 of & commencement in July. BS Dmitry Peskov never epproached Weber; and pre nobody on Peskov's behalf approached Weber. Tt surprised Weber that a told Weber the story of how bs BIC at the Higher School of Sconomics in Moscow (HSE). learned this from his friend and academic colleaque, Andrej Krickovic, who teaches at use with[ ] and Weber recounted the story saying that (0) Page's guly Trip (U) Weber anc Page met for the first time at a dinner in July with and Krickovic's colleagues from HSB. Weber felt it necessary to Be meet Page before he spoke at NES. Weber recalled that Page kept going pic en an on about “Igor Ivanovich, Igor Ivanovich, Igor Ivanevich" which is how Page referred to Igor Sechin (Sechin). Weber made it clear that Page never discussed meeting with Sechin, but he did talk about Sechin a let. (U) In July, Page gave a public speech before the commencement, Weber could not recall the exact name of the international center at which the speech cccurred. NES holds occasionally meetings at the venue. (U) In July, Page asked NES not to introduce him as a member of Trump’ 5 campaign. (U) Page's first public talk in duly of 2016 was a disaster. After be hearing the first speech, which was disjointed, had ne focus, and made pre no_sense, Page's commencement speech was more generally about opportunity and success, however, graduates approached Weber after the event and complained that Page did not meet their expectations for commencement. (0) Page and Dvorkovich shook hands at the commencement in July of 2016. Weber was unaware of any other meetings occurring between the two. Dverkovich made statements to Page about working together in the Future. Bpoarty /onconponenst FBI(19671278)-153¢ 2D.3924 Res. 95 BIE 8-10) ‘BRSRET/ /ORGON/NOFORN Comineniquot Foam of [U) Interview of Shlomo Weber on 07/28/2017 page 5 Of & @ (0) Weber was not involved in scheduling Page's trip. NES paid for Page's economy class ticket and his hotel. The School would have scheduled it, or reimbursed it, Weber does not remember the specifics of how it was dene erganized. Page was in town for three or four days. (U) Page may have had contact with Denis Klimentoy while in Moscow. In July, Klimentoy was either an employes oz becoming an employee at NES. Klimentev came on board with NES some time in July. Weber could not recall any meetings between Page and Klimentov, (U) Weber does not know if Page met with members of the NES Board. Page said it would have been nice to meet with board, but never did. NES has a board meeting during graduation, and Weber recalled that there was no interest from the members in meeting Fage. Weber did not rule out the possibility that board members may have met Page at NES at the time of the board meeting, because NES has given Paye office | to work out of, and it is possible that Dvorkovich oz bé met him on their own. does not speak English very well bie so unlikely they met. Page's Second Trip (U) Weber recalled Page visiting Moscow in November or December of 2016 after the elections. Weber was clear that the visit was unrelated to NES, despite that Weber introduced Page at a speaking engagement. Weber said that Page requested that Weber introduce him, so Weber obliged. Weber could not recall the purpose of the event. Overall, Weber felt that the second talk was much more coherent than Page's first, referring to his first public speech in July of 2016. (U) Page's second visit to Russia had nething to do with NES, other than Weber introducing Page to the group. {U) The second talk in Nov/Dec was about economic development in general. Tt was a smaller group, advertised online where people could register. Weber recalled that American journalists attended. When Page was asked why he came to Moscow to give the talk, he did not have a clear answer. weber still does not know why Fage gave the talk. (v) Initially in the interview, Neber did net recall having dinner with Page in Decenber, however he later recalled: In December 2016, Weber had a private event with Page and a few other people including Klimentey. Weber gave Dvarkovich a courtesy call and notified him that Page was in Moscow and invited Dvorkovich to stap by the event. SESRET/ /oncoN MORON. FBI(19v1278)-1537 PO H24 Res, SEN BIE BESRET/ /oneoreAtOPORN- Comioeniqnot Foam or [U) Interview of Shlomo Weber on 07/28/2017 page 6 of & w Dvorkovich came, and he and Page shook hands. weber was surprised that Bvorkevich came, since he is busy and influential person. (U) At the time of this dinner, Weber knew Page was no longer part of the administration, because he followed the news. Weber was unsure if Dverkevich knew. Weber cannot remember if Page acknowledged he was ne longer part of the administration. (U) Weber said that in December it was hard to say whether Page acted like he still had connections to the administration, but he dees not think se. Page did not offer to mediate contact with the administration. It was clear that Page could not do much with the administration. (0) Weber did not recall if Fage asked to do a presentation at NES, and if he dig they would have refused. NES may have set up a taxi for him or something. Further Contact with Page (U) When asked if Weber had any further contacts with Page, Weber stated that after July, Bage wrote him about the effect of sanctions on NBS. Page was drafting an op-ed with the New York Times, and Weber did not want to participate because he thought it was a misleading story. Page asked him to help him write the op-ed and Weber refused. Weber said it was ridiculous and a complete lie to say Russia was suffering because of sanctions, he did not want to risk his academic reputation. (0) Page expressed an interest in coming to Russia again in 2017 to do something related to HBO, but Weber did not want to participate in it. 40) There were no discussions about ongoing work with Page and NES. Weber said, “We had no interest.” Weber does not recall if Page approached him or NES looking for additional work. {U) When asked specifically if there were discussions between Page and Weber or NES about a potential "think tank" Weber said that in duly things were different, perhaps Weber was interested in discussing his views, but Page would not have been the one he would want to participate in it. Additionally, Weber would be shocked if page pitched business ideas to Dvorkovich. weber said of Page, Be Ie (0) Dvorkovich never reconmended weber stay in contact with Page BpoREt/ /onconMereRy- FBI(19cv1278)-1538 BIE 2.3023 (Rev. 05-08-10) Seaei[/ /oreorsnerene Comineniquot Foam of (U) Interview of Shlomo Weber on 07/28/2017 page 7 of & (©) The 2017 KES Commencement only had one speaker, the Be {NET} p7c (0) Meeting with Igor Sechin (0) Weber has since heard about Page meeting Igor Sechin but he does not know if they met. Weber said “I would be shocked if they did.” He might remember Page speaking highly of Sechin. Weber does not know if Page met with Igor Divyekin. (0) Denis Klimentov (0) KLlimentoy was not authorized to come to the US te lock for money for NES. NES would be required to register as a foreign agent in order to get the US money, so they do not want to do that. All their funding is from Russia. 40) Weber never had any discussion about giving money from NBS to Page. Never any discussion of a think tank. Tuition only covers a very small part cf their budget. (U) Klimentov was hired as the Director of Communications for NES. Before that he was with the Eurasia Foundation. Weber joked that Klimentov's English is better than his Russian, Klimentov’s duties at NES include promoting the school, organizing conferences, public events, and speeches. But Weber doubts Klimentov had anything to do with Fage’s travel. Klimentov mentioned that he spoke to the EBI at the airport and it was a cordial conversation. {U) Klimentov applied fer the job at NES a few weeks before the commencement. That would have been after weber informed the DPM that Page was attending the commencement. weber said they were already leaning toward hiring Klimentov and he was hired around time of commencement . (D) Andre} Krickovie (U) Weber met Krickovic through Weber and Krickovic have met be only two times. Once in the end of June surrounding a conference, but bre the two have never had any personal interactions, he only knows Krickovie as a co-author with o be p7c (0) Meber recalled meeting2 Jat some introductory meetings or maybe the dinner with Pages Weoer Gio not speak with him EBSA /oneonatorenst FBI(196v1278)-1535 PO H24 Res, SEN SescT/ /ereonroronr Comimmionet D397 (U} Interview of Shlomo Weber on 07/28/2017 Page BIE eof e personally, but heard his views. [_] views are very nationalistic, which was very surprising. Weber opined that political be pie science people change their views, which is very interesting to him. fand Krickowie BRERET/ /oncox pore FBI(19cv1278)-1540 Ca DOD Key SRI) hot ie UNCLASSIFTED//Beve FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION pasotems 10/10/2018 Paul J. Manafort, date of birth was interviewed at the be Office of the Special Counsel in Washington, D.C. The interviewers were pre BI Special Agents bog Attorney James Mann; and Assistant Special Caunsels (ASC) Andrew Weissmann and Greg Andres. Present representing Manafort were attorneys Richard Westling and Thomas Zehnle. After being advised of the identities of the interviewers and the nature of the interview, Manafort provided the following information: Manafort_met during the campaign. worked as a cd ing «. TT] BIC Wanatort believes| was introduced to the campaign through Corey Lewandowski. Manafozt recalls meeting tare times: in the campaign offices in April or May 2016; at Thomas Barrack's California house during a fundraiser; and at the Republican National Convention. Manafort did not have any business dealings with Manafort dees not have any information regarding investments. UNCLASSIFIED/ /Fe¥e linestigaionon 10/01/2019 yq Washington, District Of Columbia, United States (In Person) - 0 css oroazzmng — —, ama z bic sda anaes nthe onmeRSIOM HORABON OTM TAL AUC ADEN rDEFBHAL sTevaragaeswewconemacne — BE tobe disinbted aside vour agency FBI(19ev1278)-1541 Co Loti DOD Key SRI) UNCLASSIFIED //PeNe- FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION pasotews 10/04/2018 Paul J. Manafort, date of birth was interviewed at the be Office of the Special Counsel in Washington, D.C. The interviewers were pre BI Special Agents bog Attorney James Mann; and Assistant Special Caunsels (ASC) Andrew Weissmann and Greg Andres. Present representing Manafort were attorneys Richard Westling and Thomas Zehnle. After being advised of the identities of the interviewers and the nature of the interview, Manafort provided the following information: be BIA BIC be BIA Bie bé BIR 7c UNCLASSIFIED/ /Fe¥e linestigaionon 10/01/2019 yq Washington, District Of Columbia, United States (In Person) vs STE Fos doormen conan nether recommendations na eonesions BF he FB ste propery oF he FBT dis loaned te your agency tan Ws canter ae nt tobe dstbited outside your agency FBI(19cv1278)- 1542 DOD Key SRI) oT of ae UNCLASSIFIED //Peve- FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducorenty 11/07/2018 paul J. Manafort, date of birth] was interviewed at the 2s Office of the Special Counsel in Washington, D.C. The interviewers were bre er Special, Agents rer forensic Accountant and Assistant Special Counsels (ASC) Andrew Weissmann and Greg Andres. Present representing Manafort were attorneys Richard Westling and Thomas Zehnle. After being advised of the identities of the interviewers and the nature of the interview, Manafort provided the following information: be BIA prc bs BIA Bre bé BIA 7c BIA UNCLASSIFIED//Fe¥e- Coonan 10/01/2019 Washington, bisteiet OF Goluabia, united States fin Rowson) rs BIA . bic me Fos doormen conan nether recommendations na eovesions BF he FB ste propery oF he FBT nd is loaned te your agency: and Ws canter are nt tobe disinbted aside vour agency FBI(19cv1278)-1543 _,) IA »7E PO H24 Res, SEN UNCLASSIFIED //FOUe- a (U/APORO} Interview of Paul Manafort Comision of FD-H2 of 10-01-2018 oy 1OLO1/2018 page 2 0f 3 6 BIA pre Manafert planned campaign meilings during the primaries. The campaign had previously used a company associated with Corey Lewandowski. Manafort thought that the company's rates were too high because, in part, Lewandowski and others were taking a cut. had dealt with mail vendors while he worked at the Republican National Committee (RNC) so be Manafort asked him to recommend a crow bmn wanagort asked him to recommend a eroup. [Ube Manafort reviewed an e-mail b6 BTA bre Manafort had been upset about the money paid to Lewandowski from the other mailings so ‘Text messages between Manafort and Sean Hannity were read to Manafort. Excluding conversations with his attorneys, Manafort received information on possible leaks of information by the Department of Justice (03) regarding his case from Jason Maloni, Sean Hannity and None of these individuals had first hand knowledge of the Jeaks. They repeated information learned from their contacts in the press. Manafort has no specific facts or allegations regarding any leaks from the DOJ regarding his case. UNCLASSIFIED//Feve FBI(19cv1278)-1544 IA »7E 2.3023 (Rev. 05-08-10) UNCLASSIFIED //PO8e [U//S0R@} Interview of Paul Manafort Cominetionerto.382 97 10-01.2018 on 10/01/2018 yg 3 Of 9 on 1/24/2018, Manafort wrote to Hannity "[p]er our conversation this morning, my attorney ~ Kevin Downing ~ will call you at 11:30 am tomorrow. He will update you on what we are doing and how it connects to your reporting." Powning spoke with Hannity. Manafort asked Downing to speak with Hannity because he wanted Hannity to understand his case. Hannity alse served as an outlet to the public and the white House. Downing also spoke with Greener, Doug Davenport and Gay in order to educate them about Manafort's case. on $/4/2018, Manafort messaged Hannity that "I am told pr is pumped." ‘The comment is in response to Judge Bllis's courtroom criticism of the Special Counsel's office. Manafort's legal counsel told him that DT was punped. Many of Manafort's text messages are based on his belief that the investigation of him began before July 2016. Serhiy Lyovochkin heard from Ukvainian President Petro Peroshenko that the U.S. Embassy was pressuring Ukvaine's National Anti-Corruption Bureau for information on Manafort. Manafort had a series of problems with his phone leading him te believe that he was being intercepted. The document reviewed by Manafort will be maintained in the 1-A section of this casefile. UNCLASSIFIED//Beue FBI(19cv1278)-1545 Ce -1 of 2- DOD Key SRI) UNCLASSIFTED//Beve FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION pasotews 11/07/2018 Paul J. Manafort, date of birth was interviewed at the Office of the Special Counsel in Washington, D.C. The interviewers were BI Special Agents bog Attorney James Mann; and Assistant Special Caunsels (ASC) Andrew Weissmann and Greg Andres. Present representing Manafort were attorneys Richard Westling and Thomas Zehnle. After being advised of identities of the interviewers and the nature of the interview, Manafort provided the following information: UNCLASSIFIED//PS¥e- linestigaionon 10/01/2019 yq Washington, District Of Columbia, United States (In Person) b me ee pacarned 10/02/2018 Fos doormen conan nether recommendations na ovesions BF he FB ste propery oF he FBT dis loaned te your agency: and Ws cane ae nt be pre Pe Bic be 7c Pe BIA pyc bé BIA pre BE tobe disinbted aside vour agency FBI(19¢v1278)-1546 UNCLASSIFIED / FOB FOs024 ey. 05.0810, comanonoftDaen 10001-2018 |] om 19/01/2018 ype 2 of bé BIA 7c Manafort did not know that the PRI was investigating anything related to] UNCLASSIFIED//eue- FBI(19cv1278)-1547 nechasstrten ay: wstos[__ z ert Se ai rover 589 bers Stee Bae pre BESRET/Avoron- FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducorenty 02/01/2017 o L ]ETRIOS PAPADOPOULOS (PAPADOPOULOS), date of birth (pos vas initially met by the interviewing Agents at his residence, lecated al Chicaga, Tllinois 60628. PAPADOFOULOS' cellular telephone 15 land his email be address is alse present ab the residence during the initial Contact WIth PAPADOPOULSE was [oe] RTE PAPADOPOULOS was requested to accompany the interviewing Agents to the Pal Chicago Field Office in order to further conduct the interview in secure and private environment. PAPADOPOULOS was told that the interview was voluntary on his part and that he was not uncer arrest. PAPADOPOULOS was further advised that the nature of the interview was to discuss a contact of his, who currently resides in New York. 3) Pe/ Ate) PAPADOPOULOS agreed to accompany the Agents back to the Chicago Field Office and was driven to that location in Special agen: b6 uureau-issued vehicle. PAPADOPOULOS was interviewed _at the Chicago bre Field Sifice and was then returned to his residence in SA vehicle. Ae) STE 0 }X/A¥S} subsequent to the interview, PAPADOPOULOS sent sa [—]two bs email communications. Those email communications are documented for the vic file as a digital 1A attachment to this communication. Vwotitonon 01/27/2017 q Chicago, Fiiinois, united States (in person) ba et xc duites 02/01/2017 Be » bre bre “This donne consis oie ecommendations nor coneusions of he FL is tbe propeny of Ue PE adi lao your asec ad seo Ke MOL tobe dod enti your age FBI(19cv1278)-1560 DecLassI?i2p By: wsics |_| | Oe DOD Key SRI) Tot ae Srenal/ Averone FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducoenty 02/03/2017 (TAME) GRORGE_DBMBTRIOS BAPADOPOULOS (PAPADOPOULOS), date of birth wos | was interviewed at GEORGE'S Ico CREAM @ SWEETS, locetST BE SI0E WSF Clark St : 60610. PAPADOPOUTOS resides at chicasa, Tlinsis 60625. His personal cell phone number Te jand his enait address id PAPADOPOUIOS Was ware of SA HB affillavion fron @ previous Tnterview on Janvary 27, 2017. be FAFADOPOULOS was advised that the nature of this interview vas to seek his potential cooperation in an on-going national security matter, directly related to the information that he provided during the interview on January 27, 2017. PAPADOPOULOS vas then advised thet this interview vas entirely voluntary and that he could discontinue speaking with sal——Jet any time. PAEADOSULGS agreed to the interview and stated that he wished to hear nore about how he could potentially help the FSI. oxi Ave) sal Jcclayed that the FBT was seeking out PAPADOPOULOS? bs bre cooperation specifically in an attempt to cbtain further information about his London-based contact, JOSEPH MIFSUD, at the LONDON CENTRE OF INTERNATIONAL LAR PRACTICE. Ti CX{/NB) PAPADOPOULOS provided that subsequent to the interview on Jamiary 27, 2017, he conducted several GOOGLE searches for MIFSUD. In doing 50, PAPADOPOULOS identified many open source Internet articles that related MIFSUD to both Russia and the Kremlin. Additionally, PAPADOPOULOS know MIFSUD to ba an associate of a Russian discussion club of some sort. bs bxjpee, of ]then asked if MIFSUD had ever introduced pAeADOZOULOS BTC to a Russian Afbassador or to VLADIMIR PUTIN'S niece. To that, PAPADOPOULOS responded that the individual who was reportedly PUTIN's niece was the female who PAPADOPOULOS identified in his follow-up email to £A on January 27, 2017}. PAPADOPOULOS recalled this Female was initially introduced to him as one of MIFSUD’s students, but PAPADOPOULOS linestigsionon 02/01/2017 q Chicago, Tilinols, United states (In Person} ba ved bxedated 02/02/2017 Be hs bre BIE “This donne consis oie ecoomendations nor coneusions of he FL is tbe prope of Ue PE adi lnc your ase ad seo FE MOL to be disnbrted ose your agency FBI(19cv1278)-1561 | PO H24 Res, SEN Comiostion of FD-902 of PAPADOPOULOS on 02/01/2017 a Di oO SESRmI//NOFORE {TOR es) Interview of GEORGE DEMETRIOS 20f4 Pope had later heard grumblings from WAGI IDRIS (IDRIS) that she was actually PUTIN's niece; or a relative in some capacity. PAPADOPOULOS stated that he has never met with any Russian government officials and that the meeting with teh Russian Ambassador never happened. PAPADOPOULOS identified IDRIS as being the Director of the LONDON CENTRE OF INTSRNATIONAL LAW PRACTICE. DX/A¥P) PAPADOPOULOS recalled that MIFSUD was often attempting to act as a middle-man, and coordinating all things related to Russia at the LONDON CENTRE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW PRACTICE. PAPADOPOULOS could not provide any further specifics on what those activities were, but remembered that he seemed to be actively trying to coordinate all the Russian activities. PAFADOFOULGS stated that in his opinion, he believed MIFSUD was doing side-business activities of some sort in order to make money on the side. PAPADOPOULOS recalled meeting with MIFSUD on a few occasions, possibly a total of three times. TAY then asked if PAPADOPOULOS had mentioned anything to BE the TRUMP team regarding MIPSUD's statements about having prier knowledge pre of the Russian's intent to release HILLARY CLINTON's emails during the 2016 Presidential campaign. To this, PAPADOPOULOS recalled that he may have thrown MIFSUD's name out during the campaign, as he knew him to be a middie-man for all things Russian. PAPADOPOULOS then added that it was his job 2% @ Foreign Policy Adviser for DONALD J. TRUMP, te connect with foreign governments on behalf of the campaign. hen asked if he could recall the time frame in which he may have thrown MIFSUD's name out during the campaign, PAPADOPOULOS stated that it probably would have occurred somewhere cirea February or March of 2016. OS/ Ate) MIFSUD recently reached out to PAPADOPOULOS and indicated that he may be traveling to Washington, DC in February of 2017. PAPADOPOULOS could not recall the exact date, but stated that it may be on or about February 11, 2017. 2X/ AHS} PAPADOPOULOS will be traveling te Londen in approximately three weeks, to give a talk at a university that he was formerly affiliated with. PAPADOPOULOS stated that during this travel, ne could potentially meet with MIFSUD. PAPADOPOULOS provided that he is ne longer seeking a job with the Presidential Administration and that he is now focusing on his new career, which is providing talks and presentations such as the upcoming event in London. PAPADOPOULOS stated that he is now "GEORGE PAPADOPOULOS private citizen". Additionally, PAPADOPOULOS expressed his interest in attending law school in the future. DS) when asked about his contact, SERGE MILLIAN (MILLIAN}, SEGRET/AOrome FBI(190v1278)-1562 CT 2.3023 (Rev. 05-08-10) Spsrgi/ Aeron ih M/A Interview of GEORGE DEMETRIOS Comintetion of FD-H02 of PAPADOPOULOS « on 92/01/2017 pyge 3 Of A iD) o iD) PAFADOFOULOS stated that he has ultimately cut ties with MILLIAN and that it may seem odd if PAPADOPOULOS were to reach out to MILLIAN now that he's no longer affiliated with the administration. Without being prompted, PAPADOPOULOS stated that to the best of his knowledge, MILLIAN had no prior knowledge of the Russian's possession of CLINTON's emails, like MIFSUD did. In fact, PAPADOPOULOS recalled MILLIAN once mentioning to him that MILLIAN doesn't do business with Russia anymore, but that he's focused rather on doing business with China. Additionally, MILLIAN told PAPADOPOULOS that he had no knowledge of the information that surfaced through the recent TRUMP dossier, even though MILLTAN was allegedly sourced in that document. PAPADOPOULOS recalled MILLTAN telling him that none of the information in that dossier, specifically related to MILLAN, was true. PAPADOPOULOS stated that he believes MILLIAN is strictly a Russian business man. dxyaie) ca [Co T]to1a earanorounos that his position as a Foreign Policy asviser for a Presidential Administration may have made him a tarcet of foreign adversaries, specitically that of foreign intelligence services. PAPADOZOULOS stated that to the best of his knowledge, he has never met anyone who is member of a foreign intelligence service, but that he has had many dealings with high-ranking government officials from a variety of different countries. PAPADOPOULOS then requested assistance from the FBI in helping him to identify any individuals thet he is currently in contact with, who may be affiliated with a foreign intelligence service. dee sa[TJinquires about paraporovos' cellular telephone and whether or he ROP SEI Wanted the FBI te analyze the the phone for malware and cyber threats. PAPADOPOULOS stated that ne has since replaced that particular cell phone, but that ne would Like to provide the FBI vith his oid phone for analysis. DAY PAPADOPOULOS directly asked SA if he was the subject of an PBI investigation. To this, SA responded that his name had surfaced through the course of a national security investigation, and that was the reason that_s had spoken with him on the morning of January 27, 2017. sal hen relayed that the information provided by PAPADOPOULOS during that Interview is what pronpted this follow-up interview. PAPADOPOULOS was again advised that the purpose of this interview was to cbtain further details about MIFSUD and to seek out PAPADOPOULOS’ potential cooperation with this matter. Da/ AWE} On several occasions curing this interview, PAPADOPOULOS stated that he would like to speak with an attorney, pricr to entering into any official agreement with the PBI. On these cccasions, SA relayed to 3 BIE be pie be b7e b6 7c 6 pre BESRET//Norome FBI(190v1278)-1563 bs BIE ‘BpoRed/ poroR PO H24 Res, SEN TH CARE) Toterview of Guonas DRMErRTOS Cominstion of 10-302 oF PRERDOFOULOS on O2/01/2017 page 4 of A PAPADOFOULOS that this Interview was voluntarye and that bis futur cooperation Would sontinue to be voluatary |] on DS/AHY PAPADOPOULOS stated that, for his protection, he would be seek contact SAL ——Jefter speaking with that attorney. then asked who his b6 attorney was, PAPADOPOULOS stated that he would be getting one tomorrow. bre Oh (OX/AWe) At the conclusion of the interview, PAPADOPOULOS provided that he would be meeting someone for dinner downtown, at an Armenian restaurant near Michigan avenue and ohio street. sa offered PAPADOPOULOS a ride pg inte the city, which he accepted. PAPADOPOULOS was driven to downtown bre Chicago in SA ——Jeureau-issued vehicle and was droped off near the corner of East Chicage Avenue and North Miles Van Der Rohe Way. Upon exiting SA vehicle, PAPADOPOULOS stated that he would be speaking to his atterney and then he wanted "to get something geing with this in the Future". BReRRT/ Moron FBI(190v1278)-1564 DOD Key SRI) cm ap-16-2019 1 of 1- ‘Beseel//ercorArerony FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducorenty 02/02/2017 AVF On February 1, 2017 at approximately 3:45 PM, Special Agent telephoned and spoke with GEORGE DEMETRIOS PAPADOPOULOS. PAPADOPOULOS was reached on his personal cell phone number of oxy me cal Jeequested to meet with PAPADOPOULOS as a follow-up to his interview with Ehe FRI on January 27, 2017. PAPADOPOULOS was further advised that SA[_]wished to discuss future opportunities with PAPADOPOULOS regarding his potential cooperation in matters that were discussed during the previous interview. Ox/ ate) PAPADOPOULOS agreed to mect with SAL —Jand suggested a meet time oF $100 PH later that evening. PAPADOPOULOS Suggested the meeting occur at the GEORGE'S ICk CRBAM 4 SWEETS coffee shop, located at 5306 North Clark street, Chicago, Illinois 60640. sal confirmed the meet time and location and the call was ended. Gasify on: 2042 ‘SReREd//oncen/Nerent levestigstion on 02/01/2017 Cheago, T1linois, United States (Phone) File Dae deaned 92/02/2017 b& “This down consis ithe ecoomendations nor coneusions of he FL is tbe prope of Ue PE gad lance your ase a Hs COTE FE MOL vo be dibined onside your gene cec.assifiep ay: wstcs[ bs Ie b6 pie b6 bic bs Be bIc TE FBI(19¢V1278)-1565, DOD Key SRI) A] Decuasstsran ay: wsrccl____) Gu ie-iz-2015, -L of 3- SECRET /oncon OFeRt FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducoenty 02/03/2017 several text messages, telephone calls, and e-mails with GEORGE DEMETRIOS PAPADOPOULOS. DxvAeey At approximately 4:15 sa) placed a phone call to PAPADOPOULOS! cell phone number of Js voicemail notification stated that the mail box was full and could not receive any more messages at that time. DX/S) Seginning at approximately 4:22 eM, sa[T—Jexchangea several text messages with PAPADOPOULOS. ‘The following 1s J FEplicatien of the text nessaye exchange sa, | as22 par Hey George give me a quick call when you get a second PAPADOPOULOS ~ 4:58 PM: Hey| a bit busy at the moment. Having discussed the matter with a lawyer, have been advised not te engage in this matter any longer, including what was floated yesterday. I truly feel proud that was able to do my part to assist with everything I know but as you saw yesterday there was nothing else to add and we had a nice coffee but nothing of substance. Am not in the administration and am simply moving on with my life in the private sector in Chicago. You guys are the professionals and am sure you can deal with that person if he truly is a threat. Can't help anymore than I have. Tf there is something directly related to me then that's another matter. I'll be free in a couple hours if you have to call about me directly. Thanks. sa | 5:00 ext: Yeah Tf we could talk directly that would be good. No problem on what we discussed yesterday. I do need to speak with you about one last issue though NSTSC-2 Sesify on: 208 SBoRsT /oncon/Nerony livestigsionon 02/02/2017 yq Chicago, Tilinois, United States (Phone) Piet w Dxedaned 02/03/2017 “This done consis ihe ecoomendations nor conclusions of he FL is tbe prope of Ue PE adi lnc your aoe ah Hs COTE HE MOL vo be dibined onside your gene 6 bie bé bIe 6 bTc be bre bs bre bs Be bIc TE FBL(190v1278)-1566 bs BIE FOs024 ey. 05.0810, Cd Wl DAs) text messages, telephone calls and e-mails exchanged With GEORGE DEMETRIOS Conionaio of rD-302 of PAPADOPOULOS. on 92/02/2017 page 2 of 3 SEERET/ /oReON/HOFSRN PAPADOPOULOS = 5:01 EM: Ok let me give you a call in about 45 minutes when I get alone sal J- 5:01 EM: I'l] hang out up north. If you can call me when you're free that'd be BS great. I'd like to meet up with you one last time to clear up this last bre issue tonight SA, - 5:01 eM: sounds good ty }R/AIS) we 5:48 PH, Sa[]received a cali from pacacorouros. saL——] requested to meet with PAPADOPOULOS for an interview that_evening. be ParanotouLos stated that he war willing te meet wien Sx[2——ot che same Be location aa the previous meeting, and proposed a tine of G30 PM that SHEETS coffee shop located at 5306 North Clark Street, Chicago, Tllineis 60530-1 a OX/A¥E) AL 5:59 PM, PAPADOPOULOS telephoned SA land stated that he had spoken to an attorney, who advised that he dida™T meet with the FBI that evening. SS[—Jadvised PAPADOPOULOS that the attorney could be bs present. for the inUSEview. PAPADOZOULOS then inguired about the nature of BIE the interview. PAPADOPOULOS was advised that was to seek additional information about what was provided during the previous two interviews PREADOPOULOS stated that he wanted to meet with sa[—]that evening and that he would speak to his attorney aad retura a call ToS Dx/Aem> At 6:08 PM, PAPADOFOULOS telephoned 5A land stated that he was advised by his attorney not to meet with SA That evening. PAPADOPOULCS proposed to meet with sAL———]on Monday at the FBI chicago Field Office with his attorney present, PAPADOPOULOS agreed to contact his attorney and arrange for a time on Monday to conduct the interview. pic ty DRY AMP) AL 6:39 PM, SA sent one email message to PAPADOPOULOS, bs stating the followin bre you will be coming in on Monday. We will also need the name of your attorney(s) ahead of time in order to facilitate access in ovr building. Per our telephone call, please let me know what time ox At 7:15 PM, PAPADOPOULOS responded with the following message: will do, Looking forward to getting to the bottom of this finally. BS I'l) let you knew when I know. bre “BEGRET/ JonsoR/MoRonN FBI(196V1278)-1567 BE PDse2a Rey. 85.80} BESRET/ /oncon AiOPERY WU) QX/Aeey text messages, telephone calls and e-mails exchanged With G2ORGE DEMETRIOS Comimanion orD.9m of PAPADOPOULOS. on 92/02/2017 page 3 Of 3 U) OX/ANS) Enclosed for the file as a digital 1A attachment are screenshots and copies of the messages that were exchanged with PAPADOPOULOS. SRERET/ JoncoN/NOFORE FBI(19cv1278)-1568 nscLasstszen ay: Nstcc [—_] Gai 1g-20-2013 -1 of 4- ZESS, Gemcans Benana (PS SA BAN te DOD Key SRI) POSER Sporn Aeron FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducorenty 02/17/2017 By i IETRIOS PAPADOPOULOS (PAPADOPOULOS), date of birth (pes) was interviewed at the BREEN AND PUGH Law Office located at 53 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60604, Present during this interview were PAPADOPOULOS' Attorneys, ang Also present during this interview were FBI Chicago Chief Division - Rossini, PBI Chicago Associate Division Counsel, and FBI Headquarters Office of Division Counsel Representative, sory Special Agent| and Special Agen! PAPADOPOULOS was advised that the nature of this interview was to seek additional clarification on information that was provided by PAPADOPOULOS during two previous interviews with the FBI, After being advised of the nature of the interview and the identities of the interviewers, PAPADOPOULOS provided the following informatior be Ic T) -BXVARE} PAPADOPOULOS was asked to recall the details surrounding his knowledge of Russia's intent to release information during the 2016 Presidential campaign, which he had previously reported hearing from Ok-based foreign national, JOSEPH MIFSUD (MIFSUD) . ui DR/ AFF} PAPADOPOULOS initially met MIFSUD during a business trip to Rome. At the time, PAPADOPOULOS was working for the LONDON CENTRE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW PRACTICE and MIFSUD was @ board member at @ university that PAPADOPOULOS had formerly attended. His introduction to MIFSUD was facilitated by a middle-man, who was then the Director of the LONDON CENTRE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW PRACTICE's Washington, DC-based office. PAPADOPOULOS recalled that MIFSUD was also involved in a think tank of some sort at the time. PAPADOPOULOS had lunch with MTFSUD in Rome, and recalled that MIFSUD was gloating about his past positions. One of those positions was a former diplomat in Malta. PAPADOPOULOS assessed that MIFSUD was trying to impress him, given that PAPADOPOULOS had recently come off of his advisory position for the BEN CARSON (CARSON) campaign. Classify on: 2043 SBSReI/ Atorone 02/10/2017 Chicago, Illinois, united states (In Person) levestigzion on ba Dxcdaned 02/19/2017 be BIC BIE Piet “This donne consis ihe ecoomendations nor conclusions of he FL is tbe prope of Ue PI gai lance your asec a seo Fe MOL vo be dibined onside your gene FBI(19¢v1278)-1569 b3 bre Yoong es, 05.110) EPeRsi/ Aeron TH) YAS Interview of GEORGE DEMETRIOS Comionsion of FD-02 of PAPRDOPOULOS « on 92/10/2017 page 2 Of A () — BRCARE) Upon returning to London, MIFSUD reached out te PAPADOPOULOS and states that he wanted to get to know him better. PAPADOPOULOS could not recall if he was still involved with the CARSON campaign or if he was with the DONALD J. TRUMP (TRUMP) campaign at that point, but recalled that MIFSUD always seemed to be very vocal about TRUMP's future relations with Russia. PAPADOPOULOS then recalled that approsimately one week after his meeting with MIFSUD in London, PAPADOPOULOS decided to work for the TRUMP campaign. PAPADOPOULOS recalled that that event happened subsequent to his meeting with SAM CLOVIS (CLOVIS) in London. MIPSUD began talking himself up more at that point, once he became avare of PAPADOPOULOS’ affiliation with the TRUMP campaign. Specifically, PAPADOPOULOS recalled that MIFSUD began “plowing up his contacts" during their meetings. PAPADOPOULOS estimated that he met with MIESUD on approximately ten oceasions. OX/ AWB) PAPADOPOULOS recalled having breakfast with MIFSUD at a five star hotel, near LIVERPOOL STATION in London. PAPADOZOULOS could not recall the name of the hotel. During the breakfast, MIFSUD and PAPADOPOULOS discussed HILLARY CLINTON's (CLINTON) Presidential campaign. During that conversation, MIFSUD told PAPADOPOULOS that CLINTON had a lot of problems, and then made a specific reference to her having problems with her emails. At one point, MIFSUD told PAPADOPOULOS that the Russians had her emails. PAPADOPOULOS recalled that he inguired to MIFSUD about now he knew the Russians had her emails, to which MIFSUD strangely chuckled and responded “they told me they have them." Although PAPADOPOULOS viewed that comment as being strange in nature, he didn't believe it was true and "didn't think about it again." OX/AHS} PAPADOPOULOS recalled ancther meeting with MIFSUD in Londen, which occurred at the five star, HOLEORN HOTEL. During that meeting, PAPADOPOULOS was introduced to one of MIFSUD's female students, a Russian female [OLGA VINOGRADOVA]. PAFADOFOULOS believed that MIFSUD was trying to impress the student by introducing her to PAPADOPOULOS. PAPADOPOULOS recalled that the introductory conversation with her seemed to focus on the Giscussion of US relations with Russia. PAPADOPOULOS further recalled that MIFSUD introduced himself as a Waltese citizen, who was then residing in the United Kingdom. To the best of his recollection, PAPADOPOULOS recalled that this meeting took place in either March or April of 2016. dS) AHH When asked if he ever spoke with the Russian female again, PAPADOPOULOS stated that he only met with twice, once with MIFSUD once without, and that he never met with her subsequently. PAPADOPOULOS then added that his relationship with her vas entirely platonic in nature. When asked if the Russian female was VLADIMIR PUTIN's (PUTIN) niece, PAPADOPOULOS stated that he had heard rumors of that from other individuals SESRET] A¥ozORN- FBI(19cv1278)-1570 3 2.3023 (Rev. 05-08-10) STE Comision of FD-902 of PAPADOPOULOS on 02/10/2017 wy Beseety rowone Cd JR/AH Interview of GEORGE DEMETRIOS rage 2 0f A at the LONDON CENTRE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW PRACTICE, but that those rumors turned ot to be false. PAPADOPOULOS recently conducted several GOOGLE searches for PUTIN and found that he doesn't actually have a niece PAPADOPOULOS has maintained e-mail communication with the Russian female, but his last communication with her occurred "months ago". PAPADOPOULOS and his Attorneys agreed to provide the interviewing Agents with her email address and phone number. d f with the terms “nonpublic” and “mater © the alleged hackg would be determined as immaterial because the information di eg =2 on was a Liar =~ was already widely accepted. (0) The agents told PAGE they would like to speek with kim about Pe specifies in the letter, previously mentioned by the agents. ssa asked FAGE dire. about any contacts PAGE may have had with sanctioned individasls. Page denied contact with sanctioned individuals as "a reference to the dossier and recently posted co the E 4 New York, New York, United States {in Person hse megane 92/2/2027 BS ae enn be BIE BIE ose decwmem connie nother resenmonsiios nor cosets oF he FEE, 1S he papery oF lo Bcetetegesie vo be FTF a 5 ocr to yu gen” au carers me FBI(19cv1278)-1627 Paseo. ey, 95.0840 W. Faye DIE Comin oF F503 oF "galse evidence” to a criminal pey to addre: would be tha ut could not a PAGE coloases ©. e dossier was ants suggested te P at approximately 1p the allegastic: that str In referenc es Rosneft s bho following day they me agents informed PAGE that PR A thes (2) Regerging his work az a Fore. PAGE stated amp (Campaign, PA of 2018 they wou The ag bold Bi that day with a mecting iscat ts hat ty ed a Trump Fox or with the De: never ign Policy team eact him via f is celipnone ad attending a briefing in L Gedgy dsssier™ like he had to brief Trap. BIE b 26 BI IE a. 6 7c FBI(19cv1278)-1628 BIE Fuser fee sab) FEDERAT. BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Pacotcery 08/2 (U2) On 63/10/2017 at approximately 2.00 pm. Supervisory Sp Beceiat Agent be [Sat Opoitions Sposa] Jteriowed Caner W. Page atthe Ander Hawi, te 485 Sth Ave, Now York, NY. PAGE previously met $8a[_ Jand 8] bn 6309/2017 and was informed this was a continuation of that interview, Page provided the following information’ ol ppace moved a desk over to the sitting area and set up his MacBook laptop 21B to present a PowerPoint stide deck he spene dhe previous night preparing, id, basod on information reported in the "Dodgy Dossier,” (Page's term For the Christopher Seale dossier reported by Buzzfeed som), he is comfortable with the belief he has bees under surveillance aver tie last year, PAGE stated he has done nothing wrong, and be is open to Yexteome yeiting which was written on ‘one ofthe slides of PAGE'S prusentation} to prove the allegations false. PAGE reiterated the nature of die dossior as “false evidence.” which when introduced into a crim: of justice i Justice matter is obstruct (U) The second slide of PAGE's presentation justagosed the con Russia Relations”, PAGE stated US-Russ ington Swamp" with a septie-tank of U ‘cn continuous Pailures and missteps, (U) atroduetion to the Campaign : ‘ay PAGE was picked as ¢ Forvign Rotations Advisor forthe Campaign, PAG! bs (Uy SSA[___ fisked wiry PAGE was picked as.a Foreign Relations Advisor for the Campaign, PAGE bie explained he was brought into the campaign through a series of introductions. PAGE met Ed Cox. POTUS. Never’ son-inclawy while working as an Alsomnate-Delegate for Sonator MeCain in 2008, Cox then introduced Page to Michael Giassner, who introduced PAGE to Sam Clovis (&) Based on a question from the previous interview on 3792017, SAL___ asked PAGE fhe ever be briefed then-Can lidato Donald J, Tramp as a Forsign Relations Adviser. Page stated he never briefed the Canidae 4 New York, New York, United States {in Person Lnsatzaon oa 3 hse puegane 22/12/2017) bs wre BIE "oss decumem connie nates resend nor costes oF th FH, Hse pape OF he FEE ang oan ye? mney lo cette ete ou au cones ae me FBI(190v1278)-1629 Paseo. ey, 95.0840 STE ess19 Cominsionormpwor (U Tarerview of Carter W. Page ov NT page 2 ES (0) PAGE wefented to his work with the Trump Campaign as being a member of an advisory committee, His goat was to help the Candidate improve retations with Russia. PAGE recalled watching POTUS sagan and Gothachiov m voting and be wemembers seeing a U.S, Naval Officer standing behind them, that motivated PAGE to apply to the US, 26 Ic (U) PAGE explained when he svzote forthe Giobal Poltey Journal, he was a staanch critic of Hillary Clinton (Clinton) ss Secretary of State, PAGE believes Scoretary Clinton's policy with Russia failed and was widely regarded ag ineffective PAGE referred to Clinton's policy as "Narcissistie Looney-Taons.” which PAGE said came from Clinton 6 Bye 's comments rolated to the Montica 1 i this instance. that porsou is PAGE, (U) PAGE said, "Mrs Cliatow was sesponsibie for authorizing the steps taken against mo." Additionally. the Clintons have obstructed justice and the Obama administeation worked to cover it up Fhis is an! suse the Clintons and Obamas still have alties on Capitol Hill (U) July 2036 Moscow Trip bé bre «7 88a] iskedl PAGE to cxplain the citeumstances around fy School (NIES) in Moscow, PAGE stated in 2009, POTUS Obama spoke at the same event, PAGE believes July spoech at the New Economie fhis invitation to the NES was an intentional embarrassment to POTUS Obama or others. PAGE spoke boat “muhial respect” between the US and Ressia, anlike the Obama administration's treatment of Russia (U) Prior to travel Trump, PAGE wa 2, PAGE agroed with the Tramp Campaign he was not representing then-Candidate lays atefine t not paid for the engagement, aad wi rvottan Heaney bot Foe the trip (&) PAGE Was invited to speak a the NES Gruduatton by the Disoctor Shlomo Weber, PAGE elaborated bis Ph. D was focused on Cental Asia. PAGE’s explaincd aa assceiate ef bie (°NU LI f) daring his Ph D resvarch, had spoken at many of the biggest univorsitics in Russia itcinding MIGMO-ane the Higher School of Economics. The associate introduced PAGE td] Shleme Webss| oe FBI(19cv1278)-1630 Pana os, 9S es bs BIE sya comnatoastrp-amor Wi Tatarview of Carter W. Page ov #2017 page 3 988 (U) PAGE advised Shiomo Weberis a professor at the NES in Russia and spent most of his lite i| 6 Bre “Webvr coordinated PAGE’s invitation for the graduation spcecs, Their email introduction oceursed on Ob M216, PAGE’s trip to Moscow was from 7/05/2010 to 740912016, Whoa PAGE arrived in Russia on 07 Knew from when be lived in Russia before in 2004, Additionally. PAGE had dinaer, where he set with individsats from Tafnefi, about some possible business doals. PAGE mentioned he had worked with on 71612016 with Tafactt for a "tong ume.” (U) PAGE gave two specches 2016, and the second specch was on 7/8/2016, whieh was the commencement speech to the NES. PAGI mn Askady Dvotkovich. PAGE identified Dvorkovieh as the Russian Deputy Prime Minister. PAG) ‘hea in Moscow, the first speech was to a small group on Thursday 07/07 sonunencement speech was followed by a speech ated he briefly passed Dvorkovieh at the venue. (U} PAGE was dissatisfied fis cntive 3000-word commencement spect was distilled zo a singte point by of the United Sta individeats in the United States in which he appeared to be evitea {U) PAGE has met Andrey Baranov of Gazprom, but has never act with Igor Sechin (U) PAGE asked at the U could not find any inforniation about hima, Addition cezsity about I F Divoykin. whe was mentioned in the “edgy dossier.” but the oxy information available through Google wor al ions against Dive {U} Follows is Moscow trip. Page traycled to Cambridge Unive fy aa the United Kingdom where he mat former Secretary of State Madeline Albright The following week Page went to Cleveland for the RNC. and then traveled to Philadelphia for the DNC. (G) When ssked about the allegations against PAGE, and how they originate foot his visits to Russia, PAGE said it may have boon because he had the closest relationship with Russia famongst those in the ‘cout, aud a Naval Academy campaign, at the tine! PAGE interjected he was an Afier-boy. Bagh ‘Graduate: demonstrating he lives by a code of honor. Hle is alway s careful about not breaking dhe lass, and was well aware that businesses and businessmen in Russia take bribes, PAGE defined bribes as ding somiothing extra for semeone, PAGE's hard work made up the difference for Russian businesses, FBI(19cv1278)-1631 Paseo. ey, 95.0840 b3 ess19 cominsieorrpceor (Ui Toreaview of Carter W. Page oy L017 rags (i) PAGE explained in 2004 be worked af Merdil Lynch's Office in Moscow, Russia, His office bad strict compliance policies, and PAGE saw other banks were willing to bribe. He fived in Russia for three years and fcarned about how the country works, (U) July 2686 Cleveland Trip Cleveland, on 07/20/2016, PAGE patticipated in a dinner event with then-Senator Jeff Sessions, PAGE drew a diagram of the room at the large scale event to show that although fe was in the room with Sussions and Ambassador Sergey Kisleyak. both individoats were far anay from him PAGE may have id Sessions have brief conversations. PAGE reiterated he has been asked by Chris, Cooper about Ambassador Kisleyak, PAGE differentiated between saying one has met somicone and mectiny with someone (U) Deceinber 2016 Moscow Trip (G8) The interview tamed to PAGE'S trip to Moscow in December, PAGE flow into Moscow oi 12407 ip, PAGE is in Moscow: bs pie #2916 from Pans. PAGE said he is attempting to got back into business in Ressia, During that had lunch with Jat Morgas (U} PAGE stated his personal business opportunities have becn difficult, global mismanagement of US- Russia fons have hart business prospects. The sanctions placed on Russia have had a nogative ¢ but they are merely’ symptom of a “broader issue.” which is the “lack of spect” for Russia from the 1sest, Ssnetions are hsting, but "not as mnich as you'd think (U) Otter b6 (2) PAGE voluntarify mentioned interviews with FRE SA| lated to"Podobnny and those ae, guys.” PAGE viewed his interactions with Podobnny as similar to interactions with his NYU students at ‘the time, (L) PAGE mentioned the issue regarding then: ting Attorney General Sally Vates and General Fiyna, People PAGE knew at the White House said dhe discussions between Flynn arte Antbassador Kisloyak were benign (8) PAGE participated in 2 Gazprom Investor day in Singapore on 02/28/2017 FBI(19cv1278)-1632 Co ess19 Cominsionormpwor (U Tarerview of Carter W. Page ov #2017 page 8 98S (i) PAGE head of on of thy aroups he dealt with. Vatsenko now works at PAGE's compasy, mentioned he met Sergei Yalscoko when fe was working with Gazprom Yatsenko was the (&) PAGE believes the current U.S, Fors ign Policy 4s a “cancer,” and he is wor ng to case that White at the Council on Foroign Relations he worked with Cheistopher Stevens, and he views Ambassador's Stevens’ death as a symptom of aformentioned cancer. (U} PAGE has met with the Kazakh Ambassador. wha has also met with Ambassador Kisieyak the POTUS Obama {U) PAGE mentioned the POTUS Tramp tiscet from 346,2017 regard “wiretapping” of Trump Tower, bet offered ne other information, FBI(19cv1278)-1633 -Lof 1- DOD Key SRI) FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducotenty 03/22/2017 (0) On 3/10/2017, 85a. contacted CARTER W. PAGE via be telephone in order to confirm a meeting scheduled for 1 p. bre m, that day. PAGE stated that he was going te get in a cab and head to the hotel, where he would meet SSA in the lobby. stein 4 MY, Hew York, United States (Phone) tvesigsionon 03/10 : . me Daedated 03/22/2017 be bre bre b Fos doormen conan nether recommendations na onesions BF he FB ste propery oF he FBT dis loaned te your agency and Ws canter are nt tobe disinbted aside vour agency FBI(19cvi278)-1634 Loti DOD Key SRI) FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducotenty 03/22/2017 () on o3/11/217,_ ssa] contacted CARTER W. PAGE via telephone - SSR Taformed PAGE that he would not be be able to mest with PAGE on 3/11/2107 or 2/12/2017, but suggested @ meeting Ie later that week. PAGE asked when ssh[———]thought the next_meeting may be, because PAGE had some other business to attend to. sal informed PAGE that he Would work around PAGE's schedule and will give PAGE a call on Monday in order to schedule the next meeting. lunestigaionon 03/11 a RY, New York, United States (Phone) ba patcauned 93/22/2017 B ite » bie bIE Fos doormen conan nether recommendations na covesions BF he FB ste propery oF he FBT dis loaned te your agency: and Ws canter ar nt tobe dtd ete sour a5. FBI(19cv1278)-1635 P02 few SIE) -1 of 1- FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducotenty 03/22/2017 (2) On 03/19/2017, 85a, contacted CARTER W. PAGE via telephone regarding a meeting on 2/16/2017. PAGE stated that he was able be meet with ssa| and asked SSA hat time he would like to mest. SSA told PAGE that he could work around PAGE’s: schedule, PAGE stated that Ehe afternoon would be best to meet and agreed at either 2 or 3 p.m. PAGE requested that the hotel be further uptown than the meeting on 3/10/2017. lunestieaionon 03/15 a RY, New York, United States (Phone) ne pacarned 03/22/2017 b Ths doormen conn nether recommendations nr eonesions BF he FB ste propery oF he FBT nd is loaned te your agency and Ws canes are nt Be Bic 3 26 BIC BIE to ested ote sew agen, FBICi9ev1278)-1636 Foea Ree SEN ~h oto. FEDERAT. BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Pie ofa (@) Carter W. PAGE, DOB was interviewed at Midtown, New Yor Supervisory Special ag and Special agent Pr b6 bye provided the following Taformation gad the PET a USB thumbdrive with a digital eck, Throughout thi lew, PROE added the drive and voluntarily provided it to the ents. Tho £ additional files al slide on the station is a disclainsr eo the ny information contained within this pre ng included herein regarding the events of the last information availabL a or warranty is given a: olieet ion as publicly available n the mainstrcan @adla (the "MSN"). civ of infore presented by the Mst insluding the Trunp-Russia dessier (the n hew been jo: 8 expressed Herein axe supject ro @ seen death vhrea him on no specific additional vepert any sp ptare 911 if he feels ne or nis family are in (OD) PAGE’ intreduction te the Trump ¢ U) Be Cox inte: due the New York Sepubli J PAGE to Coney Lewandowski. © ag the head of n 2007-2008 when PAGE worked for the on. In darmary ef 2016, Cox introduced PAGE te Core: Levandowski. Lewandowski Mccain Dele g2 peputy Camp: Manager Michze! the came nm tus i to Sam Clovis on in the main 03/46 4 Kew York, Hew York, United gtates {in Person bs 6 bye BIE pacenna ! Fe decent catnineneterresemmonsntios ror costes oF the H lo Reastepleg sie vou ¢. she ppeny oF he TES a aad yu agen” aud cores ae me FBI(L9¢v1278)-1037 ro seae tte, 95.0810) os BIE Cominenonor ram of (UL Interview of 6: a. ow pe 208 8 area of the Sth Ploor of Trump Tower. The first public announcement of FASE's participstion in the Campaign came in March of 2019. (9) PAGE's participation in the Campaign, and association te Members 10) PAGE did net attend any Principles’ im For one meeting, he Por che 6 WeeLIng Gascciated to The Campaign Speech a= the Hayfiaver Hotel in bre Washington, Cy, sD) PAGE described difverent camps within the Trump Cai different opinions with regards to PAGE's activities, campaign's official stance. As an example, JD Cordon w. ed to PASH attending the July New Bconowic Schoo] (KES) spsech, though he never forbade it. JD Gordon waa a "prese guy" and brought into the campaign by Paul Manafort. PAGE believed that Jp Gordon was more conservative in running a campaign than other members. (U) PAGE vet ET ScBarland in 2007 at her rele in the camp mofficial because of her a Lion to FoxNews. she more and oppssed to PAGE'S views i ww) ver met nor spoke te Faul Manafort. There was one email in which Manafort was a party to a reply-all email by PAGE yr PACE signed Nen-Lisclo Agreements vith the Trump chal Partners U) PAGE's removal from the Campaign (U} Following the atten: PAGE received from his N8S speech, v6 and n asked PAGE to keep a low pre rotile. w an art abovt his connections to Russia wa published on 016 on the Yahoo news website. formally xemoved PAGE fxom the campaign en 09/24/2015 by belling him that he "vas no longer_with provided yg an email exchange betw g provides a BIC response Lo accusations said ditterent ection in mind. PAGE that he was Lin the “orbit” of the camp. AGE'S trips t the New FBI(19cv1278)-1638 Fastony ges, ba BIE Coninnaionorrp-wor (Ui Totorview of 6 w. ov page 3.08 8 was invited to speak at the NES by Schlome Weber. Schlomo, and Andre} Krickovic are all US Citizens that are Bs eifiliated with BES. PAGE orovided the email i tation. pre Additionally, he provided a pection of nis daily schedule showing the me peried of the speech. {D) PAGE provided the email ia wha sion from Corey Lewandowski to athend the SES in Ht nation and give the commanceme: PAGE offered to ha didate Trump co the spe aign refused. ates that PAGE would attend outside of his rele his rele in the campaign. PAGE stated but expressed it vasn't a good idea," w) hy Deputy Prime Minister, Hembe: Dvorkovich gave a speech and specifically stated that and they would nave to © PAGE stopped at Cambridge for an event. aD PAGE sven attending that avent. {D) in December of 2016, PAGE visizes the NES again. He hed dinner with and Ansrej Hrickowic. During the dinner, B3 appeared for a few minutes and congratulated PAGE on BS epee bie how to conn mid _asked abou pis victory, PAGE additionally clained ved with ampaign anymore. PAGE'S activity in Cleveland and onvention ne Republican Satlonal ¢ (0) PACE | no meetings 1 tb. clevel he had be and. PAGE media, and d pull cot many business cards to show the people he has met; but lly, Kisleyak did nev even give him a business vard. ence r i Lio Kisleyak and saying that it would be a: me point. Ui Kegarding the dropping of lethal assist O16 email he of the policy change. PAGE said the policy glank 9 rovided 6 RUC, PAGE ceived from JD Gordon informing PAG! th © had ne part in the decision, but he supported it. PAGE assessed that JD Gord) ko the team. PAGE later stated that he felt that ly-than-not recommended the pi was controlling and he did not disclose much of ais decisions Manatert mre~ “Russian changes. FBI(19cv1278)-1639 ro seae tte, 95.0810) » Comiinciionor a-wror {Ut Enterview of 6: we ow rage 2 98 8 vy. Evgeny Eurkayov, Igor Speryshey and vieror Pedobny. PAGE peinted Le When asked again if he had teld snyona © © ota ssn [oo pasket iF anyone knaw about be PAGE'S meetings with Bulatov. PAGE did not recall the naw, but TG "I forget the exa ement 40) Later in the inte: bre for the name on tis phone end found a contact for Alexander Upon further questioning, PAGH said that he and Rulatov may have had sushi for lunch in powntown Kew York. (2) Gazprom and other Fussian Business i) When asked if he would receive a financial benefit from reduction of sanctions on Russia, PAGR said "yes, it would be positive for me.” bs Pact] nie az al be During that cine, he was lasteom z bie orts day. GE attended the Gazprom Inv dey on 02/28/2017 in Singapore. When asked rent, PAGE said he thought the CFO ves th (0) When asked if he had any current contacts with Gazprom, PAGE stated he had o breakfast meeting on 03/17/2027 vitn| [To] wo were staying at_the P tel in Naw TorRy PAGE Bs Taentl Fie that he was meating he he met in bre Singapore. & thought the break ventures, but had no specific ayenda. out future business at oh Gazprom annual meeting on 2008. (0) Additional Information FBI(19cv1278)-1640 Fastony ges, B3 BIE Comingawon or r2.s02 oF vow pop 308 8 he was oot offered as. stance, help, or promised any removal was added to the Campaign's platform. This benefit to his Pussia-Zecused business. ag never asked to ass an (2) Page stated thar he naterial © any members of the Campais itionally, he did not experience any strange intexactions with people. FBI(19cv1278)-1641 DOD Key SRI) hot ie FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducorenty 03/23/2017 WM 21/2017, 55a contacted CARTER W. PAGE via 6 . ssa asked PAGE how he was doing. PAGE bre cetty good," and told SSA that he would most likely be back kon Sunday or Tuesday the Tatest. ssa| asked if PAGE was lable to mect on Thursday 03/30/2017, PAGE said that he would be vet. , = asked PAGE if any concerns (for PAGES's safety} have come 6 tated that there were a “couple of things, but nothing urgent." bre lunestigaionon 03/21 a RY, New York, United States (Phone) bs 6 ‘tee yacaaned 03/22/2017 i xe ded ee BIE b Fos doormen conan nether recommendations na covesions BF he FB ste propery oF he FBT dis loaned te your agency: and Ws canter ar nt tobe disinbted aside vour agency FBI(L9¢v1278)-1642 Hisar (Ree SBI) FEDERAT. BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Patcofeay 94/26/2017 (B) on or about 1: Supervisory ap 6 [Jeno Speciat agent sterviewed bie Testing room at the Grand dl Th New York, NY. honesty, AL the Republican ational Convention in Cleveland, hy was up frog & Gsm. te mivaight every day, and much of PAGE'S recollestion is jumble." PASE reiterated that he is attempting to get out of the Russia (W) AE the RNC dn Cleveland, PAGE ap basnador Kislyak, introduced hiinself, and presented his business card. Kislyek took the to PASE. Relationship te the Russian TatelLig w) 3A began to descvite varying Levels of intelligence be contaces Thee Russian Intelligencs Officers maintain. PAGE interrupted — s7C saying that he 1s probably the highest lev : (0) PAGE then referenced [Mleksandr) Salatoy and [Victor] Podabayy states, "the mere immaterial ¢ information 1 give them, £ better for PAGE understood the interviewing agents define thet phras= as being be some form of a source-handler relationship, either witting or bre witting, with the KIS. SAL 7———] then asked if PAGH agreed that, Padebnyy, PAGE was "on the books" of the RIS. PAGE agreed that he was books. However, PAGE did ret Like when the interviewing bs Fie & oacemned 04/046 /2017 be Ete CE to bedistbuied outside sour agency FBI(19cv1278)-1643 ro seae tte, 95.0810) Co Comingaion oF Ce wor (Uh Taterview of © Page "working with" Bulatev or agents described his relation: Bodebnyy. Jud 1 Contact hy PAGE said that there was me up te him after the (0) While rehashing his guly Leip a Duma Merberts assistant, a woman, speech and shook his hand. She said her bess, the Duma Member, woul Like to contact PAGE. Pa t he threw her card away. and interactions, PAO vemembered he had Ine an email related to Tatneft. PAGE also has an email £ was previously discussed ox 3/30/2017 with PAGE ond the inberviawing agents). PAGE also @oati. ot individual named PHU een, as wehl who PAGE believes works Ta oh eaGh later sald wh referencing business deals, that Thely ne was “any stomach” for an asse -Bxxcn deal, and asked pack if the Tatnefe. tioned & Rosneft Wes: Law Flzm representing the the July trip indic PAGE relayed that the (HHS) paid for his hatel room, flight, ard food. PAGE te which had need him being an (vu) BAG NES to remove a note on the refer advisor to the [Trump] campaign. U) PAGE recalled ner at a a Moscow geber, Bn. with Shiome and Shiono" orden and Whalid vhares attending to & ty tt being held in Moscow on 07/07 #2016 with INET} that wag co-hosted by According to PAGE, Gordon responded saying that the same charity had an event in oc with about ple and they would net he able te attend ents requested FAGE to net minimize information oy Lay, the interview has routinely referzed to L tous." PAGE agreed to The Letervie immaterial g agents that information which he Specié immeterial non-public information "may be materi provide a list of all his contacts and interactions, as well as, any items ox a he vas provided when in Russia. PAGE began te document a list requests and List his oun contacts, at which geint ne stated thatL_—] and had not eaten breakfast. The interviewing agents told PAGE ba BIE bs BIC bs Bre Pé Bie b6 bie bE Bic FBI(19cv1278)-1644 BIE 3/34 Comineawnotn-ror (Ui Tnterview of Carter W. Page ov UT page 3 88S that we could finish the interview and set-up an interview the following week. ng agents quest about his rab minutes at which point he be in order to atker bre FBI(19cv1278)-1645 BIE Hisar (Ree SBI) 1 of FEDERAT. BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (O} At or about 1:00pm on 3/30/2017, Supervisory Sp. he Jano Special agent |] interviewed Titan Hanhattan ast GotalyWew Vern AY. This was the continuation of a wi (0) Thuwbdeive (2) upon meeting § £ the hover, 28h voided at the ed the hotel to purchase a Tart be ith a newly purchased thunkgrive, CAGE Get up Nis bre are and Be rive after PAGE had difficulty opening 4 onto the thimnbarive and volunteered sn pelution of she inbervi (0) PAGE asked Jacoue the room, which he purchase? at lunch. be bre oe and periodically érank from 42 daring the (0) PAGE provided the Holiowing intemation: pusentabion of his Mopics for Viscussion". bail had 4 slide that apeciticoily identitled Robby Mook*s 03/2/2016 stacement hat eoyao/2m oategenea 24/04/2017 bs Bc bE "oe decom contin neterresemmonsntios sor cosets nes oF he FG, Whe pape oF he FES a eased yu? agony au core Uo stnietde sonra) : FBI(H9cv1278)-1648 ost Cominmiwaorrasmor (U} Totorview of ba :acey, 95.840) 378 should be prosecuted fo voicem he re PE Bre (2) Yoseemat (or the that tna id would Like tat (V) Based on the eal) and the Mook slide, FAGE alleged that the iillary Clinvon (Clinton) campaign Ls conducting Domestic Teererian against PAGE, He hed a slide including the Patriot Ret'a definition of 40} AGE mentioned bé PAGE believed that individuals like| bre term "Soviets" when scussing the ou: t Russian Government. PAGE eid that he vememberod ne Loeture Tzom on aussia. b) PAGE Fefarved vo the same dieelalmer (le. the afommenion provided is as of his best seccliectien) that he gave in the last interview, od to be Included in his slide presentation. everything about hin chat the be interviewi agents knew vi th close te illegal." be did eothing last year that was illegal on U) EAGE beli selec ved that the U.S, House of Representatives Fi e2 on Intelligence "manhandiee" PEt Director Comey ed ssa] copy of be se on Tnbelligencs pre ww) Be his letter to PACE has rece. te his do) nis point in the interview, PAC! he U. ved no response or no! han: Senate Sel jeation regarding a need asked CAGE to pre to orve As ated in prior interviews, $ 2WOnls “3 thet the majority of is based dence" injected into the media by the Clinton Campaign, 40) PAGE the st hi sence agat FBI(19cv1278)-1649 b3 Fastony ges, BIE | Cominmiwaorrasmor (U} Totorview of additionally POlUS Obema's Department of dust: {WOT} pushed it te the me ee Bs 1) includes the interview the effects of the false hs of the investigation and himself, ane « ing up now wit evidence. PAGE believes that the pas were pushed in the wrong way. Few mon MePanl was b McFaul (0) PAGE referenced bis [Hichsel] Mofaul (Writer's not; the former U.S. Ambassador to Mosco Livestweeted during PAGH's NES speech. He said that "they" were the primary push jaws and influence. Additionally, Pi referenced the partion of the 3/11 Cormission Sep the repext stated that the BE and ©. ) slide, and alleg oof fale corelusion, wher did net share information, and pe allegations of influence on the elections aze a repeat of ¢ work together. PAGE i: ed that ne USIC failures Leading pe O/11 attacks. the in view to AGE 1s duly Moscow trip. ng 2 Morgan Stan} y Football {Soccer} watchm; ky on 07/06/2018. PAGE indicated that he met Andrey Raranov, eee oyee, PAGE aid he has known Baranov for 10 worked with Gazprom, PAGE stated that the twe sou "immaterial non-public" information, The to dist not about any of the information indizated in the "Dodgy Dossier.” explained they may have discussed the Trump Campaign, but he could not recall. ently the Head ef Investor Relations at assed nothing PAGE referenced Director Comey's testimony early in the week and rved the Dizector's comment: related to not knowing about Gazpros provides the interviewing agents the Gazprom Z017 Investor Day presentation for the Director. Ww) hile azprom and Rosn=ét, ted that he is not going to be any business ia anytime scon, referencing him, Additionally, PAGE claimed since the f speech in Mo: Guly, PAGE is nc Tonges att sa ) and is distanc himself from the country (Russia) qv) 88 asked if PAGR met with an individual from Gazpromeank bs fox a breakfast meeting, as indicated at the 03/14/2087 intervi pre PASE stated chat they di thoug nel. wally indicated that h he was aware that the Financial Ara of GszpromBanke Lened, not sanckl qed Gad Gan operate tn the Unless States, FBI(19cv1278)-1650 ost Comianaonorrn.snror (Ue Interview of ©: b3 :acey, 95.840) BIE CT S public appear sea, he only makes th the referred te it as a al. Bowever, + nterviewing agents, he pr: “fulh strip des everything. PAG hh (W) In caference bo a questi: the 03 /16/201 is aware of Russia from sal at & interview regarding propaganda, 2DGE 1 and Sputnik’s connections conclusion of 6 Ie suribed how he However, ganda that they produce is noth ng in comparison to the mischar nthe US Hedia ion of Russia and F entation included a slide referencing s who was_a_gember of the Trump Presidential be © both he and PAGE met bre skated © Ting to PRL with Russian federation Amba sador Kislyak gland, and the © Tesolloction of this meet, bul he vaguoly recalled] moet ing Kislyek at donos Day no. bad hosted en event during The Repu vablonal Convention (RNG)}i acd PAGE wlbimavely trusted> | enor. BIGB F Tad often that{___Juas a comineering personalie if the conversation occurred he did not ai & sation. (0) When directly questioned if PAGE wet Kislyak during Perence in PAGE initially stated that he could not recall. PAGE furthe cd ho was “much more interested in the shrimp at the buffet." PACE cecalled s Kazakhstan, saking with khe Ambassadors to the US from MIbarie, Serbia, and Omen. ©) o Clevelal schedule conLorenc are: 2 interview, PAE on fis lapt utilized the schedule for the RWG, in pasa guide. P, ons during the day events as he eronced the missed the wy then indicated that he re. as, Kislyak, while PAGE walked around to people handing out his Lied seeing as well be 7c business card. Because FAGH was attempting to distance himself as a yak. he stayed sway from Kis: FBI(19cv1278)-1651 Fastony ges, Comianaonorrn.snror (Ue Interview of ©: (0) PAGE digressed, ider ington Pos that referenced a meeting betwee: Modi (PAGE had p vided his tal ifying a Wa a him and the Prime Minister of India hi referoncua| © there may have a member. WD) PAGE re been q the ANG skating h Kislyak wa: group of about four pesple, of whi ntive conversation and he 6 yak had ne subs seid that he and Kis not remember a single word of (0) To provide an example of hew ho behaved with Kishyak, PAGE described his meeting with Cor Rkeepsie, NY. The da session in which PAGK could stand in Line and wait to and. PAGE © that instead of eet Lewandowski on the side. FAGE nates ith Kislyak, PAGE y Lewandowsii in fou campaign ti Widate Teamp's shake waiting in line, he preferred to dowski for about 20 said that he listened to Lew: nd qave hittle He Lik does not want to provide his own input, he simply wants to listen. ed tha © to meetin conference learned a great deal f2om Listening he stated his recollection was vagus. PAGE recalled swith other people at the event, and specifically question and ctions 4 overall at Kislyak, thou sesing Kislyak eng, er PO Kislyak was qu the discussions. aging yak may have walked together to Museum tour. PAGE stated this happens often whe ead to an event at ac PAC ink if waa sta! a shuttle bus for groups walk in the sane Though ne may have been wi signifizan Jirection aference. wielya! he met the group of four eo, ON/LA (b) Yo Farther specify, EAGER mention including Kislyak on the first Tuesday of the convfere: the 11230-1248 panel, PAGE said that is was understood that he was an adviser to theneCandidate am (0) PAGE is 99.9- sure thet he had never met Kislyak prior to the Tussda ng & conversation with the Amba . He alse cowld not recall havi ation of the (D) PAGE believed that Kislyak was present fow the Global Partnors in Democracy contarence avents of the conference, sncept Tor © bs BIE 6 Bye b6 bic FBI(19cv1278)-1652 bs ro seae tte, 95.0810) Be Co Comingawon or r2.s02 oF Interview of © co ow pope £08 34 {U) According to PACH, Atbassador Kislyah never approached him. However, PAGE did not want to say he was 100° sure of that. PAGE admitted that had a series of brief they were only nom-naterial. PAGE commented that if there were a “Lan positively. he and Kisly: would have oaly been written about ey cable", the inter. w) nts if he and ENGR yas again directly asked by the interviewing ag @ intervi yak met privately, like he was meeting with agents. PAGE defind privately. He did eventually state that Kisiyak and he may have had an individual conversation, bur others were close nearby. yvely stated that he never met with Kislyak ator JeLf Sezsions event where {D) Wednesday was the Ambassador Kishyak sat ne joor. PAGE observed the moment where Session and RKislyak greeted each other ar the front of the audience. SAGR sat in the rear by the hack Alok de Bulaloy and Victor Podebnyy with Bulat U) The interview shifted to PAGE’s prior inte: y. When asked Lf PAGE worked together w stated that he would not view his i hery and he wanted to “push back" characterization and Bodobn th Bulatov or Rodobnyy, FAG working bo Dions as U) PAGE understands that Bulatey is an SYR intelligence officer. PAGE ibezated nat he © ded inmaterial iblic information te y pee Bulatev. y) sos patmodtaced the isles the Russian Entelligence Services (KIS), spe based on the FBI's assesom cifically the avr unwitting of witt considered F record sourc ne assessment anc be intelligence gather ing. PAGE questioned provided his own infomation stating that he wanted to set a positive bie exanpie for relations with the United States and Russia. He wanted to tan oppasi on example to the way the relationship has interpreted fox years. PNGE did not believe the relationship to be 2 back-channel. Ultimat GE agreed that "I'm sure i'm on the books," aod, “hhey know who ram. (0) Further, 38a ntroduced that it was not coincidental that 6 AGE, beeaus prc placed Bulatey in his job SSA public, ay well as, PAGE's introduction as himself the FEE kr nat Bodebnyy eferenced the complaint, Podobnyy later 1 which FBI(19cv1278)-1653 b3 Fastony ges, BIE a Comianaonorrn.snror (Ue Interview of ©: to @ Russian Official at the United Nations cu "L don't rec of New Yor at despite wha J. PAGE steted exactly" but whateve: tion of o* himself as Male~1 to with sou c, ete. He further content in the comple 40) PAGE con the Chri exp] everyone in Russia knew he was t guy. Therefore, ever Malenl. PAGH complat his lapto to the portion me Jevl. PAGE said that the UNGA incident cid not portray Ye and PAGE wai ané scrolled msele noth: ng to do with espionage. PAGE sa, be Ie BIE the RIS have been tracking PAGE 6 he worked for Gazprom, and they bre s handler relationship with PAGE from 2008 nat_he only had pericdic meetings and they were always in public, esal explained that is exactly ne sources nandicr relavionshig se 8 explained that based on the discussion referenced in the complaint and che Sussian Intaltigence Sexvices tactics, PAGE vas on their books and PAGE stated, “understood.” (0) The interview returned to the discussion cf PAGE speaking to the Russian Federation Governnent Official and revealing that PAGE was Male-1. PAGE stated that he did not think the conversation was that, specific and he was alzeady unmasked because everyone in Russia knew he was Male~1. sked PAGE to isok at the situstion from the 7 Because in March 2018, then p named PAGE as be x of the Trums Foreign Policy 7 previously on bee the books in some form ef source-hanler relationship, the RIS would have attemp © advantage of & PAGE clarifies did not meet either B or © they each left the 9.3. ww) ss that some of Ris opportunities in aussia may have because 9 prior relationship #i the RIS. PAGE zeiterated that he has nc current deals in Russia, The be meetings with Tatneft was in early stages, though he has known the pI pesple with Tataeft were a pitch to act as a consultant for less that $1 Million total. e years. PAGE said that his meetii FBI(190v1278)-1654 bs ro seae tte, 95.0810) BIE Cominenonor ram of (UL Interview of 6: a. on pope Sof 34 (2) The vu) the NES in more detail. Andrej rickovic ngtime colieague stated in provious intervieus Kr icko} citizen, and as newly indicated,| Bric taught: at the Higher school of Economics (ISEI 6 7c introduction to prior inkerviews. ch he uy stated means; without th 2 west, people are prejudigsd against Russia because full facts. PAGE referenced be Bre ne PAGE refere: de defining ti 2 fall fac! PAGE believes that based on the novia bias in of lack of thy wy ss bs SYR uses ae categories or levels, including trusted contact. saa jan ta define the various types of ¢ s that the b6 bic g levels of cent. ® source is witting or g he not a tru nce many things that the varyi fixated on stad contact because of Bulatey hed contact because he worked including if u trusted contact, stati and Podeba; off." Past anything by the RIS. y, but he is a te further explained that he was never promised or given The Trump Presidential Campa gn in March 2016, PAGE cts the Trump im. And thong! sing PAGE'S part in the campa the allegations of Presidential Administration much more than it hurts an collusion ? commen, their worst s relations with Russia are PAGE © likely the Gold War, cated that "ve" have lost a batkle but not a wa: {D) PAGE then ask Likely and he dir d the interviewing agents about the Buzzfeed report, " report. PAGE reiterated that it is false evidence the and the release of the dossier. PAGE onratie National © 3 te his sLide ted the interviewing age pa, results of the Wikileaks hac th agreed that the hacking o: the Russian Federation was ba 1s 0 Phere (0) Phe intervil B met with Baranov again, PACE ret who Bar, time at a Deutsche Bank conference. sechin, gq in meetings with ag gay. 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FACE heard oo discussic ssions of the Wikileaks n Kellogg party on 08/08/2018, was the that he met most members of the campaign. of an “October eases. PAGE © dis: also mentioned that U) PAGE attempts to in media reporting of the opinion of Russia. Ke holds te his opinions, similar to his associate Steve Cohen, FAC denies meeting Divyekin, he ro @. Ths only £ vorkevich, Likely Arkady Dyerkovich. later io lied asking every knew about 2 he met on the ivyekin to identify } duly speech trip, was 2 st the dine some discuss With Shlomo Weber at which Dvorkovick appears, | of working together in the future. There s FBI(19cv1278)-1656 b3 ro seae tte, 95.0810) ee | Comianaonorrn.snror (Ue Interview of ©: ) Curxent standing with Administration (0) PAGE commented that when people say he has been hanging on the Trump Campaign, he is instead be: for the hanged on account of support ime Campaign, FRGE insists that he ¢ pkinuslly corre the media on their portrayal as him as an Adviser ts then-Candidate Urump. PAGE asks that people refer to him as a former member of the veump foreign policy team. PAGE showed wing agents 4 letter he received from ann on 12/22/2016, The letter summarized Lhal PASE was never an or for the President Girected PAGE to discontinue saying as much, FAGE stated Uhac he responded directly to MeGane thanking Pim for the opportunity te sentation in the media and the the misrapr era {0} PAGE has had some contact with to President Trump. They have exchanged texts and had a phone nversation. One 0 was when PROB was sugposed te be on Meet the Press the came day as Vice President Michael Pen, asked that PASE eo, and us d to meet locument with © identifying PAGE eve Banne ) a senior adviser becaus 2 of YFOTUS's appearance conflict. PAGE tried to contact and PAGE showed the interviewing agents want ges te Bannon, it included cne t ‘strat plan". bs a Trump administzation member, pre Left the Campaign (©) Sergey Yatsenko (0) PAGE met Yatsenko when the two flew to Merril-lynch's 2005 June te CA. The nar Air Prance Airport. 28G! bed |, and the Seniee Adviser pod with their Kaz y Head of Finance agents Yate curriculum viter, wi 2018, ank, and & not been interested in the campaign or discussing it with SAGE. vatsenke did not know Bul ference in Dana Po: ight ¢ having al Energy ko wi tegether Le Los Ange done well, semi-retire capital LIC. Ke has fs First 10! ov or Rodobnyy. ) Bs bre vu) FBI(19cv1278)-1657 bs Fastony ges, BIE Cominenonor ram of (UL Interview of 6: a. on Pope Loe BY Be Be (U) PAGE a he should speak at the Yalta International ¥ reviously provided the inviravion letter asked specifically for an approval from the Age! PAGE_stater that pai to pay for his trip, wi that Bé bre The Inlorviewing agonts stated Ehat they could nol provide an answar. (0) EAGER believes that the worsening relation: US are because of the Lies directed at him. PAGE hopes the FBI can redirect their investigation avay from the Kussians, but instead to the Domestic terrorist threat against him by the Clintor) Campaign stopher Steele claiming to nok want to how much te fears fox his safety. Phy 8 reports. is phone retorne:! later ta find it, he found 40) In mid of was crossing a street in 11 out of his packet, When PAC that it was smashed, sly by cars or WhateApp ed up. ving over it. He lost all of mn From before then, by use the phon! we © President in nistory has spent as as Lonais 3. GB sais (0) PAGE opined thet Sputnik is more accurate than hadioPreefurope. | Be - pre (U) On the December p PAGE had lunch with Baranoy, verkewich at the FBI(19cv1278)-1658 bie DOD Key SRI) oT of ee FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducorenty 08/03/2017 on July 28, 2017, Special Agent (SA) | B6 and SA met with GEORGE D. PAPADOPOULOS pre CERPADOPOULOS) subsequent to his release from the US MARSHALL SERVICE at the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTHOUSE, 401 Courthouse Square, Alexandria, Virginia 22314. PAPADOPOULOS was allowed to use sa[___] PBI-issued Samsung bé to place a phone call to his attorney, in Chicago. That bre phone call lasted several minutes and PAPADOPOULOS removed himself from the Agents location during the call. The Agents returned multiple belongings to PAPADOFOULOS which were seized from him at the time of his arrest on the previous day. PAPADOPOULOS signed two Receipt for Property Forms [FD-597] for the return of his belongings. A copy of the forms executed by PAPADOPOULOS are enclosed for the file as a digital 1A attachment to this FD-302. The original forms are being maintained for the file as a physical 1A item PAPADOPOULOS was advised that the remainder of his belongings, including his cell phone and his two passports, would remaining in the FBI's possession for the time being. During the course of standard booking and processing procedures on the previous day, PAPADOPOULOS relayed to the Agents that he had lost his wallet and his driver's license a while ago and never obtained a new form of State identification. Given that PAPADOPOULOS had no form of official identification, the Agents offered to assist PAPADOPOULOS with travel, arrangements for his return to Chicago, TLlinois. The Agents advised PAPADOPOULGS that he was no longer in custody and that he was free to make his own arrangements if he wanted. PAPADOPOULOS stated that his intention was to return to Chicago vie airline. The Agents then offered to meet PAPADOPOULOS at the airport, or provide transportation for him. PAPADOPOULOS requested to be driven by the Agents te the airport. PAPADOPOULOS was then driven directly from the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTHOUSE in Alexandria to WASHINGTON NATIONAL AIRPORT [DCA] in Arlington, Virginia. Washington, District Of Columbia, United States (In tmsesigatonon 07/28/2017 Person} oF patcduned 97/31/2017 pe bic ms BIE This document cosains nether recommendations nat conelsion of the FE Itsthe proper’ af the FB an is loaned ts your agency tan is contents a mt to Bedside ver pees FBI(19cv1278)-1659 | be rst: 082840 Bre (ur Return of property to George D. Comionaon ortp.902 of Pawadopoulos « on 07/28/2017 2 of 2 Poge Upon azcival at aicport, the Agents assisted PAPADOPOULOS with his purchase of a United Airlines ticket fron Sashington, oC to Chicago, Tilineis. Tat purchase vas made online, through the use of Sh PBI-iseuea Sansiing device. PAPADOPOULOS then requested that the Agenes ME Gontact[_———]to noot_hin upon nig arrival in Chicage. 88 [—]enon placed a phone call to Sal in Chicago whe contacted and relayed PAPADOPOULOS’ flight information to ‘The Agents then afforded PAPADOPOULOS with temporary access to his US Passport in order to facilitate his entry through airport security. Agents then met with PAPADOPOULOS in the secure area of the terminal and recovered his US Passport. Agents then provided PAPADOPOULOS with his attorney's telephone number and a granola bar for his travel ack to Chicago. Additionally, PAPADOPOULOS was provided with sa[7——]business card in the event he was questioned by airport security or additional authorities without any form of State identification. bs bre FBI(19cv1278)-1660 DOD Key SRI) hot ie FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Ducorenty 11/01/2017 On October 30, 2017 the PBI received a copy of an email communication sent from SERGIO MILLTAN to GEORGE D. PAPADOPOULOS. The email was provided to the Special Counsel's Office though PAPADOPOULOS's attorney, In the email, MILLIAN stated the following: Hello George, I’m not sure if you have any access to this email but I wanted to write to you to say that I read sad news today about your current ordeal. 1 watched documentaries about McCarthy committee and about people who lost their jobs, careers and reputations and even jailed over Senator's investigations. You did not even go to Russia and they brought you into this terrible trial. I’m so sorry to hear about this. It’s simply unbelievable what is happening nowadays. Many innocent people were persecuted and, the good news, later rehabilitated after the politically motivated wave of persecutions vanished. I’m suze the American people and history will correct the unfair treatment you received. People who know you know who you really are: a good, innocent, decent American who wanted nothing but the best for the USA. Best regards, Sergei A copy of the aforementioned email is enclosed for the file as a digital 1A attachment to this Fp-302. linestgaionon 10/30/2017 q Washington, District Of Columbia, United States (Fmail) ne paearned 11/01/2017 ® Fos doormen conan nether recommendations na covesions BF he FB ste propery oF he FBT dis loaned te your agency: and Ws canter ar nt tobe disinbted aside vour agency Be bic b3 6 pic BIE FBI(19¢v1278)-1064