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October 11, 2019

Mayor Mary Casilla Salas,

Councilmember John McCann (District 1)
Councilmember Jill Galvez (District 2)
Councilmember Stephen C. Padilla (District 3)
Councilmember Mike Diaz (District 4)

RE: Christopher Columbus Statue at “ Discovery Park"

We write to you as Peoples who have endured cultural, religious, social, and economic
domination by European colonization.

As Peoples that endured the violent uprooting from ancestral lands; of Nations that have
been separated from the territory where our ancestors were born and where our ancestors
were buried; Nations whose futures were violently transformed; Nations whose independent
development and freedom were cut short by colonization; and as Nations that have lived on
this land for thousands of years before the arrival of any European. In particular, the members
of the Kumeyaay Nation are the true and original owners of all this land now known as Chula
Vista. For all for these nations and our descendants, Christopher Columbus is not a
discoverer, but rather a murderer.

The statue of Christopher Columbus, which stands on " Discovery" Park, represents an affront
to all Native people. As original Peoples to this land we remember the horrendous genocide
inflicted on our nations by this criminal. We remember the butchery and killing brought upon
our shores. We can say in no uncertain terms, that our native people and nations lost a better
way of life due to the colonial oppression made possible by Christopher Columbus and the
settler population that invaded our lands and brought war and the occupation of our ancestral

There is something to be said about the very name of “ Discovery Park”, an a-historical view of
the world at best, and at worst a slanderous attempt to erase the Original Peoples existence
from native lands.

We are a people that have existed for millennia in lands that were re-named without our
consent have worked and produced on these lands, now called the Americas for thousands of
winters! We reject the idea of being discovered; we have been invaded, our territory stolen,
our culture distorted, and our economy subjected to white settler concepts of value.

In this context we demand that the statue of Christopher Columbus at Discovery Park in Chula
Vista be immediately removed and that the park be, not only renamed, but that the park
serve to honor the legacy of resistance and survival of the Kumeyaay nation. This park will be
a living symbol of Kumeyaay courage, strength, culture, resilience, and future.

As native people we will no longer stand by as settler America continues to attempt to erase
our existence and whitewash history.

We demand the removal of the genocidal criminal Christopher Columbus from all public
spaces, and we demand the renaming of “ Discovery Park.” The new name, out of respect,
must be given by the elders and leaders of the Kumeyaay Nation on whose lands we live.

Armando Abundis
Unión del Barrio

cc: Human Relations Commission, City of Chula Vista