Introduction A.I was a 2001 science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg taken over from Stanley Kubrick.

Stanley Kubrick had been working on the film since early 1970s till he handed over to Steven Spielberg. The film basically follows the journey of a child Android, David, who tries to find the “Blue Fairy” so that she can turn David into a real boy and his mother can love him back. In actual fact, David was a robot designed to love humans, as a child would love their parents. For his designed functionality to work a voice protocol would need to be imprinted in an assigned order and he would love that person forever. We get to have a basic introduction of the advancement of Artificial intelligence (Androids) in the beginning of the movie leading to the conclusion of why a robot that can love is needed. Although the scientist, Professor Hobby explained that it was for couples who cannot conceive or have problem adopting children, but it was later revealed in the later part of the story that, David was actually created to look like the scientist’s child who had passed away. Alienated Presence I find the progression of the character, David the android a very interesting subject to explore. In the beginning of the story, when David was first introduced into the family, he was shown as a creepy and freaky humanoid who follows Monica, his guardian (before voice

The next similar suggestion occurs at David’s new room where Henry. Center: Segmented image of David through a glass. the moment David’s target of command was designated. the reflection of David caused him to look like having 4 eyes. Despite still behaving . I thought this silhouette looks like the evolved super mechas in the ending further suggesting the difference between David and Monica’s family. The last image was when David was staring at Monica making coffee. he was shown smiling a creepy and poker face like smile. an alien presence. When David was first shown in the room. Right: A four eyed David created through a reflection on the table. The Difference between a Human and a Robot – Knowing Love The next stage of progress that is interesting to take note would be the voice imprint process where Monica have to read out a series of words in sequence to David while pressing his neck behind. he became human-like. David was smiling at Monica through the warp image of himself creating yet another effect of an alien looking distorted appearance. makes his presence as a robot very convincing. the ability to love. we can see a vast change in his expression and speech. This is one of the main differences between a human and a robot. the moment he knew who he had to love or the moment he knew love. Left: The long neck silhouette of David. He was also speaking in a stiff manner but upon completion of the imprint. The reason I find this scene interesting is that. further making him look strange and creepy. successfully create the alienated presence in the character. he immediately became human like. The interesting and clever yet simple use of shots manipulation. To create the effect of this creepy and freaky strange presence. I find this scene most fascinating where we can actually feel a subtle difference before and after the voice imprint. David’s father is changing his clothes for him and Monica who was looking at David segmented image through the glass.imprint) around the house and scaring her. on screen it seems like the imprint were what made him human but my interpretation is that. The mimicking of the “uncanny valley” by the character in the initial part of the story where he tries to observe every single thing and copy everything the humans do. the initial entrance of David was shown as a deformed long neck silhouette suggesting an alien-like presence.

He is no longer seen donning a creepy smile and speaking in a monotonous voice. our jealousy of an evolution where we’re not part of. Left: The creepy poker face smile that can be seen on David’s face throughout most of the first part until this scene. when he tells Monica that he hopes that she doesn’t die. he suggest that they build a robot that can love and another fellow member replied by saying that they ship thousands of lovers model (prostitute robots) every month. it was a scene where we see the basis of human nature explored and portrayed. but we start to see him having expression and emotions. where we see a more emotional and expressive face of David. This 2 combination of character creates a very contrasting effect and chemistry despite both of them being of the same kind. but merely involved in. and . the cruel destruction of the androids was a result of human’s jealousy towards these ever living beings. the end for Joe and David also suggested how superficial sexual love is not as enduring as true love but they requires each other to move on with Joe helping David escape while he gets arrested. The creation of an object for a purpose to make our life easier. I thought it was an interesting dialog as the later part of the story where David travels to Manhattan together with Gigolo Joe because they placed 2 representation of the meaning of love together in the story with David representing true love and Joe representing sexual love or superficial love.slightly stiff and creepy. and he concluded that based on his research. as Joe looks at women only as pleasure seeking creature while David only seeks to obtain love from Monica. In my opinion. Right: The shift in expression. In my personal opinion. It was a very interesting juxtaposition of characters. we can feel a slight difference and shift in characteristic in David. Throughout their journey together we can see the difference between David and Joe. Humans and Robots At the Flesh fair where we see human beings cheering and enjoying the cruel destruction of unlicensed androids. Sex and Love During the introduction scene in the room where Professor Hobby was giving a speech on Artificial intelligence.

like their children. It was only when David appears that they couldn’t believe that he was a robot that needs to be destroyed. they act together to rescue David. and his encounters makes me slowly feels his desire to become a boy and frustration of not being love. The growth of the character. but when they do. Putting this issue in real situation. he traveled across the globe simply hoping to become a boy. telling the sad story of an android child searching for a mother’s love. I find that.ungratefully destroying them fully shows how backwards human being are. . In the movie’s case. sometimes human being destroy each other simply because they do not have something common they can sympathize with. they begin to put aside their differences and move towards a common goal. when they concluded that David was just a kid. Conclusion The film was like a masterpiece. Fueled by the basic desire of wanting to be love. His never give up and un-questioning characteristic about his own mission makes the journey a very touching and enchanting experience.

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