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Reliance Securities Limited is a Reliance Capital company and part of the Reliance Anil

DhirubhaiAmbani Group. “Reliance Money” is a brand owned by Reliance Capital Limited. Reliance
Securities with the permission of Reliance Capital Limited uses the “Reliance Money” brand to market
its various services.
Reliance Money is a single window that enables you to access, a wide range of financial products and
services including Equity, Equity & Commodity Derivatives, Mutual Funds, IPO’s, Life & General
Insurance products, Offshore Investments, Money Transfer, Money Changing and Credit Cards. Their
endeavor is to change the way India transacts in financial markets and avails financial services.
One aspect of finance is through individuals and business organizations, which deposit money in a
bank. The bank then lends the money out to other individuals or corporations for consumption or
investment, and charges interest on the loans.
Finance is the science of funds management. The general areas of finance are business finance,
personal finance, and public finance. Finance includes saving money and often includes lending
money. The field of finance deals with the concepts of time, money and risk and how they are
interrelated. It also deals with how money is spent and budgeted.
It also offers secured online share trading platform and investment activities in secure, cost effective
and convenient manner. To enable wider participation, it also provides the convenience of trading
offline through variety of means, including Call & Trade, Branch dealing Desk and its network of
Reliance Securities endeavors to change the way investors transact in equities markets and avails
services. It provides customers with access to Equity, Derivatives, Portfolio Management Services,
Investment Banking, Mutual Funds & IPOs.
The main drivers for the project were to increase participation base in capital market activity, make
trading available as self-service option on a robust platform in public places, provide a secure means
of trading with no middlemen and to increase brand visibility.
Trade Anywhere was launched by Reliance Money with an objective to increase the base of
participants in the capital markets, to make stock trading on the Bombay and the National Stock
Exchanges simpler, transparent and make available a self-service platform at public locations. To
achieve this, an internet kiosk was conceived with the goals of simplicity, security and ease of
deployment and management in public places.

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Project Report
on study of
“sales and marketing,study of Brokerage Structure in
reference of other Broking House”
submitted by
laxmikant singh
REG.NO =35




This research was made possible as per the requirement of the MBA course under

Indian Institute Of e-Business Management .Many individual took interest and were

supportive of my effort. In fact, many have given me their time generously and it is

not possible to mention all of them here and there act of goodness. I take the

opurtunity to place and record my deep sense of gratitude to all who have helped me

in completion of my study

I express my heartiest thanks to Mr. Manish shukla, Mob.No (9325101044) (Central

Head) of capital market of Reliance Money, who took keen interest towards my project

and provided me with deep insight on R.MONEY

I am deeply indebted to my mentor and guide Mr.Tushar Saboo, assistant senior agent

in reliance money.

I would be failing in my duties if I don’t express my sincere gratitude to my parents for

their constant support and guidance. I also humbly thanks my friend and batch mates

.Ankit Agarwal for his generous participation in the data collection process.

This training undergone at reliance money(pune) within a period of nine

(06.05.2009 to 06.07.2009) has imparted me in depth of knowledge on various aspect of

corporate governance and marketing channel.

Cost effectiveness is the buzz word today . so, efficient use of working capital is
important from the point of view of both profitability and liquidity.

An effort has been made in the present study “sales and marketing “ with respect to

Reliance Money(pune), to understand the different financial and marketing implication

and to make and in-depth study of various element of brokerage charges in reliance

money(pune) so as to come out with an effective result of the study and simultaneously
suggest scope for further improvement in the management working capital

I here declare that this project entitle work with sales and marketing is a record

Of independent work carried out by me under the guidance of tushar saboo senior

Supervisor(marketing) as per the curriculums requirement in master in e-business

Administration of master in e-business management


: Nitin Nishad

Specialization : Marketing & Finance

Indian institute of e-business management (pune)

It is said that an objective well defined is half done. Thus in order to make sure that the

proper survey ensures defining clear-cut objective and outline is a prerequisite.

Objective serves as torchlight in a project. It lays down a well-defined path between start

and the end and that is the goal. As also an objective is well defined and it is important

for the research study that a scholar undergoes.

It is an action, a purpose, which is directed to a person to conduct a study. It represents a

fact having actual existence of outside the mind or a goal for which the study is to be

The objective of our study is:-
1) To know the various functions which are conducted for day-to-day operations in

2) To know the various norms adopted by RELIANCE MONEY.

3) To know the various products and services rendered to its customers.

4) To know whether the services provided by RELIANCE MONEY is able to

attain its customer’s satisfaction or not.
5) To find and try to bridge the gap between the expectations and experiences of the

customers in case of dissatisfaction.

6) To know how the branch functions in terms of sales and operations.

7) To market and to promote the products of RELIANCE MONEY.

8) To generate new business opportunities for RELIANCE MONEY by opening up

Whether it is an army attack to the enemy air base or the way to the theme park we

to proceed in a very cautious and a planned way. One mistake could give us heavy losses. We know

what to do, how to do in a perfect way and what should be the procedure so that we are not lost in a

way is dwelled by methodology adopted.

In dealing with any real life problem it is often found that data at hand is adequate,
it becomes necessary to collect data rather appropriate.
There are several ways of collecting data while doing the project or any survey. In this
project, I have collected from two sources that are:
1. Primary sources
2. Secondary sources

I have gathered information about our project from the interaction with the customers of our

company i.e. Reliance Money. The sampling method used was basically convenience sampling and

most of the calls made were cold calls made on the generated database of recipients of other

The secondary data, I have collected from the various websites of reliance money,
various journals, magazines etc.
The methodology adopted in the procedure followed in order to give the projects its
shape is:
 H a v i n g a p r o p e r
u n d e r s t a n d i n g o f w o r k i n g o f a
f i n a n c i a l c o m p a n y .
 I n q u i r i n g a n d l o o k i n g i n t o
t h e p r a c t i c a l i t i e s o f w o r k
e n v i r o n m e n t t o h a v e a
correct insight of process adopted.
 G a i n i n g i n f o r m a t i o n f r o m
f i l e s , d o c u m e n t s , f o l d e r s a n d
s o f t c o p y s t o r e d i n
 S e e k i n g i n f o r m a t i o n f r o m t h e
s t a f f a n d t a k i n g t h e i r v i e w s
i n c o n s i d e r a t i o n .
 B r o w s i n g t h e w e b s i t e o f
v a r i o u s f i n a n c i a l i n s t i t u t i o n s
a n d B S E a n d N S E f o r
the necessary information required.
 F i n a l l y c o m p i l i n g t h e
p r i m a r y a n d s e c o n d a r y d a t a
g a t h e r e d , t h e n m a k i n g a
study of option available.
This report is structural as well as procedural study about the extent of flexibility and
transparency present inside the framework of financial industry.

Organization is constantly changing. These changes often result from events which alter

the establishment status quo in some way such as the introduction of new technology

process changes organization merges or restructuring.

Reliance money in its span of two years has undergone many innovations whether it is in

its field of technologies or whether it is customer satisfaction. In this period of our

training we have learnt all the operations done by reliance money i.e. opening of D-MAT

account, filling forms, verification of the form, rectification of the form, checking the

status of the clients, handling the queries of the customers, gaining knowledge about the

various products of reliance money like IPO, Commodities, Derivatives, Life insurance,

etc. and this report also presents a brief idea about the issue of credit cards.

During my project we also came to know about the customer service which the company

provides to its customers. As far as data collection is concerned we have both primary as

well as secondary data in this report. I have collected primary data by interactive sessions

with the working officials of the company and secondary data are collected which are

more qualitative in nature from the manuals, internet, corporate articles and other

preserved data by the company.

Reliance money is equally aware of the needs of its customers and helps them in giving meaning

and content. This company has steadily progressed over the years from strength to strength. It

provides online share trading facility to the customers. Reliance money is

also into life insurance which provides a very good opportunity to the customers by

giving them a life cover and securing the future of their families. As I dealt with both of

these two products of reliance money so I got a good exposure about the general

expectations of a customer and what he usually experienced while dealing into

investment products. To meet these expectations reliance money is into the concept of

franchisees where private franchisees are given to individuals so that the coverage area

of reliance money can be increased and word load on employees can be decreased in

order to increase Relationship Management.

Company Profile: Reliance Money Ltd.
Whenever it’s a Question of Your MONEY…
The Answer is “RELIANCE MONEY”
Empowering everyone live, their dreams we will leverage our strength in executing

complex global scale projects to make leading edge in broking services, affordable by all

individual investors in India. We will offer unparalleled value to create investor delight

and enhance business productivity. We will also generate value for our capabilities

beyond Indian borders while enabling millions of Indian’s knowledge workers to deliver

their services globally.

Our Mission is to keep the customer satisfaction by Creating unmatched value for

everyone through dependable, effective, transparent and profitable broking services as

focal point of all our operations, adopt the best international practices in customer

service, be the most innovative in product development, establish presence all over India,

ensure sustained value addition to all stake holders and to uphold Corporate Value &

Corporate Governance.
Guiding Principles

 Customer Care and Satisfaction

 Corporate Governance

 Creativity and Innovation

 Competitiveness
We all know the effect of the wordReliance on us. A company which has entered almost

every arena of business and created wonders. Every project taken up by the company

turns into a golden project. The company has something, which we can call as, The

Midas Touch. Reliance Capital Ltd is a part of the Reliance - Anil DhirubhaiAmbani

Group. Reliance Capital is one of India’s leading and fastest growing private sector

financial services companies, and ranks among the top 3 private sector financial services

and banking companies, in terms of net worth. Reliance Capital has interests in asset

management and mutual funds, life and general insurance, private equity and proprietary

investments, stock broking and other activities in financial services. Reliance Capital has a wide

Structure that is as follows:




Reliance Money is a part of Reliance Capital that comes under Anil Dhirubhai
Ambani Group (ADAG). It is a distribution and a broking house that provides its

customers with Online as well as Offline Trading Facility. Reliance Money is the electronic

transaction platform associated with Reliance Capital, one of India's leading and fastest growing

private, ranked amongst the top 3 private sector financial services and banking companies, in terms

of net worth.
Anil DhirubhaiAmbani Group
Publicly launched On: April 11,
More than150 Branches
Share Broking Firm
Commodities Trading
Mutual Funds
Offshore Investment
Reliance Money offers a comprehensive platform, offering an investment avenue for a
wide range of asset classes. Its endeavor is to change the way India transacts in
markets and avails financial services. Reliance Money offers a single window facility,
enabling us to access, amongst others Equity, Equity and Commodity Derivatives, Offshore

Investments, IPOs, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance and General Insurance products. Reliance Money

is the most cost-effective, convenient and secures way to transact in a wide range of financial

products and services.

Initial Public Offering – IPO:
Apply in Initial Public Offers (IPO’s) without
going through the hassles of filling ANY
application form or paperwork.
When an unlisted company makes either a fresh issue of securities ( Through primary
markets ) or an offer for sale of its existing securities or both for the first time to the
public then that is known as an IPO. The first sale of stock by a private company to the public. IPO’s

are often issued by smaller, younger companies seeking capital to expand, but can also be done by

large privately-owned companies looking to become publicly traded. In an IPO, the issuer obtains

the assistance of an underwriting firm, which helps it determine what type of security to issue

(common or preferred), best offering price and time to bring it to market. Also referred to as a “public

In finance, a security whose price is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlies assets.

The derivative itself is merely a contract between two or more parties. Its value is determined by

fluctuations in the underlying asset. The most common underlying assets include stocks, bonds,

commodities, currencies, interest rates and market indexes. Most derivatives are characterized by

high leverage. Futures contracts, forward contracts, options and swaps are the most common types

of derivatives. Because derivatives are just contracts, just about anything can be used as an

underlying asset.
Don’t dread derivatives anymore. Choose the contract and say go. For the first time track your positions online, in real time.
Derivatives are generally used to hedge risk, but can also be used for speculative purposes. To

hedge this risk, the investor could purchase currency futures to lock in a specified exchange rate for

the future stock sale.

Derivatives are divided into basically two parts:


A. Futures: A financial contract obligating the buyer to purchase an asset (or the seller

to sell an asset), such as a physical commodity or a financial instrument, at a predetermined future

date and price. Futures contracts detail the quality and quantity of the underlying asset; they are

standardized to facilitate trading on a futures exchange.

B. Options: A financial derivative which represents a contract sold by one party (option

writer) to another party (option holder). The contract offers the buyer the right, but not the obligation,

to buy (call) or sell (put) a security or other financial asset at an agreed- upon price (the strike price)

during a certain period of time or on a specific date (exercise date).

Options are consist of two things:
Call Option
Put Option
a) Call: It is the period of time between the opening and closing of some future markets

wherein the prices are established through an auction process. Call is an option contract giving the

owner the right (but not the obligation) to buy a specified amount of an underlying security at a

specified price within a specified time.

b) Put: Put is an option contract giving the owner the right, but not the obligation, to sell

a specified amount of an underlying asset at a set price within a specified time. The buyer of a put

option estimates that the underlying asset will drop below the exercise price before the expiration

Take advantage of investing in Insurance
products without going into the hassles of
doing any paperwork. Click here to get

There are good times and bad times during every stage of our lives, and being financially prepared

to face all kinds of situations makes the journey of life a lot easier and certainly more. The Financial

Product that helps in this is Insurance. Insurance is a

contract (policy) in which an individual or entity receives financial protection or reimbursement

against losses from an insurance company. The company pools clients’ risks to make payments

more affordable for the insured.

Insurance is of two types:

Life Insurance

General Insurance

A.Life Insurance: This is the protection against the loss of income that would result if the insured passed

away. The named beneficiary receives the proceeds and is thereby safeguarded from the financial

impact of the death of the insured. The goal of life insurance is to provide a measure of financial

security for your family after you die.

Life insurance products offer comprehensive financial. Solutions which besides offering financial

security also provide opportunity for saving, investment & tax planning.
Life Insurance Products Offered by Reliance Money :
Individual Plans
Employee Benefit Plans
1. Savings (Endowment)

Reliance Endowment Plan

Reliance Special Endowment Plan

Reliance Cash Flow Plan

Reliance Child Plan

Reliance Whole Life Plan

Reliance Connect 2 Life Plan

2. Retirem
Reliance Golden Years Plan
1. Risk (Protection)
Reliance Group Term Assurance Policy
Reliance EDLI Scheme
2. Pensions
Reliance Group Gratuity Policy
Reliance Group Superannuation Policy
Reliance Golden Years Plan Value
Reliance Golden Years Plan Plus
3. Unit Linked

Reliance Automatic Investment Plan

Reliance Money Guarantee Plan

Reliance Market Return Plan

4. Risk / Protection

Reliance Term Plan

Reliance Simple Term Plan

Reliance Special Term Plan

Reliance Credit Guardian Plan

Reliance Special Credit Guardian Plan

The two main Individual plans are:
1. Reliance Automatic investment Plan:
Key Features:

Two plan options to choose from Ready-made and Tailor-made

Life Stage asset allocation to ensure automatic change in investment patterns,

under the Ready-made Plan option

Freedom to decide your own fund mix based on your risk profile under the Tailor-
made Plan

Regular, limited, single premium paying options

Unmatched flexibility through our ‘Exchange Option’

Liquidity in the form of partial withdrawal


Option to avail of Accidental Death Benefit, Accidental Total, Premium Disability

and Term Insurance riders
The Key benefits

A smart plan which adapts to your changing risk profile with increasing age

Option to lower the average cost of units through systematic transfer of your

Flexibility to switch between funds and plans

Options for additional Insurance cover available through riders

How does this Plan work?

As a customer you will have the liberty to choose between the Ready-made and Tailor- made Plan

options. The premium contributions made by you, net of Premium Allocation Charges and Sum

Assured Related Charges are invested in fund/funds of your choice and

units are allocated depending on the price of units for the fund/funds. The Fund Value is

the total value of units that you hold in the fund/ funds. The Mortality Charges and Policy

Administration Charges are deducted through cancellation of units, whereas the Fund

Management Charge is priced in the Unit Value.

Reliance Automatic Investment Plan at a glance
Age at
30 days
65 years last birthday
Age at
18 years last birthday
80 years last birthday
5 years
30 years
Regular / Limited Premium: Annualized Premium for 5 years or
Annualized Premium for half of the policy term, whichever higher
Single Premium 125% of the single premium amount
No Limit
2. Money Guarantee Plan
Key Features

Capital Guarantee: The sum of all premiums paid is guaranteed on maturity or on

death before the maturity.

Capital Guarantee is available on both the basic premiums as well as on top-up


Unique Return Shield feature to protect your returns

Choice to invest from 3 pre-packaged investment fund options

Unmatched flexibility through our ‘Exchange Option’ to move between the

Reliance Money Guarantee suite of products offered, as you grow up the ladder

Liquidity in the form of partial withdrawals from top-up fund

Option to package with Accidental Death & Disability and Term Insurance riders
How does this Plan work?

The premium contributed by you net of Premium Allocation Charges and

Miscellaneous Charge is invested in fund option of your choice for a specified period

of time as selected by you and units are allocated depending on the price of units for

the fund/funds. The Fund Value is the total value of units that you hold in the fund. The
Policy has a minimum Guaranteed Fund Value which is equal to total of all premiums

paid (excluding any additional and extra premiums if any), to be payable on survival to

maturity or earlier death. The amount of top-up premiums paid is also guaranteed on

death provided there is no partial withdrawal. The amount of top-ups premium is

guaranteed on maturity provided the top-ups premium was paid at least 10 years before

the date of maturity and there is no partial withdrawal. The Sum Assured under the

Policy is fixed on the basis of the selected annual premium and Policy Term.

The Mortality Charges and Policy Administration Charges are deducted through

cancellation of units whereas the Fund Management Charge is priced in the Unit Value.

The premiums for riders, if selected, are payable over and above the premium for the

basic Policy.
The two main Employee Benefit Plans are:
a) Reliance Group Term Assurance Policy: Reliance Group Term Assurance Policy is
a one year Renewable Term Assurance contract. The benefit is payable on the
happening of the contingency during one year. At the end of the year, the contract

may be renewed. Employers looking for a comprehensive professionally administered term assurance cover for their

employees. Subject to approval by the Provident Fund Commissioner, this Policy can be used as a replacement for

the Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme under the Provident Fund Act.
b) Reliance Group Gratuity Plan. This is a unit linked group Gratuity product with

three different fund options, namely Capital Secure, Growth and Balanced Funds. It enables

employers / trustees with more than 20 employees to outsource the management of their

employees’ Gratuity funds and the related administration to Reliance Life Insurance Company

B) General Insurance:
General Insurance is a form of risk management, primarily used to hedge against the risk of a

contingent loss of many articles and nominal things. This is a single policy that may cover risks in

one or more of the categories set forth below. For example, auto insurance would typically cover

both property risk (covering the risk of theft or damage to the car) and liability risk (covering legal

claims from causing an accident).G.I. may be done for follows:

Automobile Insurance

Aviation Insurance

Equipment Breakdown insurance

Business insurance

Crop Insurance

Crime Insurance Credit Insurance etc.

Products Offered by Reliance General Insurance:

Individual Mediclaim

Group Mediclaim

The policy covers

reliance money
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reliance mutual fund report- plan and scheme

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Stock Market
Reliance Mutual Fund
Mutual Fund
summer internship
mutual fund in india
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