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The possibilities let

open by the concept
of the emerging Web 3.0,
or Semantic Web as it has
been separately termed,
are incredible. It is still
to be seen whether
it's a techie's idea of
imagination-let-loose or
an actual possibility… writes
The one,
Swayambhu Bhattacharya
the two,
and now

eb 3.0 is the next step in the evolution of place, maybe a beach, you start looking up graphical interfaces to boast for. stems from the difficulty in comprehen- ing them based on understanding. So, next
the World Wide Web, or so sayeth the pun- travel websites. After you're decided on Web 3.0 is the newest term doing the sion and assimilation from countless num- time you don't really have to say 'cars Hy-
dits of information technology. At the mo- the place you then start getting worried rounds in the internet services market. It ber of search results returned. For in- derabad, or rack your brains trying to
ment if you're making a plan for a vaca- about how to reach there and where to wouldn't be surprising if there were peo- stance, running a search on Google for the come up with that magic search phrase
tion, you probably first decide what kind stay. In a matter of a week till you've ple thinking of Web 4.0 and may be even a words 'cars hyderabad' immediately re- that will return you accordant results. You
of place you want to go to. Having decided rounded off your plans you would have Web 5.0. In fact, don't get too worried if turns results close to three million! Now, can actually go ahead and say "where can I
that you probably want to go to a warm visited about a hundred sites. With Web somebody tells you about a Web! for an average internet user it probably buy a used car in Hyderabad that would
3.0 all you need to do is set your priorities Tim Brenners Lee, who invented the means; wading through tons and gallons of comfortably sit 8 people, give me a mileage
right (first, decide what kind of place, World Wide Web back in 1989, himself is information before finally getting tired at of 12 Kmph, within eight lakhs?" Semantic
what kind of hotel, and all that) and feed not very thrilled with this numbering con- the middle of the fifth page, and immedi- web will immediately look up possible
the whole big query 'I want to go to a….' in cept. He is more comfortable with the term ately reaching a conclusion based on par- matches to your query from its immense
to a search engine. Blink. The possible va- 'Semantic Web.' In this more advanced tial information. database and return only relevant infor-
cation destinations within your set pa- form of the Web; the sites, the links, the With the implementation of Web 3.0 and mation.
rameters would be served to you, immedi- tags, the media, the databases, et alia are efforts from pioneering companies like Nova Spivack's Twine (
ately. 'smarter' and capable of conveying more IBM and Google, hopefully the solution is is the first initiative powered by Web 3.0
Thanks to Tim O'Reilly and now a John meaning than that of today. not far away. Folks! If you still haven't real- concepts. It's a social networking website,
Markoff of the New York Times, it looks Semantic web is an extension of the ly got it, Web 3.0 is not a mere advance- which aims to understand and share inter-
like the Web has also started getting ver- World Wide Web (including artificially in- ment on Web technologies. It's not about ests of people based on their 'social
sion numbers; just like the browsers and telligent web-crawlers), in which facts can creating a better Facebook or better Flickr graphs.' Innovative as twine is, it still re-
the software applications that never cease be tagged within documents to allow ma- functionalities. It is about changing your mains to be seen what comes out when the
to annoy us with their newest updates. So, chines (as well as humans) to extract infor- relationship with the Internet altogether. fog around Web 3.0 concepts start thinning
apparently, the first version of World Wide mation from them. Frankly, it is a lofty Powered with artificial intelligence, web out. For one thing, it sounds almost like a
Web with static web pages was Web 1.0; idea and till date probably a hazy one. But, crawlers will start gathering information science fiction story and hence of course,
and the second version web 2.0 has interac- an understanding of the possibilities that from every possible source (sites, blogs, the disbelief. But I am ready to shred my
tivity (human to computer, computer to will be let loose with the implementation photos, videos, mobile phones, product re- disbelief for this once to see Web 3.0 meas-
human, and human to human) with better of Web 3.0 is mind boggling. The idea views, and so on) and also start categoriz- uring up to its expectations.

Choose Your Whether it’s a self-portrait or a scenic shot, the clicker

matters! Here are some shutterbug tips...

amboozled by the cameras companies on advertising the 'megapixel

B around you? Guess you need

some help in choosing your per-
fect one.Take a shot...


myth' have brainwashed many. Fact is,
megapixels have nothing to do with image
quality. Cramming more megapixels into a
smaller image sensor can even lead to re-
duced picture quality.
With digital cameras, it does. The overall
quality of the image depends mainly on three MUST-HAVE FEATURES power Ni-MH batteries, but in a pinch, you can Prosumer refers to a class of camera that is
things; quality of lens, quality & size of image Before buying, I suggest you check out the also switch to alkaline batteries. intermediate between basic point-and-shoot
sensor and image processing circuitry. Stick to optical zoom (more the better),LCD (size,qual- PROSUMER CAMERAS and digital SLRs. They offer features suited to
better known brands only; preferably Canon, ity), optical viewfinder (useful to frame photos the more advanced user like full manual con- cheaper, but not as effective.
Olympus, Sony, Kodak and Nikon. These com- in bright sunlight) and video recording trol, high optical zoom, image stabilisation
panies do imaging and they are darn good at
it too!
(should be at least VGA quality @ 30 fps) qual-
BUYING TIPS (usually), high quality video and ability to at-
tach an external flash. But they are also usual-
ISO/ASA (Industry Standards Organisation
or American Standards Association):
DO MEGAPIXELS MATTER? ■ Remember that 'higher megapixels' do ly more expensive and larger than their basic Denotes sensitivity to light, assigned to a
Millions of dollars BATTERY LIFE & TYPE not mean better images. counterparts. number.Higher ISO/ASA means greater sen-
spent by Rechargeable batteries are convenient, but ■ Look out for: Optical zoom, optical im- sitivity and vice versa. It can help reduce
offer no means of recharging while on-the- age stabilisation, LCD screen size, battery JARGON BUSTER camera shake, and can also lead to in-
move. If you're worried about running out of type, add on accessories (lens, flash, re- CCD/CMOS: creased image noise.
power while travelling, you can go for mote), optical viewfinder, manual modes. (Charge Coupled Device/Complementary
a camera that uses standard ■ Some smaller cameras have really tiny Metal Oxide Semiconductor): The type of im- OPTICAL ZOOM:
AA size batteries. age sensor used in a digital camera.
Ben Yanthan Use high-
and hard-to-use buttons; see if the cam-
era fits your hand before you buy.
Refers to the use of movable
lens elements which bring an
goes pub-hopping ■ Cameras with touchscreen LCDs reduce
the number of buttons,but attract a lot of This type of zoom digitally enlarges a por-
object closer. Look for opti-
cal zoom figure, not the
to the Xtreme fingerprints. Also check if the responsive-
ness of the screen is good enough for
tion of the image to make it appear
digital zoom. - HITESH
Sports Bar
you. -Sr Assistant
and gets A technology/ mechanism by which camera
shake is automatically countered (to a
ing Digital

a low down certain degree). It can be elec-

tronic or optical. Elec-
on what the

wanderings & I!
tronic is

scene at
the pub is like

f you are the type of person who'd rather lounge imported vodkas, you will find everything there! Lo- tries: Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and Germany and platters
in the comfort of a bean bag with your bottle of cated at the heart of the city, this bar is a true para- whoa, even a Ferrari flag. Sheer indulgence, I gasp! and snacks make
beer amidst a bevy of sport fanatics, the Xtreme dise for ardent sports hooligans and F1 lovers. The first of its kind in the country, the bar is a a feast in the bar. An as-
Sports bar, at Road No. 1, Banjara Hills is the place I look around and splashed across the walls are treat for sports fan like me. LCD screens and TVs sortment of Chinese, continental
for you. From Fosters and Smirnoffs to wines and jerseys and flags of the various soccer playing coun- are sprawled across the walls telecasting some of and Indian food decorate the menu (with
the best matches live. Watikumla, an employee at friendly portions the size you'd serve at home) at
an MNC, who is a regular at this pub tells me, "The a value for money rates. I meet Sudesh Nair, Manag-
feel of the place is casual, which is what I like the er, Xtreme Sports Bar. At the end of a tête-à-tête , he
best. I also like the huge TVs and the all round is quick to add, "We are open through out the day,
sports concept that they have come up with. Ab- and we will be starting the executive lunch very
solutely one of the best places in Hyderabad to soon. Our beer costs only Rs 99!" Now, who would-
unwind." n't want to feast on these devils!
Though retro and rock are the genres mostly In fact, a couple of local and international celebri-
played, two DJ consoles resonate with the beats of ties are also spotted enjoying their draught here. Ja-
contemporary tunes. I sip on my Bud and look son Gillespie, Producer Ram Mohan, actor Tabu and
around. What a hit! Talk about full house! The walls Venkatesh are just some among the many!
resonate with the silhouettes of people in conver- With absolutely no cover charges, no dress code
sation, some laughing, some feet-a-tappin, some and a hassle-free environment, the extreme sports
moving to the tunes of Tracy Chapman! bar is a no hang-ups place. If you're looking for a
A man approaches me, handing me the menu. good time, you know the place to be at: extremely
With a smile across his face, he politely asks me if cool, extremely sporty!
all is well. "Ofcourse", I perked up "it couldn't be I bottoms-up the last dreg of beer, and notes tak-
better." en, I acquiesce. Not without saying, "Cheers!"
And well, it doesn't end there. Delectable dishes,

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