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A presented by:

Cancer Information & Support Center (CISC)

Jakarta, November 2008

It is never easy for oneself to be told that you have cancer. Imagine
how the patient and their family would feel. A desperation and
helplessness overcome them and as the slowly recover from the new
questions will inevitably arise.
What exactly is cancer? How do you cope with cancer? Can you
survive cancer? It is exactly these questions that will play a large role in
the survival of cancer patients. Why? Because mentality is a factor. This
is a basis of Cancer Information and Support Center or CISC. Built up by
cancer patients (survivors) and medical professionals since 2003. Our
goal as a Support Group is to provide cancer patients and families with
information regarding life as a cancer patient and how to overcome it.
Why do we need support? Because medicine can only go so far to
save alife and support is one of the most powerful weapon in
mankind’s arsenal against the unpredicted. This is probably why most
cancer patients and families refer the CISC as a Second Family
The Paper Presented in The First National Cancer Center
Conferences RS. Darmais by Mrs. Aryanthi Baramuli Putri

Journal of Clinical Oncology, Sept, 2004

B.L Andersen
“Small-Group Support Boosts of Life and Immune System”
 Gathering and interactions in good and
bed situation
 Empathy and talking about experienced
problems and situations.
 Enhancing hope and opstimistic outlooks
 Deeping friendship based on the same
 Giving support to each other and giving
spirit in difficult situations
 To feel more meaningful
 To set practical suggestions which only
cancer patients can give out of
 To set up to date information about
cancer from professionals
 To know how and where to get
information which is needed : health
facilities, diagnosis, the effect on health
and growth of nutrition etc.
 Cancer ≠ death
 The possibility to be active normally
 To live with: Quality of life, meaningful
and full of spirit
 To be extrovert is more comfortable
 Blessing at background of cancer
 etc
 Is the location far or near? Is the location
easy to reach or not?
 Support Group Cancer on line is
conventient and accessible
 The Support gorup is based on the kind of
cancer so as lung-breast cancer, cancer of
the servix/prostate/colon. It colud be based
on stages etc.
 Colour or chemistry
Since 2003

Jakarta – Balikpapan – Menado - Semarang

 Support
 Support group session
 Supporting and counseling to patients before, at the moment
and after teraphy

 Information
 Provide a library
 Seminars, workshops, information, discussions, talkshow
 Providing information on line, by phone, sms, e-mail, etc

 Others
 To gather sub medical equipments and distribute them to
patients who need them
 To seek education on medical costs for the patients
 To work together with medical professional
1) Since 2003, support group sessions held continously
twice month with several topics
2) To accompany patients and their families in hospital or
at home. Providing information and guidance via
telephone to patients who need it.
3) Several recreation activities, sport and relaxation for
4) Cancer seminars for the people in general and early
detection of cancer information to companies,
religious gathering, women organization, woman
public officials, financial gathering etc: Bank Indonesia,
Vico Indonesia, Unocal/Chevron Ind, Bank Danamon,
Dept. of Industry, Woman Public Officials, Education
Office of North Jakarta, Church Communities, mosques
5) Training sessions for survivors and volunter who will
accompany the patients and families
6) Trainning for members who will give cancer
information held three times “Trainning of Trainers”
given by the Oncology Organization of Indonesia
7) To fill in the patient gathering as resources person or
facilitator in several hospitals so as Dharmais Cancer
Hospital, Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Mitra Kelapa
Gading Hospital, and Persahabatan Hospital
8) A yearly gathering of Cancer Survivors, with music and
dance etc.
We want to live with more………………
 QUALITY: to get enough and just
information about cancer and to get the
best medical care, to know what we
can expect and what risks there are.
 MEANINGFUL: to enhance our
dedication by working for the sake of our
neighbour and ourselves
 SPIRIT AND PASSION: to live optimistically
and joyfully
I. Advice To The Government
1. Patients are in need of low cost quality medicines. The
situation can be achieved by removing the current import
2. The transfer of 20% of educational budget to relieve
education funds of medical students specializing in oncology
and cancer treatment.
3. The promotion of early cancer detection and risks of cancer
through media coverage
4. The addition of rooms in Hospitals and the enhancement of
quality and various facilities in emergency sectors
II. To Doctors and Nursers
1. Being more pro-active in Doctor-Patient communication
2. The further improvement of the nursing of cancer patients
during chemotherapy sessions.