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--- Dragonlance Projects - Project 1 --One of the greatest strengths of the DRAGONLANCE saga is its cast of well-developed characters. Ansalon contains many unique heroes, each with his or her own goals and motivations, hopes and fears. In addition to well-detailed heroes, Ansalon has a huge and varied cast of allies and villains who help shape the world and its conflicts. - Tales of the Lance

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Alhana Starbreeze
Race : Elf Gender : Female Class : Fighter 7 Level Str 9; Dex 13; Con 10; Int 16; Wis 15; Cha 15 Residence: Silvanesti Ht 5'4"; Wt 107 lb; Mv 12" Preferred Weapon: Long sword +3, short bow +2 Special Abilities: Infravision, 90% resist sleep/charm

Alignment : Lawful Good Ac 2 (plate +3, shield +1) THAC0 14 hp 32

Alhana is the daughter of Lorac Caladon, the Speaker of the Stars in Silvanesti, and is the Silvanesti princess. Alhana Starbreeze met the companions in Tarsis and helped them to restore peace to her elven kingdom during the War of the Lance, and she took an exceptional liking to Sturm Brightblade - she gave him the magical Starjewel, a sign of everlasting love between two people. Alahana’s starjewel rests on Sturm’s breast in his tomb. Several years after the War of the Lance ended, she married Porthios of the Qualinesti in an effort to unite the two elven kingdoms. Alhana and Porthios, along with Tanis and Laurana's son Gilthas, became involved in a large political scandal in Qualinesti against their will. Alhana and Porthios were exiled from the elven kingdom, but she does what she can to help her people fight against the green dragon Beryl. She was once considered the most beautiful of all elves, but a few years before the Chaos War fell into disgrace with her husband Porthios as a dark elf, the victim of plot hatched by conservative elven senator and general. After the Chaos War and the great magical shield having been erected over her homeland of Silvanesti, she continued the good fight by trying to break through.

Astinus of Palanthus
Race : Human Gender : Male Alignment : Neutral Str 12; Dex 17; Con 15; Int 21; Wis 19; Cha 17 AC 10; THAC0 2; hp 980 Residence: Palanthus Ht 5'7"; Wt 155 lb; Mv 12" Preferred Weapon: None carried Special Abilities: Has knowledge of most things present and past. Special Items: The Iconochronos, the great book of Astinus Astinus appeared in Krynn during the Age of Dreams, apparently sent by the gods to record the ongoing history of the world. He is ageless and deathless, and his cold, uncaring mood leads many to misinterpret his actions - Astinus never reveals information that may affect the future, for better or for worse. He sees all that happens on Krynn, knows all. Some speculate that Astinus is the avatar of Gilean, the god of neutrality. This may indeed be true, for Astinus vanished along with his historical scrolls on the same night that the gods left Krynn. Who is the mysterious scholar Astinus of Palanthus? An uninformed rumour claims even that Astinus is one of the gods (maybe Zivilyn, god of all wisdom or Gilean, god of all knowledge.) Here’s the tale: Gilean had a daughter and two sons. The daughter being Lunitari and the two sons being Astinus and Sebastius. Both are immortal and both chronicle krynn. Astinus chronicles it through books...and has a similar appearence and personality as his where Sebastius chronicles it through travelling shows.

Lord Ariakan
Race : Human Class : Gender : Male Alignment : Chaotic Evil Son of Ariakas and the goddess Zeboim, Ariakan was the founder of the Knights of Takhisis. He was imprisoned by the Knights of Solamnia after his father's death during the War of the Lance, and went to great lengths to learn all he could about the knighthood during his incarcaration. After his release, he received a vision from the Dark Queen, which inspired him to form his order of dark paladins. Ariakan was slain by the minions of Chaos during a battle at the High Clerist's Tower at the brink of the Battle of the Rift.

( Sun Feather ) Race : Kyrie Gender : Male Alignment : Neutral Good His feather hair is silver white and streams down to his chest. Many year of exposure to the sun and elements darkened and lined his face. In spite of his apparent age, muscles ripple across his chest and in sinewy legs. He is the leader of kyries, the people who inhabit the skies. He has two sons. His firstborn, Morning Sky, was being held prisoner in Atossa. They knew how the minotaurs were treating Morning Sky, they knew that he had been tortured to the point of death. They had little hope of ever seeing him free, among them, again. And he died.

Emperor Ariakus
( Highlord of the Red Dragonarmy ) Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Priest 23 /fighter 10 Level Alignment : Str 15; Dex 12; Con 11; Int 13; Wis 18; Cha 15 AC -1 (plate mail +4); THAC0 7; hp 88 Residence: Sanction Ht 5'11"; Wt 197 Ib; Mv 12" Preferred Weapon: Mace +3 Ariakus, calling himself the Emperor of Ansalon, was one of the most powerful humans to have ever lived. He was a greedy, ambitious, arrogant man. This may have helped in his death because he believed that he could not be harmed and never expected a sword from Tanis, with the help of Raistlin, to pierce his evil heart. At a young age, his father, a high-ranking cleric of Takisis, killed his mother. Although Ariakus feined respect to his father for many years after, he secretly vowed to avenge her by killing his father. At an opportune time, he killed his father and took revenge. He later became interested in sorcery, but found that his heart was truly drawn to war. Takisis, in finding that Ariakus's father had been killed by Ariakus himself, did not take revenge but noticed that she had gained an even more valuable servant. She soon chose Ariakas as her most trusted mortal servant.
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Ariakus was the leader of the Red Wing during the War of the Lance. He was the brain behind the Dragonarmy's strategies, and was considered the leader of the whole campaign and fittingly called himself The Emperor of Ansalon.

( Blue Dragon Lieutenant ) Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Fighter 11 Level Alignment : Chaotic Evil Str 16; Dex 12; Con 15; Int 10; Wis 14; Cha 13 AC 1 (plate mail +2); THAC0 10 (+1 dmg); hp 58 Residence: Estwilde Ht 6'; Wt 187 lb; Mv 12 Preferred Weapon: Two-handed sword +2 life-stealer, poison daggers Bakaris was the quick tempered lieutenant of the Blue Dragonarmy during the War of the Lance, and Kitiara's right-hand man. He held more respect for her than for the rest of the dragonarmy, and saw her as his ticket to power. Bakaris was Kitiara’s second in-command. He was an often unstable man who fought like a berserker in battle and was quick to anger, reacting violently to mostly any situation he considered unfavorable. Bakaris was also notorious for his "love" of women, ever since he killed the son of a nobleman in a fight over a woman. His cocky and lustful nature led to his death when he assaulted Laurana during the War of the Lance. Bakaris was killed by Tasslehoff's dagger (of use only against vicious rabbits).

Berem Everman
Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Ranger 6 Level Alignment : Neutral Str 13; Dex 12; Con 14; Int 15; Wis 14; Cha 13 AC 10; THAC0 15; hp 44 Residence: Many Ht 5'9"; Wt 160 lb; Mv 12" Preferred Weapon: Short sword, dagger Special Abilities: Regenerates 1 hp/round; immune to fire, acid, poison, magic, disease, drowning, and petrification; every wound will eventually heal. Berem was a poor ranger in his younger days, and he spent a lot of time hunting in the woods with his sister Jasla. One day, they found a broken altar decorated with valuable gems. Berem, thinking to end his family's poverty, tried to pry a large green gem loose from the altar. When his sister tried to stop him, he shoved her aside, causing her to bang her head on a rock, killing her. Berem, horrified at what he'd done, took the gem and ran. The gem imbedded itself in his stomach. He was never able to remove it. Berem is known to many as the “Green Gemstone Man”. The gem was from the Foundation Stone of Istar’s Temple, and the gem was cruical to which side would win in the War of the Lance. The evil forces needed it to let their Queen of Darkness re-enter Krynn, while the good forces needed it to bar the queen from Krynn forever. Because of the gem, Berem was immortal (to an extent) - no matter how many times he died, he would come back to life. Berem lived with constant fear that someone would discover his crimes.

Unknown to him, the altar from which he pried the gem was actually part of the cursed temple of Neraka - The Dark Queen's gateway into Krynn. Rendered incomplete by Berem's theft, Takhisis was unable to enter the world. She sought Berem to make him pay for his crimes, but he was eventually found by the Heroes of the Lance during the War of the Lance, and he was reunited with his sister, whose spirit had been trapped in the altar ever since the day she died. In reuniting Berem and Jasla, the temple of Neraka and the altar was destroyed, forever blocking the Dark Queen's entrance into Krynn.

( High Priestess, Bulp Aghar )

Race : Gully Dwarf Gender : Female Class : Shaman 1 Level Str 15; Dex 16; Con 15; Int 8; Wis 10; Cha 9(15) AC 8; THAC0 20; hp 7 Residence: Xak Tsaroth Ht 3'4"; Wt 42 lb; Mv 6" Preferred Weapon: Dagger Special Abilities: Grovelling

Alignment : Neutral Good

The Heroes of the Lance met Bupu during their expedition to Pax Tharkas while searching for the Disks of Mishakal. She promptly fell in love with Raistlin, who casted a charm spell on the gully dwarf tribe to gain their assistance. She helped the heroes to locate and defeat the black dragon Khisanth, which led to the recovery of the Disks of Mishakal. She was also able to help her newfound friend Raistlin; she gave him a spellbook she had found in the dragon's treasure horde, which turned out to be a spellbook of the evil mage Fistandantilus. The gift of the spellbook helped to set off a chain of events which would lead to Raistlin's eventual triumph - and undoing. She later helped Raistlin's brother Caramon and the kender Tasslehoff to redeem the doomed archmage during a meeting at the Tower of High Sorcery. Bupu married the Highbulp, the king of the gully dwarves, after the Blue Lady's War ended.

Caramon Majere
Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Fighter 12 Level Alignment : Lawful Good Str 18 (63); Dex 11; Con 17; Int 12; Wis 11; Cha 15 Residence : Solace – Inn of the Last Home Preferred Weapon : Bastard Sword Caramon Majere was born in AC 335 in Solace. He was minutes older than his twin brother, Raistlin. From birth, he was the stronger and healthier of the two. His father, Gilon Majere, was a wood cutter by trade and worked long and hard to support his family. His mother, Rosamun, suffered from panic attacks and hallucinations following the disappearance of her first husband, Gregor Uth Matar. She rarely was able to get out of bed, which left it up to Kitiara, his half-sister, to take care of the twins. Caramon was always good hearted and spirited, although a bit naive. He was the spitting image of his father: massive & well-muscled. Ever since he was a boy, he'd always been gifted at swordfighting. He looked up to Kitiara for her sword skill and often sparred with her as a child.

Because of Raistlin's poor health and his connection to him as his twin, Caramon always looked after Raistlin and stood up for him when he was bullied. After Raistlin's test at the Tower of High Sorcery, Caramon became even more protective and mothering to Raistlin. After Rosamun and Gilon died, Flint Fireforge looked after the twins and introduced them to Tanis. He and Raistlin befriended Sturm, Tanis and eventually Tasslehoff in Solace as well. Caramon and Raistlin went on many adventures as young men. Using Caramon's brute strength and sword-arm and Raistlin's skill in magic, they were a force to be reckoned with. Caramon and Tika Waylan, old friends from childhood, fell in love after their reunion years later and time together during the War of the Lance. They were married during the war and later had 5 children. Three boys: Tanin, Sturm, and Palin, and 2 girls. Caramon and Tika took over proprietorship of the Inn of the last Home when Otik retired. During the War of the Lance, Caramon proved himself a valiant hero. His deeds were spoken of on all corners of Krynn. After the war, his brother left him and turned to the black robes. Caramon wasn't the same since. He had let himself become a slobbering drunk and was no longer the muscle-bound hero he used to be. When his brother went back in time to try to become a god, Caramon was obligated to follow him back to Istar before the Cataclysm (along with Tasslehoff and Crysania) to stop him. He was captured by Istarian guards and wrongly accused of murder. As punishment, he was sent to the arena. There, he was forced to get back into shape to fight. He eventually escaped and followed Raistlin, who had assumed the identity of Fistandantilus, into the future (just after the Cataclysm). In this time period, he became a great leader in the Dwarfgate Wars. He then traveled far into the future where Raistlin had become a god and wiped every living thing from the face of Krynn. Upon seeing the grim future of Krynn, he traveled back to present day and confronted Raistlin. He showed Raist what the future would bring and that evil can not create, it can only destroy. Raistlin, who had ventured into the Abyss to face Takhisis, realized the futility of his plan and sacrificed his life to keep Takhisis from re-entering Krynn through "The Portal". Caramon's sons went on to become part of the next generation of heroes on Krynn.

Chen’tal Pyrnee
( Oracle ) Race: Ogress Gender : Female Class: Wizard Alignment : Chaotic Evil

Chen'tal Pyrnee was an incredibly ugly ogress.It would have been impossible to guess her age or weight. Swaddled in loose clothing and numerous scarves of various, mismatched, faded colors, she was as bulky as bear. Her face was mottled with warts and bump. Her nose and chin sprouted long, curling hairs.Her mouth showed missing and blackened teeth.Stringy, corn-colored hair fell beneath a plaited cap.The hideous effect was topped off by the hooded eye, which looked to be the result of accident or disease. The nauseous odor emanated more from her than from the contents of the mist-shrouded caldron. She lives in a cave which is half a day walk away from Solace.She had the key to a portal that could transport the companions to Ogrebond at the egde of the Blood Sea. She gived the key ( Amulet of Darkness ) to Raistlin. In exchange, they gave a magical bottle.

( Revered Daughter of Paladine )

Race: Human Gender : Female Class : Priestess 14 Level Str 10; Dex 11; Con 16; Int 13; Wis 12; Cha 16 AC 2 (plate mail, shield); THAC0 12; hp 63 Residence: Palanthus Ht 5'6"; Wt 122 lb; Mv 12" Preferred Weapon: Footman's flail

Crysania is a kind and devoted cleric, sworn to help those in need. She was given a challenge by Paladine to save the archmage Raistlin from dooming himself to a life of eternal torment. Instead, she ended up falling in love with him and inadvertently helping him to achieve his goal of defeating the Queen of Darkness. She entered the Abyss alongside Raistlin, and nearly lost her life. She was rescued by Caramon and brought back to Krynn, but she was forever blinded by her ignorance. Only then did she see Raistlin for the cruel and evil person he truly was. Crysania currently resides on the island of Gunthar, using her mystical powers to help the knights combat evil.

Dougan Redhammer
Race : Dwarven Gender : Male Class : Fighter 11 Level Alignment : Neutral Str 18(00); Dex 17; Con 18; Int 18; Wis 9; Cha 16 AC 0 (chain +2, shield +2); THAC0 10 (+3/+6); hp 81 Residence: Wanders Ht 4'10"; Wt 157 lb; Mv 6" Preferred Weapon: Warhammer, battle axe Special Abilities: Infravision 60', +5 save vs. poison and magic Dougan Redhammer is an avatar of the neutral god Reorx. He is an excellent and richly decorated thief who frequents Palanthas quite often. He is a loud and cheery fellow who enjoys drinking and gambling (though he has unusually bad luck at gambling). His bad luck ususally makes life difficult at first - but rewarding in the end - for those who accompany him on his adventures. Such an adventure was undertaken by Palin, Sturm, and Tanin Majere when Dougan coerced them into accompanying him on a quest to seek the lost Graygem relic. He also served briefly as Usha's guide when she arrived in Palanthas for the first time. In the Chaos War, he aided Usha Majere in the great city and once again in defeating Chaos himself by giving her the broken halves of the graygem to catch a drop of blood from the God of All and Nothing. Dougan withdrew from Krynn along with the world's other divine beings at the end of the Summer of Chaos.

Draaddis Vulter
Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Wizard – Black Robe Order Alignment : Lawful Evil Residence : Ruins of Pey The Cataclysm came and went, and Draaddis Vulter, the most powerful of his order, hid in secret and trod the passages of an old dungeon and used the torture chamber for his laboratory.

His laboratory in Ruins of Pey : Shelves lined the walls and ancient books in their black bindings were strewn about carelessly on the work tables, as if pulled from the shelves, searched, and thrown down in anger and frustration. Across the vaulted the chamber other shelves held the results of vile experiments, grisly parts of what had once being, denied a natural death. In one, an animal heart continued a slow, even beat. In another a scaled and clawed hand, severed at the wrist, grasped at the air cracks held working mixtures, their surfaces in slow and constant movement as bubbles broke the viscous surfaces and slowly popped, releasing noxious gases. His god, Takhisis, was his greatest joy and greatest terror. For years he had been paying a price for having taken her gifts and misusing them. Ambition had been his trap. In his youth he worked and studied until he became proficient enough to take his Test in the Tower of High Sorcery. His examination had been easier than he’d expected. His joy was short lived; he was sneeringly told he had nothing to brag about. All the others needed minor wizards and the leadership of the order. For them the Test was not as strenuous. His triumph had turned to dust. He chafed as he served Grenoten, one of the master wizards in the High Tower. Draaddis was a wizard and he refused to be held back, limited to spell that were good for nothing more than housekeeping chores. He studied, but he found he lacked the memory for the greater spells. He had to face the scorn of Grenoten as well as his own disappointment. Draaddis his servitude and his thwarted ambition for two years before he turned to Takhisis. He begged to be given the memory and the talent to grow beyond his natural gifts, and promised in return to serve the Dark Queen faithfully. Possessing a good mind and a quick tongue, his arguments and promises were convincing and she gave him the gifts he requested. The next day he found himself able to need and memorize spells with a speed and precision he had not dreamed before. For a year he made no show of his new talents. He continued to serve Grenoten, to study diligently, and to put up with the master wizard's sneers. Knowing he was learning faster every day robbed the scorn of its power to sting. Draaddis had a plan of his own and when he was ready, he put it into action. Using a polymorph spell, he reduced three of the master wizard's minions, and then Grenoten himself, to two inches height. When he finished torturing them, he crushed them with his heel. His revenge had been sweet, but he had not reckoned on the anger of his goddess. Grenoten and the more learned of his minions had been studying and searching for a portal that would allow the Dark Queen to return to the world of Ansalon. In her rage she had subjected Draaddis to two years of torture before she put him to work finishing Grenoten's work. She had even increased his talents, but instead of the glory he craved, he had lived in the ruins of Pey for thirty years, struggling to find a way for his mistress to return to Krynn. Only when he was studying was he free of her torture. He could walk the underground passages of his quarters unimpeded as long as he was traveling in the direction of the laboratory. When hunger and fatigue drove him to leave his work, vile arms and tentacles reached out of the walls, clutching at him, tearing his flesh. The arms and the rending of flesh was an illusion, but his mind added pain to the tortures of his queen. She had promised his suffering would end when she returned to Ansalon. She could not wait to access to the stones ( Gate Stones ) any more than Draaddis.

Eben Shatterstone
Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Fighter Eben was a brash, arrogant fighter who considered himself quite the ladies' man. He was born into wealth, but his parents eventually went bankrupt due to taxation and bad management. Eben received an excellent education and turned out to be a fine young man, but his pride was his biggest flaw. He joined the companions on their assault on Pax Tharkas. Eben was sent by Verminaard to infiltrate the companions and retrieve the blue crystal staff. Eben was killed by the defense mechanism of Pax Tharkas, and was crushed under tons of rocks.

Race: Human Gender : Male Class : Priest Alignment : Lawful Good Elistan was originally a Seeker priest who worshipped the false gods. He was the youngest Highseeker ever. When Verminaard came to Elistan's hometown of Haven and demanded the services of the Seekers, Elistan refused. He was sent to Pax Tharkas to work as a slave. He was rescued by the companions during their raid on the fortress. He met Goldmoon and read the Disks of Mishakal, becoming a true cleric of Paladine. Elistan traveled with Laurana and helped rescuing the dragon orb from Ice Wall Castle. He later met Fizban and founded the church of Paladine in Palanthus. He became head of the church, but he grew ill and died years later. Lady Crysania replaced him as head of the church. Elistan brought the faith back to Krynn. His soul was collected personally by Fizban.

Disks of Mishakal : These 160 disks were discovered in the ruins of Xak Tsaroth upon defeating the black dragon Khisanth. Engraved upon both sides of these disks are teachings of the Gods of Good. Any person with the proper devout attitude who reads these disks can become a cleric of a True God. Today they are kept in the Temple of Paladine in Palanthas and are studied by the Clerics there.

Flint Fireforge
Race : Neidar Dwarf Gender : Male Class : Fighter 7 Level Alignment : Neutral Good Str 16; Dex 10; Con 18; Int 7; Wis 12; Cha 13 Residence : Solace Preferred Weapon : Battle Axe Flint Fireforge was born in AC 212 in Hillhome. He's a relative of the reknown Reghar Fireforge from the time of the Dwarfgate Wars. Not much about Flint's youth is known. Like most dwarves, he's very stubborn about revealing much about himself. One day, when Tanis was lovesick over Kitiara, Flint revealed that he was arranged to be married to a young lady dwarf named Lolly Ockenfels. He and Lolly had met privately and talked about their disinterest in this arrangement. The wedding was called off; however, Flint revealed that after getting to know Lolly, he kind of liked her. That was as much as he'd say.

In early spring, AC 288, Flint was summoned to Qualinesti by the Speaker of the Suns. The Speaker, Solostaran, had heard of Flint's skill at crafts and invited him to stay in Qualinesti to do commissioned work. Like most dwarves, Flint was an excellent craftsman. He crafted weaponry, clothing, jewelry, ornamental pieces, and toys which he sold to locals and at festivals. For a dwarf, or any other race for that matter, to be invited to Qualinesti to live, was truly a unique honor. It was here that Flint befriended Tanis Half-Elven. Tanis was only 30 years old (a teenager by human standards) and had no friends other than the dwarf. After many years in Qualinesti, Flint and Tanis left and settled in Solace. Solace is a city built almost entirely in the treetops of the great vallenwood trees. Flint, believing a dwarfs place is on solid ground, lived in one of the few houses on land. He rarely ventured up into the treetops unless it was to visit Tanis or the Inn of the Last Home. Flint met up with Tasslehoff when Tas "found" a magic bracelet that Flint made for a Dargonesti princess. He also met Sturm, Caramon, Raistlin, and Kitiara in Solace. Flint looked after Sturm and the twins after their parents died. He never really trusted Kitiara and Raistlin, however. Flint was allergic to horses (so he claimed) which is why he always rode a mule. Fleetfoot, his brave steed, was a good friend who actually saved Flint's life a few times. Flint had a terrible phobia of boats. One day, Tasslehoff and Flint arranged a trip to Crystalmir Lake. Flint taught Caramon and Sturm some tracking and hunting skills while Raistlin and Tas rummaged for herbs. The next morning, Tas "found" a boat and convinced everyone to take a ride across the lake. Caramon saw an eel and tried to catch it by hand, but capsized the boat instead. Flint dove in to rescue Caramon, since Caramon couldn't swim. When Flint and Caramon didn't come up, Sturm and Tas dove in for them and rescued them. Since then, Flint refused to get on a boat unless he had no choice or was forced. Flint met his end in Godshome in the Khalist Mountains during the War of the Lance. While running, his old heart failed him. He was a valuable asset to the companions and is remembered as a hero.

( Cleric of Mishakal ) Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Priestess 8 Level Str 12; Dex 14; Con 12; Int 12; Wis 16; Cha 17 Residence : Que-Shu Preferred Weapon : The Blue Crystal Staff

Alignment : Lawful Good

Goldmoon was born in AC 331 in Que-Shu. She is the daughter of Arrowthorn, Chieftain of the Que-Shu tribe of plainsmen. The Que-Shu believe that their leaders become gods when they die, so Goldmoon was not only treated as royalty, but as a godess-to-be. Her mother, Tearsong, died when she was a child. Tearsong was the village priestess, which was passed to Goldmoon after her death. Every 10 years, the village priestess journeys north to "The Hall of the Sleeping Spirits" where the remains of the village's previous leaders are kept. The door to this sacred area is opened by the light of Lunitari, the red moon, on this night. Here, the priestess speaks with her ancestors, now gods. When it was Goldmoon's turn to do this, a contest was held to decide who would be her escorts to the mountain hall the following day. The two winners were Hollow-sky, the pompous son of a village elder, and Riverwind, a poor shephard and grandson to a village heretic. Goldmoon and Hollow-sky were friends when they were young, but grew apart when he got older and arrogant. Goldmoon, at first, was repulsed by Riverwind's status and self-assurance, but grew closer to him the night of the contest, and fell in love with him the next day.

Hollow-sky planned on winning Goldmoon as his bride in order to gain control of the tribe, but Goldmoon did everything she could to put him off. Hollow-sky even tried to sabotage the contest by flawing Riverwind's fighting staff. When the three reached the door of the hall, Hollow-sky attempted to kill Riverwind (and planned later to kill Goldmoon), part of a plot to usurp control of the tribe. When Hollow-sky went to kill Riverwind, Goldmoon blocked his attempt with her crystal dagger. Hollow-sky lost his footing and fell off the cliff to his death. Once the light of Lunitari opened the door, they entered. Goldmoon went to her mothers tomb and fell into a trance and spoke to her mother. Her mother told her of the true gods, and that her tribes belief that their leaders became gods wasn't true. This was shocking at first to her, but a relief at the same time. Riverwind, his family devout believers in the ancient (and true) gods, was right all along. She and Riverwind planned to marry upon their return; however, they knew that her father would protest. Riverwind would have to undergo a "courting quest" in which he would have to prove himself worthy of her. As expected, Arrowthorn did just this. After hearing of the conversation between Goldmoon and her mother, he ordered Riverwind to bring back proof of these gods' existance. The quest was undoubtly meant to be impossible, and the villagers thought Riverwind would most likely die. Goldmoon waited over 2 years for her beloved Riverwind to return. When he finally did, he was pale and in a state of shock. He carried with him plain looking staff and claimed it was given to him by the gods. Arrowthorn, outraged that Riverwind was successful, called him a blasphemer and sentenced him to death by stoning. He was tied up and stoned by the villagers. After the first stones were cast, Goldmoon ran to him. When she reached him, she was hit with a stone and the staff flashed bright blue and transported them to a road just north of Solace. They met Sturm Brightblade on the road. He was heading to Solace to reunite with his friends and escorted them to town. This was the beginning of the great adventure she would have with The Companions. Goldmoon became the first true cleric of Krynn since the Cataclysm upon finding the Disks of Mishakal at Xak Tsaroth and returning them to Mishakal's altar. She played a valuable role during the War of the Lance in bringing the true gods back to Krynn and with them, clerics. After the War of the Lance, she and Riverwind married and went back to Que-Shu to rebuild their tribe (which was destroyed by Verminaard at the start of the war).

Guerrand DiThon
Race: Human Gender : Male Class : Wizard – Red Robe Order Alignment : Neutral Good Guerrand was born in Thornvil, in Northern Ergoth.His father Rejik died when he was nine years old.Then his brother Cormac becamed the leader of Castle DiThon.Nineteen full years Guerrand's senior, Lord Cormac of Castle DiThon had always seemed more a father than a brother to Guerrand. Their family tree had tangled limbs, which was not unusual, considering that childbirth and rampart disease took many so early in life.Cormac's mother, Rejik's first wife, had died of Baliforian influenza at thirty, with young Cormac just eight yearsof age.In the bleak isolation of Northern Ergoth, ten years passed before Rejik defied convention and married Zena, a local lass less than half his age and just two years older than his son Cormac. Rejik's second family arrived seven months later with the birth of Guerrand.As soon as physically possible came a third son, Quinn.And then, at three and fifty, Rejik received the news of the

birth of his first daughter and the death of his second wife in childbirth.Guerrand, Quinn, and Kirah's young mother had seen the seasons change only twenty-eight times.Rejik survived two heartbroken years without her. And so it was that cold and distant, critical and demanding Cormac inherited his father's holdings in the summer of his twenty-eight year.Having married at twenty and already the father of two, Cormac was not happy about taking on his father's young second family as well. Unfortunately, Cormac had not inherited their father's business acumen.Thousands of hectares had been passed down from generation to generation.Even ten years before, the DiThon lands had stretched beyond where the eye could see, to within less than two leagues of the Berwick family's manor house at Hillfort. It was not a boast Cormac could make.In fact, Rejik's eldest son was the one sputtering in jealousy now.Cormac had been forced to sell off parcels of land to pay the debts he claimed could be laid at the feet of both Rejik and the fickle gods.One of those parcels was the land their father had so coveted, the hilly coastlands and fertile grasslands that bordered Hillfort.The purchaser had been the merchant himself, Anton Berwick. But Cormac had a plan to get that land back.In fact, his usual sour mood had been considerable lighter of late in anticipation of its return.Cormac had arranged a political marriage between Berwick's daughter and Quinn DiThon, Guerrand's younger, adventurous brother.The merchant was desperate for his daughter to marry a title, and Cormac wanted money.Cormac had negotiated as dowry the land he'd once sold.That the land would be in Quinn's name, not Cormac's, was a minor detail to the lord.

Hederick the Teocrat
Gender : Male Alignment : Evil Hederick was the High Theocrat of Abanasinia's Seeker Lands during the years before Goldmoon brought faith in the gods back to Ansalon. He ascended through the Seeker hierarchy through much hard work and ruthlessness. He had no qualms about reporting his colleagues for even the most trivial offenses. Hederick truly believed in some twisted way that the world would be a better place if everyone would obey the Theocracy. He died in the mines of Pax Tharkas.

Jerume Kaldre
Race : Death Knight Gender : Male Class : Fighter Alignment : Lawful Evil He was the leader of a troop of mercenaries. He lost his left arm and then his life. Draaddis Vulter raised from dead and attached the bones of a dead goblin to his left arm. He did like the rewards that were promised him if he completed the task Vulter and his goddess had set for him. Takhisis, the Dark Queen, had personally promised him that he would lead her death knight legions into battle. His task was taking two stones from a pair miserable kender thieves. An infant fiend from another plane would not be too hard to find, capture, and deliver to the wizard.

The Kingpriest of Istar
Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Cleric Alignment : Lawful Good / Lawful Evil The Kingpriest was the high cleric in the doomed city of Istar long ago, before the Cataclysm. He was an unspeakably beautiful man with powers that surpassed all other clerics in the world. The Kingpriest, however, was a very arrogant person. His arrogance and intolerance of people who he saw as Evil (i.e., people whose thoughts and ideals different from his) led him to issue the Edict of Thought Control, which involved renegade mages (employed by the church) casting random ESP spells on people to read their thoughts. If the person was thinking something that the Kingpriest saw as Evil, they were killed. In his arrogance and haughtiness, the Kingpriest commanded the gods one day to come to Krynn and fight alongside him to destroy all evil in the world. This extreme act brought about the Cataclysm and the destruction of Istar.

Kitiara Uth Matar
Race : Human Gender : Female Class : Fighter 15 Level Alignment : Lawful Evil Str 14; Dex 18; Con 14; Int 13; Wis 7; Cha 14 Kitiara is the son of Gregor Uth Matar, a solmanic turned mercenary, and Rosamun, mother of the twins Caramon and Raistlin. Gregor taught Kit how to use a sword and showed her her first battle. At thirteen she left home to become a mercenary - she loved fighting. She gave Caramon his first sword and taught him how to use it. For a short time she and Tanis were lovers but she left him to join the dragonarmies where she rose in rank and received a loyal blue dragon named Skie. Kit was the dragonrider that struck down Sturm, who was ironically the father of her child Steel. Kit's life revolved around the need for power. She also had an unusual relationship with the death knight Soth. Kitiara did survive the War of the Lance, and she later organized the Dragonarmy forces beneath herself and launched an attack on Palanthas. Her forces managed to take the city, but Kitiara was killed by her former lover Dalamar in the Tower of High Sorcery and her soul was taken by Lord Soth as a substitute for her failing to deliver Laurana to him.

King Lorac Caladon
( Speaker of the Stars ) Race : Silvanesti Elf Gender : Male Class : Figther / Mage 15 / 3 Level Alignment : Lawful Good Str 15; Dex 13; Con 7; Int 12; Wis 7; Cha 12 Residence : Silvanesti Lorac was the king of the elven nation of Silvanesti during the War of the Lance. He was considered a great leader, intelligent and well-educated. Under King Lorac's direction, a flourishing trade with Istar began. When Istar began to repress independence and anyone who did not agree with the Kingpriest's policies. Lorac and his elven people reached a breaking point in their disgust with the arrogance of humans, and barred their borders for everyone.

In 349 AC the Dark Queen directed all her forces towards Silvanesti. When the dragonarmies invaded Silvanesti, Lorac thought he had the power to control the dragon orb, and sent his people to their cousins the Kagonesti. Lorac tried to summon the power of the Dragon Orb to save his kingdom and his people. Unfortunately, the magic of the Dragon Orb was too powerful for Lorac to stand. The dragon Cyan Bloodsbane entered Lorac's mind and he was driven insane by the visions he saw. Because of Lorac's irresponsible use of the Dragon Orb, Silvanesti was transformed into a nightmarish forest of death, ruled by the great green dragon Cyan Bloodbane. Later during the war, the companions, led by Lorac's daughter Alhana Starbreeze, penetrated the forest and saved Lorac from the evil powers of the Dragon Orb. Lorac chose to die for his land and was buried in Silvanesti, and where his grave was the most beautiful and healthy tree grew, bringing hope to Silvanesti again. Lorac's only child is his daughter Alhana Starbreeze.

Lauralanthalasa ”Laurana” Kanan
( Golden General ) Race : Qualinesti Elf Gender : Female Class : Figther 5 Level Alignment : Chaotic Good Str 13; Dex 17; Con 14; Int 15; Cha 16 Residence : Qualinesti Preferred Weapom : Bow Lauralanthalasa Kanan was born in AC 278 in Qualinost. She is the daughter of the Speaker of the Sun (at the time of her birth), Solostaran, leader of Qualinesti wood elves. Laurana, as she was known in the Common tongue, is the youngest of three children. Her oldest brother, Porthios, was heir to the throne and the "responsible" child. Gilthanas, the middle child, looked up to his brother and was overprotective of his sister. Laurana's childhood was a priveleged one. She lived in the Tower of the Sun, the most extravagant structure in all of Qualinost. She had all the luxuries of a noble's daughter. Since she was a young girl, she had a crush on Tanis Half-Elven, her father's ward (and, technically, her cousin). When she was 10, she told Tanis that someday they would be married. Tanis wasn't sure how he felt about Laurana's affections, but he had to hide any feelings he held for her because of his half-breed heritage. The elves, especially Laurana's family, disapproved of her love for Tanis. This didn't bother Laurana; she was very adamant and used to getting her way. Tanis left Qualinost with Flint Fireforge 25 years later, but returned to visit regularly. During the War of the Lance, Tanis returned to Qualinost. Gilthanas and Porthios joined the war effort with Tanis; however, against her father's will, Laurana followed Tanis and joined the Companions as well. Because Laurana was very sheltered (she never left Qualinesti until then), she had little use during the war effort at first. She was forced to mature very quickly and learn the art of warfare. Laurana still bore her affection for Tanis. At first, it was still the childish crush she had for him years earlier, but she got to know another side of Tanis during the war and fell in love with him. Tanis was, however, torn between his feelings for Laurana by his elven side and Kitiara by his human side. During the war, Laurana led a flight of dragons and Solamnic Knights armed with the legendary Dragonlances against a flight of evil dragons and Dragon Highlords. She proved to be a great leader, winning the battle and being named an honorary general. She was called the "Golden General" and stories of her battles were told throughout Krynn. Laurana was captured by the Dark Queen and held as bait for Tanis near the end of the war. Tanis, seeing her true beauty and courage, realized he really did love her. After the defeat of

Ariakas and the banishment of the Dark Queen, the war was won. They were married soon after and had one son, which they named Gilthas, after her brother Gilthanas.

Loren Soth
( Lord Soth ) Race : Death Knight Gender : Male Alignment : Chaotic Evil Str 18(99); Dex 14; Con 17; Int 10; Wis 9; Cha 17 AC 0 (plate mail +3); THAC0 5 (+2/+5); hp 89 Residence: Solamnia Ht 6'5"; Wt 300 lb; Mv 12" Preferred Weapon: Two-handed sword +3 Special Abilities: Has magic resistance 75% (if roll is 11% or less, spell reflects onto caster); affects th undead as 6 -level priest; summons nightmare steed once every 4 years; protects fear 5' radius; Magic: fireball (20d6) once/day, gate twice/day, power word (blind, stun, or kill) once/day, symbol (pain or fear) once/day, wall of ice at will. Lord Soth's real name is Loren Soth. He got the title Lord when he became a Knight of the Rose, and at the same time Lord of Dargaard Keep. He was one of the most famous knights in his time, he did many heroic deeds, and helped many. His uncles were Knights of Solamnia but not his father. His father was still an honorable man. He knew that he had a half-sister and a half-brother, which were results of his fathers notso-honorable deeds. He had his nearest assistant and friend, Caradoc, kill them so they could never claim the Lordship of Dargaard Keep. He hated his father because of this, but when he left his father that night, his father said that Loren was too much like him, and that he would not be much better. Loren didn't believe his father. Loren became Lord of the newly built Dargaard Keep, and he married the beautiful Lady Korinne. He had thirteen knights under his command. He thought his life was perfect, but in time he noticed that Lady Korinne couldn't give him a child. He wasn't happy, and he started to have nightmares about his boy (he didn't have a son, but in his dream he had), blind and shouting for Loren to save him, but Loren got stuck and couldn't help him. He had many dreams like this, but not very often. One day Lord Soth and six of his knights were on their way to Palanthas for a yearly meeting of knights. But on their way they met a band of ogres attacking elven maidens which were on their way to Palanthas. Lord Soth's knights saved them, and Soth immideately was attracted by an elf, Isolde, who was very beautiful. Her injuries were not serious, but only he knew it, so he said he had to take her to Dargaard Keep to heal her. The other knights continued their journey to Palanthas. When Loren was back in Dargaard Keep, he asked her to stay longer, and she did. A maid saw Isolde and Loren kissing, and she told it to Korinne. The maid, Mirrel, became Lady Korinne's best friend and her personal maid. Lady Korinne grew jealous and thought that with a child she could win Loren back, so he sent a message to her cousin , who was the Lord of Vingaard Keep, that he should send a message to Lord Soth that said he needed immediate assistance. When Lord Soth left, and Lady Korinne went with Mirrel to a witch who could give her a child. She did it after warning Korinne that the health of the baby depended on Lorens faithfullness. She had a painful pregnancy. Loren spent pretty much time with Isolde. He wasn't faithful to Korinne and when Korinne's long and painful birth came, the baby was very "different". He had two hands on one side of his body and a foot where one of the hands should be. And that wasnt all. Lord Soth killed Korinne and the baby. By this time Isolde was also pregnant with Loren's child. Loren explained that Korinne and the baby had a mortal disease, and they were cremated. Loren married Isolde after the obligatory mourning time of 6 months. The child named Peradur was born soon after that. Many didn't approve the marriage, one of them was Korinne's former personal maid Mirrel and she left the keep and went to Palanthas.

When in Palanthas she told her story to the High Judge of the knights, and they sent a message to Loren that he should come to Palanthas immediately. Loren came, and he was found guilty for murder of Korinne and the child. He was to be executed, but his knights saved him, and took him back to Dargaard Keep. He was allowed to live if he never left his land. He was very sad and depressed a long time after that. One night Isolde got a message from the goddess Mishakal, that Loren could make up for his deeds if he killed the Kingpriest. The Kingpriest was a man with very much power, and he wanted to be a god, in fact he demanded the gods to let him be a god. Loren knew he would die in his quest, but he would die with honor, so he left. He was halfway to Istar with three of his most trusted knights when they met three elf maidens. They told him that Isolde had fooled him, and had sent him to sure death so he could continue her affairs with evereryone else in the Keep. He believed them and went back. He noticed he was wrong. A mountain of fire struck Istar because of him, and for punishment he and his knights got eternal life, or more accurately death. Lord Soth became a Death Knight, one of the most feared "monsters" on Krynn. He is doomed to live in pain and misery forever, and his or his knights' souls will never rest. In the War of the Lance, Soth struck a deal with the Highlord Kitiara. He would help her and she promised to deliver Laurana's soul to him in order to make his existance easier. When Kit died before she was able to complete her part of the deal, Soth took her soul as payment. He has not been seen since.

MaQuesta Kar-Thon
Race : Half-Elf Gender : Female Class : Fighter/Thief 6 Level Alignment : Neutral Str 15; Dex 18; Con 16; Int 11; Wis 13; Cha 13 AC 4 (leather, Dex); THAC0 15; hp 50 Residence: The Perechon Ht 5'5"; Wt 120 lb; Mv 12" Preferred Weapon: Long sword +1, dagger Special Abilities: Infravision 60', 30% resist. to sleep/charm

Maquesta is the tough and independent half-elf/half sea barbarian captain of the Perechon. She is somewhat flirtatious at times, but she trusts no one, with the exception of her first mate Bas-Ohn Koraf and her bodyguard Fritzen Dorgaard. Maquesta met Bas-Ohn Koraf on the Isle of Mithas where they both stayed in a Minotaur prison, awaiting execution. He saved her life and helped her escape. Although she feels a fondness for the minotaur, she will not admit this even to herself. She still has nightmares about the prison. Maquesta picked up Fritz when she rescued him from a draconian gallows. He has been loyal to her ever since. She places honor very highly and always repays her debts. She nurses a deep hatred for draconians and opposes anything they stand for. Maquesta has sworn a secret blood-oath against those who massacre the elven people. When Maquesta's seafaring father died, he implored her to trust no one and to do anything she could to get money. She has followed his advice to this day and will continue to do so until the day she dies. Maquesta's post-Chaos War whereabouts have not yet been revealed.

Otik Sandath
Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Fighter 3 Level Str 15; Dex 12; Con 18; Int 12; Wis 16; Cha 15 AC 9 (leather apron); THAC0 18; hp 22 Residence: Solace Ht 6'1"; Wt 285 lb; Mv 12" Preferred Weapon: Tap handle (1d4/1d4), dagger

Alignment : Lawful Neutral

Otik was the rotund and jolly inkeeper and owner of the Inn of the Last Home prior to his death shortly following Raistlin's. He was an adventurer in his prime, but he grew tired of living life on the edge--he built the Inn of the Last Home as a reflection of his desire to settle down in comfort for the rest of his life. He was close personal friends with most of the Heroes of the Lance, particularly Tika, who he adopted when she was just a poor, homeless girl. Otik had a reputation for being one of the most cheerful people in Solace, and many were upset when he died. Caramon and Tika inherited the inn after Otik's death. Otik has also given his name to a fast food dish: Otik's Spiced Potatoes.

Palin Rintalaisin Majere
Race : Human Gender : Male Class : White Robe Mage Str 13; Dex 16; Con 15; Int 17; Wis 16; Cha 13 Preferred Weapon : Staff of Magius Alignment: Lawful Good Palin Rintalaisin Majere, named after the great god Paladine, is the third child of Caramon and Tika. His family learned quickly that he had strong magical abilities but were afraid to let him develop them, thinking that he may suffer the same fate as Raistlin. Palin did learn more, though, and travelled to the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas where he took the Test. As a reward for passing, a wraith came forward and offered him the staff of Magius that had been sealed for years in Raistlin's lab. This was the only item that he owned that once belonged to his legendary uncle and he treasured it dearly, never letting it out of his sight. At the beginning of the Chaos War, in the battle that took his brothers' lives, Palin was captured by the Knights of Takhisis and was forced into the Abyss in search of Raistlin. Surprisingly, Palin succeeded in retreiving the once powerful arce-mage. He later met and fell in love with Usha, Child of the Irda. He faught in the battle against Chaos, survived, and is now learning the new form of magic that exists on Krynn. Palin was called the most powerful sorcerer on Krynn. Yet for all his magical skills and arcane knowledge, he felt powerless against the dragons threatening his world. “The sorcerer closed his eyes and concentrated, sensing the energy around him, feeling for the faint magical pulse of the land. In his youth, it was strong and powerful – godly- given and so easy to grasp, able to birth the greatest of spells. But it was like a whisper on the wind now, only detectable by a skilled sorcerer. To craft great spells required much strength of will and perseverance. Palin’s mind grasped the natural energy and channeled it toward his open palm, shaping it, coaxing it, and crafting a variation of a fire enchantment.” The Day of the Tempest

Porthios Kanan
( Heir to the Speaker of the Suns ) Race : Elf Gender : Male Class : Fighter 7 Level Alignment : Lawful Good Str 18(45); Dex 15; Con 16; Int 14; Wis 10; Cha 17 AC 1 (chain +2, shield +2); THAC0 14 (+1/+3 bonus); hp 55 Residence: Qualinost Ht 5'10"; Wt 187 lb; Mv 12" Preferred Weapon: Long sword +3, dagger +3 Special Abilities: Infravision 60', 90% resist sleep/charm

Porthios is the eldest child of Solostaran, the former Speaker of the Suns of Qualinesti. He is the brother of Gilthanas and Laurana. Porthios has never understood his siblings, and resents the attention that Gilthanas has received for his adventuring. He has also lost repect for Laurana, who ran away to follow her childhood friend Tanis Half-Elven and his companions into the slave mines of Pax Tharkas. Porthios himself stayed behind to tend to his ill father. He later inherited the position of Speaker of the Suns after Solostaran passed away. He later married the Silvanesti princess Alhana Starbreeze in an attempt to reunite the elven lands of Qualinesti and Silvanesti. He and his wife were later exiled from Qualinost during a corrupt political plot to replace him as Speaker with Tanis and Laurana's inexperienced son Gilthas.

Raistlin Majere
( Master of the Past and Present ) Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Black Robe Mage 20 Level Str 10; Dex 16; Con 10; Int 17; Wis 14; Cha 15 Preferred Weapon : Staff of Magius

Alignment : Chaotic Evil

The name Raistlin Majere, Master of Past and Present, can instill fear in the hearts of the strongest warriors. It was a sunny day in June the year of 326 in Solace when a woman named Rosamun gave birth to Raistlin and his twin Caramon Majere. The midwife saw no reason to let Raistlin live because he was sickly and weak. Kitiara their half sister, who was in the middle of her teenage years insisted to make him suvive and she proudly called it: her first fight! And from the day Raistlin was born he had an endless mission to stay alive. Kitiara gave him the name Raistlin which was a character in one of her father's stories. Caramon and Raistlin were different as night and day. Caramon was a muscular warrior, cheerful and loud. Raistlin was a sickly scholar, reserved and cynical. Caramon loved Raistlin dearly and always stood up for him when he was threatened with physical harm. When Raistlin was scared Caramon made him laugh. When he woke up in the middle of the night after nightmare Caramon held him tight and whispered in the cold night: look Raist bunnies! Raistlin valued his brother's love, but resented having to depend on him for protection. The way he saw it, he and Caramon were two separate people-Caramon the body and Raistlin the mind. They were rarely separated from one another. One day during ,in an age of eight, when his father took him to the Red Moon festival in Solace, Raistlin wandered away from His twin and half-sister, that enjoyed the rough games. While he wandered around he noticed a traveling illusionist perform. Waylan, a white robe illusionist, performed a slight of hand tricks along with some real but simple magic. He was in awe of the magician's ability to control the crowd by his miraculous feats. That night, Raistlin put on a magic show for his family, mimicking the tricks he had seen earlier perfectly. He found his passion.

Raistlin's father, Gilon, enrolled him in to a mage school (called Poolbottom) south Solace for formal training. When they met with Morath, the schoolmaster, he was very reluctant to take in a boy so young He put Raistlin through a series of tests to see if he was worthy of entering so early. Raistlin astounded the schoolmaster so much with his ability to read and annunciate that he allowed Raistlin to enter the school immediately. He knew more about himself and his life than it was given to children in that age to know. When Caramon played King of the castle with the other children Raistlin sat in a shadowed place and studied in his spellbook and his scrolls. When girls called out for Caramon Raistlin always ignored their voices. When Caramon trained with the other boys Raistlin always sat studying his books. Even though Caramon was the only person Raistlin loved, he was jalous at him and sometimes he felt more lonely, when Caramon was with him, than if he was alone, but he needed him. No one understood him. Everybody feared him even his master. The other apprentices hated and feared him at the same time. No one called out for Raistlin to join in their games. Girls didn`t look at him out of the corner of the eye in the way that girls use to do. Raistlin proved to be very gifted at magic. He advanced far beyond the other pupils at a far younger age. He was exceptionally gifted at sleight-of-hand tricks which he used to impress others when needed. In time, Raistlin's ability even exceeded that of Morath. As one of his teachers simply put it: "How do you teach someone who knows more than the teacher?" When Raistlin's mother died he was the only one who sat with her bedside the night she left. He cried and took hold on her hand and said: come home! That night he decided that he would always be his own. No one and nothing should control him anylonger. His twin, the 'bugs', his master, the magic nor even the death had an influence on him anylonger. He would control and gain power. He would control the four elements of, earth, water, air, and fire. How often had he dreamed about it in his dark childhood. At the age of 21, Raistlin was invited by the archmage Par-Salian to take the Test of High Sorcery. The Test was a challenge that all potential wizards had to face. It was a process designed to weed out inexperienced and irresponsible people who aspired to learn the ways of magic. The punishment for failure was death. Only in this way could the wizards protect the magic that was so dear to them. Raistlin and Caramon traveled to the Tower of High Sorcery in the Forest of Wayreth. There, Raistlin faced numerous challenges that are to this day unknown. After a hard fought battle with a dark elf, Raistlin lay weak and dying in a darkened corner of the tower. His brother came to him, lifted him in his muscular arms, and proceeded to carry him away from the tower. Raistlin pleaded with Caramon to leave him, to let him complete his Test or at least to let him die in peace. Caramon refused, simply telling Raistlin "Nothing is worth this." As they walked across the dark room, a shadowy form appeared before them-a wraith. Caramon lay Raistlin on the floor and walked toward the wraith. Raistlin looked up at his brother, expected to see him fight the wraith with sword and shield. Instead, he saw Caramon holding a magical rod in his hand, which he used to cast a lightning bolt on the wraith to destroy it. "This is impossible," Raistlin's mind told him. "He couldn't have acquired in moments what it took me years of study to attain. This doesn't make sense. Fight the sickness and the weakness and the pain! Think!" But it wasn't the physical pain that clouded Raistlin's mind. It was the old inner pain clawing at him, tearing at him with poisoned talons. Caramon, strong and cheerful, good and kind, open and honest. Everyone's friend. Not like Raistlin--the runt, the Sly One. "All I ever had was my magic," Raistlin's mind shrieked. "And now he has that too!" Raistlin was furious. He demanded to know where Caramon had learned how to cast the lightning bolt. Caramon coolly replied that he had known it all the time, but had never needed to use it, thanks to his excellent fighting skills. Raistlin released his rage and anger on Caramon in the form of a Burning Hands spell--his twin burst into flames and died within moments. Raistlin slipped into unconsciousness. He awakened sometime later in one of the tower's many bedrooms to see Par-Salian standing over him. Par-Salian informed Raistlin that he had passed his Test. The final Test was merely

an illusion--Par-Salian's personal challenge for Raistlin. His failure did not count against him. Caramon had watched the entire incident. Raistlin's already frail health was shattered as a result of his Test. His skin and eyes had turned a golden color, and his hair was unnaturally grayed. He was frequently overcome with coughing spasms which threatened to tear his body apart. His pupils were now shaped like hourglasses. As a result, Raistlin saw time as it affected all things-he saw things dying and decaying wherever he looked for the rest of his life. In Raistlin's eyes, it was always winter and always night. Raistlin's abnormal vision was bestowed upon the mage by Par-Salian, in an attempt to instill compassion in Raistlin by showing him his own mortality. His odd skin coloration and coughing spasms, however, were not ParSalian's doing. During his Test, Raistlin made some sort of a pact with an evil wizard named Fistandantilus, who now threatened to possess the young mage's body. As a reward for completing the Test, Raistlin was given a powerful magical item to compensate for his wrecked health-the Staff of Magius. Created by the powerful wizard Magius hundreds of years ago, it had been used by many other mages before Raistlin. Its powers were many, only limited by its user's intelligence. Raistlin wore the red robes of neutrality, sworn to uphold the balance between good and evil in the world. He and Caramon returned to Solace for a reunion with their long-time companions who had split up to make their own separate journeys five years earlier. Raistlin and his companions would eventually become key figures in the War of the Lance--a fight to keep Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness, from re-entering and enslaving the world of Krynn. Raistlin, Caramon, and their friends became known as the Heroes of the Lance. Near the time when the war ended, Raistlin chose to take the black robes of evil. He had become much more powerful since his Test, and he now aspired to become a god. He traveled back in time and destroyed the great Fistandantilus, the one man who could stop him. Raistlin's plan was to enter the Abyss and lure Takhisis out into Krynn. There, he plotted to use his magic to destory her and take her place. Together with a white robed cleric of good named Crysania (who had, strangely enough, fallen in love with him), he journeyed back in time to enter the Abyss and defeat the Queen of Darkness. He destroyed the evil wizard Fistandantilus and used his dark power to aid himself in his evil struggle. There was only one person on Krynn who could put an end to Raistlin's dark quest - his twin brother. Caramon used a magical time traveling device to travel forward in time. He saw what the world would be like if Raistlin succeeded in destroying Takhisis. The world was dead. There was no life and no gods except for Raistlin - his constellation shone alone in the night sky. Caramon followed his brother into the Abyss, intent on killing him to keep him from reentering Krynn. The Queen of Darkness could only enter the world if someone exited through the Portal to the Abyss ahead of her. Caramon's plan was to keep Raistlin from doing that. He told Raistlin about the future he had witnessed- that he would rule over a dead world if he succeeded. Raistlin gave Caramon the Staff of Magius - which was the only way to close the Portal and prevent Takhisis from following him through - and told him to leave the Abyss. Caramon went back thorough the Portal and closed it with the staff, but Raistlin remained.-Most people in Krynn believed that Raistlin was tortured endlessly by Takhisis, but Caramon insisted that the gods showed mercy on his brother for his sacrifice. This turns out to be true later. Many years later, Caramon's son Palin, who was a white robed mage of good, entered the Abyss to rescue his uncle Raistlin. He found Raistlin and brought him back to Krynn. Raistlin found that he had no magic upon his re-entry into Krynn - a punishment for his evil attempt to defeat Takhisis years earlier. Raistlin played a major role in the ensuing Chaos War and the Battle of the Rift. Raislin was forced to leave Krynn with the gods at the end of the Chaos War , the end of Fourth Age.

Ripple Fargo
Race : Kender Gender : Female Class : Handler Residence : Wanders Alignment : Neutral Good Many kender used thongs, cords, metal rings and other devices to manage their long hair, and in Hylo some cut it short to be rid of the bother. The Fargo family had always adhered to the ancient custom of the actual knot at the exact center of the crown. She wears hat, a parting gift from her uncle Skipout Fargo. She is the sister of Trapspringer Fargo. They had been torn and raised in Legup, a village in the mountains of Hylo, and like the rest of the Fargo family, as soon as they reached adulthood they were stricken with wanderlust and had set out to see the world. Their great-grandfather had walked east from Legup to Solamnia and south to Kaolyn and Abanasinia. After the Cataclysm the geography of Krynn had changed, and now an unnamed sea divided the Northen Ergoth and Hylo from Solamnia and its political and geographical neighbors to the south and east. Trap and Ripple had left the port of Hylo by ship, intendingto travel across the channel to one of the port towns in Solamnia. A sudden storm had blown the ship south. They asked the Captain to be put ashore. The captain was glad to do so after he lost his favorite knife, a carved and silver chased inkwell and several maps. He had not even waited until they reached a port. He dropped them on a deserted beach.

Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Ranger 12 Level Str 18 (35); Dex 16; Con 15; Int 13; Wis 14; Cha 13 Residence : Que-Shu Preferred Weapon : Scimitar and Long Bow

Alignment : Lawful Good

Riverwind was born in AC 329-331. His past is very sketchy, but it is rumored that he was raised by a pack of leopards as a young child. He was found by Wanderer, a plainsman of the QueShu tribe, and raised as a Que-Shu farmer. Wanderer was considered a heretic in Que-Shu for denouncing their gods (the dead leaders of the tribe) and worshipping the ancient, true gods. Riverwind was raised with these beliefs as well. Wanderer gave him a necklace with a pendant symbol of Mishakal on it which saved Riverwind's life a few times. Being heretics, they were forced to live on the outskirts of Que-Shu, making their life and work difficult. Riverwind was trained in the arts of battle, woodlore, hunting, and navigation. He grew up to be a massive man, a capable fighter. He was quick, with cat-like agility and the ferocity of a leopard. Still, he was no more than the son of a poor farmer in the eyes of his people. Since he was a young man, he secretly admired Goldmoon, princess and priestess of the Que-Shu. When the contest to find escorts for Goldmoon to the Hall of the Sleeping Spirits was held, Riverwind didn't hesitate to attend. He was determined to prove his family wasn't as crude and common as they were thought to be. He wanted to prove his loyalty and skill to the tribe, although he didn't worship as they did. Riverwind refused to bow to Goldmoon during the blessing ceremony before the contest, however. This infuriated Goldmoon, a strict follower of protocol. His self-assurance and adamant beliefs intrigued Goldmoon, however. Riverwind easily outdid the other combatants and he, along with Hollow-sky, son of Loreman (the village historian and a nobleman), were chosen to escort Goldmoon to the mountain hall.

That night, after a great village banquet, he got the chance to dance with Goldmoon. Goldmoon never danced in front of her people before (being a princess and godess-to be, it wasn't proper to sweat in front of her people). Her father was absent, so she took the opportunity. She was caught up in the dance and awed by Riverwind's grace and passion. She first kissed him at the end of the dance. Riverwind was not shy about speaking his mind. He did so during the trip to the hall, though only responding to questions asked. Hollow-sky, however, saw how Goldmoon reacted to Riverwind and tried to separate them when he got the chance. Upon reaching the hall, Hollow-sky tried to kill Riverwind. During the fight, Hollow-sky revealed that he planned to kill Goldmoon as well and overthrow Goldmoon's father, Chieftain Arrowthorn. Goldmoon blocked a shot aimed at Riverwind by Hollow-sky with her crystal dagger. Hollow-sky, shocked at being caught off guard, slipped and fell to his death off the cliff. Riverwind and Goldmoon fell in love that day, but they knew they couldn't marry unless he performed a traditional courting quest to prove himself worthy. Arrowthorn didn't approve of him as a suitor and sent him on an impossible quest to bring proof of the ancient gods back. Riverwind wandered for long years in search of proof. He came upon the ruined city of Xak Tsaroth in his travels and found a temple of ancient gods. Mishakal appeared to him and gave him the blue crystal staff, an artifact of great power. Riverwind also encountered Khisanth, the black dragon who guarded the ruins. He saw draconians worshipping it. He escaped, terrified and delirious. When Riverwind returned to Que-Shu, he was pale and panicky. He presented Arrowthorn with the staff, which enraged Arrowthorn. He wasn't supposed to find proof, or even survive the quest at all. Arrowthorn ordered Riverwind to be stoned to death. Goldmoon ran to Riverwind before many stones were cast, however, and the staff transported the two to safety. a road just north of Solace. They met Sturm on the road, and the rest of the companions soon after. Riverwind was quiet and impassive, rarely showing emotion except with Goldmoon. Riverwind's fighting abilities and his dedication to Goldmoon made him a valuable asset during the War of the Lance. After the defeat of Verminaard and the liberation of Pax Tharkas, he and Goldmoon returned to Que-Shu and were married.

Sara Dunstan
( Surrogate mother of Steel Brigthblade ) Race : Human Gender : Female Alignment : Good Sara was the surrogate mother of Steel Brightblade. She tended to Kitiara during her pregnancy, and adopted the unwanted child after its birth. She joined the Knights of Takhisis at the same time Steel was drafted into the knighthood, and remained with the order to watch over her adopted son. As he slid slowly into darkness, Sara made a desperate attempt to redeem him by imploring Kitiara's old companions Tanis Half-Elven and Caramon Majere to show him his Solamnic origins with a visit to his father's grave at the High Clerist's Tower. This mission was partially successful, and little was heard from Sara for several years. When the Great Dragons took over Ansalon at the dawning of the Fifth Age, Sara formed a third knighthood, called the Legion of Steel, in honor of Steel Brightbalde. This knighthood is dedicated to the destruction of the Great Dragons. Sara Dunstan died shortly after the Chaos War ended.

Sturm Brightblade
Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Knight of Solamnia 10 Level Str 17; Dex 12; Con 16; Int 14; Wis 11; Cha 12

Alignment : Lawful Good

Sturm was born in Solamnia in the year AC 331. Sturm was the son of one of the great swordsman of the Knights of Solamnia, Lord Angriff Brightblade. When Sturm was 11, he and his mother, Lady Ilys, were sent away to Solace from their castle by Angriff. The peasants in the area had gone mad. Angry because the knights couldn't stop the Dark Queen, the peasants lynched and burnt down the houses/castles of knights and the knight's families. Angriff stayed behind with his men to fight. It is a mystery as to what became of Angriff. Sturm was raised by his mother to be proper and well educated. He adopted a thick Solamnic accent for which he was teased by the other children in Solace. He befriended Caramon and Raistlin in Solace, who, along with himself, were "adopted" by Flint Fireforge after their parents passed away. As he grew up, he became more and more determined to become a knight and to restore the former honor and glory of the knighthood. He went on many journeys all over Krynn learning about the knights and what became of this father. When he was a young man, he learned that a rival of his father, Lord Boniface Crownguard, was responsible for his father's disappearance and an attempt on Sturms life. Boniface was put to death for treason. Boniface's squire and nephew, Derek Crownguard, was Sturm's biggest rival in the order. He stopped at nothing to shame Sturm and his family name. Sturm received his fathers armor and sword as a young man. Though the armor was a bit big for him, he wore it always and assumed the role of a knight. He was a great swordsman, though not so much as his father. During the War of the Lance, Sturm was an invaluable link to the knighthood and eventually became a knight himself, despite the resistance put up by Derek Crownguard. Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan, former squire to Sturm's father, was one of Sturm's only friends in the order. Through the years, Sturm and Kitiara had a love affair. Kitiara's ambition was greater than her love, however. During a battle at the High Clerist's Tower, she killed Sturm without a second thought. It was one of the saddest days on Krynn. Caramon honored Sturm's memory by naming one of his son's after him. Kitiara and Sturm had a son: Steel Brightblade.

Tanthalas “Tanis” Kanan
Race : Half-Elf Gender : Male Class : Fighter 12 Level Str 16; Dex 16; Con 12; Int 12; Wis 16; Cha 15 Residence : Solace and Qualinesti Preferred Weapon : Long Bow and Long Sword

Alignment : Neutral Good

"Tanis" Half-Elven Tanis was born in Qualinost in the year AC 258. He was the son of Elansa Kanan, wife to prince Kethranan - the younger brother of the Speaker of the Sun. Less than a year before Tanis's birth, Elansa and her husband Kethrenan were ambushed by a band of humans. Kethrenan was slain and Elansa was raped and left for dead. Elansa lived miserably until she died after giving birth to Tanis. The name "Tanthalas" (which means "ever strong" in Elven) was given to him by Elansa's midwife, Eld Ailea. Tanis was taken in by Solostaran to be his ward. Being a half breed in an elven community, Tanis was the constant target of ridicule. The only one who seemed to accept him was Laurana, Solostaran's daughter. Since they were children, she vowed they would marry someday. His feelings for her were mixed, which he blamed on his mixed heritage. When Tanis was a boy, he

befriended Flint Fireforge when Flint was invited by Solostaran to stay in Qualinosti to serve as a craftsman for his people. Tanis and Flint left Qualinesti many years later and settled in Solace. Some years later, Tanis met Caramon, Raistlin, Sturm, and Tasslehoff in Solace. While venturing back from visiting Qualinesti one day, he came across Kitiara fighting a pack of hobgoblins. From that day on, the two had a love/hate relationship. Tanis and his friends shared many adventures, each bringing them close to death and closer together. He and his friends parted ways and promised to meet again after 5 years. Upon his return, he and his friends were thrust into the roles of heroes when evidence of the true gods was revealed. Tanis went on to become a leader, not only of his friends/companions, but of the War of the Lance. It was he who inevitably defeated the Dragon Highlord Ariakas (with help from Raistlin) and put an end to the War of the Lance. During the war, he was torn between his love for Laurana and Kitiara. Soon after the war, though, his true feelings for Laurana emerged and they were married. Tanis was honored by humans, elves, and dwarves alike, receiving their highest honors and respect. Tanis and Laurana traveled across Krynn serving as political advisors and helping those who suffered the wounds of war. They eventually settled in Solanthus. Tanis has one son, Gilthas, named after Laurana's brother Gilthanas.

Tasslehoff Burrfoot
Race : Kender Gender : Male Class : Handler 12 Level Str 13; Dex 16; Con 14; Int 9; Wis 12; Cha 11 Residence : Wanders Preferred Weapon : Hoopak

Alignment : Chaotic Good

Tasslehoff was born in Kendermore. His Uncle Trapspringer is a hero among the kender race. Tas claims that most of his skills (such as use of a hoopak, tracking, mapmaking, etc) were taught to him by his Uncle Trapspringer. Tasslehoff, like all kender, is very curious, carefree, and fearless. They're considered the "nuisance" race of Krynn. Not much is known about Tas's childhood except for little bits he brings up from seemingly out of nowhere. During Tas's Wanderlust, a kender rite of passage, he ended up in Solace during a festival. He stumbled upon the unattended booth of Flint Fireforge, who was selling his wares that day. Tas spotted a shiny copper bracelet in the booth's glass case and somehow it ended up in his possession. Tas was caught red-handed in the act which is how he met Flint and Tanis. Their first adventure was to return that bracelet to the Dargonesti elf princess who commissioned Flint to craft it. It had the power to show its wearer the near future and was vital to the preservation of the Dargonesti race. Tasslehoff enjoyed traveling with the companions so much that he was always with them (except when he wanderer off for weeks without notice). He was especially close to Flint. Flint, however, thought Tas was an annoyance and was responsible for most of the trouble they found (which was true most of the time). Flint came to like Tas a lot although he rarely showed it. Tasslehoff once became evil after he, Caramon, and Sturm were captured by minotaurs. A high priest of the minotaurs kept Tas drugged with a special potion that made him evil so that he would reveal information about his friends. It was a minotaur that saved him by giving him a dose of another potion instead of the evil one. Tas had befriended this minotaur, named Dogz, when Tas was captured and imprisoned.

Tas played an valuable role during the War of the Lance. During the Whitestone Council, which led to an alliance between Solamnia, Ergoth, Qualinesti, Silvanesti, and Thorbardin, Tas destroyed a dragon orb to make peace between the elves and knights. Tasslehoff also had many adventures with the bumbling old wizard Fizban The Fabulous. They became close, personal friends. Fizban later revealed himself to be Paladine, the supreme deity of good. After the War of the Lance, Tas, along with Caramon and Crysania, went back in time just before the Cataclysm to stop Raistlin from becoming a god. Tas and Caramon were captured and wrongly accused of murder. They were sentenced to fight in the arena games. They all escaped with Raistlin except for Tas, who was left in Fistandantilus's chambers in Istar to die. Tas didn't die, however. There was a spell on Fistandantilus's chambers which sent Tas to the Abyss. Tas met Takhisis and, in doing so, altered the future. Takhisis now knew everything the future beheld and would stop both Fistandanilus and Raistlin and eventually win the War of the Lance. After his audience with Takhisis, Tas met a gnome named Gnimsh. Gnimsh had created a time traveling device which he and Tas used to leave the Abyss. They were sent to the time of the Dwarfgate Wars, where Caramon, Raistlin, and Crysania were. He and Gnimsh were captured by the dwarves of Thorbardin and interrogated. He found out about Caramon becoming a general in a rebel army of refugee dwarves called "The Army of Fistandantilus." During the battle that ensued between the dwarves of Thorbardin and The Army of Fistandantilus, Caramon and Tas escaped with the magical time traveling device into the far future, where Raistlin had become a god and laid waste to Krynn. In this time, he and Caramon saw that every living thing on Krynn was gone. All except for Par-Salian, which Raistlin saved for last. In his vain attempt to rule Krynn, Raistlin became the ruler of a desolate ball of mud. Caramon and Tas traveled back into what they knew as the present and confronted Raistlin. Upon returning, Tas was thrust into the middle of a seige in Palanthas brought by Kitiara's and Lord Soth's armies. He faced undead warriors and dragons without fear. Tasslehoff is remembered as one of the few kender heroes of Krynn. Tales of his exploits traveled to every corner of the land (mostly told by him).

Theros Ironfeld
Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Fighter 3 Level Str 17; Dex 12; Con 13; Int 12; Wis 16; Cha 9

Alignment : Neutral Good

When he was 6-7 years old he volunteered to be a slave on a minotaur war galley. Then he became an apprentice to a minotaur weapon smith. He worked for a minotaur army, an evil warlord and finally for elves. When Theros was 18, his parents fell ill of food poisoning. A group of elven medics sought to aid them, but their medicine reacted badly with the poison, killing Theros's parents. Fearing the elves had murdered his parents, Theros fled. After discovering their true cause of death, Theros offered his services to the elves to make amends. Theros is a somewhat distant man, but he is fiercely loyal to his friends. He served as Solace's blacksmith for several years, but was captured in one of Verminaard's slave raids. In the ensuing battle, Theros lost his right arm. He was healed by Goldmoon, and was later given the Silver Arm of Ergoth. With it Theros forged the Dragonlances which would help win the War of the Lance.

Fewmaster Toede
Gender : Male Alignment : Evil About six months after his first death (yes, you read right, his first death) two demons of the abyss made a bet on wether if he was given another chance, would he be noble. So Toede came back to life and tried to retake control of the city of Flotsam, which he ruled prior to having "The fat boiled from his bones" by a dragon.While he killed the cruel tyrant who had taken over Flotsam after he was dry-gulched, Toede ended up swallowed by the giant frog creature he used to ride like a horse. The demons who resurrected Toede were not satisfied with thier expieriment, so they brought him back to life again. This time he saved a drowning gnoll (I can't remember why, but I'm sure he had a selfish motivation.) He later encountered some human scholars at a area of stone carvings done by the civilized ancestors of the ogres. he befriended one scholar (then told him slanderous lies about the heroes of the lance) before leaving the humans. The gnoll he had rescued from drowning later confronted him with the rest of her tribe and told Toede that anyone who trespassed on the site of the stone carvings was sentenced to die- including Toede himself. In order to save himself and the humans (Mostly himself) he told the gnolls the humans were powerful wizards who should not be crossed. Toede then returned to the human scholars who later told him the carvings they translated were nothing more than pornographic poems involving pixies. Toede then somehow found himslef trapped in a tomb that was bulit to contain a demon who was not allowed to return to the abyss until it had killed a thousand people. Toede helped the demon escape promising to find people for it to kill, then sent it against the gnolls who were on thier way to kill the human scholars, before turning it back to flotsam, so Toede could get his revenge on the frog-thing that ate him the last time. Toede confronted the frog thing, and they were both killed by the demon Toede had released, being the last two in the demon's quota. The fiends that resurrected Toede were still not satisfied wether he had been noble or not, so they brought him back again. This time, one of Toede's former lackeys had taken over Flotsam, and was so oppressive he made Toede "Look like the rulers of Silvanesti". Toede then found others to help him retake the city, a tribe of kender (On condition they were allowed to hunt outside Flotsam unmolested), The gnoll tribe (who were promised to be allowed in the Flotsam libraries) the human scholar Toede befriended earlier, and a necromancer who would later betray Toede (Those naughty necromancers, always turning on you.) Finally the fiends who brought back Toede the last two times were found out by thier overseer, a shedemon named Judith. Judith at first wanted to kill Toede and bring him back to the Abyss, but Toede persuaded her he had earned the right to live out his third life. In the end Toede had done noble deeds (Of course, he did some ignoble deeds too, and even the noble ones had a selfish reason behind them) so he had technically become noble.

Race : Minotaur Gender : Male Class : Fighter Alignment : Evil Residence : Mithas - Pit of the Doom Appearence : He is seven and a half feet tall. His horns, which adds another two feet to his height, are waxed and shiny.He has white-blond hair. Thick fur covers the exposed part of his hide. He has two large rings pierced one ear. His massive chest ripples with muscle. Weopans and Armor : On one hand, he wears a mandoll – an iron gaunlet of the unique type prized by minotaur champions, with spikes on the knuckles and a dagger blade along the back of the thumb. The other hand grippes a heavy clabbard with a sharp, saw-toothed edge. Merciless Tossak is local champion of the Pit of the Doom.

Trapspringer Fargo
Race : Kender Gender : Male Class : Handler Residence : Wanders Alignment : Neutral Good Trap has long, dark brown hair. Many kender used thongs, cords, metal rings and other devices to manage their long hair, and in Hylo some cut it short to be rid of the bother. The Fargo family had always adhered to the ancient custom of the actual knot at the exact center of the crown. When trap stands, the ends fall just to the nope of his neck. He wears hat, a parting gift from his uncle Skipout Fargo. He has a sister named Ripple Fargo. They had been torn and raised in Legup, a village in the mountains of Hylo, and like the rest of the Fargo family, as soon as they reached adulthood they were stricken with wanderlust and had set out to see the world. Their great-grandfather had walked east from Legup to Solamnia and south to Kaolyn and Abanasinia. After the Cataclysm the geography of Krynn had changed, and now an unnamed sea divided the Northen Ergoth and Hylo from Solamnia and its political and geographical neighbors to the south and east. Trap and Ripple had left the port of Hylo by ship, intendingto travel across the channel to one of the port towns in Solamnia. A sudden storm had blown the ship south. They asked the Captain to be put ashore. . The captain was glad to do so after he lost his favorite knife, a carved and silver chased inkwell and several maps. He had not even waited until they reached a port. He dropped them on a deserted beach. Trapspringer Fargo invented stories about his non-existing UncleTrapspringer and told his stories at Inns. After his stories, non-existing Uncle Trapspringer became a legend. Every kender has an Uncle Trapspringer. They always tell their Uncle Trapspringer’s incredible adventures.

( Dragon Highlord ) Race : Human Gender : Male Class : Priest 8 Level Alignment : Lawful Evil Str 14; Dex 10; Con 15; Int 12; Wis 16; Cha 18 AC 1 (plate +2); THAC0 16; hp 50 Residence: Wanders Ht 6'2"; Wt 195 Ib; Mv 12" Preferred Weapon: Mace +3 Special Items: Nightbringer (mace +3, save vs. spell or be blinded for 2d6 turns) Verminaard was evil since childhood. He grew to be a murderer who felt no remorse for any of his actions. He was a cleric of Takhisis and the Dragon Highlord of the Red Wing but was not trusted by many in the army. It was the duty of his mount to keep an eye on him rather than serve him. He controled the fortress of Pax Tharkas where many slaves were kept an tortured. Verminaard wielded an arcane mace called Nightbringer that had the ability to blind his opponents upon command.