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Mechanical Vibration

Detection of Machine Imbalance

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Detection of Machine Imbalance with FFT Spectrum Measurement


Machine imbalance has become a big vibrational problem especially with modern
turbomachineries, where the problem may induced loses up to million due to down time
of turbomachineries. In this experiment, a rotor kit resembling a turbomachinery is
purposely made imbalance to simulate the problem. Students are exposed to the
significant of the problems and also fundamental approach to the solution of the


The OneProd MVP-2C Signal Analyzer is shown in the Fig. above.

Turn on the signal analyzer. Select “Expert Module” (the second top row key from left).

In the route screen, select “OFFROUTE”. Then select either “FFT-ACC” or “FFT-VEL”
for acceleration or velocity unit.

Make a radial vibration collection by placing ASH201-A industrial acceleration sensor on

the bearing casing of the RotorKits.

Add a 5g, 10g, 15 on rotor and observe the reading.

Add a 5g, 10g, 15 on opposite plane of the rotor.


Repeat the experiment again with accelerometer at X direction.



No Imbalance at Rotor Imbalance Amplitude Amplitude

Frequency Observe (mm/s) Observed( m/s 2 )
1 5g (1.3g) Y direction
2 10g (2.6g) Y direction
3 15g (3.9g) Y direction
4 15g (3.9g) at opposite
of Y direction
5 10g (2.6g) at opposite
of Y direction
6 5g (1.3g) at opposite of
Y direction
7 5g (1.3g) X direction
8 10g (2.6g) X direction
9 15g (3.9g) X direction
10 15g (3.9g) at opposite
of X direction
11 10g (2.6g) at opposite
of X direction
12 5g (1.3g) at opposite of
X direction


(1). Please discuss the principles of sensor, signal conditioning and data acquisition
system that is being used in this case.
(2). Please discuss on the Test Data that have been obtained from the above.


Write a short conclusion on the experiment.