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Dungeons and Dragons Campaign The World (Athordune – the continent) This world is earth (or earth like) in the

environment setting. The sky is blue, the air is breathable, the oceans are liquid water (but saltwater), the plants are usually green and such. The sun is on a normal day cycle (24 hours) and the seasons are the same (spring, summer, fall, winter). There are 2 moons, one white and one red (due to the iron content on that moon). The color is that of rust. It is known as the Blood Moon, and according to legend, the gods put it in the sky to remind us of our place in the world, for once all the races decided to denounce the gods because they believed, with the magical powers they learned to possess, that they were more powerful than the gods. The gods caused a cataclysm to occur; a huge meteor struck the earth and broke off a piece that became the Blood Moon. It nearly wiped out all the races, but most of the sentient races survived. Magic The races of Athordune learned how to use what is called the Warp. This is an alternate dimension parallel to ours. But, unlike ours, it is one of complete and total chaos, of raw and powerful energy. While our reality is ordered, this one is not, while our reality is one of logic and reason, this is one of emotion and feeling. This is where the gods dwell as well as other beings, what we would call daemons. They can live there in peace, though peace in the Warp is an unusual occurrence. Usually the gods and daemons are in a constant state of struggle, always trying to obtain more power for themselves. Magic comes from where these two dimensions meet, and bending the fabric that separates them. When a sorcerer casts a spell, say throwing a fireball at an enemy, the energy from which he is drawing on is that of the Warp, causing the lines between our two realms to blur for only a split second. Once the fireball appears, reality is restored and usually the fire is thrown due to another spell that imparts kinetic energy to said fireball. Magic is dangerous. Spells that blur the lines too much can cause rips, allow certain creatures to move in and out or interact more so than usual. Be forewarned, with such great power comes even greater consequences. Athordune Humans have become the most abundant race, besides orcs, in the land. But unlike the elves or the dwarves, the humans wage petty wars amongst themselves for power, just like the gods do in the Warp. Elves call humans the blight of the world, cutting down forests and replacing them with farms that suck the life out of the land. Dwarfs hate the humans because they blast quarries into mountains that were once held scared among their race. And the orcs hate humans because they aren’t green. But humans may have a role to play before the end…

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