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manufacturers in its industry space.

A slew of Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:

quality products and services has enabled the 1996) and Occupational Health and Safety
company to grab a nearly 18.5% share of the Management System (OHSAS 18001:1999).
global optical media storage market (Source: The DNV team put both plants through the
Industry estimates). rigorous evaluation procedures and eligibility
The company employs nearly 7,500 people criteria. Moser Baer has laid special emphasis
at its five manufacturing facilities, with the on following and maintaining eco-friendly
marketing arm working out of six offices and processes and practices at its units and the
subsidiaries, servicing the company’s customers certifications authenticate its efforts to provide
in India, the US, Europe, Japan and the rest of employees a safe and healthy work
the world. Approximately 80% of the company’s environment, and customers a safe and world-
production is exported to 82 countries across class product.
all the six continents. Today, Moser Baer is the The company’s recent financial
original equipment manufacturer for 11 of records show optimism and
the 12 leading optical storage media brands growth. It has adopted
in the world. innovative strategies to
As part of its endeavour to enhance its global ward off the rising costs
reach, the company has signed a strategic long- of inputs in a volatile
term sourcing deal with Imation Corporation, market. Gross revenues
one of the largest data storage media for the fourth quarter
Market companies in the world. The companies have of fiscal year 2005
With technologies changing almost as rapidly as also entered into a strategic joint venture in were a very healthy
processing speeds, the world of computing is which Imation will hold 51% of the equity. The Rs. 4,221 million (US$
witnessing a boom in manufacturing equipment. venture will focus on customer servicing, long- 95.93 million), an
With the advent of mega-storage CDs, CD- term technology transfer and joint R&D. The increase of 10.2% over
ROMs, rewritable CDs and DVDs, other, more collaboration aims to dramatically improve the fourth quarter of the
historical storage devices like floppy discs and Moser Baer’s market share in the US — one of financial year 2004 and 14.3% sequentially over
cassettes are well and truly on their way out. the largest and most lucrative markets for the third quarter of 2005. For the full fiscal
Clearly, today, tomorrow and the day after optical storage media products, worldwide. year, the company showed
belong to the shiny 12-cm discs that go Additionally, the JV will effectively and net earnings of Rs. 584
under the tech-classification of ‘optical efficiently target new high-growth markets million (US$ 13.27
storage media’. like Africa, the Middle East and South million) on gross
Moser Baer America. This development has revenues of Rs. 13.55
India Limited is substantially billion (US$ 307.95
acknowledged mitigated million). The numbers are
worldwide as geographic risks creditable, especially as
India’s largest and for Moser Baer, they have been achieved in
the world’s third- giving the company a perhaps the harshest environment
largest manufacturer more balanced witnessed by the optical media industry in the
of optical storage regional mix of recent past. Clearly, in a tough year, the
media. The hi-tech revenue streams. company saw an opportunity for aggressive
Indian giant, planning. Going forward,
headquartered in the Achievements Moser Baer has
Indian Capital of New Optical Disc Systems, announced plans
Delhi and having its the world’s leading to invest an
five manufacturing magazine on optical additional
facilities in the city’s media manufacturing Rs. 4.65 billion
suburbs, has a cutting- technology, recently (US$ 105.68
edge lead in the conferred the ‘Global million) in fiscal
manufacture of pre- Industry Leader Award’ 2006, to increase
recorded, recordable for Year 2005 on Deepak production capacity
and re-writable optical Puri, Chairman and by 25% to over
storage media devices. Managing Director of 3 billion discs.
Known for its path- Moser Baer India. But Through fiscal 2005, Moser Baer marched
breaking achievements this is only one of forward and partnered with IT major Hewlett-
in innovation and several top-notch Packard to introduce a new cutting-edge
product development, accolades. The company technology – LightScribe – enabling the labelling
Moser Baer has set received the prestigious of discs in the drive itself. Moser Baer
global benchmarks and ISO 14001 and OHSAS emerged as one of the pioneers in
introduced new 18001 certification for this industry space. Another
programmes and its two largest plants in development of significant
processes to improve Noida and Greater ramifications includes a tie up
efficiencies, enhance Noida in January 2005. with the Indian Institute of
yields and control The systems were Technology, Delhi. These
costs. By this simple analysed and audited two proud names have
expedient it has by a team from Det joined hands to work on
established itself as Norske Veritas (DNV), thin film coating and
one of the most prior to the award of sputtering technology.
competitive the certification on The company was also at the

forefront as it continued to exert itself in the on their disks using LightScribe-enabled drives.
creation of the format for the next generation The technology provides users a convenient
discs called ‘Blu-ray’. As a contributing member and low-cost method to create professional
of the Blu-ray Disc Association, Moser Baer labelling solutions, both in graphics and text. Till
is part of the exclusive club of media LightScribe was developed and hit the market,
manufacturers, PC and laptop makers, drive such a facility was not available to individual PC
manufacturers and content providers, all of or consumer electronics users.
them working jointly on the project. The It was in appreciation of the company’s
company also has to its credit the membership adventurous marketing and business planning
of the HD DVD Association. that Optical Disc Systems (ODS) recognised
Moser Baer as the ‘Best Optical Media
History Developer’ for 2005. It lauded its “tremendous
Established in 1983, Moser Baer India Limited investment and commitment to international
has successfully put India on the global map. markets to meet global consumption of optical
It has followed – and created – world-class media, and its unparalleled dynamism”.
technologies and manufacturing processes. In ODS is the world’s leading technical
April 2003, Moser Baer launched its brand magazine, covering optical disc
‘moserbaerPRO’ in the Indian market, on the manufacturing technologies and
back of a dedicated promotional drive and format development, standards
campaign. The initial products to be introduced and licensing, apart from analysing
were aimed at both the consumer and developments in the global optical
professional markets, consisting of CD-Rs, DVD- storage media space.
Rs, CD-RWs and DVD-RWs. The company has
signed an agreement with Tech Pacific one of Promotion
the leading distributors of technology products In all its public pronouncements
in Asia, with a distribution network of 900 and dealings with top customers, the
dealers in 32 Indian cities. company emphasises that its tenacious and
uncompromising adherence
to ‘Class 100’ clean-room
conditions, climate control,
superior machinery, the
finest raw materials and
the spirit of ‘zero error’ and manufacturing processes.
manufacturing is what The ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
drives Moser Baer forward. certifications, among others, are a telling
“The company is supported testament to the power of the Moser Baer
by a strong and well- brand and a recognition of the consistently
established in-house R&D high standards of quality.
department, developing
process technologies and
innovating in manufacturing
systems, thereby enabling
Moser Baer to beat back the
global competition in product
Product quality and price,” says ODS. Close to 100
In its sphere of manufacture — recordable people work 24 hours a day seven days a week
compact discs (CD-Rs), rewritable compact on process design. The company invests nearly
discs (CDR-Ws), pre-recorded CDs/DVDs, mini- 3% of its annual revenues on R&D, being
CDs and DVDs, digital versatile disks (DVD-Rs) committed to value engineering, improving
and rewritable digital versatile disks (DVD-RWs) product quality, yields and lowering the cost of
— Moser Baer is a world leader. In the magnetic production. Thanks to its continuous focus on
data storage category, the company offers technology and R&D, Moser Baer has been able
compact cassettes, micro floppy diskettes to position itself in the global market as one of
(MFDs) and digital audio tapes (DAT). Moser the largest producers of data storage media THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT
Baer is also a leading distributor of data with stringent quality standards.
cartridges, as also computer and magnetic tapes.
Demand for LightScribe-enabled drives is Brand Values Moser Baer
escalating the world over. As more and more The company has successfully put India on the Moser Baer is certified by Sony Japan as a
companies ship laptops and PCs with these new global map, following world-class technologies Green Partner for product environment
drives, the number of end-consumers taking to systems, scoring 95.3%.This is the highest score
the exciting opportunities that this product ever for any company audited by Sony,
offers is growing steadily. As one of the worldwide.
companies that worked with Hewlett-Packard
Moser Baer is the world’s third largest
through the creation of this technology, Moser
manufacturer of optical storage devices.
Baer can be justifiably proud of offering this
value-added solution to consumers. 11 of the world’s 12 leading optical storage
media brands source from Moser Baer.
Recent Developments
Market demand is increasing and orders from Moser Baer is the first Indian company to
Moser Baer’s OEM partners are on the rise. In receive the Phytosanitary Certificate of
keeping with its proud record of maintaining its Competency from the Ministry of Forests &
position as the third-largest manufacturer of Environment for “eco-friendly wood heat
optical storage media products in the world, the treatment process (as per ISPM-15)” and “for
company has announced plans to substantially phasing out the methyl bromide fumigation
increase production and shipments of process”, to protect vital human resources and
LightScribe-enabled media. Moser Baer is the ecology.
currently one of only three optical media Moser Baer has technology collaborations with
companies in the world to be licensed by top global companies like Imation Corporation
Hewlett-Packard to manufacture these high- and Mitsubishi Corporation.
precision discs. Since commencing production
of these discs, the company has seen a steady Moser Baer is a contributing member of the
ramp-up in its order book position. Blu-Ray Disc Association working on the
LightScribe is a direct disc labelling technology development of the next-gen Blu-Ray disc.
that gives consumers the ability to create labels