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Cut out the net

2. Fold the dark lines over to

make a cube shape

3. Make sure all folds are

creased properly – use a
ruler to make a really sharp
crease. This will help make
the camera really strong.

4. Cut out the square. (The

screen will go here.)

5. Glue the tabs and make

the cube. Make sure
cut the
out joins
are pressed down firmly.

glue tracing paper here

6. Make the camera

lightproof by cutting out
squares of aluminium foil
and gluing on to each side
(except the side where you
have cut out the square).

7. Glue a tracing paper

screen over the cut out side.

8. Make a pinhole in the

centre of the side that is
opposite the screen.

9. Look at a very bright

object (e.g. a bulb). You
should see a dim image
projected on to the tracing
paper screen.

10. Make the pinhole larger.

What happens to:
a) the brightness
b) the sharpness/blurriness
of the image?