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Day 1 - Welcome to the Field of Medicine 9:40–9:55 MED Session: Med School Exploration Briefing 4:15 –4:45 MED

fing 4:15 –4:45 MED Session: Debrief Patient Care seminar

Location: De Neve Auditorium 5:45–6:45 Dinner Location: Group Meeting Rooms
1:00–6:00 National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine Location: De Neve Restaurant
(NYLF/MED) Registration 9:55–10:30 Evening Social 5:00 –7:00 Dinner
Location: Bradley Hall Location: Bradley Patio 7:00–9:30 MED Session: Medical Ethics Caucus, Clinical Visit Location: De Neve Restaurant
Briefing, & Variety Show Preparation
Parent & Student Hospitality Day 3 - Sneak Peek: Medical School Exploration Location: Group Meeting Rooms 7:15 –8:45 MED Sessions: Public Health Simulation Continued
Location: Bradley Hall Location: Group Meeting Rooms
7:00–8:00 Breakfast
9:45–10:00 Clinical Site Visit Briefing
5:00–6:45 Dinner Location: De Neve Auditorium
Location: De Neve Auditorium 9:00 – 10:30 Evening Social: Variety Show
Location: De Neve Restaurant Location: De Neve Auditorium
6:30-8:00 Medical School Exploration Departures
Day 5 - Exploring Medical Career Options
7:00–8:15 Welcome to the National Youth Leadership Forum on Location: Bus Boarding Day 7 - Out & About
Medicine & HIPAA Training 6:30–9:00 Breakfast
Jim Taglauer, Lead Program Coordinator 7:00–5:00 Medical School Exploration Location: De Neve Restaurant 7:00 – 8:00 Breakfast
Rachel Liftman, Program Coordinator of Operations  Loma Linda University Location: De Neve Restaurant
Erin Hash, Program Coordinator of Education  University of California, Irvine 7:00-9:00 Clincal Experience Departure
Location: De Neve Auditorium  University of Califonria, Los Angeles Location: Bus Boarding 9:00 – 11:45 MED Session: Triage, Brief Out & About
 University of California, Riverside Location: Group Meeting Rooms
8:30–10:15 MED Session: Intro to NYLF/MED & The Match  University of Southern California (Keck) 8:00-4:00 Curing & Healing: Medicine in Practice
Location: Group Meeting Rooms  Western University Location: See Faculty Advisor for assignment 12:00 Depart for Santa Monica Pier & Promenade
Location: See Faculty Advisor for assignment Location: Bus Boarding
Day 2 - New Frontiers in Medical Education 5:00–6:00 Dinner
5:00–6:10 Dinner Location: De Neve Restaurant 1:00 – 8:00 Out & About: Santa Monica Pier & Promenade
7:00–7:55 Breakfast Location: De Neve Restaurant (Lunch/Dinner available at Santa Monica Promenade)
Location: De Neve Restaurant 6:15–6:45 MED Session: Debrief Clinical Visits, Brief Specialty Location: Santa Monica Pier & Promenade
6:25–7:00 MED Session: Debrief Medical School Experiences & Speakers and Ticket Distribution
8:10–9:15 MED Session: Lessons in Leadership & Brief Keynote Brief Life as a Resident Seminars Location: Group Meeting Rooms 8:45 – 9:15 MED Session: Commencement Speech Voting
Speaker Location: Group Meeting Rooms and TAP Forms
Location: Group Meeting Rooms 7:00–7:40 What’s Your Specialty?: Session I Location: Group Meeting Rooms
7:15–8:15 Life as a Resident: An Insider’s Perspective Location: See Ticket from Faculty Advisor
9:25–10:25 Welcome to the National Youth Leadership Location: Group Meeting Rooms 9:30 - 10:45 Evening Social: Trivia Night
Forum on Medicine 7:50–8:30 What’s Your Specialty?: Session II Location: Bradley Hall
Barbara Natterson Horowitz, M.D. 8:20–10:10 MED Session: Med Ethics #3 and Introduction to Med Location: See Ticket from Faculty Advisor
Associate Professor of Cardiology Ethics Caucus Day 8 - Principles in Practice
Director of Imaging, UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center Location: Group Meeting Rooms 8:45–9:50 MED Session: Debrief What’s Your Specialty? Seminars,
Intro to Public Health, & Variety Show Preparation 7:00 – 9:00 Breakfast
UCLA Medical Center
10:15–10:45 Evening Social Location: Group Meeting Rooms Location: De Neve Auditorium
Location: De Neve Auditorium
Location: Bradley Patio
9:55–10:45 Evening Social 9:15 – 11:45 Principles in Practice: Blood Pressure Workshop,
10:30–12:25 MED Session: Intro to Problem Based Learning
Day 4 - Surgrical Experience Location: Bradley Patio Suturing Workshop, & Brief Out and About
Location: Group Meeting Rooms
Location: Group Meeting Rooms
8:00–9:00 Breakfast
12:30–3:30 Lunch & PBL Research Location: De Neve Restaurant Day 6 - Medicine: The Personal Dimension
12:30 Depart for Universial Studios
(Lunch available for purchase at Ackerman Union)
7:30–8:30 Breakfast Location: Bus Boarding
Location: Ackerman Union 9:15–9:45 MED Session: Briefing Surgical Broadcast Location: De Neve Restaurant
Location: Group Meeting Rooms 1:00- 10:00 Out & About: Universial Studios
3:35–5:05 MED Sessions: PBL Continued & Introduction to
8:45–10:30 MED Session: Caucus #2, Debreif Med Ethics & Brief (Lunch/Dinner available at Universal Studios)
Medical Ethics 10:00–12:30 Surgrical Experience: Total Knee Replacement Organ Donation Location: Universial Studios
Location: Group Meeting Rooms Center of Science & Industry Location: Group Meeting Rooms
Location: De Neve Auditorium 10:00 Depart for UCLA
5:15–6:15 Dinner
10:45–12:00 The Personal Dimension
Location: De Neve Restaurant 12:45–1:45 Lunch Organ Donation Panel
(Lunch available for purchase at Ackerman Union) Location: De Neve Auditorium
6:30–6:45 MED Session: Brief Healthcare in the 21 Century Location: Ackerman Union
Location: Group Meeting Rooms
12:15–2:00 Lunch
2:00–4:15 MED Session: Caucus Preparation & Brief Future of Location: De Neve Restaurant
7:00–8:00 Health Care in the 21 Century: Healthcare
Seminars on Medical Issues Location: Group Meeting Rooms 2:15–2:45 MED Session: Debrief Organ Donation & Brief Patient
Location: See Ticket
4:30–5:30 The Future of Public Health Location: Group Meeting Rooms
8:15–9:25 MED Session: Medical Ethics #1 & #2 Ross Szabo
Location: Group Meeting Rooms Director of Youth Outeach 3:00–4:00 Patient Care Seminars
National Mental Health Campaign Location: Group Meeting Rooms
Location: De Neve Auditorium
Day 9 - Inspiring Leadership through Public Health
7:00–8:00 Breakfast
Location: De Neve Restaurant

8:15 – 8:45 MED Session: Brief Follow Your Dreams

Location: Group Meeting Rooms

9:00–10:05 Follow Your Dreams

Dave Butler
Founder & CEO
Safe Haven Project
Location: De Neve Auditorium

10:20–11:10 MED Session: Debrief Follow Your Dreams & FUEL

Location: Group Meeting Rooms

11:25– 2:15 Lunch

Location: De Neve Restaurant

2:30–5:00 MED Session: Public Health Simulation Conclusion

Location: Group Meeting Rooms

6:00 Depart for Closing Gala

7:00 Closing Gala

Location: Renaissance Montura Hotel

Day 10 - A Closing Assessment

7:00 Room Check-Out & Luggage Storage

7:00–8:00 Breakfast
Location: De Neve Restaurant

8:15– 9:15 Final MED Session: Debrief Forum Experience

Location: Group Meeting Rooms

9:30–10:00 Closing Ceremony

Location: De Neve Auditorium

10:15 Departures Begin

Have a safe trip home!

NYLF/MED – Los Angeles wishes to thank the following Board of Advisors members for
their commitment, contributions and participation: Lo s Angel es
Roscoe Atikinson, M.D. Michael C. Lu, M.D., M.P.H.
Nikki Baker Neil H. Parker, M.D.
Bruce B. Ettinger, M.D., M.P.H. Sherril Rieux, M.D.
Henry H. Lamberton, Psy.D. Daniel Stone, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A.
Michael W. Yeh, M.D.

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