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The noni tree is also known as the "Painkiller and Headache Tree" since noni
helps reduce pain and headaches. Noni is beneficial for back and neck pain,
muscular and nerve pain, migraine and tension headaches. A 1990 study conducted
at the Laboratory of Pharmacognosy of the University of Meets in France found noni
to have a central analgesic effect. According to studies reported in the journal Planta
Medica (Analgesic and Behavorial Effects of Morinda Citrifolia; pg 43 0-434; Oct
1990), noni has been found to be 75% as effective as morphine sulphate in relieving
pain without the toxic side effects of morphine. Unlike morphine, noni is not addictive.


With the presence of active components like anthraquinones, scopoletin and
terpenes (e.g. betacarotene and ursolic acid), noni is effective against bacteria and
fungus. Researchers from the Philippines reported that a concentration of noni leaves
killed 89% of Mycobacterium tu berculosis, the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. The
researchers identified the active compounds in the noni plant to be plant steroids, or
phytosterols. Reference: "Potential antimycobacterial agents isolated from the leaves
of noni" Saludes J, et al. International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies,
Honolulu (2000).


The Morinda, Inc. lab tested Noni Juice for antioxidant activity, using a
standard test method. They also tested samples of grape seed extract, pycnogenol,
and vitamin C using the same method. Grape seed extract and pycnogenol are
popular antioxidant dietary supplements. Vitamin C is well known as an antioxidant
also, especially in the scientific arena. The results concluded that Noni Juice
exhibited better antioxidant activity than the others did.


Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, called non-steroidal antiinflammatory

drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin and ibuprofen, exert their effects by suppressing a
class of enzymes called cylcooxygenases (COX). Two groups of COX are of interest,
COX-I and COX-II. COX-I is a constitutive enzyme, meaning that it is working all the
time and is necessary for the proper maintenance of the body. COX -II is an induced
enzyme, meaning it turns on when the proper signal is given. These enzymes make
various prostaglandins. When you get an injury that results in swelling and causes
pain, you can take aspirin, which will suppress the action of both COX -I and COX-II.
This will result in some relief, but at the cost of suppressing an enzyme that you do
not want to suppress, COX-I, which may cause gastric irritation in some people.
Several new drugs have been developed which target COX -II more than COX-I. The
reason for this is that they are safer and easier on the stomach. These are also more
expensive than the more common NSAIDs. Noni Juice has also been tested to see if
it can suppress the COX system. The results were that Noni Juice selectively
inhibited COX-II more than COX-I.

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Morinda citrifolia is the scientific name of the Noni plant. Morinda citrifolia is
also known as Nonu andNono in several islands of the South Pacific.

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The native Hawaiian Kahuna healers considered Noni their most sacred herb
and a healer for every conceivable imbalance. It has been a central part of the
Hawaiian culture for many centuries. In Malaysia, noni is known as Mengkudu and is
used for urinary problems, coughs, and painful menstruation. In the Caribbean people
know noni as the Pain Killer Tree.

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Noni (scientific name: morinda citrifolia) is a Polynesian plant that is believed to

have arrived in Hawaii and other Pacific nations over 1500 years ago from India. It is
an evergreen plant found in coastal regions as well as in forested areas. The noni
plant has small white flowers that develop into a small bumpy fruit. On ripening, the
fruit acquires a yellowish color. The juice that naturally seeps from the noni fruit is
called noni juice. It is collected from carefully selected and washed ripe noni fruit.

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Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a research biochemist, pioneered the study of the alkaloid
Xeronine. Xeronine is produced in the body (large intestine) from the building blocks
proxeronine, proxeroninase and seratonin. Our bodies contain all of these blocks, but
proxeronine may be in short supply. Under normal circumstances the liver stores
proxeronine and releases it into the bloodstream every two hours. Additional amoun ts
of proxeronine needed by the body come from the food that we eat. However soil
depletion & environmental degradation have reduced the amount of xeronine building
blocks in our food. Also illnesses, aging, stresses and highly active lifestyles can
place an increased demand on the proteins in our body. To increase the supply of
xeronine in our body, more proxeronine must be supplied through our diet. Noni
contains the building blocks for xeronine, namely proxeronine and the enzymes in
abundant quantity. The enzymes are needed to convert proxeronine into xeronine,
which is also known as proxeronase.

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Noni has helped a wide range of health conditions. But we should understand
that noni is not directly responsible for the improvements of the body. Noni helps the
immune system work better. Since your immunological system is very intelligent, it
will cure itself, using the necessary tools. What the researches of the University of
Hawaii discovered was that there was a polysaccharide compound (6 - D-
glucopyranose pentaacetate) found in the Noni that ·   
· ·  
  ·         ·        
· ·     ·

White blood cells have to kill many things besides cancer cells. They have to
defend us against virus, bacteria, yeast, ameba, parasites and all types of invaders.
Since this Noni polysaccharide worked by increasing the overall killing power of the
white blood cells, this means it will most likely enhance that same killing power
against any invader. It indicates Noni is very likely an overall immune enhancing
substance that may provide that little extra which gives you the winning edge when
some invading organism attacks your body. The power of phytochemicals to promote
good health and control cancer is so impressive that the University of Illinois has
created a whole new department with 63 scientists and professors to specialize in
phytochemical research! No one knows for certain if Noni can produce a return to
good health for any specific person, but the research shows there is a scientific basis
for believing that it is possible. If one experie nces any type of health condition, one
should certainly see a physician while one is taking noni or any other kind of herb.

Some of the best Morinda citrifolia research was conducted at the University of
Hawaii by Dr. Anne Hirazumi Kim. She demonstrated that noni fruit juice has an anti -
tumor effect in mice against a human tumor cell line, Lewis lung carcinoma. She
discovered that the possible mechanism for this anti -tumor effect was through the
immune system. Noni fruit juice stimulated the branch of the immune system that
destroyed tumor cells. She further used isolated whole human blood to determine if
human immune cells would likewise be stimulated. In her laboratory experiments, the
immune cells were stimulated. According to clinical trials conducted by Dr. Schechter,
director of the Natural Healing Institute in California, Noni stimulates the production of
T-cells in the immune system. T -cells play a pivotal role in fighting disease. Noni acts
to enhance the immune system involving macrophages and/or lymphocytes, which
are a vital part of the body's natural defenses. Noni also has been shown to combat
many types of bacteria, and Noni inhibits pre cancer function and the growth of
cancer tumors by allowing abnormal cells to function more normally.

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Noni fruit must be harvested in a specific way to protect the fruit's nutrients.
The handling of the fruit from the very beginning can have an affect on the fruit's
efficacy. We ensure that only ripe fruit is picked by h and. In a recent article published
in the Alternative Health magazine, Dr. Harvey Kaltsas remarked, "Noni's nutritional
value is best when picked ripe. This results in the highest level of polysaccharides,
fatty acids, and proteins -compounds possibly respo nsible for the therapeutic
biological activity of the fruit."

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Everyone is different. Some people will notice a difference immediately, while

others will take longer to experience the benefits. This depends on the overall health
situation of each individual. Everyone should take Noni products for at least 90 days.
We have experienced that of our Noni customers about 25% will experience a
noticeable difference in a month or less, 50% will see their health improve in the
second month and 25% in the third month.