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1. Location : Navi Mumbai 8. Aircraft : Hangars for aircraft

THE CONTEXT THE NEED 2. Aerodrome code : 4-F Maintenance regular and turn
around maintenance,
3. Runway : Two, (Independent space for private air
The need for a second airport in the Enhancement in aviation facilities in operation) lines base.
Mumbai Region has become inescapable Mumbai is absolutely essential for keeping Orientation : 08/26
and imperative, as the existing airport at the leadership of Maharashtra in attracting Dimension : 3700 m x 60 m with 9. Communcation & : VHF-RT, Landline, Fax,
Mumbai, is fast reaching saturation level and Foreign Direct Investment thereby creating a holding bays Navigational Aids Direct Speech Circuit,
scope for further enhancement of passenger place of pride for itself and add to the Doppler Very High
4. Taxiway : Full-length parallel
and cargo handling facilities, aircraft prosperity of its people. The demand Frequency Range
maintenance and city side facilities are forecasts for the Mumbai Metropolitan (DVOR), Distance
5. Parking apron : 101 A/C stands Measuring Equipment
getting limited. Region reveals that by the year 2009-10, air
a. Contact Gates : 77 (DME), ASSR / MSSR,
travel demand will grow from 25.86 million
b. Remote Stands: 24 Instrument landing
passengers per annum to 119 million
c. Cargo : 15 System (Cat-I) with
passengers per annum by 2030-31.
d. Others : Service Bay - 2, expansion (Cat-II),
The Mumbai airport will be unable to handle
Night Parking - 50, Technical Building with
such an increase in demand. It is imperative
Isolated Parking – 1. Control Tower (1.6 H.a.)
to build the second Airport at Navi Mumbai.
e. Hangers : 11


The airport project is located in an area of the end of year 2014, increasing to 25 million
1,160 hectares accommodating two parallel by 2020 to 45 million by 2025 and 60 million
runways for independent operation with by 2030.
provision of full-length taxi ways on either
sides of the runways. The airfield has been The project also includes development
designed to accommodate the new large of non-aeronautical activities in an area of
aircrafts compatible to aerodrome code 4-F. 270 Ha. south of Airport and development of
mangrove park admeasuring 245 Ha. at
The Navi Mumbai International Airport Waghivali Village as compensatory measure
will support the rapidly growing air travel for the loss of mangrove along with
needs of Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It is regeneration of mangroves near airport at
expected to absorb annually 10 million Kamothe (310 Ha.) and Moha Creek (60 Ha.).
passengers in its first operational area at


Navi Mumbai is a rapidly growing, The location of the proposed airport at 6. Terminal building 10. Ground lighting : High Intensity Runway
modern metropolis on the mainland across Navi Mumbai has been considered on several 4,00,000 m2 in modules, centrally Edge Lights (HIREL),
the Mumbai harbour. The city that is directly parameters. Prominent among these is the air-conditioned, aerobridges, automated Apron Flood Light
connected to not just Mumbai but to the fact that Navi Mumbai is expected to absorb baggaging system. (AFL)
other parts of the region and the country as the future growth in population, business Annual Capacity : 60.00 MPPA in phases 11. Airport Area : 1,160 Ha. (2,867 acres)
well. It can boast of being the largest totally and commercial activity of the region. The
planned, fully self-contained, well-balanced availability of physical and social 7. Cargo Complex 12. GSE Maintenance : 20,000 sq. m
city in the world. The city is going to infrastructure coupled with environmental Cover area : 1,00,000 sq. m 13. Catering : 25,000 sq. m
accommodate a target population of 2 friendly site with least resettlement and in modules
million and jobs of 0.8 million in near future in rehabilitation makes the Navi Mumbai Air Mail : 10,000 sq. m 14. Fuel Farm : 81,000 sq. m
a series of self-contained nodes strung along Airport project technically and financially 15. ARRF : 2 No, Category-9,
an efficient Mass Rapid Transport System. viable. 15 parking stands to handle wide-bodied 1,160 sq. m
The well-planned transport network aircraft, ULD, parking area, Hydrant
The airport would be one of world’s few refueling, cold room for perishable, 16. Baggage : Online check in,
consisting of roads, railways, waterways and Handling Integrated Baggage
the proposed airway makes the city ideal for ‘‘greenfield’’ international state-of-the-art palletisation / depalletisation, Vertical
airport offering world-class facilities to computerised storing, customs bonded System, Sorting
living. Area - 10,250 sq. m
passengers, cargo, aircrafts and airlines. warehouses.
17. General Aviation : 31,872 sq. m
18. Implementation 21. Financial Features THE OPPORTUNITY
Phase Year Oprtnl. Traffic Basic Cost
a. Revenue Parameters
year (MPPA) (Rs. in cr.) Landing Fees, Aeronautical Fees, The Navi Mumbai Airport is proposed to South Mumbai – would assure a steady growth
Embarkation Fee, Terminal Lease, be developed through public-private rate in traffic at the new airport, thus assuring
1 2014-2015 2015 10 4,424 Cargo Revenue, Concession participation. For rapid, successful steady revenues to the investors. In addition,
2 2016-2020 2020 25 1,934 Revenue, Hangar Fees implementation of this major, vitally needed the project opens up the State's vast hinterland

3 2021-2025 2025 45 1,728 b. Expense Parameters project, a Special Purpose Company (SPC) will rich in agriculture, floriculture, high-tech high
Airport Development Cost, O & M be set up with CIDCO, AAI, financial value industries to world market. Thus making
4 2027-2030 2030 60 636 institutions, banks, non-banking finance the airport to act as a focal point for the
Services, Insurance Costs,

Total 8,722 Administration & Management c o m p a n i e s a n d e x p e r i e n c e d p r i va te emergence of a trans-shipment centre in the
Support Costs entrepreneur of repute as investors. Asian region. The SPC would also be entitled to
special benefits / incentives currently available
The various Airport facilities would be developed in 22. Organisation for Execution The growth in resident population in Navi

on infrastructure development projects.
phases. In the first phase north runway, taxi way, Mumbai, rapid development of its Central
● Public-Private Partnership on BOOT
concourse, terminal building (86068 sqm), Contact Business District, coupled with economic The SPC mission would be to build and
gets (15), Remote gate 5, General Aviation Apron activities such as Special Economic Zone, operate an airport that will become exemplary

6,000 sqm., Technical building and ATC Tower, ● CIDCO and Associates will form a joint Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Thane-Belapur worldwide, based on top quality services, high
Cargo complex will be developed. The above venture (Special Purpose Company), and Taloja industrial areas and the huge safety standards and above all, commitment to
facility will be enhanced in model to suite the at along with entrepreneur catchment area ranging from Pune, Nashik to customer satisfaction.
traffic demand.

19. Parking ● SPC will

VIP Parking : 30 ■ Plan, design and obtain approvals
Employee Parking : 3,000 ■ Arrange required resources
Public Parking : 4,000 ■ Build and operate the Airport
Contact us:
Taxi Parking : 4,500 ■ Utilize the Airport area to generate
surplus Tanaji Satre, IAS, VC & MD, CIDCO
Lounge Parking : 25 Tel.: +91.22.2202.6665, 6791.8211• Fax: +91.22.2756.2129 • E-mail:,
Bus Terminal / Auto Stand : 2 ■ Recover the cost
J. R. Kulkarni, GM (Airport)
■ Transfer back after concession period Tel.: +91.22.6791.8681, 6791.8673 • Fax: +91.22.6791.8166 • E-mail:,
20. Accessibility : National and State
Highways, Rail, 23. Status
Soma Vijaykumar, Additional Chief Transportation Engineer
Water Transport, The project has approval of Union and State Tel.: +91.22.6791.8616 • Fax: +91.22.6791.8166 • E-mail:
Metro & BRTS Government. The other requisite clearances are
being obtained to bring the project on bidding CITY AND INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION OF MAHARASHTRA LTD.
stage. CIDCO Bhavan, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400 614.
The airport is going to offer a unique
opportunity to participate in a project having Printed and Published by: Dr. Mohan Ninawe, PRO, CIDCO Ltd. • November 2010
enormous potential. All photos are indicative only and all content is for information only.