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By Lahry Sibley
Proverbs 14: 12 There is a way which seems right to a man and appears
straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death.
Surely this is one of the most familiar verses in Proverbs. There are few words that
could more clearly define the direction of incorporated church in America and
around the world.
Everyone seems to be doing what seems right in their own eyes without regard or
scrutiny of Biblical truth and light. Because even the leadership is walking blind, the
congregations are walking blind, and no one notices the darkness. It seems right
because everyone is walking the same way, and since the road is nice and wide,
there seems to be little or no danger, and no one sounding the alarm. Life is good,
all is well, or so they think. The way before them seems straight, and they are
encouraged to keep walking the way they are walking, because it is how everyone
around them is walking.
This is like riding in the Niagara River on a raft upstream of Niagara Falls. The river
is wide, peaceful, and the water is moving along. Signs of life line the shores. No
one in the raft is aware that there is sudden and horrible death just around the
bend. So they are singing songs and eating snacks and talking about everything
under the sun, completely out of touch with the reality that they are in fact living
out the last few moments of their lives. They did not get into the raft to die. They
got in to enjoy the ride. There was such a festive atmosphere where they boarded.
Everything “SEEMED RIGHT”.
“Now who is this person who is running along the bank shouting and waving his
hands? What’s that he’s saying? Romans what? He’s probably jealous because he’s
not out here enjoying the ride with us. Pass the wine and the cheese please.” And
so along they go, bend after bend….but wait, “what is that “spray” ahead? What is
that roar that I hear. What was that guy saying along the bank? Does anyone have
a paddle?”
By the time they realize there is NO ESCAPE, it’s too late and death receives them
at the bottom of the falls.
Isn’t that what’s happening in our so called churches today, folks? Just one big
happy family gliding along a path that seems right. And that prophet who keeps
pleading for them to wake up and realize that the way they are going is not “the
Way, the Truth, and the Life” is ignored, pushed aside, discredited, or simply
cannot be heard for the roar of other voices. And of course the “tour guide” , the
pastor is all the while directing them, “right this way”.
Friends, there’s only ONE WAY. The CROSS of Calvary. Any pastor, any deacon,
any bishop, any Sunday School teacher, any one who says they are a Christian, and
yet point to another path besides the one that has the CROSS standing in the
middle of it, is a liar and a thief. They are tour guides on a death trip, but not death
on the CROSS. They are offering you an alternative route, accept Jesus and you will
have eternal life, sins and all. The sign on the road says “Grace fellowship”. It
means grace covers all sins, past present, and future. It’s name would be more
appropriately called “Titanic Fellowship”. For it claims no one can sink it, not even
the gates of hell can prevail against it. You walk inside and there’s no sign of a
symbol of redemption (a CROSS) anywhere to be seen. People are smiling, handing
you a cup of coffee and a roll and assuring you, you are at the right place at the
right time, and everyone loves you unconditionally(that means sin and all), even
God. Psalm 23 is their anthem, and after all, its in the Bible, so there is no cause
for alarm. All is well. Peace, peace. “God is good, all the time”. But what they
mean, is “God is good to us, even though we are just as sin soaked as folks who
don’t go to church”. The fact is, their path that seems right cannot be proven in
scripture, and the end of their journey will send them straight to hell along with the
most ruthless and evil of men.
“Now what was that guy that was running along the banks shouting again”?
“Romans what”? “The Romans are coming” “Ha, ha, ha, I doubt that”! “What’s that,
Romans 12:1” “Oh whatever”. “Does he pastor a church?” “No? Then who wants to
listen to someone like that? What does he know”? “Ha, ha, ha”……..
Rom 12:1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye
present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is
your reasonable service.
“Now what on earth, pray tell, is a living sacrifice? I happen to know that God wants us
to have our best life now. He wants me to be in health and prosper, even as my soul
prospers. He said whatever I wanted, I could name it and claim it”. “Does that sound
like sacrifice to you? Me either, ha, ha, ha, ha”!
Saints you know how pathetic this is because you know this chronicles most churches
today. They celebrate a “christless “ pentecost because there has not been any mention
of repentance. No repentance, no obedience, no Holy Spirit, and the repentance must
COME FIRST. (Acts 2:38, 5:32)
The Gospel that Paul preached is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. He preaches our death
with Christ, that we may then and only then have hope of reigning with Him as victors
over sin and death for all eternity.
If only that little fellow running along the bank had gotten them to hear Romans 12:1,
and perhaps 2, they would have jumped overboard before it was too late.
Rom 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the
renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable,
and perfect, will of God.
There is so much “world” in the church, that you can’t tell the difference from them and
the Elks Lodge, inside or out, except maybe for the steeple outside on the roof. You
know, that remembrance of the tower of babble that adorns the roofs of “churches”? If
that’s on the outside, you can be assured that’s about all there is on the inside. People
trying to erect and entrance into heaven that bypasses the CROSS.
Ok, ok, I’ll stop with that. But you get the picture I’m sure. What does God’s Word say?
2Co 6:17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith
the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,
Come out from these idol worshipping groups that call themselves Christians, but have
not knowledge of sin, repentance, character, integrity, and life eternal. COME OUT from
among them! If you don’t, HE CANNOT RECEIVE YOU!!!! Selah.
“Bro. Lahry, if I do, where will I go for fellowship? Al l the churches in my town are like
this.” Beloved, did you expect a crowd on the narrow way? Do like I do. I come here,
online, where the remnant meets. Now don’t get me wrong. If there were remnant
people here in my town, I’d gladly fellowship with them. If they are here, I have not met
Church folks here walk in the same bondage of denominational division as church folks
in your town. Every service every year is a rubber stamp of the last one. Their baptistry
has dust in the bottom of it, it hasn’t been used in so long. They have no discipleship
training because there are no new disciples to train. They are in a religious squirrel cage
of going nowhere. And you insult them to even suggest such a thing to them. Blind
leading the blind. Living in the traditions of men. Traveling a way that seems right. Only
seeing amusements and entertainments in the “travel guide”, and death waiting just
around the bend.
2Co 13:5 Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own
selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except
ye be reprobates?
How does your life measure up, when compared to the CROSS? Is there something
between your soul and your Savior? That something is called “idolatry”, and God hates
idolatry. You know that much. Is your church an idol? Is there yet sin in your life, and
nobody at your church notices or cares, much less has a remedy for sin? Examine
yourselves. REPENT!!!! Or PERISH!!!! - Lahry