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We are grateful to Allah almighty, for enabling us to fulfill this tiring,

but interesting job for the completion of our project. We would not be
going to do justice in presenting our work without mentioning the
people around us who have been inextricably related with the
completion of this task.

We would like to express our heart felt thanks to our course instructor
Prof. Riaz Ahmed Mian for his support and guidance, which he
rendered through out the study. It could not have been possible to
accomplish this without his thoughtful guidance and expertise.

We would also like to thank the management of WATEEN TELECOM

for permitting us to conduct the interviews from their transmitting
department and for supporting us in the whole procedure.


 The Job; not the person

 Purpose of Job Analysis
Determining Training Needs
Selection procedure
Performance Review

Job Description

Wateen Telecom

 Job Snapshot

Major Responsibilities

 Duties
 Required knowledge Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of
Ability To

Acceptance Experience and Training

Job Analysis is a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and
requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given job. Job Analysis is a
process where judgments are made about data collected on a job.

The Job; not the person

An important concept of Job Analysis is that the analysis is conducted of the Job, not the
person. While Job Analysis data may be collected from incumbents through interviews or
questionnaires, the product of the analysis is a description or specifications of the job, not
a description of the person.

Purpose of Job Analysis

The purpose of Job Analysis is to establish and document the 'job relatedness' of
employment procedures such as training, selection, compensation, and performance

1. Determining Training Needs

Job Analysis can be used in training/"needs assessment" to identify or develop:
• training content
• assessment tests to measure effectiveness of training
• equipment to be used in delivering the training
• methods of training (i.e., small group, computer-based, video, classroom...)

2. Compensation
Job Analysis can be used in compensation to identify or determine:
• skill levels
• compensable job factors
• responsibilities (e.g., fiscal; supervisory)
• required level of education (indirectly related to salary level)
3. Selection Procedures
Job Analysis can be used in selection procedures
to identify or develop:

• job duties that should be included in advertisements of vacant positions;

• appropriate salary level for the position to help determine what salary should be
offered to a candidate;
• minimum requirements (education and/or experience) for screening applicants;
• interview questions;
• selection tests/instruments (e.g., written tests; oral tests; job simulations);
• applicant appraisal/evaluation forms;
• orientation materials for applicants/new hires

4. Performance Review
Job Analysis can be used in performance review to identify or develop:
• goals and objectives
• performance standards
• evaluation criteria
• length of probationary periods
• duties to be evaluated

Job Description
itis a statement of employee characteristics and qualifications required for satisfactory
performance of defined duties and tasks comprising a specific job or function.
Wateen Telecom is the Abu Dhabi Group's latest venture in Pakistan. After the successful
launch of Warid Telecom in Pakistan, which has a subscriber base of over 10 million
customers in 145 cities, Wateen Telecom has been set up to become the leading "Carrier's
Carrier" providing services based on quality, reliability and affordability in the
communication and media sector. Wateen is committed to bring Next Generation services
to your doorstep... today.

Job Description

Position Title Head of Transmission Department Transmission

Reports To COO, WATEEN HQ Job Location WATEEN HQs
BPS 19 Employment Type Regular
Date of Issue 01-01-2009 Area of Jurisdiction Transmission
Major Responsibilities:
Head of (Transmission)
Will be responsible to improve / control transmission system functions, SOPs ensuring
efficient, effective and timely decision making and drive the organization into a top-
performing Telecom Platform. Following are the main duties & responsibilities:-
• The basic job of Head of Transmission is to manage his team.
• He should be successful in running smooth broadcast operations.
• Implementation of Co’s policy & responsible to follow PEMRA rules.
• Supervision of Co’s policy.
• Head of Transmission shall supervise the Transmission related functionalities of
WATEEN HQs, and ensure policies implementation.
• Coordinate with WATEEN maintenance regions and maintain the records of all
infrastructure and assets and collection.
• Signing / implementation / custodian of maintenance and lease contracts with
other telecom operators, related to transmission.
• Approval of provision / cancellation of co-location facilities.
• Timely provision of information to revenue department for rising of bills
pertaining to Co-location, Tie cables, leasing circuits etc.
• To process feasibility for provision of Co-location, Tie cables, leasing circuits and
OFC dark fiber pairs etc from WATEEN regions required by PTCL and other
operators received through Head (I&RA).
• Reconciliation with other operators on maters related to co-location, tie cables,
leasing circuits & media usage by WATEEN and vice versa.
• To carryout inspection of transmission systems of long haul and junction
networks from maintenance as well as Development point of view.
• To prepare annual / six monthly O&M reports from data received from WATEEN
• To maintain and compile data of all streams / circuits in use and future demands
received from regional offices and other operators.
• To conduct technical inspection of WATEEN regions related to the maintenance
of transmission systems as well as its installation / development.
• Correspondences with PTCL / other operators and vice versa on media tie cables
and co-location requirement and demands
• SOPs for Anti Hijacking of aircraft.
• To monitor / supervise the faults management of
transmission WATEEN systems / long haul media.
• Processing of estimates and other cases received from
field regions.

• Work with internal and external technical support groups to resolve service
affecting anomalies
• Assisting customers install their equipment at Intelsat teleports and facilitate
proper integration with teleport subsystems.
• Testing WATEEN‘s new communications equipment and assessing their
feasibility for corporation into network solutions.
• Conduct service demonstrations at Intelsat teleports and customer premises.
• Minimum Requirements Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.
• Software skills with Windows XP, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
• Ability to use software tools to analyze satellite link performance.
• Demonstrated knowledge of computer network hardware and systems including
IP routers, LAN switches, fire walls, VPN concentrators and IP addressing Core
• Expert knowledge of the key technical aspects of end-to-end network design that
uses terrestrial and satellite segments, assembly and test of RFT and satellite
antennas, troubleshooting satellite and terrestrial communication segments,
satellite services including:, communications payloads of the communications
satellites including mitigation strategies, earth station equipment, digital
modulation techniques, indirect equipment and the software systems used to
support transmission analysis.
• Project Management skills including: recognition of key requirements vs. non-
critical requirements.
• The ability to present complex issues in clearly,
• The ability to use diagrams, tables or figures in presentation materials, and the
business acumen to ensure key issues are addressed consistent with the
organizations goals and objectives.
• Presentation, Negotiation, Problem Solving and Customer Focus skills Preferred
Qualifications This position requires a Bachelors Degree preferably in
• Any other special task (s) assigned by the competent authority from time to time.

• Supervises full-time employees, or their equivalent, on a regular basis.
• Makes decisions regarding hiring, evaluation, promotion and termination of
employees, or makes related recommendations that are given particular weight.
• Manages all production activities and operations for a television station including
studio and remote site productions including scheduling equipment and personnel.
• Consults with producers and directors to determine most efficient execution of
production design including staging and lighting environment for television
• Directs technical production staff in set-up and operation of remote site
production activities; maintains production standards and quality control.
• Produces and directs special events or projects.
• Participates in annual station budget preparation and provides input in long range

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

• Current television industry trends, techniques, and technology.

• Principles and practices of personnel management and supervision.
• Marketing skills for video programs presented to public groups and
• Electronic news gathering techniques and broadcast industry
• Issues of current interest to the community.
• Script writing and electronic field production management.
• Regulations, procedures, and services of City departments.
Ability to:
• Translate current issues and items of interest into television
• Coordinate various elements of City participation and external
media in the release of tele productions.
• Work cooperatively with employees,
clients, and the public.
• Communicate orally with co-
workers, customers, clients, and the public
using a telephone and in group and face-to-
face, one-on-one settings.

• Comprehend and make inferences from materials written in the

English language.
• Produce written documents in English language using proper
sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
• Remain in a sitting position for an extended period of time.
• Perform a broad range of supervisory responsibilities over others.

This description is intended to be generic in nature. It is not intended to determine

specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. Essential functions and
overtime eligibility may vary based on the specific tasks assigned to the position.


Five years of professional and
management experience in
broadcasting and audiovisual
industries and a bachelor's degree in
broadcast journalism, mass
communications, or
a related field. Other combinations
of experience and education that
meet the minimum
requirements may be substituted.

We have an urgent requirement of few graduates. One of our

branches in Lahore has few positions which they like to fill as soon as
Are you a student with this degree and interested in getting into the
Wateen Telecommunication? If so please contact us with the number
below or alternatively send us your CV

Base Pay PKR 40,000

Employee type Full-Time Employee
Job Type Information Technology Telecommunications
Education 4 year degree in Broadcast journalism, Mass communications, or a related
Experience Five years of professional and management experience in broadcasting
and audiovisual industries

If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting us.
Call center = +92+42-5763062