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Online Business Quiz – Answers

1. Penguin Books. The guy in the picture is the founder of the company -
Allen Lane. Penguin in his hands was the clue.

2. Complan & Heinz. Notice that the door for the students says ‘Mind Your
Head’ and complan’s taglines are ‘Ideal for Growing Children’,
‘Nutritious Milk for Growing Kids’.

3. Nestle
Rowntree is currently owned by Nestle.
L'Oréal is a listed company, but the founder's daughter Liliane
Bettencourt and the Swiss food company Nestle each control over a
quarter of the shares and voting rights.
Founder’s Pic – Henri Nestle
Nestle SA bought U.S. baby-food maker Gerber from Novartis AG in

4. Advertisement by IDBI Bank for education loans.

5. Fedex – Clue was US Federal Reserve Banking System

6. Henry Luce - Founder of Time magazine on the cover of Time magazine.

7. Commonwealth Games 2010

AR Rahman composed the theme song for the Commonwealth Games
Suresh Kalmadi owns Poona Coffee House.
Idiom Design and Consulting designed the logo for Commonwealth
Games 2010.


9. Western Union Money Transfer

10. Epic Browser. Epic Browser is the first entirely Indian made web browser,
is based on the Mozilla platform. It has been developed by Bangalore
based Hidden Reflex.

11. East India Company

Coat of Arms of East India Company
In 2010, Sanjiv Mehta, an Indian-born British businessman, purchased
the company.

12. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. Most of the people got this right.

13. Onida Devil

14. Dunkin Donuts

15. Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Lenin

16. Google Goggles. Google Goggles lets you use pictures taken with your
mobile phone to search the web.

17. Pringles

18. American Express

American Express was founded as a joint stock corporation by the

merger of the express companies owned by Henry Wells (Wells &
Company), William Fargo (Livingston, Fargo & Company), and John
Warren Butterfield (Wells, Butterfield & Company, the successor earlier
in 1850 of Butterfield, Wasson & Company).

American Express was started as an express mail business in Albany,
New York in 1850.
The company's mascot adopted in 1958, is a Roman gladiator whose
image appears on the company's travelers' cheques and credit cards.

Stephen King appeared in American Express ads in 1980s.

19. Google and Nooglers. Colours in the cap match the colours in Google’s

20. Stumble Upon

21. Insurance. Ad by IFFCO TOKIO. Why worry about fire, car accident etc
when you are insured with IFFCO TOKIO.

22. Twitter
Astronaut Mike Massimino is the first human to tweet from space
Ashton Kutcher is the first person or corporation to have one million followers
of Twitter.
Mallika Sherawat visited Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California in
2009. She is the first Indian star to be invited to visit Twitter headquarters.

23. ColorPlus

24. Lego. Notice that the human being is bigger than a row of houses.

25. UPS. UPS is well known for its brown trucks, internally known as package cars
(hence the company nickname "The Big Brown Machine").

26. AIG. AIG has been replaced by AON as the sponsor of Manchester United FC.

27. Target & Bull’s Eye. Quite an apt name!!!

28. Hard Rock Café. Hard Rock Cafe is a chain of theme restaurants founded in
1971 by Americans Peter Morton & Isaac Tigrett. In 2006, Hard Rock was sold
to the Seminole Tribe of Florida, and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

29. Walt Disney

Image of Disney Epcot
Disney Castle
The Walt Disney Company owns 80% of ESPN.
Steve Jobs is the single largest shareholder of The Walt Disney

30. Mongoose Bats