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  Laptop  is  essential  for  people  from  all  kind  

of   occupation.   It   is   becoming   a   ubiquitous  
accessory   for   modern   life.   However,   there’re   a  
information   and   buyers’   reviews.   We   can   learn  
huge  amount  of  various  laptops  on  the  market.  
different   now   technologies   and   new   products  
Therefore,   the   actual   process   of   choosing   the  
form   these   official   websites.   Also,   on-­‐line  
right   model   is   worth   to   take   some   time   and  
vendors   would   recommend   best-­‐selling  
products   to   customers   and   present   customers  
Nowadays,  more  and  more  people  start  to   with   comparison   information   of   different  
shop   laptops   online.   It   is   crucial   for   people   to   products.  
find  the  right  combination  of  features,  specs  and  
  According  to,  there  are  several  
price.   Deciding   the   primary   usage   is   the   first  
typical  user  experiences  that  help  to  outline  
thing   to   concern.   Some   people   use   laptop  
types  of  laptops.  There  are  chances  where  a  
primarily   in   office   and   require   little   portability  
user  falls  somewhere  in  between  two  or  more  
can   choose   an   economic   laptop   without   much  
of  these  archetypes,  so  it  is  important  to  
concerns   such   as   weight   and   battery   life.   On   the  
consider  the  primary  usage.  
contrary,   people   use   laptop   primarily   for   travel  
will   need   a   long   battery   life   and   lightweight.   In     1.  Student  
this  project,  we  will  analyze  the  performance  of   -­‐  Students  usually  
the  four  laptops  and  categorize  which  types  are   need  low  prices  
best  for  different  users.   and  portability.  A  
portable  laptop  
that  can  allow  
  students  to  carry  from  class  to  class  is  
important.  So  many  students  turn  to  low-­‐cost  
Market Analysis Netbooks,  which  are  light,  and  often  have  long  
hour  battery  power.  The  downside  is  that  these  
The  traditional  vendors  for  laptop  selling   have  small  screens  and  generally  use  
including   stores   like   Apple   store   and   big   underpowered  single-­‐core  CPUs.  Another  option  
merchandises   like   BestBuy   and   Wal-­‐Mart.   is  a  13-­‐inch  thin-­‐and-­‐light  laptop,  which  is  
However,   with   the   development   of   the   Internet,   somewhat  less  portable,  but  has  more  
people  now  are  tend  to  buy  laptops  form  on-­‐line   functionalities  when  sitting  down  to  write  
stores  or  websites  like  Amazon.  These  internet-­‐ papers  and  do  research.  These  have  dual-­‐core  
based  vendors  provide  customers  most  recently  

CPUs  and  often  include  optical  drives.  Apple's   a  17/15-­‐inch  screen  that  runs  at  a  high  native  
13-­‐inch  MacBook  is  a  prime  example.   resolution  is  suggested.  Some  people  may  also  
look  for  plenty  of  RAM  and  a  large  500GB  hard  
  2.   drive  that  runs  at  the  faster  7,200rpm  speed.  
traveler  -­‐  Those     4.  Gamer
-­‐  PC  gamers  are  among  the  
who  work  when   most  fervent  user  groups.  Most  serious  PC  
travel  require  a   gamers  will  
robust   naturally  gravitate  
computing   toward  desktop  
experience,  a  sturdy,  rugged  system  to   computers,  with  
safeguard  data,  and  often,  access  to  security   their  flexible  
and  management  tools  to  satisfy  the   upgradeability,  
requirements  of  their  IT  departments.  Lenovo's   faster  components,  
ThinkPad  and  Dell's  Latitude  are  two  popular   and  better  cooling.  
examples  of  laptop  lines  made  with  the  business   But  gaming  laptops  
traveler  in  mind.  Both  brands  offer  security   is  increasingly  demanded  in  recent  years.  Intel's  
features  such  as  Intel's  vPro  platform  and  TPM   Core  2  Quad  and  Core  i7  CPUs  are  
chips,  internal  software  and  hardware   recommended  for  3D  gaming,  as  is  a  top-­‐of-­‐the-­‐
components  that  work  alongside  the  operating   line  discrete  GPU,  such  as  Nvidia's  GeForce  
system.   N260.  High-­‐end  brands  such  as  Alienware  offer  
laptops  that  can  be  customized  with  the  latest  
  3.  Photographer/Videographer  -­‐  People   components.  
who  work  with  high-­‐definition  video  or  high-­‐
resolution  photographs  are  the  most  demanding     5.   Home   user   –   People   who   use   the  
of  laptop  power  users.  Apple's  15-­‐  and  17-­‐inch   laptop   at   home   for   general   use   fall   into   this  
MacBook  Pro  laptops  are  among  the  most   category.  The  laptop  typically  stays  anchored  to  
popular  for  these  purposes.  This  is  especially   one  desk  or  kitchen;  perhaps  take  the  occasional  
true  as  Final   family   trip   or   moving   around   from   room   to  
Cut,  the   room.  The  traditional  15-­‐inch  laptop  is  the  most  
widely  used   popular   size.   Every   PC   maker   makes   standard  
video-­‐ mainstream   laptops,   and   they   generally   have  
editing   more  similarities  than  differences.  
software,  is  
only     These   five   types   from   almost  
available  for   cover   all   the   computer   users   and   it’s   important  
Macs.  Either   for  consumers  to  know  their  needs.  

Evaluation Criteria   Display   is   about   the   monitor   of   laptops,  

there  are  different  requirement  for  the  size  and  
  As  we  know,  processor,  video  card,  audio   screen   type   for   different   people.   We   give   this  
card  and  storage  are  the  hardware  that  all  of  the   15%.  
computer  have  and  have  significant  effect  of  the  
performance   of   the   laptop.     Moreover,   the     Weight   and   power   duration   affect   the  
design,   weight,   heat   radiation,   power   duration   portability   of   the   laptop,   people   prefer   lighter  
and   display   of   laptops   will   also   change   and   longer   power   laptops.     Weight   and   power  
consumers’  decision.   duration   are   given   weight   of   5%   and   10%  
respectively.   Design,   heat   radiation   and   ports  
  Processor,   which   process   and   compute   are   the   criteria   that   we   will   evaluate.   They   are  
all   the   information,   its   quality   affects   the   given  5%  weight  each.    
performance   of   the   whole   computer.   This  
counts  20%  due  to  its  importance  for  a  laptop.   Criteria   Percentage  %  
1.Processor   20  
  Video  card  is  the  expansion  card,  whose  
function   is   to   generate   output   images   to   a   2.  Media  Display   15  
display.  Better  video  card  can  run  better  quality        Video  card   10  
of   animation,   designing   software   and   3D   games;        Audio  card   5  
also   there   will   be   fewer   pauses   and   sticking.  
Video  card  is  given  10%  weight.   3.  Memory  and  storage   20  
     Hard  drive   10  
  Audio   card   facilitates   the   input   and  
output   of   audio   signals.   For   higher   quality   of        RAM   10  
sound  performance,  you  need  better  audio  card.   4.  Display   15  
It  is  given  a  weight  of  5%.   5.  Power  Duration   10  
  Storage   and   memory   capability   consists   6.Appearance   20  
of   two   hardware:   RAM   and   hard   drive.   RAM   Weight   5  
stores   computer   data   and   larger   storage   will  
Exterior  Color  and  Material   5  
have   faster   CPU   speed.   Hard   drive   is   the   non-­‐
volatile   storage   device   for   data;   most   of   the   Port  and  connectors   5  
things   we   store   in   our   laptop   were   on   hard   Heat  radiation   5  
drive.     Hard   drive   and   RAM   are   given   10%   for  
Total   100  

       Because   of   the   slow   clock   rate   and   the   small  
level   2   cache,   T4500   limits   the   performance   of  
3D   games.   But   it   can   afford   general   and   entry-­‐
level   office   use,   home   use   and   other  
applications.  T4500  can  also  work  sufficiently  for  
image  processing,  SD  video  cutting,  Internet  and  
2D  gaming.  
         All   in   all,   this   Intel   Pentium   Dual-­‐Core   T4500  
processor  is  good  for  this  laptop  with  entry-­‐level  
Dell  Inspiron  1545   performance.   T4500   earns   a   rate   of   3.5   overall  
Strength   for   its   low   cost,   fairly   good   performance   and  
l High  performance-­‐to-­‐price  ratio   satisfied  for  entry-­‐level  users.    
l Satisfy  the  general  demand  of    
customer   Graphics  Card  -­‐-­‐  2.5:  
l Durable            Mobile   Intel(R)   4   Series   Express   Chipset  
Weakness   Family   (1292   MB)   is   the   graphics   card   of   this  
l Low  portability   laptop,   and   it   is   the   integrated   graphics   card,  
l Display  quality  is  not  good  and   which   also   tells   us   that   this   graphics   chip   has   a  
bad  performance  of  3D.   small   quantity   of   embedded   memory   (take   use  
Customer  Review   of   RAM)   and   low-­‐performance   and   undesirable  
         Overall  the  Dell  Inspron  1545  is  a   for  running  3D  applications.  
very  great  bargain  even  after  looking            The   responsibility   of   graphics   card   is   to  
at  the  slow  performance  at  times.  If   generate   output   images   to   a   display,   when   is  
you  can  over  lokk  the  speed  of  the   use   this   laptop   to   play   3D   games,   there   are  
computer  this  will  be  a  great  pick  you   pauses  and  low  quality.  
are  looking  for  something  for  your              Consequently,   this   graphics   card   is   just  
home  or  even  for  a  student.   enough   for   non-­‐professional   users;   power   and  
                                           -­‐-­‐-­‐   game   users   will   definitely   not   choose   this  
    computer.  For  students,  who  have  little  demand  
of   office   using   and   game   using,   this   is   a   good  
Processor  -­‐-­‐  3.5:   choice.  
         This   laptop   uses   the   Intel   Pentium   Dual-­‐Core    
T4500   is   an   entry   level   dual-­‐core   CPU   with   a    
nominal  clock  frequency  of  2.3  GHz.    

Audio  Card  –  3:    

         The   audio   card   -­‐-­‐   IDT   STAC   92XX   @   Intel   Display  –  3:  
82801I  (ICH9)  High  Definition  Audio,  which  is  an            The  screen  is  15.3  inch,  view  scale  is  16:9  and  
integrated   card   is   used   for   this   laptop.   This   the   resolution   ration   is   1366   *   768.   There’s   no  
audio   card   is   not   that   good,   but   it   is   just   enough   dead   pixel   and   no   hot   temperature.   However,  
for  the  entry-­‐level  demanding.   after   I   did   a   quick   test,   I   found   the   screen   is   a  
               Since  the  performance  of  audio  card  is  very   little   bit   blue   and   you   cannot   find   any   vivid  
subjective  that  whether  it  is  good  is  depends  on   image  no  matter  how  high  the  resolution  of  the  
what   your   laptop   use   for.   As   for   Dell   Inspiron   picture  is.  Thus,  if  you  are  critic  for  the  quality  of  
1545,  this  is  a  student  laptop  that  doesn’t  have   display,  this  is  not  a  good  choice  for  you.  
to   satisfy   such   high   quality   of   sound    
performance.    Finally,  this  audio  card  is  not  good   Power  Duration  –  3.5:  
but   still   enough   for   entry-­‐level   users;   the   overall            The   power   duration   for   this   Dell   Inspiron  
performance  is  only  OK.   1545   is   4   hours   34   minutes,   and   this   data   is  
  given   by   the   manufacturer.   In   the   reality,   you  
RAM  –  4:   will   find   that   it   can   only   be   used   for   at   most   2  
         This   laptop   has   a   DDR2   800MHz   of   2GB.   hours,   which   is   below   the   average   power  
Considering   that   the   CPU   of   this   laptop   is   just   duration   for   laptops   with   15.6   inch   screen   and  
2.3GHz  and  this  RAM  can  afford  the  amount  of   Intel   Pentium   Dual-­‐Core   2.3GHz   processor.   And  
calculation,   also   it   works   well   for   the   after   I   did   a   small   survey   for   my   friends,   all   of  
performance  of  the  laptop,  since  when  I  use  this   them   like   portable   laptops,   which   had   longer  
laptop   with   many   windows   opening,   it   also   duration   than   only   2   hours   when   using.   They  
works   smoothly   and   fluently.   2G   is   enough   for   didn’t  like  take  their  low-­‐battery  laptops  out  and  
students   and   family   users,   you   can   run   always   looking   for   the   power   supply;   they’d  
Photoshop,  multi-­‐tasking  and  games  well.     rather   pay   more   and   buy   a   better   laptop   with  
  longer  duration.    
Hard  Drive  –  3.5    
The   hard   drive   is   320GB/   5400   RPM.   It’s   Weight  –  3.5:    
enough   for   the   general   using   of   the   laptop   for            The   net   weight   of   the   laptop   is   5.9   pounds,  
students;  you  can  store  so  many  things  on  it  and   and   I   weighted   the   laptop   with   all   its   travel  
it  still  work  well.     accessories,  including  charger  and  power  supply,  
  it’s   7   pounds   altogether.     If   you   travel   or   move  
  the   laptop   frequently,   you   can   consider  
  choosing   this   one,   since   the   weight   is   in   an  
  acceptable  level.  

Ports  and  Connectors  –  4:    

         The  ports  and  connectors  of  this  laptop  are  in   Criteria   Percentage  %   Score  
general   mode,   which   have   three   USB   ports,   an  
RJ-­‐45  ports  and  a  D-­‐  SUB  video  out  port.   1.Processor   20   3.5  
  2.Appearance   20    
Exterior  Color  and  Material  –  3.5   Weight   5   3.5  
 And   there’re   many   color   choices,   this   Exterior  Color  and   5   3.5  
laptop   is   black   and   made   by   plastics,   so   there   Material  
might  one  color  fit  consumer.  But  the  thickness  
of   the   laptop   and   no   surprise   designning   make   Port  and   5   4  
this  laptop  very  normal.     connectors  
  Heat  radiation   5   4  
Heat  Radiation  –  4:   3.  Memory  and   20    
When   I   using   the   laptop,   I   didn’t   find   storage  
anywhere   is   overheated,   but   the   fan   is   noisy        Hard  drive   10   3.5  
some  time.  The  hottest  part  of  the  laptop  is  the        RAM   10   4  
motherboard  part.  In  a  word,  the  heat  radiation   4.  Media  Display   15    
works  well.        Video  card   10   2.5  
     Audio  card   5   3  
  5.  Power  Duration   10   3.5  
  6.  Display   15   3  
  Total   100   3.4  

no   turbo)   which   was   on   average   faster   than   a  

Core   2   Duo   E8400   (3.0   GHz).   Therefore,   the  
mobile   Core  i3-­‐350M  should   be   faster   than   a  
Core  2  Duo  P8400.  
  Toshiba   R705   features   a   2.26GHz   Intel  
Core  i3  CPU.  It  is  more  than  speedy  enough  for  
mainstream   use.   According   to   PcMagazine,   it  
took   the   R705-­‐P25   54   seconds   to   transcode   a  
video,   which   beat   the   MacBook   Pro   13-­‐inch,   but  
trailed   its   Core   i5   counterparts.   Cinebench   R10  
(7,116)   and   PCMark   Vantage   (5,062)   tests  
followed   a   similar   trend,   as   the   processor  
  heavily  impacts  them.  
  The   Intel   Core   i3-­‐350M   processor  
Toshiba  R705   matches  the  needs  of  R705's  perspective  users.  
Strength   It   uses   battery   efficiently   while   eliminate   the  
l Protability   issue  of  overheating.  
l Cooling  System    
l Performance-­‐Price  ratio   Graphic  Card:  3  
Weakness     A   feature   of   the   new   Core  i3-­‐350M  is   the  
l No  Discrete  Graphics  option   integrated   graphics   card   called   GMA   HD.   The  
l Poor  Audio  Quality   integrated  Intel   Graphics   Media   Accelerator  
HD  graphics   card   is   known   to   be   clocked   up   to  
Customer  Review   500-­‐667  MHz  (due  to  Turbo  Boost)  and  is  clearly  
         The  R705  is  a  beautifully-­‐made   faster  than  the  old  GMA  4500MHD.  The  Core  i5  
ultraportable  and  ideal  for  those  who   and  i7  models  are  still  a  bit  faster  because  of  the  
have  busy  traveling  schedules,  but  are  
higher   maximum   clock   speed   of   the   GPU.   The  
reluctant  to  sacrifice  all  the  amenities  
performance  of  the  graphics  in  3D  should  be  on  
of  a  full  size  laptop.  
par   with   a   Radeon   HD   4200   but   the   driver  
support  is  usually  worse.  
  According   to,   the   biggest  
Processor:  4  
shortfall   of   the   R705   is   the   basic   Intel   integrated  
  The   Intel   Core   i3-­‐350M   is   a   lower-­‐middle  
graphics.  For  example,  Macbook  features  a  low-­‐
class  dual   core   CPU   for   laptops   with   2.26   GHz.  
end   yet   impressive   GPU   from   Nvidia,   which  
First  performance  results  from  PcOnline  indicate  
demonstrate   a   good   performance   for  
a   very   good   performance   per   MHz.   The   site  
mainstream   gaming.   The   integrated   graphics  
reviewed  the  upcoming  Core  i3  530  (2.93  GHz  -­‐  

and   Core   i3   CPU   are   fine   for   playing   streaming   MacBook's  1,280x800,  and  the  current  standard  
HD   video,   but   not   for   anything   beyond   the   most   for   most   laptops   from   13-­‐15   inches.   While   not  
basic  games.     exactly   matte,   the   screen   was   much   less   glossy  
  than   we're   used   to   seeing   from   a   consumer  
Audio  Card:  2.5   laptop.    
  R705   uses   Intel   5   Series/3400   Series    
Chipset.  This  is  not  a  strength  of  R705.  It  doesn't   Power  Duration:  4.5  
have  excellent  audio  output  when  played  in  high     Toshiba   R705   features   a   63WH   (6-­‐cell)  
volume.  The  overall  performance  is  only  fine.     battery  in  the  standard  configuration.  According  
  to  MobileMark  2007,  it  lasts  6  hours  20  minutes.  
RAM:  4   The  battery  test  load  is  similar  to  that  of  a  Web  
  R705  uses  Samsung  DDR3  1067MHz  of  4   surfing   scenario,   which   usually   yields   the   best  
GB.   Considering   the   processor   and   integrated   battery   results.   As   mentioned   in   MobileMark  
graphic  card,  most  programs  can  work  very  well   2007,   “in   regard   to   the   processor,   the   power  
with   this   RAM.   It   supports   multitasking   as   well   consumption  of   35   Watt   TDP   (max.)   counts  
as  some  basic  games.  In  fact,  a  4  GB  RAM  is  the   for  the  whole  package  and  therefore  it  is  clearly  
standard   setting   for   multitasking   on   current   better  than  the  35  Watt  TDP  of  the  Core  2  Duo  
operating  system.   T-­‐series  (CPU  alone).”  
    Additionally,   Toshiba   sells   a   9-­‐cell  
Hard  Drive:  3.5   extended  battery  that  up  to  12  hours  of  battery  
  R705   uses   Toshiba   MK5065GSX   of   500   life.    
GB/5400  RPM.  500  GB  is  good  enough  for  most     It  has  an  excellent  power  duration,  which  
users,  especially  for  people  who  travel  with  this   matches  R705's  goal  of  being  ultrathin,  portable  
ultraportable  laptop.  A  large  amount  of  data  can   and  long  battery  life.  
be   saved   in   this   laptop   and   its   external   ports    
also   allow   people   to   add   additional   hard   drives   Exterior  Color  and  Material:  4.5  
to   save   large   amount   of   data.   As   shown   in   HD     R705   features   a   brushed   metal  
Tune   Pro   test   result,   the   average   speed   is   magnesium   alloy   chassis,   despite   its   thinness.  
50MB/s.   This   shows   the   speed   is   relatively   low   The   back   of   the   lid   on   the   laptop   has   a   subtle  
in  comparison  with  other  hard  drive.     dark   blue   tint   to   it,   which   is   unconventional   to  
  the  solid  black  on  the  business-­‐targeted  laptops.  
Display:  4    
  R705   uses   TOS5091   Internal   LCD   13.3   Weight:  5  
Inch   display.     The   13.3-­‐inch   LED   display   has   a     The   weight   of   R705   is   only   3.2   lbs.   It  
native   resolution   of   1,366x768.   According   to   perfectly   satisfies   the   needs   of   people   who,   it   is   roughly   comparable   with   the   travel   with   a   laptop.   With   only   3.2   lbs,   its  

functionalities   are   superior   to   other    

ultraportable   laptops.   It   is   ideal   for   the  
consumer   that   values   portability   while   Criteria   Percentage  %   Score  
demanding   more   performance   than   a   netbook.   1.  Processor   20   4  
It  stands  out  for  its  low  weight.   2.  Appearance   20    
  Weight   5   5  
Ports  and  connectors:  3.5   Exterior  Color   5   4.5  
  Toshiba   R705   features   an   HDMI   port   and   and  Material  
a   SD   card   slot.   It   also   has   an   advance   feature   Port  and   5   3.5  
called   Intel   Wireless   Display   (WiDi)   technology.   connectors  
WiDi   is   similar   to   wireless   HDMI.   However,   WiDi   Heat  radiation   5   4.5  
allows  users  to  stream  content  from  the  laptop   3.  Memory  and   20    
to   TV   wirelessly.   However,   according   to   storage,   users   will   need   to   “buy   the   receiver        Hard  drive   10   3.5  
(Netgear   Push2TV)   that   connects   to   an   HDTV.”        RAM   10   4  
However,   many   other   Wireless   Display   laptops   4.  Media  Display   15    
from  earlier  in  2010  all  included  the  adapter.          Video  card   10   3  
       Audio  card   5   2.5  
Heat  Radiation:  4.5   5.  Power   10   4.5  
  Toshiba   has   used   a   custom   cooling   Duration  
system   in   collaboration   with   Intel,   and   the   end   6.  Display   15   4  
result  is  a  sturdy  and  easily  totable  ultraportable   Total   100   3.9  
that’s  a  mere  16.8mm  at  its  thinnest  point.  The    
new  cooling  system,  rather  than  pushing  out  hot    
air,  pulls  in  cool  air  over  the  repositioned  hotter    
components.   During   regular   use,   R705   was   as    
cool   running   as   any   other   13.3-­‐inch   ultra-­‐  
portable,   while   during   intensive   tasks   the   hot    
part   of   the   chassis   was   moved   from   where   the    
CPU  is  to  along  the  edge  near  the  outlet  vent.      

Processor  –  3.5:  
The   processor   of   the   computer   is   Intel  
Pentium  Double  core  T2410  with  a  nominal  dock  
frequency   of   2.00GHz.   Since   the   clock   rate   is  
slow,   performance   like   3D   games   is   limited   by  
T2410.   However,   it   is   enough   for   image  
processing,   SD   video   cutting,   and   Internet   and  
2D   games.   Although   T2410   is   limited   to   some  
  applications,   it   could   satisfy   general   and   entry-­‐
level   users.   All   in   all,   T2410   earns   a   rate   of   3.5  
Gateway  T-­‐6327c  
for   its   relatively   high   performance   and   cheap  
l Low  price  and  relatively  high  
performance-­‐to  -­‐price  ratio    
l Good  service  quality  
Graphics  card  –  2:  
l Abundant  supplementary  software  
   The   media   part   includes   graphic   and   audio  
card.  The  graphic  card  is  ATI  Mobility  Radeon  HD  
l Heavy  and  thick  
l Low  display  resolution   2400XT  (M74).  The  graphic  card  in  this  laptop  is  
l Small  memory  capability   an   integrated   video   card,   which   cannot   be  
Customer  Review   removed   physically.   Since   the   graphic   card   is  
The  computer  was  too  heavy  to  carry   classified  as  an  entry  level  and  lower  class  card,  
out  all  the  day.  The  price  of  the  computer  was   the  graphic  card  cannot  satisfy  the  displaying  of  
acceptable  and  the  display  quality  was  pretty,   high   quality   and   vivid   images.   Business   users  
however,  the  quality  of  video  and  audio  as  
well  as  the  ability  to  spread  heat  were  not   and  students  who  play  3D  games  and  run  other  
good  enough.   designing   applications   would   not   like   the  
                                                                                                                           -­‐-­‐-­‐   graphic  card  element  of  this  computer.  Another  
  point   is   that   the   battery   life   is   short   comparing  
   Gateway  T-­‐6327c  is  a  14-­‐inch  laptop  released   to  other  graphic  cards.  The  overall  performance  
in  2008  by  Gateway  in  China.  It  is  a  cheap  and   of   this   graphic   card   is   limited,   thus,   the   credits  
convenient  business  computer  that  many   that  the  graphic  card  earns  would  be  2.  
customers  are  willing  to  buy.  
  Audio  Card  –  2:  

   The  audio  card  of  Gateway  T-­‐6327c  is  Sigmatel      The   hard   drive   of   Gateway   T6327c   is   Hitachi  
@Intel   8202H   (ICH8).   The   audio   card   is   also   an   with  160GB.  Nowadays,  this  kind  of  hard  drive  is  
integrated   audio   card   that   would   not   work   as   out-­‐of-­‐date   and   is   very   cheap.   It   may   satisfy  
perfect   as   other   independent   audio   cards.   The   non-­‐power  user’s  demand,  but  if  customer  need  
quality  of  displaying  sounds  is  limited.  This  audio   higher   level   applications,   they   will   find   that   it  
card   cannot   distinguish   some   differences   slows  the  respond  time  of  the  laptop  and  affect  
between   various   sounds.   Some   sudden   silence   the  performance  and  operation  when  customer  
and   interruption   also   noise   customers.   The   using  the  laptop.  Also,  160GB  is  not  enough  for  
relatively  bad  performance  affects  the  decisions   people   to   store   data   and   other   useful  
of   customers   who   considering   the   purchase   of   information.  Users  cannot  store  a  large  amount  
this  computer  that  the  audio  card  earns  2  points   of   data   on   the   computer   and   have   to   always  
for  its  low  performance  capability.   check   the   storage   capability   of   the   hard   driver.  
We   assign   3   credits   to   the   hard   diver   for   it   low  
RAM  –  3:  
processing  speed  and  storage  capability.  
   RAM   of   this   computer   is   originally   equal   to  
1GB.  Computers  nowadays  usually  are  2GB  and    
can  be  expanded  to  8GB  somehow.  Considering   Display  -­‐-­‐  3:  
that   the   CPU   of   this   laptop   is   just   2GHz,   this      The   display   is   14.1   inch   Samsung   SEC   4442  
RAM   can   afford   the   amount   of   the   computer   which   is   wide   and   good   enough   for   business  
calculation.  But  1GB  is  not  enough  for  students   users.   The   resolution   ration   is   1280x800.The  
and   businessman   who   always   run   Photoshop,   output  performance  is  acceptable  for  there  is  no  
multi-­‐tasking   and   web   browsing   etc,   because   it   dead   pixel   and   no   hot   temperature.   However,  
does   not   have   the   ability   to   store   a   large   the   low   resolution   limits   the   capability   of  
amount   of   data   to   operate   the   applications   displaying   high   quality   pictures   and   3D   games.  
rapidly.   Though   the   RAM   of   this   computer   can   The  display  earns  a  rate  of  3.  
be   maximally   expanded   to   4GB,   it   still   cannot  
Power  Duration  –  3:  
compare   to   laptops,   which   can   be   expanded   to      The   battery   can   support   about   2.5   hours   which  
8GB.  The  totally  credits  that  we  will  give  to  RAM   is   not   really   good   because   it   will   affect   the  
is  3.   portability   of   the   laptop.   The   battery   is   6   core  
lithium  ion  batteries  that  are  commonly  seen  in  
  other   computers.   Though   Gateway   website  
Hard  Drive  –  3:   states  that  the  battery  can  last  for  3  hours,  the  
actual  fact  is  the  lasting  of  the  battery  is  depend  

on  the  circumstances.  Business  users  and  other   charge  is  approximately  equal  to  6.6lbs,  which  is  
users   should   always   carry   the   computer   charge   much  heavier  than  the  average  weight  of  other  
alone  with  them  for  the  short  power  duration.   computers.  Users  are  not  willing  to  carry  such  a  
huge   computer   every   day   that   the   overall   rate  
Exterior  Color  and  Material  -­‐-­‐  3:  
   The  style  of  T6327c  is  consistent  to  the  fashion   for  weight  is  2.  
style   of   other   Gateway   laptops.   The   outer   Ports  and  connectors  -­‐-­‐  4:  
covering   is   the   black   piano   baking   varnish.   The      There  are  three  ports  in  the  left  and  right  side  
inner   decoration   matches   with   metal   quick   of   the   computer   that   is   enough   for   business  
kneading   board   design.   The   computer   uses   the   users  and  other  general  users.  There  are  totally  
wave-­‐shape  multimedia  pressed  key,  touches  to   three   USB   ports,   one   RJ-­‐45   Ethernet   Port,   one  
power  cord  port,  one  DSUB  video  out  port,  one  
control   the   sound   volume.   The   hand-­‐touch  
DVI   port,   one   VGA   port   and   one   S-­‐video   port.  
screen   is   not   as   clever   as   other   computers   that   The   basic   need   for   plugging   different   equipment  
users   may   need   to   press   more   heavily   to   can  be  fairly  satisfied.  
conduct   some   actions.   The   overall   credit   to    
exterior  color  and  material  is  3.   Criteria   Percentage  %   Score  
1.Processor   20%   3  
Heat  Radiation—3:   2.Appearance      
   After   using   the   computer   for   two   hours,   we   Weight/Portability   5%   2  
find   the   back   of   the   computer   is   hot.   We   get   a   Exterior  Color  and   5%   3  
test   picture,   which   shows   the   heat   radiation   Material  
map   of   the   computer.   We   can   get   to   know   the   Ports  and   5%   4  
overall  temperature  is  higher  when  compared  to   Connectors  
other   brand   of   computers.   The   highest   Heat  radiation   5%   2  
temperature   of   the   computer   is   the   CPU   part   3.Memory  and      
that   is   almost   close   to   110   Fahrenheit.   The   Storage  capability    
overall   average   temperature   of   T6327c   is   close   Hardware   10%   3  
to  80  Fahrenheit.  Thus,  the  capability  to  spread   RAM   10%   3  
heat  is  not  acceptable  comparing  to  other  brand   4.Media  display      
of  laptops.   Video  Card   10%   2  
  Audio  Card   5%   2  
Weight  -­‐-­‐2:   5.Power  duration   10%   3  
   The   weight   of   the   body   is   5.5lbs   that   is   6.  Display   15%   3  
acceptable.   However,   the   total   weight   of   the   Total   100%   2.8  
computer   which   including   the   body   and   the    

         The   maximum   memory   size   it   can   support   is  

8GB  DDR3-­‐800/1066.  With  the  competitive  high  
clock   speed   and   3M   L3   -­‐-­‐   Intel   smart   cache   of  
the  processor,  it  can  support  any  current  games.    
         In   conclude,   i5   M430   is   good   CPU   with   the  
consideration  of  the  low  price  for  this  laptop.  
Graphics  Card  –3.8:  
The   graphics   card   of   this   laptop   is   ATI  
Mobility  RadeonTM  HD  5400  series  GPUs  which  
HP  DV6T   provide   good   technologies   and   come   out   with  
Strength   comparative  nice  performance  and  long  battery  
l high  performance   life   running   everyday   applications.   With   the  
l long-­‐time  battery  with  15.6’’  screen   supporting   of   newest   DirectX®   11,   customers  
l plenty  ports     can   enjoy   the   latest   high   definition   movies   and  
Weakness   gaming.   Also,   switchable   graphics   do   its   own  
l Bad  heat  dissipation   graphics   operations   which   can   maximize  
l No  back-­‐lit  keyboard   performance   but   it   can   also   support   the   long  
l Noisy  when  playing  games   battery   life   when   it   is   unplugging.     However,  
Customer  Review   according   to   Klaus   Hinum(2010)   from  
Notebookcheck,   the   ATI   Mobility   Radeon   HD  
The  dv6t  entertainment  computer  is  good   5470   is   an   entry-­‐level   /   lower   middle   class  
choice  for  every  kind  of  user.  Lower  price,  big   DirectX  11  graphics  card  for  laptops;  and  due  to  
screen,  high  performance  will  drive  you  crazy.     the   cost   saving,   all   current   games   may   only   be  
                                                                                       -­‐-­‐-­‐   playable  with  low-­‐medium  details.    
Processor  –  4.3:   Audio  Card  –  3.6:  
The  Intel®  Core(TM)  i5-­‐430M  Dual  Core  is   This  laptop  uses  IDT  STAC  92XX  @  Intel  5  
a  new  technology  designed  by  Intel  Co.  It  has  2   series/3400  series  chipset  High  Definition  Audio.  
cores   and   4   threads.   Its   internal   clock   speed   is   This  is  an  integrated  audio  card  that  like  most  of  
2.26   GHz   (133MHz   x   17.0)   which   supports   Intel®   laptops  has  nowadays.  Most  people  don’t  really  
Turbo   Boost   Technology   and   it   can   be   boosted   care  of  the  sound  card  because  they  can’t  really  
up   to   2.53   GHz   and   it   use   the   Arrandale   hear   the   differences   of   them.   The   overall  
architecture   based   on   the   feature   size   of   32nm   performance  of  this  sound  card  is  ok.  
which   contains   the   major   north   bridge   which    
can  provide  a  very  good  performance.      

RAM  –  4.5:    
There  are  2  Samsung  DDR3  1333MHz  2  GB   Power  Duration  –  3.8:  
memories  at  DIMM  0  and  DIMM  2  and  it  come   High   Capacity   6   Cell   Lithium   Ion   Battery  
up   to   4GB   system   memory   totally.     DDR3   can   provides   16%   more   capacity   than   the   standard  
transfer   data   64bits   at   a   time   per   memory   6-­‐cell  battery  and  there  is  not  out  of  size  of  the  
module   which   double   data   transfer   rate   of   original   laptop   compared   to   9-­‐cell   battery.   And  
DDR2.   It   works   very   well   in   this   laptop   as   it  can  keep  up  to  4  hours  battery  life  when  you  
running   multi-­‐tasks.   4GB   are   sufficient   for   daily   use  it  as  simple  tasking  like  web  surfing  or  doing  
work  and  most  games  playing.    And  it  can  afford   office   work.   But   when   you   play   game   it   may   just  
some   professional   and   high-­‐speed   needed   keep  up  to  2  hours  that  are  really  big  different.    
  Exterior  Color  and  Material  –  4.2:  
Hard  Drive  –  4.7:   The   color   is   using   piano   black   which  
HITACHI   500GB   7200RPM   SATA   Hard   makes   people   fell   elegant.   And   it   is   only   1.21”  
Drive   utilize   a   16MB   buffer   memory   (Schmid   &   thinness.    
Roos,   2010).   Moreover,   it   comes   with   HP   Heat  Radiation  –  2:  
ProtectSmart   Hard   Drive   Protection,   which  
means  it  can  automatically  identify  whether  the   The   heat   is   comparative   high   for   this   HP  
laptop   is   being   dropped.   And   it   can   laptop.  Under  normal  running,  the  temperature  
automatically   lock   the   hard   drive   to   prevent   any   of  CPU  would  be  around  144F,  video  card  would  
loss  of  customers’  files  or  data  during  the  short   be  135F  and  motherboard  would  be  153F,  which  
time  of  dropping  down  to  the  floor.     are   comparative   high.   When   playing   game,   the  
temperature  may  even  go  up  by  10-­‐20F  for  each  
Display  –  4.2:   of  them.  And  the  surface  of  the  heat  is  showed  
This   laptop   uses   LG   15.6"   diagonal   High   in   the   picture.   The   overall   heat   is   high.   So   the  
Definition   LED   HP   Brightview   Widescreen   heat  dissipation  for  this  HP  computer  is  not  very  
Display  (1366x768).   good  which  may  hurt  the  hardware  under  long-­‐
The   mercury-­‐free   LED   display   not   only   time  running.    
helps   our   environment   but   also   it   is   lighter   in   Weight  –  3.8:  
weight   and   has   increased   battery   life.   Also   This  laptop  is  5.40  lbs  with  thinness  of  1.21”,  
BrightView   technology   improves   the   contrast   which  is  comparative  lightweight  for  a  15.6  inch  
and   clarity   of   the   notebook   display   screen   and   laptop.   However,   with   DVD   player   and   battery,  
provides   a   better   experience.   There   is   no   dead   the   weight   will   go   up   to   6.2   pounds.   It   can  
pixel   with   low   temperature.   It   is   really   good   satisfy   the   customers   who   like   big   screen   but  
display  solution  for  any  users.     also  care  about  portability.  

Ports  and  Connectors  –  4.7:   Criteria   Percentage   Score  
There   are   4   USB   ports   and   the   4th   one   %  
shared   with   eSATA   port.   There   is   one   HDMI   1.Processor   20   4.3  
port   which   can   provide   high-­‐definition   output  
2.Appearance   20    
to   TV   or   else   and   enjoy   the   high-­‐quality  
movies  and  others.  What  else’s,  VGA  and  RJ-­‐45   Weight   5   3.8  
also   integrated   in   this   laptop.   And   the   5-­‐in-­‐1   Exterior  Color   5   4.2  
integrated   digital   readers   also   offers   a   great   and  Material    
convenience   to   customers   including   SD,   MS,   Port  and   5   4.7  
PRO,  MMC  and  XD.       connectors  
  Heat  radiation   5   2.0  
  3.  Memory  and   20    
       Hard  drive   10   4.7  
       RAM   10   4.5  
  4.  Media   15    
     Video  card   10   3.8  
     Audio  card   5   2.8  
  5.  Power   10   3.8  
  6.  Display   15   4.2  
  Total   100   4.05  

animation   had   pauses,   while   Toshiba   and   HP  

worked   smoothly.   But   none   of   those   did   well   on  
How We Test and Data the  complex  test.  
1. Graphics  Card    
For  the  graphics  card,  we  did  a  test  for   2. Audio  Card  
it   to   get   the   result.   The   test   was   done   by    
PerformanceTest  7.0,  which  is  an  objectively  
benchmark   test   software.   We   did   the  
Advanced   3D   Graphics   Test   to   benchmark  
how   well   the   graphics   card   performs   when  
using  the  most  common  features  of  DirextX.  
         Below  is  the  test  result  of  the  Dell  laptop:  

               We  did  the  test  for  audio  card  by  RightMark  
  Audio   Analyzer,   it’s   one   of   the   best   audio   card  
Here  is  the  compared  test  result  of  the   test   software,   RMAA   uses   audio   card   to   test  
four  laptops  of  different  levels  of  Graphics   sample   signals   and   then   analyze   the   output  
3D:     signals  to  get  accurately  performance  data.      
               We   did   and   cared   more   about   the   Total  
harmonic   detection   and   intermodulation  
Gateway   Complex  10/10   detection   +   noise,   which   should   be   low   if   the  
Toshiba   audio  card  is  good  enough.      
Middle  60/60  
Dell        Above   is   a   screen   shot   of   the   RightMark  
Simple  300/300  
Audio   Analyzer   test   results   (we   did   test   again,  
0   100   200   300   we  didn’t  use  the  data  in  above  test)  of  the  first  
laptop   we   evaluated:   Dell   laptop.   Apparently,  
                  the   Dell   laptop   did   not   good   for   the   high   THD  
           Apparently,   from   this   chart   we   knew   when   and  Intermodulation  detection  +  noise  part.  We  
generate   the   simple,   the   quality   of   the   3D   did  this  test  for  all  of  the  four  laptops.    
animation   is   smooth,   but   for   the   middle   level,  
there’s  big  differences  among  those  four  laptops  
we   evaluated.   Gateway   and   Dell   didn’t   do   well  
in   the   middle   3D   graphics   test,   since   the   test  

the  Toshiba  is  bad  when  it’s  working,  because  of  

THD  %   its   thin   design,   the   when   play   high-­‐volume  
music   by   speaker,   you   will   hear   some   buzz.   HP  
HP   still  did  well  in  audio  card,  although  it  also  uses  
integrated  audio  card.  
THD  %  
3. Hard  Drive  
0   2   4   6   8    

IntermodulaUon  detecUon  +  
noise  %  
TOSHIBA   Intermodulason  
detecson  +  
DELL   noise  %  
0   50   100  
       On  the  previous  page  and  above,  the  chart  are              We  did  the  test  of  hard  drive  by  HD  Tune  Pro  
the   test   result   of   the   four   laptops,   and   lower   test.  The  above  is  the  result  of  Dell,  the  average  
percentage   better   audio   card   performance.   transfer  rate  is  37.1  MB/s  is  good  but  not  great.  
There   may   have   some   error,   since   we   cannot   As   for   the   access   time,   the   length   of   time   it  
make   sure   that   all   of   the   laptop   in   the   same   takes  the  drive  to  position  the  drive  head  on  the  
testing   situation,   but   we   tried   to   insure   that   platter  for  the  appropriate  function,  it’s  too  long  
they  are  in  the  similar  situation.   for   a   5400   RPM   hard   drive,   which   the   average  
             Obviously,   the   old   Gateway   earned   the   latency   should   be   5.55,   but   in   our   product   it’s  
highest   score   of   both   criteria,   and   it   was   true   25.5,   that’s   totally   bad.   The   burst   rate,   the  
that  when  using  the  laptop  we  could  easily  find   highest   speed   at   which   data   can   be   transferred  
its   audio   card   not   worked   well.   As   for   the   Dell   from   the   drive   interface   to   the   operating  
and   Toshiba,   these   two   laptops   get   the   similar   system,   is   good   for   156.2MB/s   that   hard   drive  
score  in  the  middle,  although  both  of  them  use   really   tries   hard   to   transfer   data.   The   average  
the   integrated   audio   card   with   similar   quality,   speed   of   Toshiba   is   50MB/s   by   the   test.   This  

shows  the  speed  is  relatively  low  in  comparison   4. Weight  

with  other  hard  drive.    As  for  the  Gateway,  the            We  used  the  weighing-­‐  machine  to  weigh  
average  transfer  rate  is  30.2  MB/S  which  is  good,   the   weight   of   the   four   laptops,   since   it   was  
but   the   average   latency   for   this   computer   is   not   accurate;   hence   we   also   find   some  
15.7ms   which   is   bad   enough.   Finally,   HP   had   the   information  from  the  Internet.  
got   the   highest   average   speed   among   the   four            For   the   comparison,   we   did   the   weight  
laptops   with   a   speed   of   68.5MB/S,   which   is   a   test   in   the   same   place   with   the   same  
very  good  result.   weighing-­‐  machines.  
           The   following   is   the   chart   of   the   weight  
Average  speed  MB/s   of  the  four  laptops  we  tested:  
Weight  lb  
Toshiba   Average  speed  
Dell   HP  
0   50   100  
  TOSHIBA   Weight  lb  
         Above   is   the   comparison   of   the   average  
0   5   10  
speed  of  hard  drive  of  the  four  laptops,  and  HP  
is  still  the  winner.  
  Since   this   Toshiba   laptop   is   feature   for  
  its   thinness   and   only   13.3’’,   not   surprise   for  
  it’s   low   weight.   Dell   and   HP   have   15.6’’   size  
  screen,   but   both   of   them   are   a   little   bit  
  heavy  and  affect  the  portability.

5. Heat  
         The   heat   is   hard   to   measure   accurately  
without   thermometer,   but   some   benchmark  
software   allow   us   see   the   temperature   of   the  
CPU,   thus,   if   we   located   the   CPU’s   position   of  
the   laptop   and   we   could   get   the   higher  
temperature.   We   did   the   temperature   test  
when  the  laptops  started  one  hour  and  without  
power  supply.  The  following  are  the  test  result:  



Feature  Matrix  

Features   Toshiba  R7502   HP  dv6t2   Dell  Inspriron  1545   Gateway  T6327c  

Built-­‐in  Devices                                                                                                                                                                                
Wireless   LAN   antenna,  
Stereo  speakers  

Weight   3.2  pounds   6.2  pounds   5.9  pounds   5.5  pounds  

Color   Brushed  metal   Black   Black   Black  


Localization   United  States   United  States   United  States   China  

Processor   Intel  Core  i3  350M   Intel  Core  i5   Intel  Pentium  T4500   Intel  Pentium  T2410  

Multi-­‐Core   Dual  Core   Dual  Core   Dual  Core   Dual  Core  


64-­‐bit   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  


Graphic  Card     GMA  HD   ATI  Mobility   Mobile  Intel(R)  4    ATI  Mobility  Radeon  
Radeon(TM)  HD  5470     Series   HD  2400XT    

Audio  Card     R705  uses  Intel  5   IDT  STAC  92XX  @  Intel   IDT  STAC  92XX  @  Intel   Sigmatel  @Intel  8202H  
Series/3400     5  series/3400     82801I    

Audio  Output                                                  S    ound  

                   C    ard  
Sound  Card  

Audio  Input                                                                                                                                                                              

Floppy  Drive   None   None   None   None  

Hard  Drive   Toshiba  MK5065GSX     HITACHI   HTS545032B9A300   Hitachi  

500GB/7200RPM   HTS542516K9SA00  

Hard  Drive   Portable   Portable   Portable   Portable  



2nd  Optical   None   None   None   None  

Storage  type  

Installed  Size   4GB   4GB   2GB   1GB  

Technology   DDR3   DDR3   DDR2   DDR2  

Display  Type   TOS5091  Internal  LCD   LG  15.6"  diagonal  High   AUO22EC  15.3  Inch    14.1  inch  Samsung  
13.3  Inch     Definition     SEC  4442    

Max   1,366x768   1366x768   1366x768   1280x800  


Widescreen   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  


Features   TruBrite,LED-­‐backlit   TruBrite,LED-­‐backlit   TruBrite,LED-­‐backlit   TruBrite,LED-­‐backlit  

Camera  Type   Integrated   Integrated   Integrated   Integrated  

Input  device                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
type   Keyboard,  Touchpad   Keyboard,  Touchpad   Keyboard,  Touchpad   Keyboard,  Touchpad  

ECO  button,  Multi-­‐
touch  touchpad  

Modem   None   None   None   None  

Network  adapter    

Wireless  LAN   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  


Compliant          IEEE   IEEE   IEEE   IEEE  

Standards   802.11g,IEEE802.11n, 802.11g,IEEE802.11n, 802.11g,IEEE802.11n, 802.11g,IEEE802.11n,
802.11a,IEEE802.11b      802.11a,IEEE802.11b  

Power  Device   External   External   External   External  

Voltage   AC  120/230  V   AC  120/230v   AC  120/230V   AV  120/230v  


Technology   Lithium  ion   Lithium  ion   Lithium  ion   Lithium  ion  

Installed  Qty   1   1   1   1  

Capacity   66Wh   66Wh   66Wh   66Wh  

Run  Time  (Up   12  hours   2  hours   4  hours  and  34   2.5  hours  
to)   minutes  

Service&Suppo 1  year  warranty   1  year  warranty     1  year  warranty     1  year  warranty  



Conclusion   Team  Contribution  

         Overall,   Hp   has   the   highest   overall   Zhimei   Deng:   Gateway   evaluation;   feature  
performance  out  of  these  four  laptops.  And  it  is   matrix;  report  card;  appendix.  
only   one   which   has   switchable   video   card.   But    
its   bad   heat   dissipation   and   noisy   will   make   Liu   Ming:   Dell   evaluation;   evaluation   criteria;  
users  fell  uncomfortable  under  long-­‐time  using.   how  we  test  and  data;  edit  and  design.    
However,   if   you   like   playing   games.   HP   is   a   good    
choice   for   its   high   performance   and   supporting   Kesi   Wang:   Toshiba   evaluation;   introduction;  
with   DirectX   11   let   it   can   play   most   current   market  analysis;  proofread  
games.   What   else’s,   comparative   higher   price    
and  heavy  weight  are  both  other  drawbacks  for   Peng  Zhou:  HP  evaluation;  conclusion.  
HP  dvt6  in  those  4  laptops.  However,  if  you  are    
office   man   and   use   most   of   the   time   doing   Bibliography  
business   or   web   surfing   Dell   and   Toshiba   are    
good   choices.   Doing   business   or   office   work  
don’t   require   very   high   performance   for   a  
laptop.   And   Dell   has   the   highest   performance-­‐­‐Pavilion-­‐dv6-­‐3013nr-­‐
price  ratio  of  these  four  laptops  which  makes  it   15-­‐6-­‐Inch-­‐
can   support   most   users’   needs   and   provide   Laptop/dp/B003OBZKYS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=ele
lower   cost   budget   for   many   companies.   For   ctronics&qid=1288487991&sr=8-­‐1  
Toshiba,   it   only   weights   3.2   pound   drives   it  
really   convenient   for   business   men   or   students­‐5_7-­‐
who   may   often   keep   the   laptops   with   them.   0.html?query=dell+inspiron+1545&tag=srch  
Because   those   computers   are   all   released   at  
different   time   period,   it   makes   it   really   difficult­‐portege-­‐
to  conclude  a  fair  competition.  Like  the  Gateway   r705-­‐p35/4505-­‐3121_7-­‐
which  was  released  in  2008  and  almost  all  of  its   34213713.html?tag=contentMain;contentBody;1r  
features   are   out-­‐dated   without   comparative  
advantage.   However,   the   rest   of   the   three  
computers   all   have   their   own   strength   but   also­‐buying-­‐
come   with   weaknesses.   So   our   analysis   can   guide/?tag=buyingGuide  
provide  some  basic  criteria  for  people  who  want  
to  choose  a  laptop  which  is  fit  to  themselves  and,2817,2366970,00
some  useful  information  for  them.   .asp  

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