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Multy Technology internet solutions is a professionally managed software solutions

provided having its headquarters in Kakinada and Branch Offices in Mumbai and

Multy Technology’s core strength lies in its capacity to execute projects on time and
deliver quality output. We have experience in handling projects of all sizes and
complexities. Our methodology includes flexibility to customize the projects as
required. Our Project Managers have the extensive experience required to handle
complexity and make sure the results are achieved. Our expertise in software
development helps us develop a variety of utilities to achieve the highest quality

The only thing that’s constant in this world is change. Nothing can be more apt and
relevant when it comes to Information Technology. What’s the benchmark today is
redundant tomorrow. To keep pace with such drastically changing platforms, what
we need is a future-ready professional. Multy Technology is one such team of
professionals with an inclination to adapt, to innovate and to accept challenges-
attributes that become relevant when large projects are at stake.

Multy Technology aims at opening up new frontiers in the ever growing IT industry,
focusing on the global markets, by consistently innovating and keeping abreast the
technology to help the clients with their computing needs. In the new Millennium,
Multy Technology’s business and help global corporations transact business

Business of all sizes and vertical markets turn to for application mainenance,
development, re-engineering and outsourcing services. Using one of our proven
models of Mixed Shore or Offshore, Multy Technology provides the best of breed
software solutions Our established methodologies and industry standard Software
Engineering modeling and development techniques enable us to smoothly adapt and
customize the changing business needs of the customer.

By incorporating Quality Assurance processes early in the design, Multy Technology

development team guarantees the highest quality of development and thereby the end
product. Our current practice areas include:


Multy Technology offers end-to-end solutions in Internet Technologies and offers

different services like:

Web Development (Java, ASP, .NET,Php)

Middleware (Weblogic, Websphere)
Data Warehousing
E-Commerce Solutions
Content Management Solutions
Educational Training
Payment Gateway Soltuions

We constantly work on identifying your business needs and developing innovative

solutions that address them completely. We future secure your business by constantly
updating you on the latest trends of the digital economy.


“To be the preferred IT Solution provider delivering a full stream of value-added

services to organizations and individuals alike.


“To be a globally respected corporation that provides best-of-breed business

solutions, leveraging technology, delivered by best-in-class people”.

At Multy Technology, we aim further than providing solutions that impact business;
we aim to change the way you do business. Together the opportunities are infinite –
“DISCOVER what we can do for you!”


With the highest emphasis on Data Security and Confidentiality, Multy Technology
has implemented a combination of the best technical environment along with strong
and clear personnel policies.


Domain based network, access control dependent on functional needs. Secured LAN
& WAN connectivity.
On site automated backup and recover in dual media.
Assessment / Audit of computing resources to ensure environment integrity. Regular
monitoring and updating of firewalls and security resources.


Only full time employees recruited.

Access to email, internet, media drives, printers etc. is strictly controlled and
Zero paper policy provides tighter data confidentiality and security.
Clear policies regarding data confidentiality and security incorporated into employee
contracts and signed.
Regular briefings trainings on personnel policies including data security.
Isolated project space allocated for special customer projects when required

Sri Satyanarayana Swami Vari Devasthanam is looking for an online reservation

system which enables the devotees to book tickets for different poojas, sevas,
accommodation through World Wide Web.

This facility also needs a payment gateway integration which enables the
Devasthanam to collect payments through credit cards online.



This enables a visitor to book the tickets for darshanas, sevas, poojas and
accommodation and pay online.

For this the user needs to first check availability. If the tickets are available he can
select, Confirm and pay online through a credit card.

He will get an online Receipt where he can take a printout. He will be also sent an
email confirming the reservation.

ONLINE RESERVATION: This link reservation contains the following links

• E-Seva
• E-Hundi
• E-Donation
• E-Sales

E-Seva: By this link a devotee can book a seva online from the list of sevas available.

E-Hundi: By this link a devotee can offer money online.

E-Donation: By this link a devotee can donate money to the temple online.

E-Sales: By this link a devotee can buy cd’s, books etc. online.

Functional Specification:

We will be taking the user’s Name, Address, Phone Number, Email id along with
occupation details, Username and password on the registration. He can book tickets
only for day 3 meaning the Day after Tomorrow from the date of the actual booking.
Means he cannot book tickets online for today and Tomorrow. This we are doing to
avoid confusion and to have better control over the system.

When ever he books ticket he will be given a 16 digit randomly generated unique
alpha numeric pin for his booking.
He also needs to enter the identification details like photo ID card, Employee ID Card,
Pan Card, Driving license or any other at the time of booking itself.

The typical ticket consists of His Name, Address, Phone Number and Email ID, His
ticket Number, Identification Details and Contact details of the devasthanm printed on

In the back end we will be seeing the total number of tickets booked till date, category
wise, Monthly manner, weekly manner, particular day.


We will be integrating the EBS payment Gateway solution from Axis bank to collect
online payments. This gateway is enabled with VBV (Verified by Visa) and MCSC
(Master Card Secure Code).

Apart from this EBS also provides Robust Proven Mechanism to minimize online


This will enable the Devasthanam to have Ticket Collectors at various centers to
book tickets for various services based on the availability with out paying online.


This Project will be developed in ASP frame work.

The front end will be in ASP and the back end DB will be MS SQL.

We will be using Dhtml, Ajax, html, and other relevant technologies in developing
this website.

We will also be using other relevant metyhodologies and techniques which optim ize
the user’s experience.

We will need a server with WINDOWS OS and ASP with MS SQL. Cpanel
installation will also be required in the server for the successful completion of the


One time Payments:

Oneline Reservation System
Counter Saswatha pooja donation Modules & Integration – INR 1,65,000

Payment Gateway one time Setup -INR 30000

Recurring Payments:
Registration of Domain (6 Extensions) INR 3000 / Annum

Web Space of 1 GB in Win Server INR 6500 / Annum

Payment Gateway monthly maintenance INR 500 / Month

PG per transaction charges 3.75% / Transaction

Annual Maintenance INR 36000 / Annum

Terms & Conditions:

1. Project Completion Date: 45 Working days from the date of Confirmed

work order.

2. Payments: 50% advance along with work order, 25

percent after completing of 50% work and 25%
before uploading it one your server.

3. Contents: Devasthanam has to provide all the relevant

contents and etails to Multy Technology.

4. Point of Contact: Multy Technology will assign one Project

Manager to handle and communicate with
Devasthanam. We require Devasthanam also
to assign one responsible person who will be
POC for all our communication.

5. Force De Majure: Even though Multy Technology commits to

deliver the project in 36 working days it is
purely based on the approvals and inputs from
Devasthanam time to time. So any deviation or
delay in response will delay the project.

6. Modifications & Charges: Multy Technology responsibility ceases on the

project once the delivery is over. Any fresh
corrections will be treated as new development
activity and will be billed.
Multy Technology will maintain the website
only if the AMC contract is signed for the
same. Otherwise it is Devasthanam’s
responsibility to maintain it.
However Multy Technology will take all the
precautionary measures and update
Devasthanam very properly about the handling
of the system.