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CIAO FIAT is the new single freephone number for customers and prospective Performance figures supplied by Fiat Group Automobiles SpA. Fuel consumption figures are in accordance with
customers – 00800 3428 0000. CIAO FIAT provides you with access to all our the Passenger Car Fuel Consumption and C02 Emissions Information Regulations 2001.

products and services in the UK and can be used even when you are abroad (the Products offered for sale may differ from those described or illustrated in this brochure due to later production
number can be called from most countries in Europe). The call is free from land lines changes in specifications, components or place of manufacture. The contents of this brochure are therefore to be
in the UK and all Europe (except Switzerland). Mobile network charges may vary treated as representations as to the current availability of products as described, or as to products actually offered
depending on whom your contract is with. for sale. Fiat Group Automobiles UK Ltd. reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, to prices,
colours, materials, equipment, specifications and models and also to discontinue models. Variations in product
specification do occur from time to time – please check the exact specification with the dealer at the time of order.
Fiat Group Automobiles UK Ltd, Fiat House, 240 Bath Road, Slough SL1 4DX.

Ed. 05/09
Fiat Marketing 04.2.0045.52 - S - 05/ 2009 - Printed in Italy - Arti Grafiche GIACONE - Chieri (TO)
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Life is a series of
choices Punto.
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Choose to be yourself.
T-shirt and shorts or jacket and tie? A weekend on the slopes or a premiere
at the theatre? Whether you are a sporting type or have a desire for elegance,
the Grande Punto delivers all you need to express your personality.
The two lines, Sport and Comfort, designed to cater to different requirements and
tastes, both with Blue&Me™ as standard, are perfect both for sports buffs and
lovers of creature comforts, so that you can choose to be exactly who you are.
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The Sporting versions can be described in a few brief words.
New dark-tinted headlights, spoiler and aggressive alloy
wheels that are a feast for the eyes are accompanied
by a line-up of brilliant engines that deliver high
performance and great fun even on urban roads.
Each model comes with Blue&Me™ as standard
so you can enjoy the ride with ease.
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If you want to enjoy yourself, you have selected the right outfit.
The Sport line adorns the Grande Punto with characteristic elements
that make even short trips highly enjoyable. Both models, GP and
Sporting, have been designed to deliver maximum driving pleasure
and to meet the requirements of those who, at the wheel, don’t
simply want to drive but also to express their emotions.


Main standard equipment Main standard equipment
in addition to the Grande Punto GP contents
- ABS with EBD - 17" alloy wheels with 205/45 tyres
- Leather steering wheel and gearknob - Sideskirts
- Dark-tinted headlights - Chrome exhaust tailpipe
- 16" alloy wheels with 195/55 tyres - Air conditioning
- Blue&Me™ hands free phone with USB - Cruise control
- Radio with CD player - ESP
- Rear spoiler - Sports seats
- Fog lights
- Driver, passenger, side and window airbags
- Remote central locking
- Electric front windows and door locking
- Steering wheel adjustable for
height and reach
- Driver’s seat with mechanical height adjust-
- Electrically-adjustable body-coloured
wing mirrors
- Dualdrive power steering
- Tyre repair kit (Fix & Go)
- Two rear head restraints
- Body-coloured bumpers
- Body-coloured door handles
- Sporting style bumpers and suspension
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Inside, the Sport line features a young, aggressive cockpit with
high-tech trims. Every detail – from the carbon-look fascia and
the hand-stitched steering wheel, to the graphics of the instrument
panel – conveys a feeling of dynamism and speed. The Sporting
versions feature seats with extra lateral support.
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With Giugiaro’s unmistakable design cues that
underline its sinuous styling, Grande Punto has
no difficulty in standing out with spectacular
style. You will be amazed by the fabrics and
new latest-generation ergonomic fascia that
wraps you in a high class environment,
never ostentatious or superfluous.
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You long for comfort and elegance? The Comfort line enhances the
Grande Punto with high prestige finishes, new body colours and,
especially, new customisation possibilities. A choice that will take you
where you want to go with maximum ease and absolute comfort,
without sacrificing style.


Main standard equipment In addition to the Punto Active contents
- ABS with EBD - Air conditioning with pollen filter
- Driver and passenger airbags - Side and window airbags
- Steering wheel adjustable for height - Leather steering wheel and gearknob
and reach - Split folding rear seat
- Dualdrive electric power steering - Body-coloured door handles
- Electrically-adjustable body-coloured
door mirrors
- Electric front windows
- Remote central locking
- Two rear head restraints
- Driver’s seat with mechanical height
- 175/65 R 15 tyres
- Body-coloured bumpers
- Blue&Me™ hands free phone with USB
- Radio with CD player

In addition to the Punto Dynamic contents
- Dual-zone automatic climate control system
- 16" alloy wheels
- Cruise control
- Rain sensors
- Rear parking sensors
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Your car says a great deal about you. On the Grande Punto,
to be unique.
you can choose between a host of styling details and accessories.
Personalise it as you desire.
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The aluminium ‘Italian Flag’ badge is the touch that

can make the difference: it stands out on the pillar of
the vehicle, thanks to an enamelled finish that makes
it sparkle and shine.

The covers of the wing mirrors, in

4 colours, further enhance the
customisation of your Grande Punto.

Like a tuxedo with its cuff-links, the key-holder

covers coordinated with the external stickers
imbue the Grande Punto with a touch of class.
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5 different external sticker kits, each in different

colours, combine with the body colour to
make the Grande Punto even more unique.
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195/55 R16
Aluminium colour
Optional on Dynamic


195/55 R16
Aluminium colour
Standard on Eleganza

Satin, chrome, diamond-finish? 16" or 17"?
Multispoke, two-tone, 5-spoke? Grande Punto
16" ALLOY WHEELS offers you a wide choice of wheels, so you can
195/55 R16 choose the ones which best suit you.
Aluminium colour
Standard on GP


205/45 R17
Silver colour standard (opt. 435)
Standard on Sporting


205/45 R17
Chrome Shadow colour
Optional on Sporting


205/45 R17
Opaque Anthracite grey colour
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to be communicative.
To be always at the centre of your world, choose Blue&Me™
technology, the integrated system developed in cooperation with
Microsoft that guarantees instant access to everything you need
without taking your hands off the steering wheel. The Blue&Me™
device guarantees maximum control in complete comfort: your
music, your contacts, everything is just a click away.
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With Blue&Me™, you can make and receive phone calls, listen to text
messages received, connect your media player and choose the right
sound for each trip without ever taking your attention from the road
The USB port makes the technology even
because Blue&Me is always tuned in to your needs via the USB port,
easier to use.
Bluetooth® technology and universal voice recognition. Located in the glove compartment, it allows
you to constantly update your playlists.
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Choose to be brilliant in
complete safety.
The bonnet of the Grande Punto hides great engines that
deliver class-beating performance and very low consumption.
You can choose the most suitable solution from a wide range
of petrol and diesel engines, both on the Comfort and Sport line.
The only thing you don’t have to choose on the Grande Punto
is safety. Passenger safety is at maximum levels: Grande Punto
has in fact received 5 EuroNCAP stars, the most elite award in
the field of car safety.
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On Grande Punto you can choose between three

petrol engines including the brilliant 120bhp T-Jet and
three 75 to 120bhp MultiJet diesel engines

1.4 77bhp 1.4 16v StarJet 95bhp 1.4 T-Jet 120bhp

ELEGANZA Displacement: 1368cc Displacement: 1368cc
Displacement: 1368cc Ecology level: Euro 4 Ecology level: Euro 4
Ecology level: Euro 4 Max power output - EC: Max power output - EC:
Max power output - EC: 95bhp (70 kW) at 6000 rpm 120bhp (88 kW) at 5000 rpm
77bhp (57 kW) at 6000 rpm Peak torque - EC: Peak torque - EC:
Peak torque - EC: 125 Nm (12.9 kgm) at 4500 rpm 206 Nm (21 kgm) at 2000 rpm
115 Nm (11.7 kgm) at 3000 rpm Gearbox, no. of speeds: 6 + reverse Gearbox, no. of speeds: 5 + reverse
Gearbox, no. of speeds: 5 + reverse Top speed: 111 mph Top speed: 121 mph
Top speed: 103 mph Acceleration 0 to 62 mph: Acceleration 0 to 62 mph:
Acceleration 0 to 62 mph: 10.5 seconds 8.9 seconds
13.2 seconds Fuel consumption Fuel consumption
Fuel consumption - 1999/100 EC directive mpg (l/100Km): - 1999/100 EC directive mpg (l/100Km):
- 1999/100 EC directive mpg (l/100Km): Urban 34.4 (8.2) Urban 32.5 (8.7)
Urban 37.7/41.5* (7.5/6.8*) Extra-urban 61.4 (4.6) Extra-urban 52.3 (5.4)
Extra-urban 56.5/56.5* (5.0/5.0*) Mixed 47.9 (5.9) Mixed 42.8 (6.6)
Mixed 47.9/49.6* (5.9/5.7*) CO2 emissions: 139 g/km CO2 emissions: 155 g/km
CO2 emissions: 139/134* g/km

1.3 MULTIJET 16v 75bhp 1.3 MULTIJET 16v 90bhp 1.6 MULTIJET 120bhp
Displacement: 1248cc Displacement: 1248cc Displacement: 1598cc
Ecology level: Euro 4 Ecology level: Euro 4 Ecology level: Euro 5
Max power output - EC: Max power output - EC: Max power output - EC:
75bhp (55 kW) at 4000 rpm 90bhp (66 kW) at 4000 rpm 120bhp (88 kW) at 3750 rpm
Peak torque - EC: Peak torque - EC: Peak torque - EC:
190 Nm (19.4 kgm) at 1750 rpm 200 Nm (20.4 kgm) at 1750 rpm 320 Nm (32.6 kgm) at 1750 rpm
Gearbox, no. of speeds: 5 + reverse Gearbox, no. of speeds: 5 + reverse Gearbox, no. of speeds: 6 + reverse
Top speed: 103 mph Top speed: 109 mph Top speed: 118 mph
Acceleration 0 to 62 mph: Acceleration 0 to 62 mph: Acceleration 0 to 62 mph:
13.6 seconds 11.9 seconds 9.6 seconds
Fuel consumption Fuel consumption Fuel consumption
- 1999/100 EC directive mpg (l/100Km): - 1999/100 EC directive mpg (l/100Km): - 1999/100 EC directive mpg (l/100Km):
Urban 45.6 (6.2) Urban 47.9/51.4* (5.9/5.5*) Urban 48.7 (5.8)
Extra-urban 80.7 (3.5) Extra-urban 76.3/76.3* (3.7/3.7*) Extra-urban 74.3 (3.8)
Mixed 62.8 (4.5) Mixed 62.8/64.2* (4.5/4.4*) Mixed 62.8 (4.5)
CO2 emissions: 119 g/km CO2 emissions: 119/115* g/km CO2 emissions: 119 g/km

* with Dualogic™ gearbox

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To understand why the Grande Punto range has been
awarded 5 EuroNCAP stars, just take a look at its equipment.
Active safety with ABS + EBD and optional ESP.
This device, developed in cooperation with Bosch, integrates
ASR/MSR/HBA and Hill Holder, the system that facilitates hill
starts. Passive safety with two double-stage front airbags,
and on all but the Active, side airbags and curtain airbags,
energy-absorbing deformable body, anti-whiplash front seats
and seat belts with pre-tensioners and load limiters.
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Choose to be
The Grande Punto’s dark-tinted headlights give a more aggressive look
to the Sport line.
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1 2

“Would you like an even more aggressive IMMAGINE COME

Grande Punto? Then choose the new
sporting kit which includes front and ITALIA
rear airdam, sideskirts and rear spoiler”.
3 4

5 6

1 Chrome-plated oval exhaust tailpipe

2 Chrome-plated rubbing strip on rear hatch
3 Armrest with stowage compartment
4 Grande Punto logo on carbon-look facia.
5 Sports type instrumentation
6 Chrome-plated kick plate and mats
with new Punto logo.
7 Steel mesh front grille
8 Fragrance dispenser

7 8
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your Punto.