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The Fauci

Anthony Fauci is not the great

scientist you think he is.

Every time I see someone praising Dr. Anthony

Fauci to the skies on television, I say, "Oy Vey!"
As someone who has watched the career of
Anthony Fauci closely for almost four decades, the
current uncritical adulation emanating from
Laurie Garrett, Rachel Maddow, and everyone else
in the media is disheartening. The Anthony Fauci I
know is the one my newspaper covered. I
published New York Native from 1980-1997. As
luck or destiny would have it, I found myself at the
helm of a Manhattan newspaper that was
published at ground zero of the AIDS epidemic.
My newspaper inadvertently published the first
story about the illness that turned out to be AIDS.
Against the wishes of many in my frightened
community, I made my newspaper the must-read
journal of record on the emerging AIDS epidemic.
I published the famous essay by Larry Kramer that
launched the AIDS activist movement. I also
published the first long interview with Robert
Gallo, the supposed discoverer of the AIDS virus.
In Rolling Stone, David Black said my newspaper
deserved a Pulitzer prize. Randy Shilts praised my
newspaper's early coverage of the AIDS epidemic
in And the Band Played On.

I think it is safe to say my newspaper is probably

the only one in the world to ever have a cover
portraying Anthony Fauci as Pinocchio. If you are
a journalist or scientist  and you ever have the
opportunity to mention my newspaper to Anthony
Fauci, I can pretty much guarantee that the blood
will drain from his face. New York Native was a
thorn in his side. He did not like the critical and
investigative reporting in our paper that
challenged much of what he told the world about
the AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
epidemics. When one of my reporters met Fauci at
a medical conference, Fauci refused to shake his
hand. When I talked to Fauci on the phone after I
wrote a critical editorial about him in the form of a
satirical poem, I learned the hard way that he
doesn't have much of a sense of humor. To get a
real sense of Fauci's petulant self-importance, you
should read a little essay he wrote early in the
epidemic, when he basically warned reporters that
if they didn't play ball, they would lose access to
him and other scientists. Any reporter thinking of
asking Fauci an impertinent or inconvenient
question should read his arrogant warning to the
profession. My uncompromising portrait of Fauci
can be found in Fauci: The Bernie Madoff of
Science and the HIV Ponzi Scheme that Concealed
the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic. Yes, I
compare him to Bernie Madoff. Somebody had to.

While many in the gay community are not yet

aware of how much Fauci got wrong about the
real nature of the AIDS epidemic, there is one
community that, by and large, is keenly aware that
Fauci's incompetence and dishonesty has played in
their suffering: the millions of people all over the
world with the absurdly named "Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome." Many of them know that Fauci, who is
often called the unofficial AIDS Czar, could also be
called the "Czar of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Cover-up." Most of the observant Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome patients feel that they have been
criminally neglected. Many of them feel
hopelessness and rage about the obvious fact that
their illness is caused by a transmissible agent, is
often contagious, and is not deemed worthy of
being notifiable, or worthy of serious research.
The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome community still
hasn't recovered from early efforts of scientists
like Anthony Fauci to psychologize their illness
and gaslight them. In Hillary Jonson's Osler's Web,
a brilliant history of the early part of the
mishandling of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fauci
is described as being mystified that CFS patients
couldn't accept a diagnosis of mental illness.
Johnson reported that Fauci told one doctor who
was angry about his institute's treatment of CFS
patients that half the patients in one study "were
suffering from undiagnosed mental illness."
(Osler's Web, page 279) Johnson also reported
that Fauci "expressed puzzlement over CFS
victim's vehement reaction to being told their
difficulties were psychiatric in origin." (Osler's
Web, page 334) To add insult to injury, the
"vehement reaction" of the patients to the willful
blindness of Fauci and the CDC towards the
biological seriousness of their condition was often
used as additional proof of their mental illness.
They were just angry nutjobs.

Under Fauci's seemingly endless reign at NIAID,

millions of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients
have had their lives ruined by a disease that has
been called "a form of acquired
immunodeficiency" by CFS researcher Nancy
Klimas, and "Non-HIV AIDS" by retrovirologist
Judy Mikovits. I call it the epidemic that is at the
bottom of the AIDS iceberg. No, I am not talking
about HIV. I am talking about the other AIDS virus
called HHV-6 which has been ignored as the real
destroyer of the immune system in both AIDS and
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is the virus that
gives the lie to the article of faith that AIDS and
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are two separate,
parallel epidemics. They are not. They are as
parallel as autism and Asperger's. If you know
what the word "spectrum" means, you know what I
am talking about. If you want to get up to speed on
the immune-system destroying HHV-6 and its
spectrum, there are four thousand posts on HHV-6
at my website, HHV-6 University.

While Fauci and the CDC might argue that they no

longer look at Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients
as psych cases, they have never gone so far as to
call it a transmissible disease and an epidemic
that should be notifiable and researched as a
major public health threat affecting millions all
over the world. We don't have an exact number
because the CDC and Fauci have never done what
is necessary to know what it is. Given that it is a
contagious illness, the number of victims is not
static. And it involves people of all ages as well as
manifestations that have a range from chronic to
acute illness. The situation is made worse in that
the leading suspect for its causation, HHV-6, also
seems to be driving a number of other
immunological illnesses. You can find the list of
those illnesses at the HHV-6 Foundation. The
spectrum of illnesses that Fauci's political power
and institutional legerdemain have helped cover-
up is so broad that it is almost certain that every
reader of this knows someone who is a medical
victim of it in one way or another. Once you grasp
the consequences of what Fauci has gotten away
with, I think you will agree that every award he
has received for his work on AIDS should be

If you want to know what it feels like to suffer

from the AIDS-like or AIDS-related illness called
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, read the accounts in
The New Yorker by Laura Hillenbrand, and Mike
Mariani. If you want to know what the CDC did to
hide the truth about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
read Hillary Johnson's Osler's Web, and all the
books by New York Native reporter Neenyah

Anthony Fauci's organization (NIAID) is supposed

to handle infectious diseases. His whole power
grab in the AIDS era was based on the insistence
that it is an infectious disease, and therefore
belongs in his institute. His public relations
mastery of everything you think you know about
AIDS is impressive. It would be more impressive if
it didn't involve various shades 
of scientific fraud that have hidden the
relationship of HHV-6, AIDS, and Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome. It will takes years of forensic work on
the crime scene of Fauci's mishandling of Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS for scientists and the
public to understand what the real truth is and
what the implications of Fauci's mess are. 

To understand Fauci's motivation, one need look

no further than Hannah Arendt's analysis of why
the government lied during the Vietnam War. In
her essay, "Lying in Politics," Arendt makes the
point that the government had to lie to the public
about the war in order to protect its image and
credibility. Fauci is caught in a similar bind. For
Fauci, the main problem of telling the truth about
the seriousness and scope of Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome would mean talking about an illness
that looks much too much like AIDS and threatens
to raise questions about the true nature of AIDS
that could bring the HIV/AIDS paradigm down like
a house of cards. When you consider the medical,
political, and legal nightmare that will ensue, you
can grasp the reason Fauci has needed to control
everything that had been known and said about
AIDS. Some have said that he has stayed in his
position so long to keep those skeletons of
scientific fraud and deceit from coming out of the
closet. He will not go gentle into that good night.

By now everyone knows that the most vulnerable

to COVID-19 are the elderly and those suffering
from "an underlying condition." Whenever you
hear the phrase "underlying condition" in the
course of discussions of COVID-19, you should
think of what Anthony Fauci has done (and not
done) to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients. He
has never admitted that their AIDS-related or
AIDS-like condition is even an "underlying
condition." Should they find themselves in a
hospital suffering from COVID-19, there is no
guarantee Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients will
be treated as though they have "an underlying
condition." In most hospitals they will be treated
as psyche cases if they tell their healthcare
workers that they are also suffering from Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome. And they can thank Fauci for
that. Not being recognized as patients with "an
underlying condition" could put many of them at
risk of being inadequately treated for COVID-19.
Lies and mistakes in science and medicine have
I have called Fauci's handling of Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome (and his well-oiled cover-up of its
relationship to AIDS) a medical Ponzi Scheme. He
has been able to hide what he has done from the
public with the same kind of manipulative finesse
and fake triumphs as Madoff. When Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome is finally recognized for what it
is, the celebrated dividends of what Fauci has
done on AIDS will one day be recognized as
Madoff dividends. Like Madoff, he is lucky because
the sycophantic press and the gullible public have
been in awe of him and nobody has looked closely
or critically at his books. It may be wishful
thinking, but I suspect that like Madoff, deep
down Anthony Fauci knows a reckoning is coming.
One day Fauci's books will be audited. When is the
big question.
I don't know if the increased attention Anthony
Fauci gets during the COVID-19 pandemic will
result in a "woke" media and a new generation of
fearless, honest scientists taking a close look at
his duplicitous career. But what I do know is this:
Putting Anthony Fauci in charge of the COVID-19
pandemic is like putting Bernie Madoff in charge
of the Federal Reserve.
Charles Ortleb is the author of The Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Coverup: How a
Little Newspaper Solved the Biggest Scientific and
Political Mystery of Our Time,  The Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up Volume
Two:  The Origins of Totalitarianism in Science
and Medicine, and Susan Sontag as Metaphor. His
many other books can be found at

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