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Letter of Intent

40-65% cost cutting

through relocation of facilities in ROMANIA


Dear Sir/ Madame,

As the economy becomes more and more global, customers’ needs
become more and more sophisticated and mass access to a fast-developing
technology really puts pressure on prices, managers find themselves in a
position where relocation of facilities is the solution for companies’
When relocating, managers seek for economic stability, qualified
labor force, low cultural barriers and, of course, lower costs with salaries
and logistics, therefore Romania now is one of the most interesting places,
where you can really consolidate your business.
This Letter of Intent expresses my interest and willingness to discuss
in detail the opportunities you have, to develop business in Romania, as a
Joint Venture with our group of companies.
Our group of companies has more than 15 years of local experience
for Entrepreneurship and Business Development in Engineering and
Technology sectors, related with Software Development, BigData,
Machine Learning, Medical & Health projects, Research & Innovation,
Metering Systems, Robotics and Industrial Automation. We are open to
use all our experience for a strong development in a global scenario.
As part of a Joint Venture, we offer:
- central construction sites for buildings, offices, production,
manufacturing, data-centers and warehouses
- in Berbesti (city), Valcea county:
- 9.500 sqm of central, best access area
- 50.000 sqm second level access areas
- Polovragi (touristic resort), Gorj county, 40.000 sqm (5 areas)
- European quality, with 40-65% cost cutting on salaries and logistics
- Performant team and specialists
- Recruitment & head-hunting
- Local business & all-levels institutional support

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

LEW.RO Software Solutions & Integrations

Mobile: +4 0722 403 797