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   Something that is bulky is bigger than other things of its type and is
difficult to carry or store. Someone who is bulky is big and heavy.

 A tires truck is bulky compared with a tire -s bicycle.

  A soft black substance that is a kind of carbon, used in pencils,
paints, and electrical equipment.

 Faber Castell is a well-known company in Peru, but people don¶t

know is the use of graphite to make its products. 

  Making you feel embarrassed so that you are not sure what to do
or say. Not relaxed or comfortable.

 Yesterday I was in an awkward situation since my mom asked me

about a problem my brother had with his girlfriend. 

 !" An animal that feeds on carrion, dead plant material, or refuse.
A person who searches for and collects discarded items.

 Sometimes in Animal Planet shows programs about scavengers,

which are the animals located in the last part of the food chain.

   To kill some animals of a group, usually the weakest ones, especially
so that the size of the group does not increase too much.

 Some kinds of animals have as a work to cull the less strong
animals around their habitat.

    If a part of something sticks up, it is raised up or points upwards
above a surface.

 Every time I play with my dog and his ball, its ball sticks up and my
dog starts barking.

"" ! Making you feel less worried or frightened.
 A reassuring speaker makes you feel comfortable and secure about
the topic he explains.

'((( A promise to do something or to behave in a particular way. 

 If you strongly believe in God, you have to make a commitment of

trusting always in him.

 **"! Someone¶s child or children.

When I get married, I¶ll thinking about having two offspring.

,'"- For as long as it is possible to know what is likely to happen.

 According to specialist, the traffic in Lima could continue the

foreseeable future.

. ** A small piece of equipment containing medicine to help you breathe
more easily.

 Two years ago my mom had to learn how to use a puffer, for she
started suffering asthma.

   A metal container, like a large bullet, which is full of an explosive

 Cerro Verde, the wealthy mining in our country, needs to use shell to
avoid toxic problems. 

"  To go to live in a new country or area, or to help people do this.
To start using an area again as a place to live.

 After the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima, many people had to be

resettled in order to maintain them secure. V

/ ( To put something somewhere in a careless untidy way.
 Environmental problems are making people concern about how to
dump the garbage to improve our planet.

"" New interest in something, specially a particular form of art,
music, etc., that has not been popular for a long period.

 A renaissance in going to the theater is being caused by the

decrease of the prices.

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